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  2. So...about Divine

    @Kibbelz While you guys are looking into this, do you want to take a peak at Altars too? They seem to be "glitchy" since you guys changed the other forts' siege time. Example, on days after there are no altar sieges all the Altars are suppose to be rotated back to Balaur since obviously neither Elyos or Asmodians can participate without a portal to Demaha... yet Sunday morning after the portal opened up several of the Altars were labeled as "Asmodian" owned and had Asmodian NPCs. When the siege starts you hear that weird sound that signifies the Altars are vulnerable, however the fort actually doesn't go vulnerable until almost 2 minutes after hearing that sound. The Altar bosses are also now spawning 1 minute late because of the previously mentioned delay.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Having a ton of silver cubics from Qubrinerk monster cubic lab, but no way of upgrading them and you rarely get the golden cubics, so as the title said will there be?
  5. @Loki @Kibbelz @Hime Will there be more opportunity to get those skill scroll in the future? Or will the heaven weapons event be a thing that'll come back once in a while?
  6. Something really should be done about this; If it were DN getting free entries every week, KT would be demanding compensation as well.
  7. Katalam Server Bugged Again NPC???

    This seems to be every monday right? I wonder if there is a specific thing in game on KT that is causing this.
  8. It's all instances not just Red Cellar, Minimum Vault, depending on your level of gear it makes a bigger difference for some than others.
  9. Katalam Server Bugged Again NPC???

    @Hime, @Loki, @Kibbelz
  10. Re-roll to another class

    I think that being paid, even if it takes time, could be done. I wouldn't mind paying for it, even though it's a high price
  11. Katalam Server Bugged Again NPC???

    correcting for 4 hours that this bug
  12. @Loki @Himesame usual bug .. no npcs and no abyssal splinter !! it's only been 3 hours since this bug Maintenance Images!
  13. Me with my mere two entries to Red Cellar. :pepehands:
  14. See title, seriously KT is getting a server reset seemingly every week and therefor double entries.
  15. Katalam server bugged again

    merge server now dn
  16. Katalam Server Bug Again

    @Loki Same as usual we can't targuet npc's.
  17. Vaniiiiii god

    Maybe he's the baby brother. This guy has only doubleposted. He hasn't done quadrageposts the way Val has just yet.
  18. Character Transfers Temporarily Suspended

    mipha, you are 1 fake azz person! you hate 1 to be liked by all...
  19. Character Transfers Temporarily Suspended

    i need everyone to transfer to kt server for 60 days...ty
  20. 3rd Party Programs

    aiDPS works as of yesterday. There's also MyAion meter now which is what everyone uses to see who is hacking because it's much clearer on there with an exclamation point, calling them out. I use aiDPS mostly though because the loot table of MyAion doesn't work for me, so I can't see when people are multi-looting on WBes, etc. Plus I prefer the simple design of aiDPS and its Battleground widget which shows classes inside pvp instances before the instance actually starts.
  21. Cannot find LIBEAY.dll

    So I'm definitely not super computer inclined, but a bit of googling says that file is Windows-related, not Aion-related. So I don't think re-installing Aion would fix that problem anyway. It looks like you can get that file from various places online. Not sure if it will help you.
  22. Vaniiiiii god

    Are you Valedia's brother or something?
  23. So...about Divine

    Just put siege schedule back to how it was, ez. Majority of the players hate the new siege schedule, as evidenced by Loki's poll.
  24. World boss

  25. Peticion de encuesta para cambios

    Hola debes ser nuevo en el juego y si no lo eres te debe faltar esta informacion, NCwest es una empresa que compra de forma anual los derechos para poder manejar el juego llamado AION por lo tanto ellos solo pueden supervisar, administrar y ejecutar ciertos cambios/ordenes pero no pueden modificar nada del juego/programa base, todo viene desarrollado por el equipo de corea el cual es una empresa grande llamada NCSOFT el cual tiene como 5 juegos y aion es el que menos dinero les da hoy en dia. por lo tanto todo cambio o sugerencia aqui va ir a la basura en caso de querer hacer un reclamo debes hacerlo en ncsoft y en coreano claro esta, dudo que te escuchen ya que este juego es desarrollado por coreanos para coreanos por eso nunca estamos a gusto con algun parche/actualizacion. tenemos gustos y pensamiento diferente a los asiaticos sin embargo ellos manejan y juegan de otra manera AION. no esperes un cambio solo debes acoplarte si te gusta el juego tal y como viene sino lamentablemente amigo existen miles juegos mas esperando por ti. gracias GM Mrplatino
  26. Character Transfers Temporarily Suspended

    cake u dont have to respond to me anymore cuz i just ignored u ok...
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