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  1. Spring Events

    Dear Aion Community Planners, Its almost that time of year again. Most people (except me) are sick of the snow and wishing for warmer weather. Its almost time to start planting summer flowers and vegetables. Im hoping that means you are also plotting upcoming spring events! So again this year Im asking you to consider bringing back the Aether Blooms! Besides having the cutest icon in the game, it truly was the best pvp event before Daeva Dash existed. And even though you guys took away the map it used to happen on, Im sure you can find a way to bring it to another! Summer will be upon us before long, and lets be honest... some of these events have been really lame. Im hoping this year you will put more consideration into my humble request. Love Always, Amarah
  2. Shugolings are taking to the trees!

    Found 6 hanging out together in the top of the cliffs in Dormant Levinshor. Not able to break away from the Windstream to get to them and watched several other people try as well. Shugos are hanging out laughing at the daevas! Nyerk!!
  3. Gear by class

    Hello! I am highly disappointed with the new restrictions on wearing gear only by class. At the very least skins or gear under a certain level should have been grandfathered in. Hours and hours spent farming for untradeable items that now I cant even equip while hanging out in town. I know other people still had mixed sets that they actually use to play as well. Yes potions cover skins, but most of us arent going to be burning potions in town. Please consider updating this! ~Amarah
  4. uhh hello? nerfed event

    The point of having an event is supposed to boost RNG. I have toons that are more and less lucky than each other, but as a whole I have had less event boxes drop. Its a little frustrating to have a post saying they are intending to boost drops for people to get ready and be let down.
  5. Item skins

    Prowess can be added to Luna wardrobe. Mine is. No way Im rounding up all that stuff to only use it once! But no you cant cross armor types unless it is a BCM skin. I doubt they will add Prowess any time soon because its still relatively new.
  6. Giving Grove 2018 Instance & Reward List

    Assured Greater Felicitous Socketing Box (Mythic) Event is only giving out 'Greater Felicitous' not 'Assured' If you guys are going to update rewards, actually enable the correct rewards! Such a waste to try getting items and getting worthless, irrelevant crap!
  7. With the event being almost over I just noticed that 'Broken Crystal Ball' isn't on the event rewards list. Id like to trade mine in for some omegas please! Im pretty sure someone hit a wrong number in a code somewhere! HAHHAHA JK But seriously.. I hope the next event doesn't suck this bad!
  8. Repeated DC on SFT

    I have not had a send log problem until yesterday. Now I have had 2 send log crashes in 12 hours. Its annoying, and I really wish there was a better fix so that this stopped happening. The idea of fixing something is to ensure that LESS people are having problems not MORE.
  9. I usually do quick entry. Glutton for punishment, yes I know. Not everyone wants to lead and alliance, and the brave souls who do tend to invite people they know and trust. Seriously no shame in that, it just perpetuates the culture where some people I have met dont even know the objectives because the only thing worth typing is flaming each other. Even if you get lucky enough to tag into one of the additional alliances not all leaders talk across league. Of course there is always that one guy who assumes they know best and people should just follow them but lets be real.. there needs to be some communication. These are cross server and I dont know them any more than they know me. There are things players CAN DO right now to make it better for everyone. Even without lead I appreciate someone sharing the plan so I dont have to hope I picked the right person to follow. While I love me a good temp, Ive been lead to some embarrassing deaths lol! There have been several times where my pop leads me into and EC where the score is already 4K+ to nothing. Honesty I think there should be a cutoff of allowing more players to enter. For both the winning team and the losing team. Like dredge. I have seen several players ask to be kicked only to rejoin the same alliance moments later. It seems like the instance is constantly in fill mode regardless of how much time is left. Sure you got 25 GP for no effort but where's the fun in that?
  10. Costume Rotation

    Genesis weapons. Link for the staff [item: 101500934] Wing Feather of Allure [item: 187000151]
  11. Aether Blooms

    @Cyan @Gideon Hey guys! Its spring! Are we going to get Aether Blooms this year? It was skipped last year. Ive been working in my garden, and ready to see some pretty blooms... are you guys planning to do the same? Just wondering! -Ama
  12. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - March 23, 2018

    Let them eat cake! lol!
  13. 40 days! Attention: Katalam & Danaria

    I support your idea @Lucimon-DN! I was actually going to restart my sub this weekend because Im almost out of reset scrolls.. but now I wont. Im also giving up a skin I wanted on the BCM. For me its not just this mess with the event. Its sending a message to @Cyan and having it sit UNREAD for 3 weeks. And after 1 week I sent a ticket, where I was politely redirected back to the forums as the 'place for player feedback' lol. No, players dont matter to them. Im still naively hopeful that MAYBE, just MAYBE once the players have their attention that they can finally do something to restore our faith in them. And if they do it right, could more than correct what they lose in this 40 days. We are already down to 2 servers, and soooooo many people have multiple accounts its hard to get a real idea how many 'players' there truly are left. For now, I will keep my money and see what they chose to do.
  14. Conqueror's Marks - Another way to get them

    Im still trying. I finished the tunic and now Im at 670/4560 for the random box. Im hoping that if I dont get the wings I want, maybe I can send a ticket and beg lol. Im not too proud! Of course it would be easier if the whole process could just be adjusted.. drop rates, prices, etc Yes please let me know! I would greatly appreciate that! Thank you so much for offering! I started farming for these literally years ago and gave up. Then I started farming legion coins because that skin is also awesome and figured I could live with that.. but they are gone now and I missed out. I dont want to miss out again! So seriously thank you for your help! Also I found a clone master last night and got 60 from that box. Ive found him in 3 places on the map. The first 2 dropped nothing and the 3rd had the box. I haven't seen any of the other dynamic mobs in a while
  15. Conqueror's Marks - Another way to get them

    It was in one of the threads somewhere; however it is possible it was incorrect. A lot of things were said early on before they were confirmed. I spent a few mins looking for where I saw it, and the only thing I found that mentions 6.0 map names was: Maps are being removed. From 6.0 onward the leveling will be: Poeta > Heiron > Inggison > Cygnea > Lakrum Ishalgen > Beluslan > Gelkmaros > Enshar > Lakrum. Additionally, maps will (or should) get a graphical overhaul. But if the NPCs are removed.. then whats the point in farming items you cant turn in? Unless you know somewhere else to get Bright Wing Feather of Allure? Its also the same skin as the legion wings but clear like ancient spirit and blue/teal in color. But the vendor doesn't sell the legion wings anymore either. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwixkYWz7PLZAhVSz2MKHb6XBZAQjRx6BAgAEAU&url=https%3A%2F%2Faionpowerbook.com%2Fpowerbook%2Findex.php%3Ftitle%3DItem%3A187000151%26setlang%3Den&psig=AOvVaw1WW51kK43n0yBa2bKsLxUA&ust=1521358545175851