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  1. The mental gymnastics on this one are huge. Pay to win are 3 English words self explanatory to the term, you pay real money to get something you didn't work for and get an advantage. The thing you pay for may not be that important like skins or might be for convenience like healing potions. When that something is kinah that is the biggest form of p2w there can ever be on classic.
  2. They have gone mad with the new kumuki event. No enchants for the glyph and useless transformation shards! We want 7.9 where we can have ultimate transformation shards
  3. Some people farmed for hours without a kick, and I couldn't get past the safe pad.
  4. Kibbelz said he will give feedback on this. They either have to keep the server open for at least 7 days or they would have to keep luna down for another week and nobody wants that.
  5. Yo stop running luna with many chars to make statistics man, you bug the server lolz
  6. Looks like a new thing, I know many items sold on broker that are already skinned. Did you try to at least broker it too and it didn't work? Maybe if the skin is untradeable itself (and unbrokerable) it makes the item skinned with it non tradeable too. Usually the skinned items we see on broker were with actual skins that are both tradeable and brokerable.
  7. Exactly, they should focus on that specific thing and leave the rest of luna intact.
  8. This will make it harder but I assume they can even attack by themselves. Another thing they can do is change the recipes like EU did, they doubled the amount of luna required to craft (back to what we also had it in 6.x if you remember they halved the recipes at 6.7 I think). This will also make most botters unable to make a profit and leave luna alone
  9. If KT server doesn't bug that week it would be an indication that this caused the problem. Check why DN never got the bug, it could be there are more KT bots obviously. If it indeed causes this what are the changes to fight this? I suggest you make it impossible for more than 2 accounts to enter from one IP in luna at the same time. If a family plays from home and they are more than 2 they can sure do their entries at a different time. There are people who have 1000 accounts and run them simultaneously apparently. I wouldn't be suspicious on people doing luna even if you see up to ten acc
  10. Yes, they can place a permanent XP boost on all lwevel 80 characters is they can't change the amount of XP we need. This would also work for all of us. Something needs to be done with the amount of XP marks.
  11. AP is good to have, we haven't had an AP boost event since at least 1 year.
  12. So I got the pin bug again, restarted client (which most likely fixes this) but got the same bug again. So I logged into the site (because this also seems to fix this), then tried to log back to the game and my 8 hours block was still there once again. I never even got to put my pin a single time, not log in the game today. My suggestion would be for you guys to stop touching the client for your regional nerfs too much because you then implement new bugs that are not present in other areas and then the developers can't find your issue (nor can you obviously). Unless you know what you are
  13. Were the enemies naked? They did like 2-digit dmg to you and you were soloing a whole group. Looks like nobodywould silence you or stun you at the most parts.
  14. So if I make a full MR set, it obviously works against all m.acc classes, but does it affect the physical classes that use p.accuracy? I mean their skills are affected by p.accuracy alone and they do not even care about m.acc/m.resist right? Because in this case it would be needed to have an MR set against m.acc classess and an evasion set against p.acc classes. Thanks, any info would be appreciated.
  15. You get a teleport if you do that, this is done by luna as stated above.
  16. But we still have the old materials and if they update the recipes the old mats are practically useless. Unless they turn our ridiums to etiums we still need the recipes to remain as are. Plus we can transform new mats to old mats, but not the opposite.
  17. So we have a new event for new and returning daevas, so I made one new account to see what we get and how old players benefit from "helping" them. After doing campaigns etc, my char was about lvl 60 and I got a disconnect with a weird prompt (not the typical you have been disconnected from the server, it had some message from ncwest included which I do not remember). I tried to relog and it was "locked for suspicious activity", not banned but locked. So I was asked to send a mail to appeal@ncsoft.com but I got a mail back that the mail failed to be delivered. I resent it and waiting. I
  18. So is it an abuse to abuse the arenas and only fight when it favors your class or is it an exploit? Please, the timer is there for a reason, if one person makes sure he enters in after the timer started, it works as intended by the developers. You really think that avoiding a fight is a game feature, but making sure you get into a fight is abuse? The moment your decision to leave the arena hurts the other person's point ranking, then the other person has every right to make sure whoever gets in will have to fight and give points. Points are part of the rewards, same way AD has bags i
  19. Exactly, genesis gear is streamlined, aetherforged items are not the best and are like 10 times harder to obtain. And pve items wouldn't hurt but at the cost they are, they are a big no.
  20. 6.2 is the worst version. the only bad thing in 5.8 was the overenchanting of items past +15. Sure godstones were a problem and the minion skill that did 1 shot on people. Otehr than that 5.8 was much richer time than 6.2 would ever be in 100 years.
  21. Why would you want to know someone else's items? And how are the items even displayed, what if someone puts lower items on purpose do they get automatically updated? The website was abused and thus stopped, I do not see any reason to continue to show the details of people's characters, not that it matters because in the end everyone has the exact same items.
  22. Fewer mobs drop loots now and the new recipes that require aethertapping titania ores, is a pain in the a$$. And on top of that you have RNG proc rates. Aetherforging for T2 is not even existent.
  23. You can get 50 A-miniums for 20 gold ingots per week. And you can still get miniums from instances. Imagine to make the final upgrade on a-grade minion you need 2.000 miniums, aka 1.000.000 prestige coins!
  24. Lets hope they change it in a future patch, the biggest problem is the titania ore and the need for stellium to make the extractions.
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