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  1. Im on vacation right now so Im away from home. Im trying to use the BCM and my cards arent processing. Its not even reaching my bank for me to authorize the transaction. I keep getting the 99150 error which says the transaction was blocked for my protection, contact support. What the nyerk? Did you guys decide to stop taking my money because you finally feel guilty about all the heartache you put me through? Im posting this in both forums hoping maybe someone knows how to stop having this issue every time Im away from home
  2. The alliance was full Elys had 31 in QE. It didnt pop. Dropped to QE and it popped
  3. Are people aware that this is still a thing? Making an alliance for evergale did not allow the instance to open. Just wanted to try having some fun tonight but got stuck dropping and joining all the quick entries =(
  4. I used the words lowbies/alts as an example. I should have just said character. But you could have figured that out. Dont potato/patato me please. The basic idea still stands.
  5. Actually, I would like to thank them for not just jumping to a fast solution and hope they are looking for the RIGHT solution. Im still bitter over the steel rake bans and appreciate they will be able to tell the difference between the abusers and people who actually pvp. Im hoping the team is also getting a chance to learn from the community and see that we really do mean well but get frustrated over being neglected. Just a couple of thoughts. If someone is just killing lowbies/alts there has to be a log somewhere of how many times in how many minutes over how long the one character
  6. 1. This thread isnt about your opinion. This is a place for players to use their voice to try to get their issues resolved. If you dont believe them fine. But this isnt the place to belittle them with your ill formed opinion. 2. The proof youre asking players to provide hasnt been provided to them. 3. During the paragon bans a few months ago there were several players who were wrongfully banned. It was admitted to the community and corrected. But they also seemed to have a better team handling those who understood how the game worked. They were able to verify purchases on the
  7. Thank you so much! This really is a big issue in the community! Personally Ive been afraid to log into classic to play. I almost want to start all over again so my retail account wont be in danger over a situation like this.
  8. This blows my mind. Players are often sent to the forums via GM in their tickets. Ive personally had it happen 5 times. Most companies would like a chance to resolve a problem before losing customers. Ive now had to write that in 2 places. Kibblez was participating on my thread and someone else locked it. If you dont care, or dont believe these players.. kindly butt out. Youre just as capable of ignoring these posts. Which is exactly what I will be doing with some of you going forward. Good day.
  9. It would be pretty simple to compare quest turn ins to actual instances run. Exiting and re entering does not count additional cooldowns. This whole thing is such a bad joke by NC that some of us are making jokes in retail about having to leave an instance to buy shards and getting banned. In retail adding shards to the gold sand traders was highly requested by the players. So sometimes they do listen to the forums. For those players that were wrongfully hit its worth it for them to keep this alive until the strike is off their account. To be honest I dont even want to log i
  10. As someone who also works in customer service.. money means more to them than customers do, but there is no money withoit customer retention. They would rather make your food again than never again. Most companies would like a chance to bend their policies to have you spend more. By not bringing these issues to ther attention there isnt a chance to fix it for other customers. The real reason they keep locking threads is they dont want everyone else to see how bad they messed up. Thats the only reason for that part of the TOS. But they didnt give the players ac
  11. Youre acting like this is 5 or 10 people spamming their inbox every 30 mins. This is more like 100-200 players sending an initial ticket and a once a daily follow up. Im seriously feeling like you dont understand the extent of ths. Youre saying ALL of these people are lying, yet you helped lock a thread for people to give the community a more clear picture. Everyone knows someone who was banned. youre calling all of them liars? Im done with you. Be helpful or go away.
  12. the players havent been provided with actual evidence. Most of the tickets say generic responses. They have shared those. Why is that not good enough for you?? With the number of poorly handled situations NC has had LEADING UP TO THIS.. perhaps you should explain to the class why all of these players professing their honesty.. are not being honest.. in your opinion. what evidence do YOU have to support NC in this? and with a decision based on what.. your good faith? You do understand that an account ban means ban in classic= ban in retail right? its all account. I w
  13. providing the players a place to compile their information in ONE place. There is more, but do you care? Like ACTUALLY care? Or are you just looking to cherry pick incidents to solidify your opinion?
  14. At least when everything was in one place it was easier. Their loss I guess. Now they can try blame the info being spread amongst threads. Assuming they are still pretending to look into it. @kibblez unlock my thread! And put that unhelpful daeva in a time out!
  15. Nice to see I made your list. Your purple friend killed me but you take credit. Schmuk! 🤣
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