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  1. Small note. Engine Wings, Wings of Oblivion and Skafir's/Arcanus Wings (7th/8th picture) are already in-game. Maybe Beritra's as well, but not sure.
  2. Its still possible to open more than one client.
  3. Ereshkigal Attack/Defences only work on Ereshkigal herself in The Veilenthrone. Also, you wouldnt notice a change in the status bar considering Ereshkigal is one of the mobs with the most HP in the entire game.
  4. Doesnt matter if it shows or not. It still triggers, Gunners still have it. The damage from it got increased.
  5. I REALLY fail to see how doing this change during a merge justifies it. I understand that merges shake ranks up, but so what? Ranks are going to change anyway with the change. I am happy they implemented this, not that I am affected by it at all.
  6. @Chibiusa-DN @Kubei-DN I would like to correct something here. Gunners STILL HAVE Aion's Favor. Ever since 6.0, the skill itself was removed and the effect was kept but also applied as a passive effect for (I believe) Stable Stance. Basically, what the patch notes are saying is that the damage from this effect was doubled.
  7. We had this update a few months ago called 6.2. It basically changed class skills and at what level you receive them. Because you had them bound to your quickbar before the update, it appears as if they are greyed out.
  8. Well, being technical, Silentera Canyon doesnt even exist as an area anymore. Nowadays its just an instance.
  9. Look for the button that says "Insert other media" (right above Submit Reply) and select "Insert image from URL". Then just paste your image's URL on the bar.
  10. They will all remain in your inventory (or wherever you stored them). You just wont be able to receive them or turn them in.
  11. There isnt any lore behind transformations. We are not a cat, we are not Krall, we are not Balaur. Its the same deal with candies and Mau Form.
  12. No. Its not possible to de-level. You just wont be able to use them if you dont have enough XP.
  13. Yet another reason the Coalition system was superior...
  14. And Lakrum is a levelling and grinding place just as much as those low level places were. They even said so when they were preparing Lakrum to be launched, the centre is meant to be the main focus for PvP and level 80. Side areas are there for the casual PvP and low endgame levelling. Not saying you shouldnt be doing camps there as an opposing faction member, but it is meant to be harder than your own side. Also, I went through the entirety of the Ancient Red Forest (Asmodian north-east part of Lakrum). I didnt see a single elite guard there. No patrols. The only elite I saw was the FM qu
  15. I dont see why considering Lakrum is divided in 3 parts, basically a condensed Inggy/SC/Gelk. It shouldnt matter how far you are from your main base, you are still in enemy territory. Does anyone remember those random guards across the entirety of Eltnen? Even the ones in the most desolated places, such as the Lepharist Bastion?
  16. Im fine with it. It may be a camp, but at the same time, its a camp that is not on your side of the map, so technically, you are infiltrating enemy territory. As long as those guards dont attack the camp NPCs when its controlled by the opposing factions, everything is awesome.
  17. It was useless since day 1 when it was introduced in 4.7. And that is why Thunder is the best one out of the four. A shield that even before 6.0 broke whenever a 1-dot common Qooqoo mob sneezed on you. You really cant compare Empyrean Aegis with WDK. what made it semi-decent was the heal, and now its pretty dated due to the average HP pool. Void Dragon is the second shittiest skill out of all. A crappy WoW while being almost dead. And yet those are stats that wont matter at all, so basically you are "paying" for a skin instead of "paying" for a skin.
  18. Regarding 9 (Dragon King weapons), please, no. They are so overused even now. Its the same deal with Sea Feast/Wave Song sets. Sure, newer players or turds on EK might want them, but there are more options than that. I want an event that gives out discontinued skins and/or currently level locked skins. We have 9 years worth of content for this, and its always the same dumb Dragon King weapons.
  19. In 6.2, classes can only wear their "main" gear material. You cant wear leather anymore as Aethertech. In any case, even if you could still wear leather, chain is better.
  20. Its not unique to 6.2, it goes back all the way back to 4.7. Warrior Drakan mobs started using these really long Aether's Hold skill (Wide Area Aerial Thrust) and they have kept using it for every new Drakan Warrior mob ever since.
  21. No, "Spirit" does cover feared targets and spirit-like mobs.
  22. While it is true Gunners got a bit of a nerf hammer, they didnt change at all in between 5.8 and 6.2. They still suffer from the same issues before the update. Also, no cannon skills have cast times. They have charge times, but they have always had them. And, yes, no more Revealing Scope.
  23. As for the armfusion question, the highest value is the one applied. They do not stack.
  24. There is no Luna in Korea. JustQuna, and Quna != Luna.
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