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  1. sorry if this has already popped up as a suggestion but what about some facility to convert C level minium to B, and B to A?
  2. NC TY for the last event, really appreciated the ability to upgrade some few items to legendary/ultimate, and also a PVP item I was able to upgrade to legendary for a one day potential use if the AP requirement to ultimate is not forever so ridiculously high, would take me weeks/months on solo Helium mine. Also the FS fragments and Stellium for future use are appreciated. Hope the new event confirms your listening to community needs remains consistent...looks good in text form, anyway, cheers. and not to forget the legendary transformation
  3. I suppose there is always a first time but I have plenty of such items in various storage's that never got deleted. Separately from my previous post yes the timer is on each char so where i got confused on first night was because of my time zone and toggling between chars the available time to complete the 4 and 6 hour event drops disappeared from both chars and so did the countdown pop up window. If I'd done it differently I could have at least got a six hour drop for one char. Personally I doubt I could manage more than 1 char for the upper hours of this event and may not bother as I don't have that much consistent time available. cheers.
  4. There was a comment in the patch notes "All earned rewards will be automatically sent directly to the eligible character’s inventory."...does this imply one char per account (?) if it was more than one character maybe it would say characters' to denote plural but whatever the unclear intent at the moment for me it's a miss mash near much mash with an oh aion rhymes so much with ahem and ho hum at times factored in...and this event was looking ok at entry level first impressions until this..i'll check tomorrow and update this post if anything changes, cheers.
  5. Maybe its just me/mine with one account and two char but with prestige its whichever a/cs on at the end of the 'event' that gets the drop and that time remaining status is transferred/shared between chars until whichever char is active at the end gets the drop but with current event, and i haven't yet scrutinized the earlier drop for fasteners, but now only one char can wait for the next drop and after re-log both by total re-log and change char the whole thing seems a big mess so why would I consider partial afk x6 x2 if this is first impression..any one else got issues with this?
  6. Skin Farming in 7.0

    Thank you very much! Very helpful insights. I think the Helios skins may also drop in Herelym mine at least on the left/right path in solo mode but i can't confirm that right now with the weekly reset in progress.
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 24, 2019

    Maybe cap the amount of Luna at 20K or something as it seems few would still buy it?
  8. Some ideas about ranger

    Great ideas!!! Maybe the first thong chucked could boomerang and distract (new stun chance = blind from looking at sun, perhaps) then on boomerang thong return to sender another chance to go again (found an extra thong washed up on the beach kinda thing and btw that's fair dinkum thongs were the #1 piece of beach litter in the Northern Territory of Australia from a recent study) otherwise cool down if not already chilled from a nearby esky/chilly bin; while the second airborne thong scores a hit (with chance of critical if stunned/blinded for example). Or for a completely different ranger two handed option just go a woomera (spear thrower) but maybe that would be more heading towards a new skirmisher type class or scout option (javelin/sling)...too complicated and regional i think? Anyways thanks for the thoughts
  9. User Defined Chain Skill

    Vesta is right. I find them a useful option/feature but I originally set them up last year pre-6.x patches and need to re-visit. As a ranger I have 3 chain skill sets slotted into my quick bar that I can quickly cycle through in combat (PVE for me) but I expect the same could be tuned/applied towards PVP if inclined. I may use one set or the other or cycle one skill from each set and depending on cool downs, sequence, dependencies and random boredom factor if grinding same mob. Nothing to prevent keeping a favorite chained skill component slotted solo in a quick slot but cool down will apply to both slots. With my Sin char I have 5 sets, 2 of which are pretty much dedicated to rune carving where there are a lot of complicated dependencies I probably could do better. By dependencies for how to sequence I also refer to skills that buff higher for things like 'if stunned/poisoned' etc, or that affect cool downs on other skills or boost an effect generally for x seconds/minutes. With the Daevanion skills now in the mix some sets I click more than others.
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 12, 2019

    Hey since this is originally a notification about maintenance I'd just like to say thank you for the improvements in notifying the duration, sticking to it mostly, and keeping it under 2 hours. Regardless of potential responses about that being due to near zero current content it seems to me like the long (lunch break of?) maintenances with ridiculous outage times for minimal previous content has moved away for the now. That I can predictably re-log after maintenance same day/night instead of next makes a big difference for me and my reckoning. Cheers!
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 29, 2019

    I'm happy with the double AP. Thank you! and I might just try and up my craft a bit as well.
  12. New Furniture cabinet give same cabinet.

    Hey Chibi I notice from your picture you don't have a small one drawer...neither did I but I just picked up one from Garkinerk the Furniture Shugo in Oriel. Its called a Practical Wooden Cabinet, nothing flash but with some dye it's a handy extra row of storage and cheap at 86881 Kinah.
  13. New Furniture cabinet give same cabinet.

    There is (or was) also a "small" type cabinet. I have a 2 drawer small...maybe it doesn't (or didn't) come in 3 drawer size.
  14. Hele mine

    Thank you for clarifying. The four sets I figured out eventually but probably used more bombs than I needed to in doing. It was the second mob set and I'd used the bombs too randomly, let the mob recover too much and got overwhelmed. I'll give it another go tonight now that I know they will eventually stop spawning if I stay at the lym and attack them all at once. Cheers.
  15. Hele mine

    solo initially Sin char started on the right (easier) path to learn and then while replacing default (out of the box) ancient vindicator pvp gear with default pandora legendary pve gear the tasks definitely got easier the more of that pve gear (and familiarity)... so today tried the right path as just got the pandora jerkin... but at lym mine claw stage no idea what to do with the spawning mob... btw the AP just to this stage is nearly that for the whole of the left path, and much much easier so good good in that, but while the final rewards would still be nice the AP gain to go higher is the main goal now... also i get 7 bombs on part 1 which i used figuring the first mob and another 7 for the 2nd stage claws...all used...i think that may be a key part...but going back without any of the potential 14 of them (or a plan that works) was futile so a big TY in advance if any one would share an insight on this...