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  1. and the chance of any server in the future is zero. This merge is a total fckup going from Dan to Kat & adding to the list of litanies for an ongoing failing track record... like water down the drain, so glad I didn't give this stupid company too much $ and while I'll miss all the lost residence, furniture, char name, and hope for customer relationship & game xp improvement at the end of their days it's all an illusion anyway but the biggest pretense in the mix is NCSOFT...there are better games and interactions to be had elsewhere if starting from scratch. Not recommending AION! S
  2. I gotta laugh at the repetitive incompetence and I'm only posting this because many might not be aware of the other threads abandoned on this saga. Stormwing Event! Yep again you pisss a lot of people off through lack of adequate notice but I suppose you can rest assured that you at least ticked the box that notice was provided this time round unlike when you introduced this event and provided no notice that the boxes from last years event would be deleted when you specifically stated that notice would be provided. Then you said they would be re-instated but they weren't so there you go I no
  3. If it's a business proposition and not server chatter then nationality, citizenship and race prejudices are not going to deliver profit but from a ticketing perspective maybe it was just assigned a severity 4 and until some other tickets came in didn't get to severity 3 on that radar until recently. Anyway u get it now
  4. Truth? so now you aspire to it but what would you know Jerk, always attacking the post instead of acknowledging the principals being put forward while it's your baiting posts that make things look QQ. The original gist of the thread was to check your inventories as NCWest deleted things they said they wouldn't without notice. If it doesn't affect you pisss off.
  5. This is the essence of the ticket response from NCWest: "Upon reviewing your report to us, we were unable to locate any logs that your characters "skythee" and "skanky" participated on the previous Hungry Hatchlings event last March 18, 2020." Fuk NCWest..back to Pearl Abyss
  6. I've raised a ticket with support about the stored Zudra boxes from last event being deleted from storage without forewarning when assured that forewarning would be provided if deletion were planned as per Hime's after previous event post. Maybe it could be because the box contents changed instead of NC creating a new box label and the new content either deleted the previous boxes by incompatibility, or maybe it was a person decision without a plan, or both. Either way not communicated when Hime's post specifically stated: "On 5/27/2020 at 10:40 AM, Hime said: That's the plan. We're
  7. It's only "dumb" on NCWest's part to alienate people by not communicating, and event items do not "often" get deleted without warning. The norm is that nothing happens to them.
  8. So I come back after a few weeks away from play but otherwise monitoring to see how NC west is going with this upgrade and new events and whether i might trial a re-engagement and what do i find: 2 empty slots in my warehouse which is always full on all 4 chars on 2 accounts - these were Zudra's gift and impressive gift boxes from last time event that I had to stockpile for lack of inventory space to unpack and was expecting to find?! I can't find any notice of clearing stuff out and we were assured that would happen if it was to happen luna light missing as a selection
  9. seems like a sad tale of auto farm trial to this point...i'd like to think the happy active player people (of which i'm not now one) don't post because their happy...but maybe my thinking from taking a holiday from AION NA is clouding that thought
  10. so I'll login same time next week...can't see the game being closed if people continue to put real money into it here...but nonetheless it seems like a weird franchise with the KR to NA arrangement, at some point the KR sub-license fee will exceed the NA operating cost; and if it was KFC would you really walk in and buy from a store that only did KFP on the menu?
  11. Event seems like an auto experience generator but at 1 hour I'll check it out just to evaluate the auto hunt by proxy aspect.
  12. ...I know i said next week and it will be from this post, but for all my efforts I got maybe 3 or 4 DT weapons for my 2 chars per 2 dual boxing accounts maxed to 5 but that was not the main issue for me ...I also said I hadn't missed a thing but that's not entirely correct... I've not missed the disappointment one iota of striving for fail, mindless repetition, and the lack of fun from the decline to the current lackluster business model. I recently got from an unnamed Korean MMORPG alternative vendor/soon to be NA publisher two top priority take away quotes from their road map that I f
  13. I've not renewed my Premium, haven't logged for a week but did just now to extend the house for main char, and much the same the week prior to that, and haven't missed a thing of it at all. It's going to have to get a lot better for this to change. Been checking out Black Desert Online instead, maybe something else later. Bye until this time next week you all
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