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  1. Right. I put 29,999,999 kinah on each character I have. I have 12m left on each char now.
  2. So if a character has less than 30m kinah in it's inventory that character will receive 0 gold ingots correct?
  3. He's gotta have something to do while he's trying to figure out how to ninja a name change ticket.
  4. I tabbed out of game for a few and when I tabbed back I saw this for how many hours I have to wait for another Nutrient Bundle. When I moved Ash the count went back to normal but it was still funny.
  5. I agree with this as well. We won't be able to access the NPC in Sanctum that has some of the furniture items when 6.0 comes.
  6. I didnt care much about the space, I just wanted those cabinets for decoration.
  7. I miss this so much. I loved being able to see all my characters on an account at once.
  8. I went and checked the 3 drawer cabinets that I have. I've got a couple 1 drawer, a couple 2 drawer, and 1 3 drawer. Doesn't matter which one I click on it opens to a 3 drawer and all have the same items so this makes me think this was intentional so we can't have an overabundance of space perhaps. Someone correct me if I'm wrong about this.
  9. Thank you @Cyan for getting them to put some new housing items on the BCM!!
  10. Why was maintenance delayed by 2 hours?
  11. This definitely was one of the best events in a long time. Hope to see more like it in the near future!
  12. These are some items I'd love to see in the BCM for housing. Housing has really been ignored lately. It'd be nice to get some new items for decorating. There are so many souvenirs that I have never seen in game as well. Simple Refrigerator [item: 170100046] Dish Washer [item: 170100047] Modern Washbasin [item: 170100045] Collection Stand [item: 170100048] Santorini Kitchen Sink [item: 170100051] Santorini Kitchen Drawer [item: 170100050] Santorini Pie [item: 170175065] Santorini Tea Set [item: 170175066] Shugo Player [item: 170190085]
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