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  1. Same deal in PF - only one group member got a box from the boss, while the event description says: "bosses will guarantee a drop for each member of the party". @Cyan halp
  2. Well, yes, "craft" isn't synonymous with "pvp". However, if you would like to pvp while obtaining kibrium, go bother the mobs that drop them on the enemy faction's side of the map. It makes things more interesting.
  3. @Neleth-KT, with the current pace of things, what makes you think that increasing the amount of work they need to do by about 20 times is going to lead to good things?
  4. So BCM has the Infernal Diabol Egg (30 days) going on. The purpose of that pet is to poop out AP amulets when fed. That's all fun and neat, but what does one feed it? Unless I have missed another source, the Plain/Crispy/Savory/Sweet/Sour/Spicy Healthy Pet Food (item ID 182006413 - 182006418) that these sorts of pets require is no longer available from any NPC in the game. @Cyan, is it possible to make the pet food available somehow or are they doomed to starve for 30 days until the sweet release of death?
  5. I can't recall anything that specifically says yes or no off the top of my head, but Pandaemonium has (or had... thanks 6.x) the Vanahal district, where many of the residing families were known for producing a lot of daevas as offspring. Aioncodex.com has text from quests available, you should be able to find more specific lore bits about it in there.
  6. If I remember correctly, it's on the ground next to Celestius, a little to the side.
  7. Though I didn't try it this week, in the past I noticed that my entries wouldn't reset correctly if I was in the process of porting in or out of the instance the exact moment when reset happens.
  8. Butbutbutbut... HOARDING! But seriously thanks for that preview of upcoming stuff.
  9. Just look through @Neleth-KT's post history, there's plenty of this sort of content there.
  10. Sometimes I feel as if the servers are being operated by vagely sentient beans. .-.
  11. Or just sprinkle some temperings and/or omegas in there, we'll sort the rest out ourselves.
  12. My 2 cents - I do believe that, given the current situation with the game, there is nothing Cyan could say short of 'YEP we fixed it and we did it now' that would satisfy most of the community. In fact, there would likely still be some people dissatisfied with the outcome. Also with how back and forth the process of fixing issues can be ("did this work?" "it sure did, but it created 80 new problems and now the server is on fire, so maybe let's try something else instead"), I can see why some of the communication we get might be as precise and concrete as a cloud. That said, Aion has
  13. So let's see. 150 gems from the daily quests per day, event runs for 2 weeks, so that is 2100 gems (2520 for prestige users). Legendary stone bundle (?) price is 1350. So in other words.. get that once per day spawn or bugger off. Interesting system.
  14. The client has changed as it tends to do whenever something gets, you know, changed about it during maintenance. In the Aion\Data\Dump folder there's a file config.ini. First, check you haven't set that to 'read only'. If you have, uncheck that. Run the client once (don't dualbox for this step), close it, wait for it to close normally. Might take a moment or two, idk. Then open the config.ini in your favorite text editor, check if ValidTableDump and NormalStop are both set to 1. If they are, you can close that file and mark it as 'Read only'. On maintenance, be sure to uncheck 'read only'
  15. The Bene/Sacri changes aren't that dramatic because practically it'll translate to fussing with the toggles a bit more than now which is... an inconvenience, I think. By the way, I see Noble Energy also got tweaked. Instead of the current 1096 damage, it will be doing 3836. Punishment energy is also going up from 784 to 2944. Judge's Edict's numbers went up - instead of -1500 MR and -380 magic defence it's -3000 and -1000. The duration of Root appears to be down to 5s instead of 8-10s. It looks like almost all of Cleric's single target heals got spruced up a bit which is ni
  16. Yeah I feel like her character fell flat. She started out as this awesome menacing pair of eyes and an angry voice, very fierce and intense and then she just became a person who slowly floats around in her nighties going °o° a whole lot. I did like the bit about the giant glove finding an appropriate wearer though, what with Mr. Burrito's missing hand all that time. That was neat.
  17. I don't agree with this, because I find that magic constructs (frogs or not) as weapons in the Aion universe make more sense than paint.
  18. The ones from Luna are brokerable. Unsure if there are other types that aren't.
  19. Yay the kinah box change is great news! Also the transformation contract drops. And glad to see the quest errors being fixed, there were many silly ones. @Cyan - is it at all worth reporting errors in quest dialogue somewhere on the forums? You know, in case there are some that won't be fixed by this.
  20. I use battleping and indeed, that little dialogue doesn't show up when bp isn't running. Which of course leads to ping issues instead so... ya.
  21. Unsure if this has been mentioned, but for Asmodian characters the 'black' eye also doesn't show the red glow when in combat.
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