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    People do copy/paste each other to follow what was written, but unfortunately the goal is not the debate. The focus is always on one's will to attack the other. About the idea. I really enjoyed that race event. It only happened once in AION and it was a lot of fun.
  3. OMG. My focus is on the game and all the things that can improve. My answers are not for attacking. In fact I'm defending myself against the attacks of others. And now I need to say the obvious. Well.. If i do not like the game I would not be here. Dahhh!!!!!! About your text, you did not go well. It was improving in the middle but so bad in the end. Have focus? Nahhhh! Only to attacking me too and this resume all... I'd like to see someone say something constructive because I've been doing everything possible so that NCS does not lose any more players... There are several elements in the game that could enhance the experience whit this game. Reducing the price of transformations is just an good idea to make up for something that the majority did not like. Have much more of course, but trying to talk about it here is like throwing pearls for pigs.
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  5. So this happened..

    I'm going to hell for this, but this statement actually made me laugh out loud.
  6. So this happened..

    What is...P v P?
  7. So this happened..

    This is soo true! That even @Neleth-KT's posts gets possitive feedback lately
  8. So this happened..

    Lol, he, he, he.... Nope, me either.......................
  9. So this happened..

    Yeah, I've definitely never seen Aly out in open world, pvping. Nope, I've never seen that. Never, not ever.... .............
  10. The reason why BnS become esport and popular

    My back hurts now. /winces
  11. So this happened..

    It's such a great movie :>
  12. The reason why BnS become esport and popular

    Oh my gosh your killing me!,.............. my ribs hurt soooooo bad from laughing, lol, he, he, he......can't.... type... any...... She's deformed.
  13. Just felt relevant (from ages ago).. And then there was this thing. I just.. can't.. where is her neck?! Take that Boobs'N'Soul!
  14. So this happened..

    You got me. PvP scares me and I never do it. Teehee.
  15. The reason why BnS become esport and popular

    Np, I was laughing so hard as I wrote that post I wasn't even sure if I made sense, lol I had to edit it 4 times in fact. Turns out, rib splitting humor isn't good for typing, lol. Don't worry. As I said I got a great laugh out of this and after the week I had last week I need all the humor I can get. (wish I could put up a smiley face but they don't seem to be working for me.)
  16. Need a guide for aion 2019 / class recomendation

    Chanters are cool. I love the way you can just use your staff or mace to beat the opposition sensless. They're a real stress reliever. My personal favorite in the 'Up close and personal' classes tho are Assassins. There's just something about a pair of daggers or dual broadswords running the 'slice and dice' angle that really appeals to me. Gladiators run a close second a long with the Chanter in this regard. And Chanters come with the added ability to 'heal the masses,' as it were so if you are a good healer Chanter might actually be the best class for you. If you like range the Chanters alter ego, the Cleric, which I also play by the way comes with many of the same healing attributes along with the ability to take out the opposition from a distance. So, again we're back to playstyle which only you know best. I wish you the best of luck and most fun whichever class you decide to go with.

    U said “a yours truly” which either way doesnt make a mean quote any more nice. My whole point was to give an event to help out new/old ungeared people and you just implied the same thing as well. So i really don’t understand why you quoted me in the first place..? To further prove my point if the whales are ready for watever comes their way why is it bad for Nc to throw an event to help out the lesser population? Unless you just wanted to start an argument over literally nothing lol. Unless you’re a whale yourself (and that’s totally fine too) you and i are on the same team I don’t have as much free time compared to people who stay on all day (nothing wrong with that too) Just would really appreciate it if NC can give some helpful events to even try and combat fully geared people. Yes they put their hard work and money into it and it would be upsetting for them to see nc hand out freebies but anything at all to help the lesser community not die in two hits would be appreciated. Also no hard feelings really, sorry if it made you feel that way
  18. So this happened..

    Amen - at the risk of sounding uselessly religious, lol. Must be those @$#%'s affecting me again, lol, he, he, he.
  19. So this happened..

    The game and (by extension) this forum, are both starved for content. Threads and posts of any kind (including "useless" ones) are probably welcome by people that want to keep the place alive. You could also take your own advice and simply not post on content you dislike. Or are we all just flooding this place?
  20. So this happened..

    Flood, flood,.......................fllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddd. Flood, flood, glurb, glurb. I will call down the flood, er, or floods.......... This is an example of a useless post. Not what Aly's talking about k? Yes we've all been there. But sometimes it helps to vent. Now this I got a good laugh over, lol.

    Well... i know a few that already sitting in full red +15 with 300M AP, 4k fragments, 500 legendary & 50 ultimate pvp stones stacked. So yeah... maybe they will be done in 2 weeks after farming the new Ridium.
  22. AT is no longer able to use chain anymore on new items post 7.0, but they are not going to leave every AT naked, from what i understand it is possible to still wear the 6.X gear, so you can keep enjoying your skins Nel
  23. So this happened..

    aion died !! Aly in pvp
  24. So this happened..

  25. @Celestianos-KT I believe, OP is referring to AT no longer being able to use/skin magic chain in 7.0. In that case support should restore or replace, or change skins to plate if the player requests it.
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