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  1. Broker Bot and Untradeable Items

    With enough tickets its easy enough to identify a bot purchase vs player purchase. Each item has an ID number and you can easily track the transaction to who made the purchase. See a lot of this from the same person or IP? Prolly a pretty good lead. Make kibi and guiding stones tradeable. The idea that reducing guiding stone drops to hurt bots really hurt the rest of us instead.. and the inflated prices are actually helping the kinah sellers while the average player is paying more and more. Again.. I think more devs and CMs need to try playing in our world and not just making decisions; while lacking the ability to understand the impact of them. Come play with us. I have a home for you duckling!
  2. Q & A session with the Community

    I like the thought process behind the original post here. There are ways that we could set up some meet and greets with community managers. Without them being burned at the stake. Its very obvious that the overall player base has a rainbow of emotions based on how the game has changed. So back on topic. I would strongly encourage the CMs to reach out to players. Perhaps even on a 1 on 1 basis to talk about the game. These forums are supposed to be our place, but we often get over looked here. Join a discord server and talk to the players. Hell you could even pretend that you dont know how to play and need some help navigating the content. Perhaps the biggest problem we have is the disconnect that CMs dont play anymore? If you did you would know there are still hundreds of reasonable people who play and care about this game and want to help fix it. Come talk to us. Stay anonymous, prolly safest.. but please start working with us.
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 10, 2019

    I do want to take a moment to say thank you to the devs and aion gods that the bloom event has finally come back. I know you guys take a lot of nyerk because of all they nyerking we are on the receiving end of.. but in this case you did well. seriously.. Thank you! (now please dont break it <3)
  4. event already a failure

    In addition to being legion warehouse tradeable, they are also LEAGUE loot. I will be taking a break from Kibis for a bit and farming flowers. League loot means we can still ensure we can all work towards our goals. Together. If you guys are out and about please try to invite as many daevas as you can! Carry on ducklings!
  5. Dear Daeva Friends & Foe :)

    If you dont mind I would love to find a time we could talk about your ideas. As @Arhangelos-KT said earlier the event was very vague and it would be helpful to know the purpose. Whether it is for meeting up in discord and sharing screenshots, map races, karaoke, pvp contests would be helpful to know for advertising. With most items being untradeable now its difficult to offer rewards for contests. I have heard of many fun events legion leaders do with members to help morale in the game I would also like to help with organizing events if you need a nooberlin! And thank you again for making the effort to make our digital world a better place! Recent transfers have also lead to me having more pieces of my heart on DN. Luckily discord is a great way to involve both servers and reach more daevas. I am mostly curious on your ideas of how to get them to listen to us. The Aion gods regularly tell us in our tickets to bring our ideas to the forums; seemingly just to give our input a place to die and wither away. To the point that the size of the community in our game is dwindling as we speak. There needs to be a way we can truly be heard and stop losing people over stupid things.
  6. Dear Daeva Friends & Foe :)

    I first wanted to say thank you for doing this, and I truly appreciate seeing the love for our community! I hope your invitation also extends to KT daevas. I posted this in our legion discord so it would be seen by more people. I will get to go home on my lunch for siege and I can post in LFG on Katalam if you would like. I am honestly a little sad I wont be able to attend, but perhaps the next time! Thank you again for stepping up and bringing us all a little closer together! *huggles* and 💜
  7. Account Trading Items

    Perhaps its time to start posting polls in topics and recruiting people in LFG to start responding. Its easy enough to ignore a few people begging for change here in the forums (even though this is where they tell us to).
  8. Account Trading Items

    Bring back trading. Need to start a poll. Its poorly planned/implemented. Oh but guys dont worry.. dolls can be traded, just not placed in account warehouse. No reason to panic here! Unless you lost something expensive to a broker bot.. damn I wish I had a jab for the devs and not one that hurts players again and again.. Its time someone making these rules starts playing this game again. Or even simply be able to look objectively at the nyerk they are trying to give us. Im sure some people on these last 2.2 servers are paying to help keep this game going, please listen to the people. The PLAYERS! Its getting harder and harder for me to try convincing people to keep playing when we all keep getting nyerked. Im tired of losing my ducklings! Save Our Game.
  9. Spring Events

    Dear Aion Community Planners, Its almost that time of year again. Most people (except me) are sick of the snow and wishing for warmer weather. Its almost time to start planting summer flowers and vegetables. Im hoping that means you are also plotting upcoming spring events! So again this year Im asking you to consider bringing back the Aether Blooms! Besides having the cutest icon in the game, it truly was the best pvp event before Daeva Dash existed. And even though you guys took away the map it used to happen on, Im sure you can find a way to bring it to another! Summer will be upon us before long, and lets be honest... some of these events have been really lame. Im hoping this year you will put more consideration into my humble request. Love Always, Amarah
  10. Shugolings are taking to the trees!

    Found 6 hanging out together in the top of the cliffs in Dormant Levinshor. Not able to break away from the Windstream to get to them and watched several other people try as well. Shugos are hanging out laughing at the daevas! Nyerk!!
  11. Gear by class

    Hello! I am highly disappointed with the new restrictions on wearing gear only by class. At the very least skins or gear under a certain level should have been grandfathered in. Hours and hours spent farming for untradeable items that now I cant even equip while hanging out in town. I know other people still had mixed sets that they actually use to play as well. Yes potions cover skins, but most of us arent going to be burning potions in town. Please consider updating this! ~Amarah
  12. uhh hello? nerfed event

    The point of having an event is supposed to boost RNG. I have toons that are more and less lucky than each other, but as a whole I have had less event boxes drop. Its a little frustrating to have a post saying they are intending to boost drops for people to get ready and be let down.
  13. Item skins

    Prowess can be added to Luna wardrobe. Mine is. No way Im rounding up all that stuff to only use it once! But no you cant cross armor types unless it is a BCM skin. I doubt they will add Prowess any time soon because its still relatively new.
  14. Giving Grove 2018 Instance & Reward List

    Assured Greater Felicitous Socketing Box (Mythic) Event is only giving out 'Greater Felicitous' not 'Assured' If you guys are going to update rewards, actually enable the correct rewards! Such a waste to try getting items and getting worthless, irrelevant crap!
  15. With the event being almost over I just noticed that 'Broken Crystal Ball' isn't on the event rewards list. Id like to trade mine in for some omegas please! Im pretty sure someone hit a wrong number in a code somewhere! HAHHAHA JK But seriously.. I hope the next event doesn't suck this bad!