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  3. Korean gaming giant NCsoft recently announced it will abolish the subscription “Pay-to-Play” business model for its oldest and more profitable game, Lineage. Starting on 2 May, Lineage will officially enter the Free-to-Play era in South Korea while the old top-up system will be removed on 24 April. All outstanding purchases will be refunded to players. NCsoft has also showcased a new item, Einhasad’s Favor, which increases experience points (EXP) and drop rate by 100% for 30 days, although no pricing has been given. This is a dramatic change as just 6 months ago, NCsoft maintained that Lineage will never go Free-to-Play. Last month, Lineage underwent its largest update in 21 years, bringing the classic MMORPG to near-modern standards with new functions, updated graphics, and the highly-anticipated 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution. Known as the “Remastered” update, Lineage did well and got up to 10th place in the internet cafe rankings. According to the financial report for Q4 2018, Lineage brought in around 10.8% of NCsoft’s global sales despite running only in Asia countries such as South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. There are industry analysts who claim that sales of Einhasad’s Favor will be equals to a monthly subscription, although there are different views on how it will affect the in-game economy. Only time will tell. Note: NCsoft did not specifically say Lineage is going Free-to-Play, but mentioned that all players will be able to enter the game without a monthly subscription voucher from 2 May. https://mmoculture.com/2019/04/lineage-classic-mmorpg-going-free-to-play-in-south-korea/
  4. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    Yes, it is fair. Your goal in siege is to kill the boss. The problem here is that the boss has too much life for the low ammount of players, but still the goal doesn't change.
  5. Gaps inbetween Gear Sets (Power)

    In reality right now, if you start from scratch and at least have prestige, you will have a full legendary set very quickly, even faster if you thown in crafted pieces, but that can be tricky. So ancient gear is not a problem, at least not much. The real problem here for you is that is hard to go from legendary to ultimate, and after that you will need to get a decent amount of random statuses, which will also cost a lot of kinah or real money. Ultimate gear is very very powerful, and a good chunk of that power comes from those random status. Also, it cost of lot of kinah to enchant and socket the ultimate gear. You will have to take your time anyway, unless you have tons of cash. Another problem there was in the beginning of 6.0 here in NA is that people who started from zero, had problems going from ancient to legendary for months due to low enchant rates and lack of legendary stones ingame.
  6. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    Do you mean the legion that does nothing and only hug the boss to Ddps when there is a league PvP'ing the opposing faction to keep them from wiping the others? That's fair for you?
  7. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    I have been playing since 2012 or something here (I came from EU when they sold it to GF). You mean back in the days the leading person would grant the fortress to his legion even if his legion wasn't the best contributor? Guess what... there was politics because of that, people who made pacts with other legion would round robin the fortresses between themselves. NOW on the other hand the legion that does the most contribution, solo or in group/alliance/league gets the fortress. I understand people not liking it because they cannot simply get handed a fortress just because they had the lead of the league, but the legion who actually work are those who benefit. Every patch had its own bad things about the ranking, ever since ranking was implemented THIS is the single best change they ever did.
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  9. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    Pre 4.5, the people who held ranks used to never show up in siege, they were just ap farmers, and also at those times, simply the faction who had the most numbers won most of the time with no effort. The way it is now is much better. At that time also, a certain legion would always dominate withing a faction. Now at least the legion who wins is the one that does the most dps.
  10. Ultimate crafted gear

    I don't think so, and even if we could, there would be a proc chance involved. I think it's not a good idea to make the new crafted gear based on the old on, because new players would have to craft the old stuff in order to get the new, it's better to go straight to the best stuff.
  11. Gathering locations for the items needed to complete the weekly gathering quests, you can check the playlist with all locations, videos are uploaded frequently,
  12. Ultimate crafted gear

    Are we able to upgrade our Ultimate Crated gear in the new 7.0 crafted gear?
  13. Server merge plz

    Danaria and Katalam servers are allowed to transfer. Ereshkigal is restricted? Can't transfer in or out of the server. I see more and more people are quiting because the server is dead.
  14. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    Not like you, I have been playing this game ever since it was launched in NA. Idk if you sieged in hearts time or Inggison time, but those were really sieging, faction had to presiege for a fortress, you had to controll artifacts, each big update just ruin that part of the game, if you played as long as I do, you would understand why I complain about the siege and the GP reset. So please if you haven't played for so long, please don't think i'm only complaining because of no reason, I use to love siege, I use to lead sieges and now, I don't because it's not fun and it doesn't reward the siege leader, it rewards the Solo and small group players more than the leaders, which IMO is garbage.
  15. How to Gear Progression?

    If you don't have crafting leveled (gathering isn't too difficult to level from 1-40, anyway), it's going to take you ~5 weeks to get the legendary PvE pandora gear. With both leveled, it takes 2-3 days, depending on how hardcore you are. It's pricey to level crafting, even right now with the crafting buff. You're better served getting the CoE gear or, god forbid, the genesis crystal PvE gear (the NPCs across from the PvP armor NPCs) if CoE is being a big nyerk. Then run Bastion of Souls and Frozen Monolith for legendary gear. PvP gear is not good for PvE and vice versa. You can craft one legendary daevanion skill a week using 100 genesis crystals and 6 marks of knowledge(?) that you buy for a total of 480k AP from a vendor in Lakrum. Otherwise, pray for the shugo in instances. The non-troll shugo. But Herelym Mine is EZ AP, especially with the buff available from the Rainbow Snake buff NPCs, so pick up that buff and run that instance until you're out of entries. Not sure which lane (1 person, 3 person, 6 person) is the best return. I do the 6 person lane as a 2 man group, lol. Transformation contracts can be bought on the real money shop, dropped from final bosses in instances, and bought for 9.9mil kinah (once a week). Some events give out contracts, too. They're what give you run/attack/cast speed buffs + other stats. You want an ancient-grade or better. I finally got super lucky and got an ancient (for my class, even!) from a contract from CoE the other day, lol. The scrolls for actually transforming are purchasable on the gold sand traders, or you can RNG-get 20 from the luna daily instance if Aion's love smiles upon you. Transparent scrolls (so you don't look nyerking ugly) are pretty much real money limited because NCsoft freaking sucks, but you can also get them from events, for overpriced on the gold sand traders shop, and from the luna daily instance every 7 runs. And that's all I can type up right now. .-. The game, while simplified from what it used to be, is still stupid massive to explain.
  16. Crafting Buff?

    If you want to gain more xp that goes towards levelling up (used for Bobonerk's Gems), you have to use items that influence experience gained, like Berdin Stars, Berdin's 50 or 100% XP Amulets and Merek's 200% XP Amulets. That sort of XP doesn't do anything to level up aetherforging, that's influenced by crafting amulets exclusively.
  17. Low FPS?

    Aion is horribly optimized. It's laggy. I don't think you can fix this short of fixing the actual game, which probably isn't going to happen.
  18. How to Gear Progression?

    Is Pandora gear worth doing? Had some vet players recommend doing that, its supposedly easier but i'm skeptical as i'm using the most basic starter endgame gear with no points in gathering and crafting. Also i realized gear is now separated into PvE and PvP gear, can PvP gear be used effectively in PvE content like for dailies and easier dungeons? And vice versa(PvE gear for PvP content)? Having to farm 2 sets is kinda daunting, if PvP gear is viable for PvE then i might as well farm PvP gear. We're a trio of Chanter, Cleric and Spiritmaster, just a fyi. Btw, where do we farm Daevanion Skills? I got a shugo spawn in CoE that gave the box but had to be rolled between 3 peeps, moreover the Shugo spawn is so rare, any other reliable places to farm them? Thank you for all the replies!!! Glad Aion has a good community.
  19. Low FPS?

    Hi all, I'm sure there have been tons of threads about this in the past, but I couldn't see any off an immediate google search and didn't want to keep looking. Basically, I have a somewhat major FPS issue in Aion. In town I normally have 15-30 FPS and at sieges (with players turned off) I have 0-10. I play with lowest settings aside from high texture detail, terrain range, and object range. My GPU is a 1080 and my CPU is an i5-8400. I have no issues with any other game and easily hit 144 with high settings or 300 with low settings elsewhere. It's really only Aion that I have issues with. Please, if anyone has any idea how to fix this or why this might be happening, let me know. Thanks!
  20. Chanter Bug?

    Yes - Dizzying Smash is the one I'm talking about. I'm not trying to nitpick or anything but do you think you got the hitmarker because it's an AoE and there was an Elyos player nearby? I've still yet to see it hit. Also, please, any other chanters can you test this and let me know?
  21. How to Gear Progression?

    For PvP equipment upgrading you need: AP Herelym Mine / Hererim Mine PvP battlefield instances Legendary Ridium Herelym Mine / Hererim Mine PvP battlefield instances Enchantment Stones Genesis Crystal Camps Weekly Hunting Quests EXP for Bobonerk coins for morphing high grade stones Weekly Hunting Quests Daily Luna Mirash Cradle of Eternity / Garden of Knowledge Fighting Spirit Fragments Extract from PvP Gear Aetherforging failures Guiding / Malleability Stones Open world farming
  22. Crafting Buff?

    With the 100% crafting buff, it will cut in half (round up?) the number of crafting attempts needed to level up your aetherforging proficiency. This will greatly reduce the amount of material needed to level up aetherforging. If your character is already 300p in aetherforging then that buff will be pointless. Aion 6.0 Aetherforging Leveling Tables - Numbers of attempts / materials needed (excluding buffs)
  23. Crafting Buff?

    so, i was wondering what is the point if this crafting buff, we get in sanctum. because it surely doesnt work when tryin to craft codex's and weapons and stuff. i tried crafting before, and after the buff, and i still gain the same amount of xp reguardless.
  24. Roll back

    We know for a fact that Korea's example of opening a classic server ended up with it closing down by being merged when 6.0 hit. Considering that NCWest doesn't care about its playerbase, there's just no point. People launch private servers only because they're nostalgic, happened with NotAion, they ended up closing it down in a matter of few weeks. Right now, even if they're at 6.5, there's no point because playing retail overall is always better. People need to stop falling into their own nostalgic traps and demand for it to come back. It's not coming back, you need to move on.
  25. How to Gear Progression?

    For PVE: Mirash/Cradle of Eternity > Frozen Monolith/Bastion of Souls > Infernal Drakenspire Depths/ Primeth's Forge. Herelym Mine is mostly for AP farm. Veilenthrone is a 18-man instance. For PvP: Talk to NPCs in Lakrum at your base, they sell Vindicator gear. You upgrade this to the next grade with mats and AP until you get Ultimate (best in game as of current patch). Don't worry about 7.0 for now, it'll come next year.
  26. How to Gear Progression?

    So hit 80, using the lakrum gear, i'm so confused on how to progress from there onwards. Lots of outdated info around, me and my friends are totally lost, we don't know what to do except for clearing dungeons which prolly takes 10% of the gameplay due to the insane weekly lockouts. Would appreciate a veteran to explain to us the best gear progression routes for PvE and PvP. Also a rundown on new systems like minions, transformation contracts, titles, pets, stigmas, enchantments, purifying etc. And theres the upcoming patch 7.0 too. Theres so much stuff we're not sure how and where to start. Really appreciate any help, thanks!!!
  27. Hey guys, So I was thinking of coming back after a few months break. I had my files moved out of C drive which was my ssd to save space. Since moving them back to the install folder and hitting the update button, the launcher triggered my firewall. Apparently the launcher was trying to download from [http] dljhv20e50fab.cloudfront.net/AION/225/Patch/Zip/bin32/CryFont.dll.zip//CryFont.dll Of course the updater couldn't progress any further, hence why I'm stuck. So the first thing I did was google what cloudfront.net is exactly. Results were that I didn't like what I've found. Most websites suggest it was bad, some just say it's another data distribution company from amazon. Support hasn't helped, they just ignored my request for an alternative mirror/ftp yesterday.
  28. Roll back

    I can't remember and I have no reason to make that up,If people playing private servers then NCwest should improve themselves not crying like a nyerk asking for sympathy.You should tell how NCwest improve themselves more than ask people not to play on private servers because most if not all don't give a damn about it. TLDR : I don't care if people playing in offical or private servers they should play in where they happy.
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