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  1. Thank you Tiffany it's hard to run a hotel those days but our staffs ready to service you at their best We hope to see you again
  2. Testing water quality drink for customers. Playing a violin for customers while they doing spa. Playing a guitar to make sure you have sweet dreams while you stay here. Listening to every customer feedback. Because we're the first and only hotel in Oriel. We open daily 9 am until 8 pm everyday and we welcome everybody to enjoy the stay.
  3. Concert grand opening of the hotel
  4. Hi welcome to first hotel in Oriel this is the front of the hotel let's go in Welcome inside everyone this is the lobby there're singing flowers and music is awesome ;D this is spa room I'll take off my clothes aha no porn for you to see. Ahh this is so comfortable.... Mhm yes it feels good After spa treatment I must check myself if I look better what do you think ? Heh I think the treatment was splendid heh. Time to read some book wish there's an internet connection too bad for no wifi Central of the hotel Nightfall time to have some wine to drink After some drink we have to singing and playing guitar under the moon what a romance <3 My final thought about the hotel ? 5 STARS :DDDD If you wanna visit the hotel pm me in forum or pm Nalariel KT server thank you very much cya until next time
  5. [Mini series] Kiss!!

    Here's another version made by my friend thank you a lot Would be nice if @Cyan use this image for maintenance next week
  6. [Mini series] Kiss!!

    Hi how're ya today ? Need to afk for 6 hours pretty bored huh ? What ? Let's kiss ? umm well... I don't know are we sure to do this really ? o_O Alright here I go.... :3 <3 lol ah well I got nothing to do I hope you guys like it
  7. Come fly with me

    For fullest experience please play this song while viewing photos Hi today let's come fly with me together This is control panel of my flying program it provides me safety and monitor weather condition. This is my chief staff she's controlling entire program This is my engineer she designed my suit Close up shot of me and my engineer They're my medical staff they make sure my body ready for flying This is my security guard she make sure I have a full night sleep and nobody disturb me This is my launch pad I'm about going to fly now Now we flying yahoo Going up and higher and higher We reached top of the earth everything is so tiny from up here. Landing back on the pad. Wasn't that a great experience ? Byeeeeeeee everyone until next time. Come fly with me series ends thank you everyone
  8. Good maid,bad maid (18+ xD)

    No lol ^^ Here's full list of my works Please check them all
  9. Good maid,bad maid (18+ xD)

    Wow ty for your comment ^^ A first comment in my 2 years. Thank you for everyone that like my work too. Don't forget to check my orther works such as Weda's series,Alice's series and Bride's series too
  10. My Black Desert character(s)

    A witch
  11. My Black Desert character(s)

    I fixed hair hope it's good now The screenshot looks more naturally I hope this is my finally my first playable char
  12. lol sorry I forgot kinah is untradable please nvm this thread sorry closed
  13. Hi I need money to keep pay house maint so I decided to let people rent my estate by paying me only 1kk per night. I'll add you to my friend list whatever you want to open or lock the door is your command Listening to final fantasy music while having best time feel free to take screenshots whenever you like Here's some sample
  14. My Black Desert character(s)

    3 more screenshots at 4k resolution