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  1. Removing kibblez and loki? They are community managers. They dont make decisions. You have no evidence they arent taking our ideas back to other deaf ears. You have to understand information is only shared when its allowed. Even they wanted to share things with us they cant if they havent been authorized.
  2. Right... so again instead of doing an actual investigation like checking the IP address of the person running 200 lunas at a time they hurt the whole player base. As if the rest of us have any control over what another person is running on their PC. I love this game but Im so tired of being disappointed.
  3. If only we could get them to listen without the major uproar. The good thing about classic is if you want their attention just get enough people to cancel their renewing subs on the same day. Money talks. They also made it annoying enough to cancel the siels aura that enough people doing it at once really sends a message. We lost that ability in retail when it swapped to a monthly purchase daeva pass instead of auto renew.
  4. I still think this was a terrible decision. Not top 5 on my list but top 10 for sure.
  5. If your characters are different factions.. the only way to get them all together is to delete and remake them on the faction you want. NC has never offered a faction swap, which is another product they could easily sell but wont.
  6. Can we just have a couple of threads where we stay focused? You guys could easily take your drama to discord. Youre not even trying to work it out, just get under each others skin. In the end that hurts everyone. @Xyline-DN has put a lot of time and thought into this. Personally I think it looks fun. I was going to donate some old skins but Ncoin is the easiest reward to give. If you have some feedback to share please do so in a CONSTRUCTIVE manner. Sure there are some concerns and obvious trust issues. Thats something hes also working on. Be part of the solution!
  7. Can I just volunteer my time at this point? This is really kinda depressing.
  8. A bunch of us use to meet at the big D in lakrum. Because its fun to say and easy to get to. Alliance kisks and extras are encouraged. In the past those who were invited understood that kisks were off limits to kill but accidents can happen. Why kill a kisk when you can kill the player 72 times? 😂 it is also possible to pvp without name calling and unnecessary drama. Im off work at 9 server time. @Zappies-DN I can ping her on discord if youd like?
  9. Anyone down to hang out Christmas Eve for some duels? Was hoping to gather some people from both factions to hang out. Would be a great chance to show off your rare skins, old candies, etc. We could recreate follow the leader across Lakrum, share stories of our adventures or whatever. Looks like Christmas this year is going to be what we make of it!
  10. I guess we get coal for NC soft for being bad daevas
  11. Would it be possible to convert battleground maps to normal ones now? The content vs popluation is very different now than it was when those maps were introduced. And since we are down to 1 server now.. there really is no need. Demaha and red kata should be open every day. It would be nice to be able to do lak camps or apsa quests while waiting for que. Sometimes it takes 30 mins to an hour for evergale or quick entry pvp
  12. I also want to point out they deleted my comment about this game being a social experiment. Whos earning their grade off of us? lol
  13. While I understand the concept of locking threads.. I think its really counter productive. I think the GMs should be thankful these topics are here instead of off on some discord. So you guys can participate and communicate with the community. I can hear some of the player base laugh at me for saying that, but its true. We dont have to work our problems out here. We choose to. Perhaps instead of locking threads you guys should remind people of the rules and moderate. Find a way to make it fun for you and start reconnecting with us. We need you. Maybe you could post a funny cat fa
  14. Actually honey, Im learning spanish. There wasnt much I didnt understand, but perhaps some of it was out of context. Did you know that many employers pay more for being bilingual? I still have 2 kids and a ton of critters to feed so thats an easy way to boost your paycheck! And it goes along with that whole bettering yourself. True story I took spanish in middle school and didnt try, so ofc I failed it. Was afraid of trying for a long time. Im finally at a point in my life Ive learned its ok to have standards and boundaries. Im not afraid of failing anymore, and Im not afraid of yo
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