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  1. @Kibbelz Any comments or investigation on this? we have enough issues as is with hackers. lets not let this get out of hand
  2. @Kibbelz any update on this from the Team. Does the team understand what these transforms do, or what having these collections can do. at a certain point why should players even spend anything on this game when we're not listened to, and most people are happy those paragon weapons got removed and people got banned. but Big deal anyone ever think that maybe NC did something about this because they weren't making money on people getting + paragon equipment like the previous event. think about all the $$$ they would make if people tried for +15, IF THE AION TEAM cared about the c
  3. imagine others abusing a system and everyone else has to suffer
  4. On top of that not sure if anyone noticed none of the minion bcm items are not brokerable, this does not promote any healthy economy in the server as well as limits players who can p2w and who can't for a free to play game. As much as the Minion event is super nice this is one of the down side. We had Minium in BCM in 5.0 and those were brokerable also want to add that I am pretty sure Ncsoft would of made a bit more money making this stuff brokerable for those trying to sell to make kinah
  5. 1 stormwing egg / 246 replies / 7.3k views / and 1 +15 paragon weapon later...
  6. @Kibbelz any further discussion with this since last week? I see you have extended some events a week further which is pretty good
  7. @Kibbelz any further discussion or updates on this?
  8. @Kibbelz @Loki @Hime if it has come this long without being able to re-enable transfers then why are we even still playing. server is just going to decline more and more from here. if you absolutely cannot transfer eggs anymore then try one these methods to make it up to everyone. because there is a huge discrepancy between people who got to use it and people who didn't. I see no point in delaying this further and just screwing over whatever low population we already have. it really should not take this long to come up with a solution, it's not like we're trying to get the cure for covid
  9. WHO HURT YOU... most of us aren't looking to punish players, especially when GMs verified we could do this. we're just looking for fair treatment on both sides. if 60% of the population got to do it and got rewards from it, what about the other 40%? BUT people who should be punished are those who somehow even though used all 3 tokens, were able to some how get more tokens? and extra transfers outside of the 3 tokens. I've been hearing more and more of this and don't want to call people out, but it's complete bs of a system if people can do this.
  10. kibbelz, I realize you can only convey our concerns to the team but please make it clear that this kind of action will only discourage current players, returning players, new players from the game. continuing to change policies mid event etc will only drive the population down even further. ultimately taking feedback from your player base only works if you action for more than 5% of concerns and suggestions. i am more than sure more players would gladly invest their time and money in a company that actually listens and takes actions when it's required
  11. I think we should also be granted boxes for the amount of days the restricted has been on for, a lot of people were hoping to transfer to alts to use to enchant daeva skills and upgrade their minions
  12. @Hime @Loki Any communication on this?
  13. @Kibbelzeven if a decision is not yet found at least give us something to work with like "we're looking into it" "we will come to a conclusion soon" staying in silence will only make people more restless and start spamming support with tickets. and as TYD said for past 12 years ncsoft has never listened to the community, there were always "attempts" which were a good push in the right direction. But at this rate we will only see the dying population of the game further decline with crap like this.
  14. No ncoin for the next 4 weeks sounds good to me, but as a community need to agree and not give in. Im also sure whoever profited from the token already or had none doesn't give a crap about this. But you need ask yourself if you let ncsoft get away with the stuff they did during melon event and stormwing, what else are they going to do
  15. if you think that's disgusting there were even people given extra 1+ tokens and used it to move egg
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