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  1. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    most of these have already been touched on but since ive been playing since launch ill give my feed back - First point that needs to be addressed is GM's not understanding game mechanics, can't stress this enough of having gms and support staff that don't understand simple mechanics of the game and have them tell you "working as intended" I would highly promote to your teams to at least try the game and feel the players pain. Especially with RNG. -Grade A minium a lot of people already mentioned this with no solutions, currently it takes 3600 Minium to level 1 minion to max. With current Minion vault that is around 51 runs because run gives 70. I would suggest either increase current cds from 3 to 5 or keep current 3. and give 150 per run 50 per box at final boss. -Few people were complaining about constantly need to get new demaha and katalam accessories because of rune and gem stone slots, especially with kinah acquisition low this is a burden. Suggestion for this For katalam the daily quest seem to only give 3 legendary Blood marks per quest, this should really be increase to 5-10. right now the weekly is fine at 10 and the urgent / recapture i feel is perfect. as for demaha the daily quest need to be boosted across the board imo, they all should be increased by +10. 16/18/20/24 daily Quest for Altar Small - 6 Medium - 8 Large - 10 Colossal - 12 ***World boss situation in Demaha*** - I see that ncsoft has removed the raid summon ticket from the Altar fortress apsu reward table. really need to bring this back because unless your from a big legion, people aren't going to have access to world bosses which means no access to certain weapons and gemstones. Clerics / Chanters with heal boost state Aion 7.5 currently the game is punishing mostly those 2 classes because the gear in game does not allow us to retune until best end game gear yet. Please get on that micro patch soon to have AOA instance gear retune available otherwise they have limited options as is. All medium range gear has set states with no heal boost Transformation ultimate / legendary there really needs to be an increase in the amount of legendary memory shards we can get per week. 2 months is way too long to farm 1 legendary transform. and get rid of those annoying legendary transform potion box and replace them with chances for ultimate ones or at least put ultimate transform potions on bcm for the same price as we had the "Mysterious Recovery Serum". and not going to mention how badly the gap is between players with ultimate transforms and those who don't have is. but please include an event where people could have a chance to farm them without 100% p2w Stigma enchantment stones if you aren't going to touch the rate of enchantment at least make it easier to farm the stones in game, and increase the amount you can buy using gold ingots. I had a lot more but im pretty sure everyone will touch upon the same points
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    @Kibbelz so far a north american game I need to stay up at 12 am just to do siege...on est time zone
  3. So little perspective from One side. The legion One is the product of multiple legions coming together for a goal (Blue Bird\Valiant\Pass the salt\Top Tier\dystopia\Pacific market\Saint\ and many more) we got Canadians\Brazilian s\Portuguese\spanish\chinese\koreans\EU\ with their fair share of language barriers. From the time I log in my life is filled with people complaining or someone's Ego pissing someone off, but when it comes to us getting together to get something done we're nyerk good at that. if DN-e can't do that it's not really our issue. On top if that how does DN-E benefit if every world boss they had to compete with 150 to 192 people on around 7 Gems. You might get 1 to 3 because obviously we will favour inviting our server over yours. Not saying this to discourage you but instead of complaining might need to compromise with your fellow DN-E on what you want to do.
  4. Aion: Mark of the Vandal Known Issues - August 21

    IS it just me or is the enchantment rate screwed up again? anyone have any issues enchanting?
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 19, 2019

    @Cyan Thank you for the long awaited luna and sand changes! is there any talk about having gold ingots account tradable so we can use them on alts on the same account?
  6. Buff was already there from the start of 6.0 just readjusted at some point if I recall and since both sides are pretty much equal now, do you think siege would be alot more fun with just completely removing it? yeah pretty much a big joke now lol, Does anyone know if korea has this system? or is it only other regions that have it like this because I see on korea ranking ladder people have way more gp than someone would in a season
  7. yeah you can't really lead sieges when all xforms are popped at the start of siege for people to farm GP. this Current gp ranking reward system is stuck on all sides. they should of just did what I thought they were going to do where they only counted the gp in that season without the reset This is absolutely true even for upper forts the artifacts even turn the tides when asmos had level 5 buff made it possible to still have a fun close siege without being beaten like a already dead dog lol
  8. Im fine with the numbers being at odds but with the buff as well kinda meh. But even back when we had uppers it was always so boring with waiting for 1 side buff going down and waiting for the other side goes up. its like ok asmos buff lets just have everyone afk
  9. You might have a point maybe question might depend on server. but it's so boring waiting for the buff to either go down or your faction the buff to win a fort or even stand a chance
  10. Anyone feel like the Siege buff still even needed anymore? in my opinion I feel like any strategy you could apply to siege only gets thrown out the door by people not listening and Siege buff being too overpower. I feel like its easier to win without the buff depending on the situation. or maybe Ncsoft could do a test to remove the buff completely for a month to see what happens.
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    @Cyan you're a good man
  12. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    So after going over these forum posts here and reading probably same things again and again, what I am probably going to say is most likely beating a dead horse here. Point 1: agreed GP reset has been long time needed the gp gap was way too huge for new players or anyone who wanted to work for rank. And we got decent amount of gold ingot too but this... all these ingots and you choose to not update the store Point 2: reading a few posts we can all see the whole debate about buying rank. given how hard it is to make kinah without huge amount of time and effort buying Ncoin codes for luna can be really hard for a lot of players and the fact that these instance can only be luna reset is absolutely stupid... not to mention the increase in luna after multiple runs. Point 3: not sure if anyone mentioned this yet but not only are people basically buying rank every month there also buying basically ultimate pvp enchantment stones and kinah. whats the difference between buying resets back to back going for rank 1-10 and just plain putting Ultimate pvp enchantment stones on BCM... it really isn't hard to win IB or IDL. I am far more concerned that people can just buy there way up in the glory point competition than rank because for years people have always been buying rank. Point 4: I think they should just reset GP yearly instead of monthly or maybe after each major update because having P2W ranks at a rate where luna isn't easily accessibly isn't good either for the server sieges etc. just stick with what was in the original patch notes "Only glory points obtained during the season will count." And REMOVE GP from those 2 instances or make them daily quests or something.
  13. Knightzm was mean to me

    This makes me hard o/
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 28, 2018

    @Cyan Is there any talk about adjusting the broker fees because it cost more to post untradable items than you make
  15. Nerf Fortress Diety HP until 6.0

    Understandable Bryos, but on basis now our league is probably averaging maybe 120-140 for each siege except for divine. that number is including with alts/afkers actually people dpsing dragons will vary a lot. But situations are different from KT to DN and with the timing of the siege because sever isn't going with Daylight savings anymore as it did 2 years ago or so. No one really wants to spend an entire hour there.