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  1. I'll stick it out until Endwalker is released in November. After that, I'll see how things are going.
  2. Never seen something like this happen before Happened on Siel Elyos. Is it happening to Asmos and IS players too?
  3. From what I understand original Aion has been dead for quite awhile. There are a lot of people playing classic now.
  4. I generally love LFG. It's quite entertaining for the most part but it can be a lot for those not used to it.
  5. I'd rather see people buying the candies and selling them for kinah than for the kinah sellers to make any money whatsoever. Wouldn't even surprise me if some of the people opposing the candy were the kinah sellers themselves.
  6. I am having a freaking blast and hope the majority of you all are enjoying it as well!
  7. Wait one hour and try again
  8. It's been delayed for an hour.
  9. I used to stand in the main city of Heiron and jump around. When we got housing, I would stand in my house and jump.
  10. I can't thank you enough for making this site. I have used your website thousands of times throughout the years! One of the first things I did after they announced classic was to search your site to see if it was still up.
  11. I am all for paying to play if it helps keep the game going without them having to add in p2w crap.
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