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  1. I'm sorry for late reply but I was doing house works I realized one thing while I playing in p server that no matter classic or live the only thing that matter is fairness.(Just look how many people playing Among Us despite very bad graphics but it has no p2w that's why it's so popular) But we have to accept at this point that classic is more fair than live now I don't want to say negative stuff no matter how I perceive reality of Aion ,it's like you saying the world suck and would it make less suck ? I don't think so I also accepted we can't change people by doing negativ
  2. Hmm well if my opinions made a lot of people feel uncomforted I'm sorry about that and I'm gladly to stop comment about classic. As I told many times my opinions do not affected NC decisions at all if it does things wouldn't be as it now. Please don't worry I'll just only watch from now. I hope you guys will success on Aion revival project. Even I don't agree with doesn't mean I want to stop you Less hate to each other and more compassion is what I want to do.
  3. I didn't know about abyssal splinter sorry my knowledge about modern Aion is really limited. I just believing if transparent scrolls craftable and common enough like great running scrolls in classic ,people will buy skins more(bcm) and it's just another way to making money for people who choose to do crafting. I'll tell what's the big problem in Aion p servers now beside no update. It's pretty much lawless and wild but so did official in classic time so at least if retail wanna distinct from p servers they need enforce the rules especially what made people so upset about hackers,ninj
  4. I'm really have no idea what each reward does beside some skill skins motions and cubic. But I think it's kinda miss one thing that if you want to get new players to Aion is legendary transformation starter that selectable. I have no idea why ancient transform is considering as best reward. I think urgent thing that NCwest want to do is remove luna instances(including cubic ones) completely.(5.x was ok because it's just skins it doesn't affected gameplay that much). Luna making game extremely boring now because the best way to farm is afk that's not even playing the game. Ofc you
  5. Hi I wish your success on this 😃
  6. I replied here just to acknowledge your comment and I'll post some of my own idea too I've tried suggest many and many times and I can say almost none come to reality. I asked @Kibbelz why skins ain't added to games or BCM he heavily implied that it's just not profitable (He didn't say it directly ofc) So I asked myself why do they launch classic now ? I can only think of because declining of live servers and rising of private servers. It would cost NC enormously if they attempt to fix live Aion to something we can acceptable. Aion post classic (6.0+) is based on elitism pv
  7. I'm sadly to tell you this but no matter how neat your ideas are if they don't listen/care it means nothing. If you don't notice this already but their object is not making everyone happy. Goal of 6.0 and following patch is make the game free (in Korea) and let majority of people who doesn't pay be victims of players who paid a lot (Whales). If majority don't have any chance against p2wers they just add help to majority players a bit like make legendary transform more common starter gears is ultimate but they will add some new p2w mechanics for whales to pay to distance themselves
  8. I noticed there's some restriction going on in forums. Like I said many times ago you can't fix problems by pretending they don't existed. I even think if you closed servers for a month and re-evaluate what to do will be better than fix this fix that without any direction.(Imagine you lost in a maze and keep running randomly and hoping you will find a way out without stop thinking what to do) NCwest seems in a state of panic ,I think best way to stop the panic is show your stance about classic server stop people argument. Honestly to players now is only solution. Just make it cle
  9. Lol wow sorry I reread about "Sure you're upset but if you don't like just leave or you will lose your sanity and yep enough people left Aion to the point NC had to launch classic." and it seems I taunted you over something but I actually mean if you mad about NC actions don't keep bashing them NC don't listen to anyone not even Korean players don't waste your time talking with them your action is louder than words just leave if you don't happy with live or classic. Don't do something that you can't change about it just leave. "I'm not trying to force anyone to be nice because even we h
  10. First I'll answer with Hawaii topic ,I don't really care about original or root culture these evolved within time I only wish to live there because in my idealize people there just a bit nicer than anywhere else in US. There're so much of racism in mainland I believed it's from colonialism era legacy. But we don't want to talk about politics here ain't we ? I'm not trying to force anyone to be nice because even we have rules and laws and forbid people from doing certain things ,they still do it behind the door. If you want to be bad then who can stop you right ? Sure you're upset but if y
  11. Aloha everybody Well I think Aion classic is our success against p2w RNG madness that happening to gaming world. It doesn't matter if you like or hate classic ,it's just a proof NCsoft step down from p2w full ahead and even Aion will die the future games will not be full p2w like 6.0 anymore. I using aloha because it symbolized the place I wish to live with nice people or at least I wish our place becoming my idealized place
  12. The success of Aion classic in Korea is huge but I'm looking beyond 2.7 (Which is classic update ends) I think PvE maps are fine(But some mobs too strong their damage is excessive huge) but the main problem is Eye it's really bad design I failed to use windstream a lot and to escape Asmos you need to use the windstream all time it's not even optional. There's not much of escaping route it should be redesign and make mobs that able to drop keys extend outside Eye too. Treasure boxes should be spawn everywhere even in PvE zone during safe zone turn off.(That's how nobody can camp anyone)
  13. I starting to believe the best place to locate the server is Hawaii. The reason is just simply because people in Hawaii ain't toxic like mainland despite my ping severely there. I'm willing to play there and I believed there will be no elites,p2wers will go to Hawaii because their ping is really bad there I know it's just an fantasy server location. But me for one willing to play there.
  14. My first post in new forum ,first good job I like new forum a lot more than one old Anyway this post may not really related to classic directly but I don't think we have to destroy any version whatever current or classic. Everyone should stop thinking what's best for everybody. There's no one single solution for everything, just accept diversity and live with it you can't eliminate people who disagree with you. There will be always someone disagree with you. If current or classic so bad it will fail by itself no need to bash over it. It's NC money who investing in development not you.
  15. @Kibbelz Hi Kibbelz tyvm for replied Please allow me to explain why skins in post classic Aion isn't well income as people believed. Before 6.0 (5.x to be exact) we used able to afk in luna instances and craft BCM 100+(or around that) shop skins without doing any work basically we get it free. So people just feel really reluctant to buy skins that once free from afking luna instances in post classic Aion. Another reason I believed why it failing because of rarity of transparent transform scrolls (allow you to keep your appearance instead transform while having stats).NC Korea wan
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