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  1. As a housing enthusiast I say you should reset housing too. It's no point to have a beautiful house in ruined world such as Aion so yes please reset it. I would rather to build my beautiful estate somewhere else.
  2. Well designed with mobile in mind integrated p2w mechanics from the very start and allow PCs to emulate the game to play ? ☺️ It seems pretty much Aion live with updated graphics and optimized for mobile 🤣 But can I really blame NC for go this way ? Nah I can't at all because everyone spending money like mad on mobile games this is consequences from our behaviors(I want to spend on whatever I want because it's my money why I should care about others who don't have money to spend). This effect going to last decades if not forever.
  3. This reminds me of something called laundering money ,you know you getting dirty money from crimes such as extortion ,robbery etc then used those money in a process you can't track back where those money came from like buying something from shop with dirty cash and resell those items with a bit lower than the price you brought then you got clean money. Actually video games microtransaction is very popular method with money laundering https://www.regtechtimes.com/video-games-money-laundering/ So I wondering if those massive whales are actually laundering their dirty money via candies
  4. Hi sorry for late reply. Well it's true that kinah candy won't affected long term as long as there's "NO UPDATE" and no new gears incoming if 1.2 is forever. But because there're coming update so there will be new gears like DP weapon(which super OP). The main point of p2w is never make you pay once and godlike forever but rather let you keep paying to get edge on non p2w players. They will keep buffing baseline players all time and offering new items for you to paying to keep on the top of pyramid. Anyway if crying and raging of candies all over social media can't even change anythi
  5. You know this situation is like someone yelling watch out there's an axe coming and someone looking around the ground and said I don't find an axe anywhere while everybody gets down and that misfortune get chop in the head. You can't even do critical thinking ,you choose only things that benefit your ideology and speak it out. You bring the concept of "lesser evil" you don't know where is this heading right ? This is how the cooperation making everybody accepting p2w is normal thing. Soon everybody will be completely ok with paying 100$ a month on a game because everybody do it. Pe
  6. I understand the reason why they don't make PvE server or why they removing safe zones in later patch. They think it will make everyone pvp and they can sell more enchantment(p2w) from shop. But sorry people don't want to be force to do something they don't like they even choose death instead of living for ideology in RL. So why would a merely video game can force them stay if they don't want at all ? It's same thing why people defending something completely illogical and clearly wrong. They will never listen opposite to their believes. They would rather choose death than being denounce w
  7. Well I don't have a high hope for big companies to adapt there're too many conditions requirement and demands for them to create a new thing. Someone will eventually inventing new type of games that acceptable for most people but the principle of that game must be fun before win. It must not be about getting stronger or getting rewards but just fun where everyone can have not certain players who paid more. Developers must create the game out of love not greed. If you doing something out of greed it will always fail no matter what. I really don't know what CEO of NC wanna make so much
  8. I believed classic NA is so bad mainly because management. Second reason is because people realized true nature of p2w games ,we experienced it enough. Aion by mechanics is very bad if you try to put p2w elements into it because PvP is essential of the game and being forced so everybody needs to participle in it if NC don't make PvP completely optional(Not affecting to you anyway including income in game). Then Aion will always fail. I think a lot of people prefer to playing single player games more than online games now because they simply don't to deal with toxicity of online games
  9. I always choose Elyos because I like angel like looking but my heart is now with Asmo. I believed they're good side yes Asmo look like a devil/beast but I like their lore a lot. Lately I feel that Elyos is beautiful but yet their hearts are corrupted and deceitful in one quest Elyos even admitted they sending spies to Asmodae to sabotage. In term of gameplay I believed Asmo have better racial skills which made them like easy mode.(Even sin and templar who got 100% damage buff(sin) and recovery hp skill(temp) 1 sec cd). Nothing really beautiful about elyos land after Vertron. Just infinite
  10. I just look at this from aion classic era perspective ,I'm talking about how game designed not how it was managed. You see Aion is not going to survive as major mmo in the first place. Extreme learning curve and very hard to play because a lot of skills to use + conditional skills + switching weapons + weaving ofc a lot of people won't play because this sole reason alone. Then we have a concept of multiple sets PvE,PvP,Healing armors omg how many sets you have to farm just in order to survive and have fun ? And lastly lawless open world PvP that you can keep bully anyone freely without any c
  11. Hi I would like to discuss something outside Aion today. Well I was searching on second dark age information internet. Many people giving a lot of definitions of dark age but one catch my eyes. "Dark age is when people believed in something from internet because they want to believe without checking any supporting evidences or static" Well I couldn't help but completely agree look at Aion as example when people try to play Aion they look on youtube for best builds best way to farm money best way to pvp. There's no one try to find a way to play the game themselves ,if streamers tell
  12. I would like to add some more of my thought about marketing ,manipulation. Maybe just maybe the classic forums allowing guests to post is not just laziness ,bugs or anything but actually intended I see an attempt try to make majority accepting p2w as normalize thing to do. Manipulating doesn't only come in form from official stance but also come in normal customers we can see many things like this outside gaming such as some retail hiring people to write good review on their products on Amazon or some graphics card/processor company paid some review website to bias against their competito
  13. Hi I would like to update my thought on custom contents on original classic. I see many private servers with I think it's good custom contents but I can say all of them none make it into main stream only retail like made it into main steam with decent players base. Retail like isn't even good in my opinion with super fast leveling from 1-65 in couple days with exp amulet and events but people actually like it. It's clearly people will not accept any change that made by unofficial servers. It's quite amusing for me that everyone wants thing to be better but nobody really want to change any
  14. Hi @Kubei-DN thanks for the reply. Well at this point I don't believe any classic or any games can survived from p2w monetized even a game like mario 1 you can make it very p2w if you want to. But vice versa I believed a game that heavily made to be p2w can be reverse back to enjoyable state as well. I don't think Aion 6.0(Not 7.9 version) was too mess up if they wanna fix they could but they didn't want it.(Not that easily to fix tho) I think Aion classic NA is an experimental model how to extorting more money from players. They don't care about profit from NA. If someone treating
  15. Well yes but remember you will respect someone only if they respect you too you don't respect someone if they never care your opinion or take your opinion seriously. First step to manipulate someone is ignore person you don't like and their anger will keep increasing to the point it explode then show everybody that person is mad is wrong human got perception that an aggressor always wrong without checking back story. I feel like you try to downplay this into I got a problem with @Kibbelz personally but no I actually got a problem with NC not @Kibbelz who created this shady business mone
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