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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    maybe change your name to THERRY! and submit a ticket... I think everyone has got this point through other forum threads and its up to NC to respond, or not, through whichever channels they choose if responding. I submitted a ticket a week or two ago, re: Fixed an issue where quest target for the quests "A Knife in the Heart" (Elyos) and "The Advance" (Asmodian) would die too quickly to allied NPCs, preventing completion of the quest. maybe others did too, but now there's a patch for me to test and hopefully tick that off the list of my irks. That sort of thing is fixable, but I don't think greed, bad behavior, bots and hackers have any easy solution, and if there is a partial or full solution from NC then it's not going to be announced with a fanfare is it, until it's done?
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    Thank you x 2. I was getting tired of jumping of a cliff in Lakrum and going damn where did my flight time go, and now I can finish that quest
  3. pin

    Well it just happened to my alt on a very definite single log in click...so there goes my theory above...any way the workaround of just re-log has not been a problem for me so far. Theory 2: it's the RNG engine playing truant which would explain a lot
  4. pin

    I came to a similar conclusion as I have a tendency to fast double click my left mouse button on occasion. If that is the cause or part of it then maybe the second click gets processed as an OK on the login form which hasn't had the chance to display yet from the first click, and had it displayed it would not have allowed an OK to go through without a PIN (it would be grayed out) so the message about exceed login might just be the default error handling routine...why it started in the first place or seems to comes and go otherwise I wouldn't know.
  5. lunatic attack cubic..?

    I have picked up mostly some bronze, a couple of silver and 1 gold from the mobs for the (daily?) shards quests on the two spots north & south of the canyon entrance on the right side of Ing...but that is spread between 4 chars, 2 on each a/c and just a few runs so it's a very random result and not a fully formed advice but since its something to do anyway that's a start. I haven't checked out the whole map there may be better locations if dedicated farming is the aim. I say (daily?) because i'm not sure having not done daily & can't check with patching in progress. btw does ny1 know if keeping for example bronze u don't need has any benefit, like if they could be upgraded to silver in a forthcoming patch, like they used to once be? ...I'd rather the inventory space free if not
  6. Ereshkigal Cubics Aion 7.5 Gone

    Thanks heaps! I'm not ready for it yet but that was a solid run for your team in the vid.
  7. Celestial Weapons?

    Yes I think Loki & Hime are being very pro-active, & on point, so TY too... a nice change... now sorry if this is a little off topic but its kinda related and I didn't want to start a new thread if it's an easy answer from this recent post, so... with the Lakrum Genesis Chrystal Ultimate gear what is the difference between the for example "Scouts <insert weapon of char> Box at 640 GC" vs the "Scouts <insert weapon of char> {no box} at 800 GC"? with the {no box} stuff it is all PVP & there's a choice of martial or magic depending on gear type & all the info needed to choose is there but with the box option it is a big mystery that I don't want to waste GC on to find out & nothing in patch notes...i'm not worried about the cost diff just to understand the basic stat/use diff if any. Thanks in advance
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 10, 2020

    At some point either on this maint or today's lag patch I noticed gold purchase has reverted from 3 to 5 in the GST
  9. Still No Dragon Carpet

    Its OK I figured it out but it wasn't very initially obvious. I got stuck by not leaving the forums for a start to find the access to My Account --> Apply a Code option and then select Aion and then see nothing but apply anyway, maybe I clicked a few more things, then got an email with a code, and put that in and get told its not a goer but when you back in game there is a BCT mail delivery with the package for whichever char you want it for. I'll see if I can refine it.
  10. Still No Dragon Carpet

    Hi, Just wondering if I've missed an update on how to obtain having pre-registered.
  11. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    New issue while attempting a vandal catch up on Inggison Campaign --> A Knife in the Heart -->-->-->-->etc-->--> "Help tired Asinelli defeat Vergelan of the Fatebound Legion 0/1" in Silentera Canyon Jotun Square and so i do & it stays 0/1 and he does not respawn. Tried it solo, in group which is still a solo run, and with each account's vandal... on one slower run it almost looked like there was a hidden timer but on two of my 3 attempts he was there & i killed him but no joy. Still had Roye in tow though. Bug, or I don't know what I should do, because game & me can both be obtuse at times? What a complete waste of 2 hours so suggestions welcome if not a bug please.
  12. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    TYVM. It seems obvious now but every time I was in that room the what they were offering part was obscured by the adjacent NP's text or I was just focused on the quarter master. I initially checked some of them but not all so a lesson learned
  13. and yes when i get my bearings better organised on this patch I think kisks may come backy for me chars some more ;
  14. I'm looking forward to when I can let them be, freely knowing I have some choice...occasionally in remote areas in full stealth i see em and let em be since its not in my mission focus.. i guess this is also because of my not knowing anything about "enemy chats" until now as per your tip, Devil.
  15. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    can't find one like that in Inggison Illussion Fortress - anyone know where to purchase the Daevanion Mark Of Knowledge for the weekly quest is now?