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  1. Without trying to sound bad yet chastising at the same time- questioning why this post is even here. Yet there is another post similar on the 29th and I don't see you questioning that one. The more complaints there are, the harder it is for NC to ignore. @Kibbelz
  2. @Kibbelz and other Cms Can we get a revisit to the community list we made last summer? Just because we have had updates and game changes does not mean a LARGE portion of that list is no longer relevant. Have you forgotten? Because I didnt. The community didnt. Lets talk ❤️
  3. Ive had that happen in dredge a few times. One of the mobs knocked me down and I was under the map but stuck. Once I was still being hit by a mob and let it kill me but Ive also had them lose aggro on me and sat there until it was over. On the wrong day that would really make me mad too =(
  4. Thats a great loophole but it doesnt change the fact that its a dumb mechanic. Just the fact they added the loophole means they KNOW its stupid. Its what.. 2 weeks in? People already getting tired of the rest of the bad ideas attached to this map.
  5. As much as I love dying to you Yuweh that doesnt always fix the bug. Ive had that happen in Crimson Kata and it didnt fix it
  6. Has anyone else experienced the bug where you cant use your skills and target people/mobs? I had that happen to me tonight in timeless. Its usually not a big deal unless youre on an instance map- then you have to run back. For timeless they added that little map with portals so you can choose where to go back to between timeless and gelk. Except tonight when I tried to temp log to fix my problem I got sent back to the obelisk in gelk so I lost all my souls. Has this happened to anyone else? Why is this even a thing @Kibbelz? I am SOOOOOO FREAKING GLAD I didnt turn in my pvp quest!!
  7. @Kibbelz @Loki please share to the game team that they need to play this game to understand it just a tad better. I literally cant handle this emotional roller coaster of seeing one of the B E S T events this game has ever had, only to read the rewards and be immensely disappointed. Every time I see things like this Im going to keep saying it: learn how to play the game! Quit being shy, swallow your pride, and really integrate into the community.
  8. @Kibbelz whyyyyy? Im not complaining about free resets.. its the timing! I gotta go to work lol
  9. I wasnt even on KT I was on the instance server so I guess it goes by your toon's server tag and youre screwed no matter which server youre on lol
  10. Heeeeey! What happened guys? I was doing stuffs and things =(
  11. @Kibbelz Harelym Mine (or HM) has been a solo instance for some time now. It is really hard to keep convincing people to play.. when the people who make these events dont play or understand the game. I still think you guys should come and play for a month or so.
  12. There were also some stigma enchantment stones, and they seemed to have a higher success rate than the ones purchased with nightmare coins. And those 'outdated accessories' were huge upgrades for my alts that got them; making them more viable for things like abyssal splinter or the weekly prestige quests for coins. I did get one on my main toon that I used for socket stones. Who would have thought those would be in short supply? I used to give that crap away lol. There were some useful items from the event, but if you didnt like those you could have done the shugo ranger instance a
  13. Hey guys, lets take a moment and a breath. You all realize these CMs are stuck in the middle between us and the company right? There have been some pretty decent changes since we got Kibblez.. can you guys please not drive him away from the community by being crappy towards him? I dont believe for a second that ANY CM has withheld any information from us. It does and will take time to get things worked out, and there will always be someone unhappy with the end decisions.
  14. I was just about to post this. Spent the whole morning in red kata and got ZERO updates.
  15. It's unnecessary and irrelevant, and completely inappropriate to ask 2 posts after mocking someone. It's not the only problem I have with this personality but I am not ok letting this go unmentioned.
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