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  2. New launcher?

    Gonna throw out a wild guess and say no to 7.0 and Soon(tm)
  3. New launcher?

    touche , i'm still waiting tho.
  4. My Aion Calendar/Schedule + Altars doubt

    I'll post for this to be adress, won't let it die(someone on forum did the same liked the idea)
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  6. Gameplay suggestions

    A fully sandboxed game is a bot haven.
  7. Gameplay suggestions

    A fully sandboxed game is a free world game with just the players interacting with the terrain, mobs and other players. For example Black Dessert online has no dungeons at all, it only has never ending grinding in an open world and some world bosses and some areas that have something like sieges. To get anything you need to either craft it yourself, or get it as a drop or buy from someone else who crafted it and items also seem to have like "infinite" possibilities for stats etc. That is a trully sandboxed game world. An single rpg game is like Diablo, you only have one path, a predetermined path to progress in game, sure thing you can spend time killing the whole stage again to get more money and items etc, but progress wise you are predetermined, you simply walk the storyline and unlock cinematics and higher stages. MMorpg is a massive multiplayer online role playing game, so it kinda has the values of an open world thingy going on, with classes and roles but also has instances and to get the end game content you have a pretty static way of doing it. For example in Aion you can get end game pvp gear one way only via genesis crystals and enchants and pve items via pve instance dungeons. ~~ Back to the subject, I do not like saying the phrase "Aion has so many problems and this is none of the important one so why talk about it" because numerous times I have made suggestions that later on they were implemented, maybe not because of me, but when you give simple feedback, eventually ti is done. So whatever someone has to say in forums for making the game better (according to them) should be expressed. BUT although I do not like saying this phrase, the anomos loot, and every loot in game, is kinda a game mechanics. The fact that the top dps group/alliance/league can get the drop is almost "working as intended" and is not problematic at all. I do not find it flawed that a specific group with clerics, chanters, dps and tanks can overcome everyone else in DPS and win the loot (same group every time maybe). Like how can people abuse anomos drop? You really have to be in an alliance with the highest dps, and that includes clerics to keep everyone alive, buffers to keep the buffs high and dps classes. And it is not capped with specific players, it is literally open to EVERYONE so if someone wants to get it, he has to be the best. I almost do not see a flaw here. If a person from that premade OP alliance ninja loots, people from that alliance can easily simply kick that person forever from anything in future. The solution you are asking is way too elaborate and most people don't see what it solves. ~~ Let me show you what a simple solution is to anomos ninja looting could possibly be: 1) Make the item non tradeable the moment you loot it, this way alts cannot roll for it to give it to whoever their friend is. 2) Make the loot possible to a class that has the ability to use that item, so people cannot roll for their friends' behalf unless they are the exact same class. ...there, a few simple solutions that almost solve the majority of Anomos looting lament, without a super complicated mechanics for contribution.
  8. Old Trade

    Aion need again the old trade come back more need trade things like kinah potions and other things... and more want again the private merchant so the broker feed is too xpensive and we can sell our things when we want in the time that we want some times i think aion want gobern the ppl that play and this is not correct more times i want kinah in other chars so i wast all in this chars and i cant move from their locations WHY I CANT TRADE KINAH TO THIS CHARS?? whats the problem with this?? if i make potions i cant send via mail or sell via private store (like broker) why i need wast in the proker for sell my things?? all are changing bad and ppl dont want see what want the ppl that play this game and this silly things need be changed... TY for ppl that reed this...
  9. ^ OK, fair enough. Thanks for replying!

    OK then I guess I was right
  11. @Cyan - Transformation System

    All it takes is about 20 seconds to post something and bring it back to the top. At some point they have to give some attention to this.
  12. @Cyan - Transformation System

    guess it will never happen though

    Actually, you are correct. I saw ally's comment about people fighting their own alts, and imagined the subject was harmony, without looking at the original post. my bad.
  14. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    So, for our ten year wedding anniversary, we're doing a rewedding in the style we wanted back in the day, but we'd had to do a religious wedding for my parents. Going full nerd with it. "Mawwage is what bwings us togetha todayy." Costumes. Etc. I'm thinking of having the harpist play this at some point during the wedding: See who notices and gets nervous. Legit excited.
  15. Gameplay suggestions

    LOL 0 kill died twice don't even see the shooter,Is the game even ranked for a newbie ? ._.
  16. Gameplay suggestions

    Sorry I guess I just talking with myself ._. It angered me when we paid so much to the game yet we're threated like class C players. I'm going to see 7.0 and decided what to do next but where I'm going if I quitted ? I don't know downloading Apex Legends atm Fast download 10 mins 50% already lol. And 70% god I'm writing this reply for too long ._.
  17. Stigma stones in 7.0...

    Yeah you are correct he did say they would add the other patches over the coming weeks
  18. Stigma stones in 7.0...

    I thought I saw Hime say "a couple of weeks" for additions to what we are getting next week. Fingers crossed.
  19. Stigma stones in 7.0...

    Looking on powerbook it seems Kamar battlefield was added in the January 30th mini-patch after the Dec 26th mini-patch. It would've been nice if they had gone to the Jan 30th patch because it added a lot of fixes (Skill changes, Kamar, Demaha Altar Guardian General, PF Hard Mode 2nd boss). So it looks like we'll have to ask for this as they said in the stream but as we know will take some time...
  20. Gameplay suggestions

    What? Who said anything about treating anyone like a god? There isn't anything in my posts that would lead you to believe that. What the staff is, though, are the people that can effect change in the game that we are playing. In order to get the changes we need or want, we have to get our information to them. Gideon is our game producer (assistant.. associate.. whichever). When was the last time he posted? (I just searched.. he hasn't since we got these forums. Yikes.) When was the last time he even logged in? So it's pretty safe to assume that he relies on Cyan to report to him what happens here. Cyan's time on these forums has drastically decreased. Though he has posted a couple of times the last week, he had fallen into a pattern of only posting on Tuesdays after putting up the maint message. So we have a limited window to get our urgent needs across. Does that make sense? None of that is saying he or anyone else is a god. You 100% are not going to find any type of game where the GMs are not the conduit to getting information to the company that runs that game. Doesn't matter if it's an MMO or not. You have to reach one of them in order to be heard. Some companies do a better job of communicating and listening. The type of game doesn't matter.
  21. Gameplay suggestions

    @Aly-DN I just felt something I never feel before. Why we players need to worship Cyan,Hime,Gideon as our Gods ? They suppose to serve us not we keep begging them for a reply and feel like a holy water has dropped.I just find that is the most bullshit thing ever.We giving them money but they treated us like kids that they think they know what's best for us.We can't think for ourselves ? My feeling quitting is up by 200% when thinking this way.I never play any official games that I feel I need to worship GMs like this one.If I can't find any MMO that good maybe it's time for battle royal games like PUBG or Apex Legends or any games that GMs are not Gods.
  22. Gameplay suggestions

    I understand that you post what you feel would make the game better, @Neleth-KT. I read your posts. I sometimes agree with you. I also have come to see that your threads are like a stream of consciousness novel. Anything that pops into your head is posted. Often that is interesting. And as Rakesh said, if these posts were labeled as speculation or theory crafting just for fun then there wouldn't be an issue. But if they are posted as actual needs, then you are covering up actual urgent needs and I think we can agree that there are many urgent needs. You dismissed Rakesh for just raging. I am just trying to get you to see her point.
  23. Gameplay suggestions

    Find it polite enough to reply o_o I believed what I suggested will make things better than current system,it's true that I don't have any solution better for a cleric but if we based everything on DPS then it would be totally unfair to cleric and tanks. Really ? How long we asking for transparent scrolls (I was one of them that asking for it too) it's like forever and what they gave us ? 200k per a scroll and will be 250k in 7.0 ?) we asking for it since starting of 6.2 it will be a year anniversary in next month.Why they won't give us cheap transparent ? Because there're actual people who buying them from BCM and I bet the profit is better is better than selling skins or anything else.They won't give us cheap transparent scrolls.What I should do is move away from this game like every my friend did but I can't cause I love Aion.I loved what Aion used to be.I hate ninja looters I hate free loaders I want them gone that's why I posting this thread.(I even had argued with my friend because I keep talking about Aion now she and I don't even talking to each others anymore) It's almost a year for transparent scrolls,no matter how much we protested no matter how much we posted in forum if there're people who still buying these scrolls from BCM.We won't get it.Unless you can group all whales together and protest NC.(Yes there're a risking chance the server will close).NC won't care.
  24. sorc vs. anything but

    I cry when angels deserve to DIEEEEEEEE
  25. Stigma stones in 7.0...

    We didn't see it in the instance list in the stream. So perhaps it is one of those things that we will get in a couple of weeks?
  26. Gameplay suggestions

    Rakesh is a cleric and one of the best in the game, Neleth. If anyone understands the plight of a heal cleric in our sieging mechanisms, it would be Rakesh. She is pointing out two things. First that your idea is full of holes and isn't really going to make anything better. Second that if we flood the forums with half-formed ideas that aren't addressing all of the urgent, real issues with the game, we distract the staff who have shown they have a very limited amount of time to give to Aion. So imagine Cyan looking through the forums on Tuesday after posting the maint message. All the threads asking for changes to transformations and easier access to transparent scrolls and current bugs have been pushed off the front page by me posting threads asking for a flood asking for the color blue to be transformed into the color green. He's going to skim, laugh, close the forums and report to Gideon that Aly is still on her crusade against the color blue and that everything else is fine with the game.
  27. Stigma stones in 7.0...

    Yep, kamar comes back in 7.x. Not sure if NCWest will add it now or later on.
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