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  3. I'm sad.

    Gonna go out on a limb since I only played BnS about 3~5hrs, but if they have the same ppl making the marketing/localisation decisions as Aion, game's doomed.
  4. Name Resets

    Reset all KT names again !
  5. 7 months ago...

    Gonna rewatch the whole thing just to see what else they lied about lol
  6. Whose ideas are these stupid GP base quests?

    Either way regardless of who's enjoying this system and who isn't, it is obvious it wasn't intended to be this way. Also to the person saying 20gp quest a day is too much, if you add up all 6 base quests it's 30gp a day. From the majority of people I've talked to on my side, they don't enjoy it and it isn't some amazing pvp experience. I (and others) suggest alliances because that would promote more large scale pvp which has proven to be a lot more successful in the past. Although we may never have shard wars again, they were amazingly fun. I even really enjoyed the pvp during the flower event fighting for the bottom artifact. One thing in the past that I believe promoted good pvp wars was the rank, officer, and general quests. The point is that there are better ways to go about this to make it a better pvp experience to make the gp more worthwhile. It is pretty dumb that you get 30gp a day for camping a pve mob as compared to fighting the enemy faction for that gp. That's just how I feel about it. People don't have to agree with me.
  7. Whose ideas are these stupid GP base quests?

    it's not everyday I agree with Lucimon but Lakrum is active af now and I can't say I dislike it, even if I get my ass kicked on the regular. It's not like anything's lost from dying anymore anyway
  8. Whose ideas are these stupid GP base quests?

    I don't know to be honest lol who has seen this much activity since 4.0? lol I think the gp system is a great way to keep people that want to maintain rank active. There's action everywhere now its just so awesome!
  9. Motion Card “Cute Dance”

    I'd buy it too!
  10. Boy, you do like statistics.
  11. Name Resets

    What has this got to do with trying to find a name? Ya just gotta let it go...
  12. mount

    hi, could you put at least one permanent mount in aion? I would help a lot of game to 4 years and I deleted my old char and it's just and I can not have a mount that lasts forever I'm keefla songwiver
  13. 7 months ago...

    They got transparent scrolls too ? hell yes
  14. Name Resets

    Call the name police.
  15. User Defined Chain Skill

    I'm curious if anyone uses this feature? I have a sorcerer and a gladiator that I play and I'm debating on trying these out, or is it a waste of time?
  16. Name Resets

    If you think the person that has your name isn't playing any more, you can contact Support and they will check for you.. or they did in the past. If it's true that the person hasn't logged in in a long time, they may give you the name. It's worth a shot. P.S. FYI.. EK players were -generously- compensated for the things they had to give up to be merged into KT.
  17. Whose ideas are these stupid GP base quests?

    Yes . Because they would buy their ranks. No need for that. And (speaking for DN) having asmo transforms for a day, or even a few days or even a wee k is fine. A lot of them waste their transforms, and the longer they hold the fort, the better the buff for the Elyos, so the fort will flip, and the Elyos get their own transforms (which most of them, in turn, will end up wasting).
  18. Whose ideas are these stupid GP base quests?

    Well, in part this happened because the GP was removed from the pvp instances. The elyos would have a lot xforms with them.
  19. Whose ideas are these stupid GP base quests?

    0/10 would not ask NC to give us less open world GP, it will make whichever faction wins the first siege after reset have an even larger advantage with the ranks and make the other team take longer to catch up. As of today's update of the Abyss Ranks, DN-A have 2 Commanders and 22 Xforms. DN-E don't have a single xform of any kind. That's not an imbalance I would wish upon any faction of any server <-<
  20. Whose ideas are these stupid GP base quests?

    IMO, a daily quest that gives 20 GP is too much, even more considering that the quest counts kills in pvp instances as much as in OW. Regardless, you guys are literally asking for less GP in OW. You don't need to actually do them all daily, and you still get more GP than if the quests were reversed.
  21. Whose ideas are these stupid GP base quests?

    What difference would alliance rewards make? If a couple people are being zerged by a group of 6, wont a couple people just be zerged by an alliance? As I assume those few people being zerged didn't form their own group of 6, otherwise it'd be a 6v6 which I don't think I would consider a zerg
  22. Name Resets

    EK merge players lost their favorite names. There is people that quit the game and are holding on to names, new players should have a chance to pick up good names. I'm tired of two words names...
  23. @Cyan, harmony/disci season issue

    Intended because of how they can't just copy+paste the GP ranking system from Korea and had to make "custom" changes. Indirectly screwed over AoH and AoD.
  24. do not end with the spiritmaster's trademark!!!

    An equally geared SM and Sorc on the same opponent? Nope. You think this is 3.0 or something maybe? It's quite obvious you don't main one.
  25. Yesterday
  26. Whose ideas are these stupid GP base quests?

    You made two very important points here I completely agree with. It is obvious to most if not all players that these base quests are supposed to be weekly as it says in the game. 6 bases daily just creates daily chaos and rarely makes for good pvp. Now if bases were alliance rewarded, then you may see good pvp. Right now all I see is zerg vs a couple people and faction vs faction. It is not pvp.
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