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  1. Well this topic is not about is it even possible or NC want to redevelop it or how it making money just some my fantasy I'll start with what I'm good at first housing lol -Well I noticed that mostly the need of dual client was because we need someone to hold group so to eliminate this problem I suggest we add a mannequin ticket(tradable) to BCM allow you to create a mannequin for your house and dressing them as you would like then another purpose u can use this mannequin to hold group for you or anyone like a normal character can do this would be eliminate needing of second client for m
  2. I'll talk about skill changes I feel kinda negative when they changed method from adding new skills with every patch to changing skills constantly to the point everyone has to worried which next class going to be OP or who will be nerf. I would feel much more positive if they adding new skills as stigma with 12 stigma slots at least replace old and bad stigma as a choice for us to use I would feel more diverse when you do a battle against your opponent you can't guess and predict what you should do against them since there're so many possibilities. If we got too much skill books by k
  3. Nothing I just bored I don't even playing on asmo side.
  4. Hi HealingSquid ofc they didn't owe anyone apology but if they want to regain trust from their costumers that had been loyal to them for years. An apology is very important if you might noticed when big companies such as google,nvidia cause a controversy they apology to fix the damage first. I'm speaking as a customer their main goal should be enjoyment of the game and secondary is profit. Anyway I can talk to make people think but I can't force anyone to do anything against their wills even you pointing a gun against their head they would rather to choose death more than a simply apo
  5. About @Valedia-DN I don't think she's the cause of Aion downfall or cause influence to anything on developers. She just posting even it's senseless and seems stupid but I saw a lot of people did stupid things even very unlogic even in my own family because of pride, arrogant or simply want to win argument. Although I do agree she needs to control about what she posting. Valedia I want you to understand that the forum is public if you want them to accept you, you have to listen to them and talk logically. If people don't like you for spam then don't. Anyway I'm not persist about forums I j
  6. Hi HealingSquid thanks for the response sorry for reply late but I couldn't read your reply instantly because forum delayed update. When I said people hostile it has a cause because NCwest constantly ignored those people and never really do anything they asked including me (I got upset when I got the survey because it's like a joke after all this time). I never said when someone requested something they need to grant that instantly (free stuff from events if I understand you correctly). I only want them to response to those suggestions and explain why they can't grant them or at least say
  7. In fact I prefer them to come open a topic in forums and high authority figure like Gideon answering everyone question or suggestion one by one or even someone who hold higher authority than Gideon answering this will be better. I want to tell whoever behind this that pretending problems don't existed doesn't solving anything either stop negative feeling toward to you and your company. Only being honest and truly care about your costumers will get thru this. PR stunt or marketing tactics won't work if your company care nothing about your costumers but their money. If you married someone
  8. I feel like this email is comparable to the survey that asked before they launching 6.0 in Korea about what horrible things of 5.8 and u know how it turned out I didn't know many people didn't get it maybe you will get them in time. Anyway I'm sorry for my harsh words in survey but I felt really angry when I got this survey. I wondering where you guys been all this time ?
  9. I did replied to the survey to be honest it's very serious. But I think they want to take it seriously so I really put my serious thought about it. I do it once and I won't do it again my opinions only matter if they want to listen seriously. But if this just a PR stunt oh well so be it
  10. Is that sarcasm ? If it's then I'm apology for upsetting people with that. I just said what I think best for as if I'm playing retail ,it doesn't mean they have to take my advice.
  11. Hi it's been a while I think it's kinda unfair to blame every Aion problem on @Kibbelz I think there's no way to stop deteriorating condition of Aion after 6.0 launched there's no way we can do all customizations without rework the whole system. The whole system was designed to extorted all money from players as much as possible at the cost of players base. Aion was doing fine but it's not good enough when comparing to mobile games then they try to forcing players to pay and pay more and they got backslash for that. I even believed PC games will die because so pricy hardware costs unless price
  12. I might add something a bit you can say almost all problems that persisting in Aion (including other NC publishing games) is from political issues. I believed NCwest can do anything if there's no such things as money influence so much. Why did 6.0 happened in the first place because low population ? Why low pop ? because they added more p2w mechanics ? Why population declining from 3.x to 4.x because they forcing everyone to pvp so they can sell more boost elite stuff ? Everything came from political and greed Why they have to greed ? because they need to make money for share holders. Can NC
  13. Hi again I think I'll comment about bots problem a bit. I think it's useless for human workers like GMs trying to banning bots because bots are some kind of automate system that keep making accounts and farm kinah non stop I think the most effectively way is ban high profile players who bought kinah from gold sellers but again those high profile players are also whales who bought a lot of ncoins from BCM. Banning them will be bad to NCwest in short term but good to NCwest in long term. But before that happens NC needs to eliminate heavily loot boxes and RNG mechanics which requires to rew
  14. I'm surprised by this move from NCwest o_O Actually I suggested many times to remove luna instances from the game and replace it with something more fun. I'm not so sure about lugbug daily to farm in certain zones because that would allow gankers to bully low gears players. I would totally welcome the idea if this daily working like silverine daily or fortuneers daily back in past patches you randomly quests which made pvp camping impossible. Maybe it's even better if this is weekly with increased rewards I really have no idea what NCwest goal but if this is the transition to ret
  15. Hi again I feel like a lot of people feel depressed by my comment well it's true that I said I disliked auto hunt system but I never said live Aion will die by only auto hunt system ,there's a PC game called Lineage(original) that have auto hunt system and doing so well that better than all other NC PC games (In term in profit at least I don't know how many people playing it) Aion already suffering from many bad implementations from a lot of patches even as early one like 4.x and with bad management from NCwest itself. If live Aion will go down you can't blame one single problem even twin
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