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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 21, 2020

    @Kibbelz Harelym Mine (or HM) has been a solo instance for some time now. It is really hard to keep convincing people to play.. when the people who make these events dont play or understand the game. I still think you guys should come and play for a month or so.
  2. Dream World

    There were also some stigma enchantment stones, and they seemed to have a higher success rate than the ones purchased with nightmare coins. And those 'outdated accessories' were huge upgrades for my alts that got them; making them more viable for things like abyssal splinter or the weekly prestige quests for coins. I did get one on my main toon that I used for socket stones. Who would have thought those would be in short supply? I used to give that crap away lol. There were some useful items from the event, but if you didnt like those you could have done the shugo ranger instance and bought ancients to combine or finish collections. With that being said, I do not like how they changed nightmare coins. A bundle was account tradeable and gave at least 10. Now with only 5/day per toon it will take over 2 weeks for an alt to buy a stigma enchant stone.
  3. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    Hey guys, lets take a moment and a breath. You all realize these CMs are stuck in the middle between us and the company right? There have been some pretty decent changes since we got Kibblez.. can you guys please not drive him away from the community by being crappy towards him? I dont believe for a second that ANY CM has withheld any information from us. It does and will take time to get things worked out, and there will always be someone unhappy with the end decisions.
  4. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    I was just about to post this. Spent the whole morning in red kata and got ZERO updates.
  5. Feedback: Event Thread

    It's unnecessary and irrelevant, and completely inappropriate to ask 2 posts after mocking someone. It's not the only problem I have with this personality but I am not ok letting this go unmentioned.
  6. Feedback: Event Thread

    I just find it a little bit rude that certain members of the community are constantly derailing the topic after topic with negativity. Perhaps your own thread ( or a legion ) where you can voice your excessive needs. Personally I find discord to be a better place to talk with friends about events and content. At no time should you feel the need to bring someone's ethnicity into a conversation- especially after calling members of the community names.
  7. Feedback: Event Thread

    please take 'you being you' elsewhere @Valedia-DN. There is far more to this game than just an ultimate xform. If you're that unhappy even getting it won't satisfy you. You will find something else to nyerk about. Stop trying to ruin our chances at some fun.
  8. Feedback: Event Thread

    I will be honest I always get excited to see what the new events will be! But since youre taking suggestions I would be delighted to offer some ideas! Halloween: CANDY! yeah, you know that sweet stuff that gives just a little kick to your stats? We used to have sheep and polar bears and tigers and penguins! Someone took the fun out of candy when they turned it into crappy transformations but lets fix that, shall we?? Since candy stacks with the transformation I would use them when doing a new instance or something I struggle with to give me a little extra help. There is no way to generate more of these in game so that would be fun! You could even add some new ones! I was always fond of those damned lamia back in old Danaria that had silence, reflect and could hit you from so far away cosmetic candy: Once upon a time when we had to level several crafts we would use a cosmetic candy to cancel the animation of the craft and speed up the process. But those of us who still have a small stash of them enjoy how funny it is to run around as a little mookie with no skills. Or put on a frozen agrint candy and go stand out by Lakrum fort just to see how long I could stand there as a tree before I got murdered lol. Or the nights we would /walk through lakrum on a sight seeing tour while we afk'd for event items. This is the big reason I was sad it became a timed map, but I digress! You get the point! C A N D Y! Thanksgiving: This could be an event where you get rewards for how many food/ drinks your character consumes. Or even put a NPC in for us to feed by getting event food from bosses in instances. Rewards could be done by server/faction for hitting milestones in addition to individual rewards as the NPC gets fed. Or you can make turkeys spawn all over the maps and rewards for those people who find them and click to send them home.. kinda like lugbug. Christmas: I propose a gift exchange for all daevas! could make it similar to the stormwing we had this spring and the presents get better as you upgrade it more. And of course snowballs! But please make them tradeable again. The untradeable aspect of this game should really be put to a vote for the players so you guys could see exactly how much we all dislike that function! Or perhaps the Daeva Dash! Racing towards presents at the end of a team obstacle course. Most of us really loved it and would do it on several toons a day because the rewards were that good! (and they could be put in account warehouse to feed our mains). Just please keep an eye on the completion times this time. There was a group of hackers before finishing in less than 15 secs, before the other team could even hit the first checkpoint for any points at all. Winter: Long cold nights seem bleak without light! We had a mission a long time ago in Heiron where you clicked pillars and lit them. We could do the same, but instead make it a faction event. Maybe add 12-18 pillars across the map and each faction would have to pvp to secure their pillars and light them all at the same time. Add survey rewards for pvp kills. There really arent enough pvp events Valentine's Day: I propose Amarah's love letters! Make tradeable valentine cards that say positive phrases. Trade them to another player to get a new phrase, and when you trade it to someone who has never been in your legion or on your FL then it has a higher chance to evolve. After a random number of trades it would turn into a box of chocolates with a reward inside for being a kind daeva <33 Spring: AETHER BLOOMS! Has always been the best pvp event this game has ever offered. Hands down! I just realized what time it is and I may have made myself late for work lol. You get the idea! Lets do something FUN and have some adventures. This is a GAME! I dont want to put in the same number of hours I do at work for medicore emotional rewards!
  9. LGBTQ

    Not all of the community is poopey heads. Just need to find better people to surround yourself with. And maybe let us know who they are. Im sure the decent members of the community would be happy to add such 'fine' people to their KOS lists. Dont let them get you down. Chin up and eyes forward always. Im sure you have some real friends in your future.
  10. Update on Aetherforge Masters

    I didnt see this mentioned yet, but the Ultimate Etium and Fighting Spirit Fragments are also not dropping from pvp instances right now
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 19, 2020

    I feel like the last 3 pages of this thread have nothing to do with the patch notes. Perhaps you could start a conversation thread for your questions/comments @Valedia-DN. It gets harder to find relevant information when you have to scroll past things like the event NPC looks hot, you got ninja'd. Sure lets talk about it.. but somewhere else please?
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 19, 2020

    Do we really need another form of currency? Blood marks (2 kinds+ fragements), titan coins (+fragments), gold ingots, prestige coins, battlefield coins, luna, ceramium coins.. and of course there is kinah. Im sure I missed some somewhere but come on =(
  13. Amazon Ncoin codes

    But.. can't they just put them back up? Im sure it cant be that hard. Unless they were tired of offering the free enchantment stone for making the $20 purchase there. And if thats the case just say so. Stop eliminating services.
  14. Amazon Ncoin codes

    Did I miss a topic somewhere saying that Ncoin codes were being removed from Amazon? The only thing available on there are the 400s. Is this an error? Sorry but buying from the in game store to receive my item in about 12 hours is pretty lame =(
  15. Overall it is nice to see some actual progress happening from the player feedback. Thank you for actually caring!