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  1. New Furniture cabinet give same cabinet.

    Hey Chibi I notice from your picture you don't have a small one drawer...neither did I but I just picked up one from Garkinerk the Furniture Shugo in Oriel. Its called a Practical Wooden Cabinet, nothing flash but with some dye it's a handy extra row of storage and cheap at 86881 Kinah.
  2. New Furniture cabinet give same cabinet.

    There is (or was) also a "small" type cabinet. I have a 2 drawer small...maybe it doesn't (or didn't) come in 3 drawer size.
  3. Hele mine

    Thank you for clarifying. The four sets I figured out eventually but probably used more bombs than I needed to in doing. It was the second mob set and I'd used the bombs too randomly, let the mob recover too much and got overwhelmed. I'll give it another go tonight now that I know they will eventually stop spawning if I stay at the lym and attack them all at once. Cheers.
  4. Hele mine

    solo initially Sin char started on the right (easier) path to learn and then while replacing default (out of the box) ancient vindicator pvp gear with default pandora legendary pve gear the tasks definitely got easier the more of that pve gear (and familiarity)... so today tried the right path as just got the pandora jerkin... but at lym mine claw stage no idea what to do with the spawning mob... btw the AP just to this stage is nearly that for the whole of the left path, and much much easier so good good in that, but while the final rewards would still be nice the AP gain to go higher is the main goal now... also i get 7 bombs on part 1 which i used figuring the first mob and another 7 for the 2nd stage claws...all used...i think that may be a key part...but going back without any of the potential 14 of them (or a plan that works) was futile so a big TY in advance if any one would share an insight on this...
  5. Ereshkigal Server Consolidation FAQ

    So i get the motive of dead server not enough people get those people onto the other two servers so more people on those... but then isn't that just less opportunity for Pandora battlefield quests, maybe etc., for those currently there? I'm not suggesting increasing the Pandora cap above 30 no need for more lag but how about NC compensate KT & DN with more instance times...not all the player base is on the available time zones so spread the load win/win...
  6. Low FPS?

    I turned the FPS Fixed back off as its just a recipe for an ambush with mobs popping up suddenly.
  7. Low FPS?

    I had this problem as a major issue on my last desktop box and had to dumb down everything but now have similar specs to yours but my FPS was lower (in town) because I had some higher use settings enabled as I wanted to see character effects etc and not dumb town the aesthetic. I tried a siege once with that and was just frozen so with your post's prompt I'm having another look at it. When I set my FPS to fixed in town it seems to make a reasonable improvement, maybe 100%, but too early to tell at what loss (of details I like and when and where). Maybe that could be a partial option for sieges, that seems to be the main part of the FPS problem of the post, but I wouldn't know. If people are not functioning in sieges from FPS then is it a shared problem? Also if everyone has this issue and just makes do then there seems to be a contradiction in the 'transparent scrolls' issue that appears in forums often. If everyone has dumbed down the display so much that it matters not what any one else looks like then might as well be a penguin except for one's own reflection on that not liking it... btw I've opted for ancient Tejhi because i was lucky enough to pull one from event and the stats are OK...better than a penguin at least. Running two accounts together but keep all background/startup things off most of the time and clear cache and restart when i get the sort of lag that is like groundhog day running up stairs for example only to be at the bottom repetitively but that's probably not FPS related more server or maybe cable/in-house traffic like, or two accounts i guess. I'm sure there are more answers/advice out there to this topic.
  8. Crafting Buff?

    I noticed while leveling my alt to 100 that the number of attempts to jump one level increases the further from the materials level. It was not a linear progression and while not a problem I had to recalibrate my material needs since I was 55 from 5.x. I was crafting ancient codex's which on the level 40 materials peg was OK from 55 to 70 x but 70 to 80 was a pain then once 80 the roll to 100 was easy. I suppose it is similar at higher leveling but as me is at 255 from 5.x and ultimate is a bit of a dream I will probably stay at these levels awhile rather than test this out further. I think this observation is also reflected in the helpful crafting table guide for the 140 -180 and 240 -280 range where its about 3 or 4 times the materials of a 20 level jump progression, not double.
  9. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    shake it up and way to go... GP to gold for a few...after compo... prove your worth it
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 10, 2019

    i just noticed that Landrian is back in Sanctum providing unusable running scrolls etc for those with drinking chocolate
  11. The Pandora time slots suck for the Western Pacific NA players. Korea isn't an option - can some coverage be provided please, its not like real people can do 24x7 and take an advantage? Otherwise, overall I'm happy with the spirit of intent behind the update even though there are new wrinkles to find and smooth, or grow used to. I can confirm without any stats as described in detail above that being a Ranger just seems to be harder now to kill mobs but maybe a re-tune of my char, not that it is anything special, will help. The patch notes implied that would not be the case. Lastly, not a this patch issue, but recently Luna Light failing to drop consistently from contaminated path boxes. But for the scarcity of Kinah generating options that would not be a problem otherwise. Now every byte counts. It is a struggle to stay above 100M Kinah with the economy appearing as it is for me. Am I missing something?
  12. hi, useful info to think about so ty all but am i reading some of it right - the crit/ resistance goes from mau? or is that hiding in the korean script section of the posted image since this this thread is more about p.attack % going to p.attack amount. not that i use it mau yet since dp hungry...also i'm guessing, since i'm new at this, will ppl with loaded up p.attack on sockets be unimpressed with the % to amount changes on the skill side of that equation, or won't it really matter since everyone gets a similar deal?
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 13, 2019

  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 6, 2019

    I appreciate your a small team with a diversely opinionated group to contend with but I have observed a lot of common themes here in forums that continue to not be engaged with in terms of reply or action to resolve for the players that post them. Also I do my daily/weekly stuff in game but the overall game experience, including forums, is basically lacking something, and i wish i knew what that was to better explain. I am currently questioning why i would continue with daily login or long term engagement, and maybe just go to a weekly look and see until something happens better than what is currently on offer now. cheers
  15. Farming Kinah

    With the Luna don't just jump t the 1st kinah box offer, they are not very consistent with mats needed and chances. Some will want 2 luna lights, others 3 whether 50% or 75% chance. Another option is gold cubics at broker.