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  1. They did it this way because the whales on Danaria server stopped spending money on Aion a while ago. They'd rather lose what little money the players on Danaria server bring in than the money spent by current players on Katalam server. It's a business decision. Only reason it was done this way.
  2. $7.50 for a guaranteed transform thats 2 grades below the grade transform you need to be able play the game competitively... What a bargain! nyerk me you guys at ncwest are bad at this
  3. FFS Gm's don't ban people who spend a lot of money, not permanently. If they perm banned you and you have spent a lot that means they have solid evidence against you. There will be no revolution on the forums to get you unbanned. Even the few people who are buying your BS know in the back of their head my first point is true. Lastly, you should count yourself blessed if you are perm banned. The only people left playing, myself included, are addicts perpetually trying to convince ourselves that old good high is right around the corner in the next patch. Stop crying. Go spend
  4. Everything should be tradeable from the BCM and it always should have been that way. Things being non-tradeable when paid with real money is the most blatant example of why NCWest has never tried to make Aion NA viable. I mean, why try to make money off an IP?
  5. Bots are blamed for this, its not that they caused this. Shitty programming and ncwest not maintaining their game in any form or fashion caused this. The amount of people, bot or not, in contaminated underground at one time cannot cause the instability. The bots are using the instance the same amount every day but the crash happened near the end of the week which means something like a memory leak. Aka shitty programming. They could have banned the obvious bots or god forbid fixed their programming however they took the easy route like every other time and shit all over the few remaining playe
  6. An oft-quoted bon mot (frequently attributed to Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, or a number of other people who probably never said it) is that insanity may be defined as “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Why the nyerk don't you all who keep posting over and over and over get the damn picture yet? They don't give a shit. They will change nothing. If you don't spend money they will just shut down the game. Games die. They've been trying to kill this one for half the time its been in NA. Just because we've wasted so much time on this game doesn't mean
  7. Just close down the game. You've officially entered shit show territory now.
  8. You all need to stop basing everything on what you had to do. You sound like parents telling their kids that since they had to walk to school through a blizzard with no shoes that they should walk to school through a blizzard with no shoes since its only fair. Nothing is fair. If everything that was once good for this game was still good then the population would still be healthy. There are 14 people playing this game still because things have changed. People don't have time to grind all day or have years to dedicate to a game like we did. Not to mention no future events that require the auto
  9. No one owes you anything Pharoahra, stop thinking they do. No need to reply either, I already lost interest.
  10. @Kibbelz @Loki @Gideon How hard is it to say "If you fail combine 12x Legendary Transforms email support and you will be given a Ultimate Transformation Contract Selection Box?" You guys realize we're on patch 7.7 right? If Aion makes it to 8.0 you know everything will be reworked again and we'll be back to running scrolls or something else anyways. Stop trying to make everything into an "event" and just be nice to the 14 players remaining for once. FFS
  11. Aion is just extra work for NCwest staff. No one's job is dependent on it. It's why year after year no effort is put into the game. The only reason the game is still here, at least under ncwest, is because it costs KR nothing extra to keep it here.
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