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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 12, 2019

    Forgive me if i missed it, but whats the duration of the event? @Cyan
  2. Easy compensation for current issues

    JFC I didn't think I needed to state the obvious that they need to repay what was lost. I thought that was common sense. Apparently it wasn't. You people win. These forums are useless.
  3. Easy compensation for current issues

    These buffs werent meant to be an end all be all. Obviously they need to compensate for lost siege rewards and other items. And just as the buffs I proposed for the mean time don't interest you, your toughts on the subject don't interest me. When I want to know what interests you, well, I won't
  4. Turn on a generous server wide XP and Drop rate buffs until the GP/AP issue is fixed. We know u can turn these buffs on at your discretion as its been done before when issues arise. Then, once a GP/AP fix has been patched, turn on a large AP buff for the amount of weeks the issue was present. You may be able to calculate the amount of GP loss per the average player but you will never be able to calculate the amount of AP lost with the amount of luna resets and AP stars people are willing to use. The XP/Drop rate buff will help appease whats left of the playerbase and allow them to farm mats for upgrades and progression when the underlying issues are eventually fixed. @Cyan
  5. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    The likelihood of contracts being added to Gold Bar Shop is next nil. A simple and easily added solution imo is to make gold bars sellable at the current price to purchase them (1.3 million kinah). If you place a set limit say 25-50 per week you will alleviate two major problems in game at the moment which is kinah acquisition and gold bars being useless. A set limit per week will alleviate some of the bloat that will will eventually happen in game to the broker since some people will get more gold bars than they could ever use with this GP wipe. As for people who will undoubtedly complain that this will ruin the economy, we don't have an economy. You are either broke since u cant get kinah or you are rich from the original exchange for 6.2. Changing an in game game item to sellable and setting a price is quick and easy. @Cyan
  6. Server Maintenance

    Just take the servers back down and fix everything that should be fixed. Enough of this half ass workmanship.
  7. You could have saved yourself some google translate and more of the usual playerbase hating a bad event by turning on a drop buff for a week or two. The shine of the new patch has worn off and people are leaving again.
  8. Prestige Coins 6.2

    Apologies if this has been covered before, but since I believe Prestige is NA unique are the coins and npc's being carried over to new patch? Or should we spend our coins now if they are not going to be carried over/exchanged? @Cyan
  9. Final Power Up? (second try)

    Thank you @Cyan
  10. Final Power Up? (second try)

    Just cuz you guys choose to reply doesn't mean the question was asked to you. In fact, if u look above, you'd see an @Cyan that has been there this entire time. So the question was asked to the one person who can answer it. Now he can choose to reply/ignore/lock/delete. That is his prerogative. So what i'm saying is, when u have nothing to offer, don't offer it. Because it's still nothing.
  11. Final Power Up? (second try)

    A "fair assumption" is not an accurate answer. Its simply an assumption. A guess. So yes, I dismissed it like every other guess because when a question is asked a person doesn't want people who the question was not asked to weighing in with replies that have no basis in anything other than "fair assumptions." The reason i started another thread is because as I stated the other one got hijacked, like this one is, by people either guessing or trying to steer conversation into what they think I and everyone else should do. The question was, and is still, is this the last power up event before 6.2. This is a public forum, so I have no way to stop anyone from replying. However you help no one, ever, by guessing an answer. Ungrateful? No. You offer nothing to be ungrateful for.
  12. Final Power Up? (second try)

    Thats fine. People need to stop thinking their guesses are answers to legit questions.
  13. Since the other thread got hijacked by a bunch of people who did nothing to answer the question. Is the this final power up event before the myth that might or not be Aion 6.0? @Cyan
  14. Final Power Up?

    OMG... this thread asked a single question. IS THIS IS THE LAST POWER UP EVENT BEFORE 6.0? It has nothing to do with anything else. Stop hijacking threads and turning them into something else.
  15. Final Power Up?

    I only mentioned the spreadsheet in so far as to show that 6.0 is closer than farther away. And what you think a person should do is irrelevant.