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  2. Aion black hole event

    ^^^^^Agreed, lol^^^^^
  3. Cool alts dude

    ..........Where's my 10 ft pole?................ You gotta be kidding me!!
  4. Game Size

    Was going to post: "^^what they said^^" but I'm happy to see you got it fixed.
  5. Enchantment rate

    I know this thread has been done over and over again but for once I'm forced to agree with y'all. It seems to have gotten worse since last patch (a long with a few other problems I've noticed). I couldn't get my legendary gear on my 2nd Vandal above +8 because nearly all my legendary stones were failing. before this I could usually get to +12 or +13 with only a few failing.
  6. weekly reminder that ec still doesnt work

    The caps is a lil too much.
  7. Skin Farming in 7.0

    Yes, thank you @Vantheria-DN, Very well done! Bravo!
  8. New T2 Pandora Gear

    ^^^^Agreed^^^^ I got the Event gear on one of my Assassins while it was up and I currently have all pieces at +13 and it seems better than even the some of the Ultimate gear I was going for. I admit tho I had to skin almost every piece of it to my liking tho, he, he, he. No matter, I rarely like the looks of anything they've put out recently.
  9. Mean little bug

    Uh-Oh, gotta have a word with them Shugo's, lol. Ripping off the tourists again, tisk, tisk, tisk, Heeeeee! These head pieces imho aren't even worth 5 kinah let alone 1.9 mil. Save your kinah for transparent transformation scrolls, it's money much, much well better spent.
  10. Aion launcher problem

    That might be what is wrong. Check under bin 32. The actual bin file name is what you want to change to Aion.bin.old. Just checked mine. There should be an Aion.bin under each, bin 64 and bin 32. The one under bin 64 is usually the one you need to change. Let us know what you find out. If you have no Aion.bin file you may need to run file repair. You'll see this in the first part of the launcher unless even that doesn't open. And if that is the case I can only recommend uninstalling then re-installing the game.
  11. Hi everyone. Y'all know me. I'm not usually one to start a thread at all especially one describing a computer problem I'm having that is stumping me. Hoping Cheesy sees this so, here goes..... It seems that since the last patch for whatever reason sometimes after playing Aion for 15 to 20 minutes my computer will suddenly shut down as if the power has been cut off to it. This is my big gamer folks not the laptop I had on Vacation, and it is less than a year old and way, way over the top spec wise for Aion. Here are some basic specs: I'll have to get the Motherboard number but it is a Gigabyte Gaming board w/dual bios. Graphics is an 8 gb GDDR5 ATI gaming card that broke the bank. I'll have to get Number. CPU is an AMD Black Edition 8 core 5430. 32 gb Corsair DDR 4 RAM Runs 2 ssd's and 3 2 TB HD's 7200 rpm. Also has DVD burner and card reader. Runs Windows 10 Home ed. The Windows installation is old and might need redone. Since my games aren't on the main HD reloading windows is fairly easy. I usually only install necessary updates and my version of Windows 10 has had the bloat that usually comes with Windows removed. And finally, Yes, this only happens with Aion. This doesn't happen on any of the other 8 games I play and many of them are much more demanding system wise. I confess I've been all through my Windows installation and Aion game files and can't find anything amiss. And while I'm not as good as Cheese is with software I'm far from a Novice and am certified in IT tech (Mostly hardware and coding/Comp Languages). I'm hoping that maybe someone else is having a similar issue? I'll leave things here for now. And I thank anyone in advance for your replies.
  12. Aion launcher problem

    Thank you for your help. Will try this now but I can’t find aion.bin. It’s missing on my files under bin64
  13. Aion launcher problem

    Are you using Windows 7? If so, you might need to do the Bin file trick. Go into your Aion game file, it's usually under Users/program files/Aion/ etc., and look for Aion.Bin. Change it to Aion.bin.old. If this doesn't work........... .......Paging Cheesecake.........She is better at software whereas I'm more of a hardware person. Changing the bin file also sometimes works with other versions of windows but I know from personal experience Windows 7 seems to need this done sometimes even after every patch. Good luck to ya! Hope this helps.
  14. Aion launcher problem

    Hi all! Aion launcher won’t launch. It always say error. Need help please...
  15. Lockbox Jukebox

    No, this is a new thing. The jukebox was there a couple days ago. Just gone now.
  16. Waffles thank you so much for the information, we will be checking the right mechanics for the boss.
  17. PF Hard Mode possible bug with second boss

    Streaming geyser is the boss enrage mechanic because you didn't do the fight correctly. The stack skill is called Concussive wave.
  18. Whats the lowest gear you can PvP in?

    tbh pvp is a joke, if you know your gonna run into or find out u ran into some of the more well known players of the game who are gonna be so geared is fkn beyond stupid and your still trying to play catch up on trying to get your gear done you might as well just stand there and let them kill you cause u stand no chance in hell fighting them, u cant outrun them they seem to have some or all of the higher level x forms where u cant seem to get any of them, your still if same class hit for say as a example 1500 theres hit for 6k to 9k, if its a magic class forget it they do so much dmg u dead in just 3-5 hits. and painters or vandals thats another story in itself. i know this game is gear dependant as all hell now but this is getting beyond fkn stupid. if they want new players to try and play they game there gonna get fed up and walk away in no time flat cause they cant get a damn thing done at all .
  19. Game Size

    Thank you so much... It works
  20. Was 5.x really destroyed Aion ?

    Sales is not an indication of server population only what was spent by remaining players. There was a huge exodus away from Aion in 5.x but I think there was an even larger exodus in 6.0. More money spent possibly by those trying to catch up or the big spenders getting more new stuff. At any rate in NA they have proven to be very astute at shooting themselves in the foot repeatedly.
  21. Was 5.x really destroyed Aion ?

    It was successful in KR because they switched from a P2P to a F2P (although p2w) model. Our region was already F2P, added with the sad management it's obvious 6.2 was the worst
  22. Hello, so this may sound like a dumb question but I'll ask anyways. First off I wana say that I have a gladiator and also a Sin, now this post will mostly be related to pvp. When I'm playing my Sin while doing pvp I focus on trying to lock down my target stuns ect. Now my confusion comes in when playing my gladiator In PVP, what am I trying to do to the person obviously kill them but how? Am I trying to DPS hard knock them down, AOE? I don't understand how to play a glad effectively and attempting to learn as I feel like over all Glads are more useful then Sins are. Can some experienced people who play glads share some skill builds' skill rotations ect? When you first start to engage in pvp what do you do as a glad? The more detailed the better! Thank you!
  23. Was 5.x really destroyed Aion ?

    Yes I would like to believe the lowest point was 6.2 too but the sale doesn't lie. Somehow at least in Korea 6.2 is successfully.
  24. hi hi, probably we dont know the mechanics in the second boss on hard mode PF, but the thing is, based on the gameplay showed by korean players, we are suposed to get together to share damage in certain skill, after trying with our static for a while, we got 1 shotted at every try by the skill the boss uses no matter what, here is a video showing the players in my group regrouping successfully on time to try sharing the damage and avoid dead but, we just died getting damage over 600 k. if we are wrong and this is not a bug, and also somebody knows what we r doing wrongly please let us know, would help a lot ^^. Thanks.
  25. Lockbox Jukebox

    When 7.0 was launched the machines were selling everything they had for 1 kinah or something, so people would get like 10.000 a-rank minion scrolls and a ton of other goodies. So we got a rollback and the machine was de-activated until further notice, aka NCSoon.
  26. Enchantment rate

    I failed 8 legendary stones on an ultimate stocking piece from +10 -> +10. It never went +11 a single time. Then I forgot you need to enchant slower, I left my piece for hours and then enchanted it, ti went to +12 and then used ultimates. Remember, there is an algorithm that makes sure you fail many times if you enchant continuously. I do not care what the GMs say, the algorithm has a specific pattern and we almost found it.
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