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  1. Hmm I'm not really sure which topic suiting for but I would like to share my experience and ideas about pre 6.0 Aion. First I think people can't forced to do certain things even it's only the option existed within that time or game like when sarpan and tiamarantra turns into PvP zones people just simply log off or afk waiting zones becoming safe again I think I do understand the idea behind removing full safe zone into partial safe zone in 4.x because they want everyone to pvp so they can sell more pvp related items from store but thing is people can avoid it completely by leveling themselves in BT or if they can't they willing to do it extreme way by doing mithril coin quests until 65.So yep removed safe zone doesn't promote people to do PvP more you just simply lost that partition of players.I think what should be happened to sarpan and tiamarantra in 4.x it should repurpose and scale exp that you can exp safely to 65 as alternative to katalam and danaria and offering kahrun gears of 65 version. Second nobody like to farm in instances at all especially if you have to farm eternally without ending,because instance naturally a completely closed environment you just do routine works no matter how fast you do it,they're just bad it should be optional.In instances you can't expected things that can't unpredicted like your enemies faction show up or running safely to guards or running to aillies to help you fight back it's just boring everyone already doing routine works in real world we don't need to do it again in game.And I think instances should have be solo and group version the different should be color of skins and more amount of coins because I think solo version doesn't require less skill to complete and more important you can't force people who wanted to solo to do group like you can't force PvE lovers to do PvP by removing PvE contents. Third pay users will pay no matter what and free players will not pay if they don't want or they will find alternate way to get stuff from shop such as kinah restrict certain items untradable it doesn't increasing sale of those items it even decreasing the sale of those because pay users can't put it in broker and make money from store it indirectly promoting black market that selling illegal kinah. Conclusion even you killed everyone I like on earth and leaving only a single person that I hate most to live with,I rather to suicide myself or I rather go to mars and isolate myself from earth if that mean harsh conditions to survive as long as I don't live with someone I hate.
  2. P2WANDF2P

    Well I just explained what I believed I'm not here to argue with anyone. But yep it's your money you can do anything with it as long as you happy with it. No need to justify your spend to anyone. I'm playing in a p server I'm not justify that as well because I'm just happy there. In the end enjoy more argue less and your life will be happy ;D
  3. Transformation Update

    I don't hate any p2w for buying stuff from crash shop but you ain't supporting the game that everyone loved you've helped mutated it into a casino with Aion skin. It's like saving someone you loved from dying and turn them into a zombie o_O yes they live but they ain't someone you loved anymore. I loved Aion and I believed the best way for future of next games and MMO.Aion needs to die. If major games like Aion,BnS ain't die,next games will be mutated into zombie casinos as well. Blindly support NC everything doesn't make you loved their games it's just simply you're moomoo.
  4. Transformation Update

    Ok I think I given you enough time for feedback and works for recovery for Aion but you do not understand the concept. Honestly I don't think you showing your goodwill toward players. It's true that you said your goal was keep current players from leaving but here's important point the current players ain't leaving because it's harder to geared but because the server is empty. If you wanna show your goodwill you can do following without doing anything special. Giving all players all daevanion skills (+0 and non advanced) and +9 selectable x 8 stigma bundle. Give everyone x2 selectable legendary transforms. Give everyone +10 ultimate set. This changes must be permanent not an event. What I said isn't extremist considered what NC done in the past such as giving stigmas in 5.1 patch (for linked stigma) or giving +10 mythic set with mb +27 socketed in 5.6 patch. If this suggestion being ignored then yep let it go. It's not the best solution but it's just showing your goodwill without major changes of the current system. I'm pretty direct in this post whatever going to happen let it happens. You can't make anyone stays or come back by false hopes you know.
  5. Transformation Update

    Well I think everyone can win this by simply quits this game Right now you have to answer yourself whatever you playing this game or actually working full time for it. Do you enjoying it ? And result of your hard works ? empty server without people ? No one to kill ? No one to beat ? No one here to show off your +15 glorious gears ? ;P Well if you can't really quit Aion you can always playing in p server you know If whole MMO industrial have to die because RNG + p2w let it be,sometimes you have to lose to be better. About 3.x opinion is considered the most balance patch because you can get everything in game I only partly agreed,I think the most important the perspective of it is the 3.x giving choices to people to do whatever they want.If you don't want to farm gears in instances you can do kahrun quests for gears,pvp is completely optional,crafting gears isn't outclassed by instance gears or you can do housing.Everything just a choice that is what should a game be,you can't assume everyone want to pvp or pve or crafting. The falling of Aion ? I think it started when they introduced time limit instance like DLR back in 3.5(I think?),it created dps elite crazed culture and that's the beginning of gears check. If 4.x didn't have new classes like bard,gunner and AT ? I don't think people will like it that much. I think at this point Aion needs to die so it can reborn whatever new title or remake.
  6. Thank you for understanding ^^ I do not want to destroy NC or anything I only want NC back off from what they doing. I want a company that being loved by people because they made great games back. Yes I do believed NC can be redeemed. This may be destroyed Aion IP and everything I loved but future games can be reconstructed from lesson of Aion,BnS and other games. I don't believed being OP and able to destroy everything in 2-3 seconds or tanking an army of enemies by soloing them is fun. It's same as cheating in game you gotta ask yourself do you really having fun in a game that you never lose ? I would like to say this Loki and Kibbelz even some of my opinions changed over time but please don't stop trying to improving Aion condition please don't think it's futile from trying. You gotta do it best everything you can maybe not all of us recognized that but some of us will and will keep supporting you guys on whatever future may come ^^
  7. I'm sorry about this post but this is really a negative post ;( Sometimes I feel Aion,BnS and everything need to die because if they don't die the gaming skin casino won't stopped. I know everyone liked Aion but NC needs to lose this one or future of MMO industrial will be forever doom. If we keep supporting NC in this state the company won't be reformed and we will never get the game we liked back instead we will keep getting more hatred things in this game. Because the best result to show NC is not the feedback but income. I know I can't tell anyone to do anything because it's their money but if you loved Aion even once time please considering this
  8. I would like to share my experience on p servers which based on old patch First about people hate transformed into an animal,well this is untrue to p server they giving free candies to everyone as long as I keep logging and people don't mind to transform into pandas and not many people using skins because most of time they perfering transform because extra speed. Everyone who loved old patch because balance PvP,well this also untrue pvp do happened but only in group if you're alone and running into someone who alone too while doing camps most of time they will ignore you it seems everyone wanna do their own things and log off to do something else. Everyone crazed about skins before 6.0,even on the server that do not providing free candy most people don't care about skins so much there're some people who fooled enemies with their newbie gears look but that's fews ;o People love to explore maps and leveling,this is also untrue everyone just leveling in instances few do leveling in open world, some even leeched themselves in certain spots. So what's the problem with new patch ? Obviously it's about RNG people needs to invest a ton of money to get what they want but if there's a way to buy it directly or alternate way to get it in game with series of quests or crafting I think people will ok with that. Second is choices,just because I say most people don't care about skins or certain things doesn't mean you have to be obsolete it, streamline to certain thing to do in game is just a bad game. People should have ways to do what they want even leveling with crafting instead go out to killing monsters,giving choices for us is better than forcing us to stay in game and do lugbug daily or afk luna. Third don't preserve anything about Aion game needs to change and adapt to the time. Do we still living in 19th century house ? Although the house looks nice but everything keep changing. Well I'll list things that you should do now -Reduce RNG of everything greatly. -Instead transparent scrolls make it option to turn on and off to show transform or not. -Make lugbug daily as a choice reduce important of it, create a lot of organization for players to choose to join. -Introduce old skins,motions,emotes into various methods no matter luna,GST,world drop or simply NPCs. -Increase important of crafting make it profitable for people. -Introduce another leveling maps as choices for players to choose -Give every class a series of quests to unlock new weapons for them with unlock new skills for them.(Not many people like current look of AT and painter weapons u know) -Make housing useful again like ancient icon guestbloom back in 4.x day. The key of solving the problem are 2 things reduce RNG and giving choices to everyone as much as possible. I hope you will implement them as soon as possible Kibbelz ^^ Because you know time won't wait. ;p
  9. Thank you for showed it to me I didn't check all of Kibbelz message because there're so many ^^ Anyway I have one concern if rebuilding will have enough time before NC decided to terminate Aion because https://kr.ncsoft.com/en/ir/irArchive/earningsRelease.do Showing that we almost back to the lowest point that happened in 4Q19. I don't know if it will be worth to fix this mess or we better start a new IP. Bring back contents yes we must revive economy pre 6.0 back things where kinah and stuff tradable,people can actually making money from crafting I think luna beside skins crafting concept must be gone,Gold sand shop must be gone(Add them to crafting,drops or something),RNG with everything must be reduce greatly. Sorry to discourage you Kibbelz but I don't think NCKorea will really have time and patient with non profiting project ;( You must do something really quick at least get population back first.(The quickest way I can think right now is a new server that based on pre 6.0 Aion but with update from recent Aion :P) Anyway I hope we will survive but if not I'm not regret that I played this game at least Kibbelz you gave me a hope
  10. Thank you for agreed with me Valedia however I would like to express a few things about NC Korea currently doing. -First I don't like implementation of auto farming at all I want to play not some AI doing works for me it's kinda ruin the purpose of MMORPG in my opinion.(Fun doesn't mean kill other faction and let your bot farm if your game have options to do something else to do) -I really dislike direction of them doing with skills and stigma since 7.0 they destroyed freedom of stigma choices for clerics by making buffs passive with negative effects. If healing and dps in same time is the problem they could make it like AT's buff (the one that gives 500 mbs) and deactive giving cd to both skills 30 cd.It's much more forgiving than stupid passive imo Anyway the best game is the game that gives freedom to players to whatever they like but not lawless only thing that should limited in game is player imagination. -When they implemented skill changes of 6.0 I really like lower CD but now not really because it's boosted people with low ping super advantage because they will never run out of skills to spam and people just do nothing but spam.I rather them to increase damage and increase cd instead. -100k damage/hp is a bigger problem than you think it telling everyone indirectly that this game is old and mess up.This issue needs to be deal with. -Events must be something optional and help not requirement for you to progress or do something in game.The game itself must be good enough for everyone to progress and geared (As example 4.6 version since I can get everything without events yep p server :p) -6.0 is recreation of 5.0 but instead grinding exp now you grinding gears skills and enchantments instead ;o -Story progressing in 6.0+ is stupid 2 dragon lords fallen already yet Balaurs do nothing ? no one replacing them.The leader don't even care ? If I write the story I'll write something like Balaurs civil wars and divide into another 2 factions or they make new government or something and some elyos/asmo lords defected to opposite sides because their leaders methods ineffective they found hostile from citizens because they were former enemies. -Because people can reached attack speed/cast speed capped with transform charging skills need to be modify especially gunner,AT. -A lot of maps are needed with slow leveling because slow leveling = learning your classes but it doesn't mean people have to grind exp in same place over and over.They need to leveling but moving with new places and quests that reward them more than just exp (daevanion skills,stigma,skins you know something like that o_O) -When you make players stronger it doesn't mean you have to make existing mobs stronger too it's just as bad as FF8 when you leveling the mobs getting strong with you too. -Every new gear should be stronger than old one but only a bit not totally outclass like now o_O Other problems such as kinah,tradable items,transform etc I think people mentioned them enough so I won't say about it I know I repeated a couple old stuff but I think it's important so please don't mind ^^ Anyway I hope everyone will be happy and survive long enough until everyone got vaccine until then hang in there ;D
  11. Hi Kibbelz once again it's been a while since my last post ^^ First I wondering what's your current goal here ? Getting people back ? or getting new players or keep current players from leaving ? or just increasing income ? I didn't say in these goals there're one that more important that others but I say you should focus on one goal right now instead doing it all ;o I say Aion post 6.0 is like post nuclear apocalypse United States lol (This is reference to Fallout : Even Enclave antagonist in fallout universe plan is never repopulate in post nuclear America but they intend to go to another planet to repopulate there lol xD) But since time travel and go outer space are not options for you ^^(Classic and launch new IP) PvP must be completely optional or guards all over the place that super fast and super strong that even ultimate xform with everything +15 died from them (Think of company bodyguard shugo in 4.0 lol) anyway I suggested this based on outdated information if you already did this then nvm ;o 3-4 daily that give token for gears like ancient coins back in 4.0 (We don't like to farm endlessly from mobs we want dailies that once we did it is enough and can log out) Skins that world drops and tradable. Last thing remember diversity and choices are the most important,people don't like 6.0 because they don't have choices.Old aion is so great because people have choices if you don't want to do instances there're other ways to make money and get gears.I wish Aion can be more than killing stuff.Do you know a lot of games nowaday can be finish without killing at all ? Whatever you do you mustn't force people to do but let people willing to do it.(Yep I'm talking about lugpug daily/weekly I feel like it's forced instead of choices xD) You already gave people hope now just make it happen
  12. My suggestions to bring former players back :)

    Well simply solution I can think now is add recipes via aetherforge that can craft transparent scrolls,transformation contracts,daevanion skills(currently it's untradable) and can put them into broker this will revive crafting business and commonize things basic stuff we need to play the game
  13. My suggestions to bring former players back :)

    Alright today I logged my char and really frustrated with all items in my inventory,new mechanics and a lot of stuff. But let me tell few problems I'm experiencing. -Extracting gears = mana slot unlock I find this item serves no purpose other than replacing enchantment stones lol I think we should get enchantment stones instead and make it brokerable,for this unlock items ? just remove it -A lot of skills has too low cd,it's really confusing for me cause I don't know what to use first or later when u can spam skills and everything dead just the same -What's the point of having pve/pvp enchantment stones ? Does it reduced the needing of multiple sets ? If no then why have them ? better reverse back to one single type of enchantment stones and leaving pvp/pve stats tied to the gears instead. -We need a way to access legendary transformation.transparent scrolls and basic daevanion skills that's not random in game not events and common enough. I try to understand the game but it gave me the headache so I had to log off >.< I'll take a break for now can't get back in Aion yet.
  14. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    I'm appreciated your works Kibbelz However the immediate changes you making is only keeping your players base who currently playing. There're much more works to do please don't stop here. I would like to say what will make me interesting in Aion again are Kinah Daily,Skills not that spamming non stop(It giving huge advantage to players with ultra low ping),Common legendary transformation and transparent scrolls(without help of events),Repurpose luna into skins again because kinah farming in luna just bad and boring(Make luna optional not requirement to gameplay),Reintroducing and updated guestblooms to housing,Lugbug needs to be optional too because now I feel it forcing me to do what it said I don't like anyone to pop up everytime I login and tell me what to do.I mean I want my own freedom to do what I want in game not instructed by game or anyone.Reintroduce instances that long gone with updated to lv80(It doesn't matter if I need or not I just want them there as my choice to do it or not ).Tradable white gears and can remodel many times as I want(A lot of white gears need to pick new skins because I think now they're just duplicated and horrible ) Yes I really do see Aion's hope now only just because you actually communicate with community
  15. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    Well I'll talk something about stigma system since I don't know anything else about current Aion Beside more relaxation like 4.8 I want them to add diversity of some classes stigma. -Ranger stigma could be a bit of confusing so maybe why don't we change some stigma or add pet stigma for tanking mobs for ranger ? I mean sure if you're an experienced ranger you could jump shots and kill elites but what about people who couldn't ? Pet is an easy answer for a ranger it will make class easier to solo for everybody who doesn't know how to do jump shot(I don't think it will make a different in pvp it only help solo ability of ranger) -Chanter I would like them to go back as a buffer (That attack/cast speed buff is almost useless at this point since legendary transform is a standard requirement for this point),it should offering ability that transform can't give maybe allow attack cast over cap limit Alternate ways instead nerfing attack/cast speed of transforms we can do many such as increase mp cost of skills/lower mp pool,increase CD of skills,decrease mp healing from pots I find it's kinda dumb you can spam anything without ever running out of skills.Actually you will find really tired if u spamming too much.Weaving/auto attack helps u relax your hands instead full spam keyboard(and probably longer life of your keyboard too saving money xD) -CD of healing mode and dps mode buff I already said this but yeah reverse to original cd and not passive instead put cd on switching gears instead should be more acceptable for people. I can't figure anything more so I'll post more when I got some more ideas Thanks everyone for liking my previous comments ^^