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  1. Post your Aion character!

    My attempt to recreate Korean style char did it work ? or failed ?
  2. Post your Aion character!

    For anyone who's wonder how would I look if my skin is black here is how I look
  3. Last Christmas in Sanctum

    I know it's late but I took a tour in last Christmas night in Sanctum now enjoy my journey don't forget to play the song while you viewing Merry Christmas everyone how about let tour in Sanctum before festivasl ends ? This bard is singing about my beauty he just sings how beautiful I'm Aww it's really sunny I need to hold my hand against it. Wow fireworks beautiful even in day light gogo firework The old weapons/armors shop but it no longer sell anything everything got removed within 6.2 I try to be cute ? o_O do I look cute or stupid ? Dam I wannna take a photo but this woman just photo bomb me D: I'll take another spot Hehehe me and me alone with Christmas tree and no stupid woman. My wings spread it's old wings from 5.0 campaign Keep up good work guardian of the sanctum fountain the water live up the city. Why he's so serious in Christmas does something bothered his mind ? o_O Not her too ?! what's wrong with everyone they being so serious in Christmas I shall play some music because everyone doesn't relax !! Legendary holed bridge !!! what were they thinking ? Hahaha!! her sing is so bad I can't resisted to laugh about her. Oh she's training so hard maybe I shouldn't laughed about it I'm sorry. Behind me is forbidden city nobody can access them anymore too bad but everything just went bad in 6.2 Last photo took with my minion ain't we lovely ? Goodbye Christmas cya in next journey everyone
  4. Post your Aion character!

    Last day on xmas and new year festival don't have skins anymore so this is the best dress I can get,hope everyone happy during 2019 and may great things come to you all
  5. Post your Aion character!

    This char is mess up but fixed without plasitic surgery and looks good enough to share ^.^
  6. Post your Aion character!

    Yes it's the kahrun skin but it's not a kahrun harp
  7. I'm still crying from battle with imposter and wondering around sanctum A little lady greeted me she said she got something to give me I wondered what's it ? She said she will give me my missing dress !! I was like wow really you will give me ? o_O Clap clap how do I look ? Yahoo I'm back to full power My darling if you noticed I'm back I'm heading to you right now. Wow you still handsome as ever now I shall..... Kiss you my love Haha...the world is so beautiful I kissed my lover already and I don't care about the world Huh where's Ariel ? I dunno I think she just busy o_O maybe I'll look in.... Poeta ? but she doesn't here either Since we came to Poeta why don't we take a look at the place where every daeva born Aww raindrops keep falling on my head My umbrella isn't nice ? Are you here Ariel ? Dancing in the rain Since she's not in poeta I headed to sanctum and asked if luna if she knows anything but seems she doesn't know either. I asked Wikipedia of Sanctum but she doesn't know either WTF cmon you're the Wikipedia if you don't know who will know o_O I decided to ask governor of Sanctum maybe he knows something.... Sorry sir but do you have any idea where's Ariel is.... I'm surprised with the answer he said Ariel doesn't existed she will only exist when developers feel to make person for her. Thank you sir that means I'm biggest person in all Aetria right ? :DDD Yahoo so awesome I'm the boss yay Ending my quest with sexy me sleeping in front of my throne cya everyone bye thanks for reading Special thanks : to Magicmyst (aka Ethe) for the dress.
  8. Post your Aion character!

    Weda/Viola part2 of weda series coming stay turns
  9. Post your Aion character!

    I was clearing inventory and found this dress nobody could guess what the harp was
  10. Post your Aion character!

    Another conner of same char
  11. Post your Aion character!

    Romodel some char here and it's the result
  12. Hi I'm Weda Ariel's Agent and Governor of Illuma I'll show you what I'm doing in a day. I'll go to pray at Heaven Lake every morning to bring peace to Illuma After praying I feel still tired feel pain at my neck. I'm the king of the world,yes I also saw titanic so I do this everyday at my private ship it does feel good This is my secret lover but I gotta keep it as a secret because governor of Illuma can't have a love with an officer. I also check price at NPC everyday make sure nobody sell higher than they should. This is asmo traps it contains bombs which will explode when asmos are near. This is my private garden I come here and play guitar every evening Since I'm the governor I must keep training my body all time. Look wow beautiful rainbow I come back to my throne and see WTF is this an imposter ?!! Get out of my chair kid you can't rule Illuma. Get her out solider !!! You really wanna fight huh ? Oww my head she hurted my head D: Sob sob I can't believe an imposter will take my chair. Until next time imposter I'll get my chair back. Weda series end here thank you for reading
  13. Post your Aion character!

    Did something with my asmo SW today and she's looking pretty cool so I shared here
  14. Post your Aion character!

    Weda finally my weda is completed
  15. Thanks all guys Yep all floor,wallpaper,exterior etc gone. Aroch your music scripts are the best