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  1. Overall it is nice to see some actual progress happening from the player feedback. Thank you for actually caring!
  2. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    There is literally NO ONE getting 10s of billions of kinah through luna. The recipes are random each day for starters. The bundle gives 5m to 100m.. but youre going to get 5-10m. Also consider the amount of time and resources it would take to do that. 1 PC= 2 clients. 2 clients of 12 toons is 4 hours (20 mins each approximately). Its hard enough on your PC hardware to run 1 client through siege, and 2 for anything else. The idea that people would effectively run more clients and cost themselves RL money is pretty far fetched. Also the luna light isnt the crafting material that runs out the most. So anyone telling you thats how they got kinah is nyerking your leg. They either: 1. sold loot rights (which were advertised on both sides of KT for 350m/chance and now 150m-200m for PF bosses) and used the bid to move kinah or 2. Bought the kinah and again used the bid to avoid broker fees. So while you kinda have the right idea that kinah is hard to obtain, your reasoning why is skewed a little bit. But on the other hand MOST things in the game cant be bought anymore so why do you need 10s of bajillion kinahs anyways? Even event items that can be brokered are usually down to reasonable prices by the end of those events anyways.
  3. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    @Kibbelz overall a very fast reaction and a great start! Thank you!
  4. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    Im not sure how many other players this effects but Im also not a fan of having all the maps be on timers, and share time. If Im working 6 days in a row its a pain to try to do my stuff on my day off. Plus the map rotation makes it even more challenging to do if the map I need isnt even open that day. It feels like a bunch of filler content to say you have things to do, but do you really want to have to do it? Im too busy chasing around BS quests.. Then my quest reward is ONE gemstone shard. Or ONE runestone shard. Then when you finally get 100 its not even for your class. Maybe this belongs on the patch feedback thread but its something that really needs to be addressed.
  5. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    I see most of my concerns listed in the many responses here. Perhaps it may be easier for all of us if you take this initial feedback and create a post where you summarize all of our responses and we can each add a tally to the relevant issues instead of having to scroll through 30 of us telling you cubics, rng, etc. It would put it all in one easy place for all of us to see.. including you @Kibbelz. Then if additional topics are noted you could edit the post to include them. Then you guys should actually try playing this game as a F2P player without turning on GM mode and see what its like for your new customers. This thread asking for feedback is a great first step.. but its just words if you dont understand the concepts we are describing and experience the loss of time and money that has left a lot of the player base bitter. There is still a lot of good left in this game and Im cautiously optimistic that you may be able to be a real voice for our community. Dont let me down! I actually got Siel's Apostle during the joker event by combining 2 old transforms. I assumed that was supposed to be Kaisinel but I fell from the grace of the RNG gods long ago so that was all they were willing to give me lol.
  6. Soooo.. instead of addressing the terrible enchant rates from 9 to 12, just throw more stigma stones at it right?
  7. Winds of Change BOS should be Class only

    Or at least make these items account tradeable. I have no need to give you guys money to socket things if I dont get those things that need manastones.. Hmmmmm..
  8. Events

    I know they are shut down right now, but that doesnt invalidate my point that the shugo game is just bad =( Gimme an event that I can run and hang out with people without catching the covid cooties!
  9. Events

    Soooooo.. many of us are going to be spending a LOT more time indoors for a bit. This might be a great time to review the opportunity to provide us with events! I know a lot of us are looking for something FUN to do! Like spamming SFT for 5 hours a day! Or chasing aether blooms! More time in Red Katalam! This shugo board game is bleh at best. If I wanted to be rolling dice my money would be better spent at a casino. Entertain us!! *For the Eternal QUEEEEEEEEEEN!!*
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 4, 2020

    Hey! Its spring.. can we have aether blooms again? Last years event was pretty good! Dont me while I spend 3 weeks of my life chasing floating flowers and pvp til I pass out! 💜
  11. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    Give clerics back Saving Grace. Only procs on a block or resist? Does anyone read these skill changes??
  12. Where are my skins @Cyan!!

    I love that you can send a ticket with a suggestion, and you get sent back to the forums. I even once tried to send a PM to one of our overlords and it hasn't even been read in 8 months. It just makes me sad to see how little they care about it. If you care enough to continue releasing patches then care enough to maintain it! Give us back our skins! It was a stupid move to bind each character to only their class armor type, but if you buy one from BCM its 'clothes'. Just give us back our stuff. A body is a body. Shoes are shoes. There are tons of ways they could make this work =(
  13. you've butchered your own game...

    But its their lowest by their own doing. I hit my hand with a hammer and it hurts. Even though all of these people told me not to, I still did it because its my life (game) and I will do what I want with it!
  14. you've butchered your own game...

    Its also the social aspect. I cant tell you how many hours I happily lost sleep because I was having fun with friends regardless of content. It has taken me a very long time to recognize how badly the game itself frustrates people. Ive even stopped asking people how I can help them because I know I cant fix what they are upset about. Yeah! Let me fix that enchant rate for you! And now I stay in touch out of game with many people and it just leaves the game feeling emptier for me.
  15. Updated Issues Jan 2020

    Back to the original topic for just a moment.. IB is *supposed* to be even grounds. You can still go splat pretty quickly to someone using no-ani hack. And yes, it is out there. I have heard several people talking about using it. I have also died to it and sent tickets, not that they do anything to those people... although the evergale bans give me some hope. +1 to Capa for his wall-o-memories because yes the game has come a very long way. Been kinda unhappy with it myself lately but I still hope that someday they will listen to us and resolve some of the issues before dumping more content that has a potential to be broken. Whos starting the 7.2 know issues thread?