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  1. If were going to be real here, NCWest isnt going to do that. Kibbelz made that list as an attempt to bring back the game and show the community they have a voice.. but then probably realized thats not how NCWest rolls so that list found its way to the garbage. We have been told repeatedly that it takes time and the company is looking at ways to meet player demands... but its been how long and there hasnt been any change. Its not going to happen, its sort of just a dream we all have... but sadly dreams are just figments of our imagination. 

  2. 40 minutes ago, HealingSquid-KT said:

    I can agree but also disagree here, You can in classic pro-actively obtain your progression but people will be full 30 +10-15 PvP gear full green manastone socketed day 1 if not day 2 simply through payment options classic has to offer.

    There is no difference between the Aion of now and Aion classic in the aspect that p2w players will have an overwhelming advantage. The difference is in the amount of time it takes to achieve your end goal to lessen that p2w gap.

    Current Aion's achievable end game goal for the masses is hope an amazing event comes along or spend years to potentially not achieve long term goals. While in classic the end game goal is achievable with-in 3-5 months of playing.


    This is where I feel NCsoft went wrong as a whole. If they want to get back a big of the OG player base, they need to implement Aion Classic WITHOUT any p2w option and make it just like how aion truly used to be. NCSoft doesn't even hide that they want the money and only care about the money. But sometimes not everything can be a cash grab. I know personally I would go play Aion Classic if it came to the NA servers, but not if its p2w. I have spent too much time falling behind those who spend thousands on the game every other month for these events just to have to restart and do it all over again. 

    Aion classic is a great idea, it brings back the original members of aion and there's also ways to influence them into the mainstream game. But this is only beneficial on both sides if both versions of the game aren't rubbish. The main issue for Aion is that there's such a massive p2w aspect to it and its extremely clear. I know there's many other issues like grinding, and rng. But I feel a good group of players would play again if NCWest just got rid of a vast majority of the p2w aspects and brought back the BCM skins. And if they did those items they would be able to obtain a substantial income from both regular aion and aion Classic in cosmetics alone. Theres a lot of players willing to spend money on cosmetic items, me included. It truly is such a massive waste that NCWest isn't doing that. Im sure they've lost A LOT of money, but they're just don't want to admit it because skins are only 10$ here and 10$ there but as we all know, it adds up. 

  3. 28 minutes ago, awkward-DN said:

    Just wondering if these are intended to be Account collections or faction / server collections.  

    Most people have said it's supposed to be "account", however they are not being applied on both KT E / DN A same account. 

    Curious if it's bugged or intentional; collecting every item in the game for an extra 2 defense is silly as it is, let alone doing once per faction or server or however it's intended


    I see how its only character based (if it already isn't). I mean it would be a bit broken if you got two +15 DT weapons on one toon and get the reward for the account. But even if it isn't account based, its not too big of a hit. I mean god if you put in 20000 +15 stigmas you'd get like 50 hp out of it.. which is sooo broken its unbelievable!

  4. 16 minutes ago, HealingSquid-KT said:

    Better late then never. If they do make a better patch in the future new/returning players will not have to suffer as current players suffered.

    Well hopefully NCWest doesn't make it p2w and take out the f2p aspect of it. Now the main issue is having people spend 6 months farming for it. We should have an event when its released that gives items for the transform, like KR had. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Valedia-DN said:

    not to mention u have players leaving a party while forming it all because some guild member called them...dumbest shit ive ever witnessed in a game b4!

    then u have people  on ur gaming list thats there to help u out when needed but they wanna nyerk about oh i dont like that instance in pvp not pvp player but they run so nyerking fast when guild members called them though...fake ass people!

    Thats just expected.. no one really expected for it not to happen. 

  6. 5 hours ago, Vantheria-DN said:

    The thing is, these are 7.0 weapons. Those of us who can complete the hard mode instances already have these weapons -- and we've had them for a long, long time. It's the new/returning/undergeared players who still need these weapons, but by having them drop from Frigida and Beritra only, it prevents them from getting them (in those instances). They should drop from the 1st bosses in PFHM and IDDHM, not the final bosses.

    I know personally I was never able to farm up for the weapons in 7.0, even though im currently geared enough for these instances. Im sure some others are probably facing the same thing. But outside of that, this is just another copied and pasted event from KR. It would be a little crazy and maybe too strong for this event to release the 7.8 extendable - which shouldn't be in the game currently - like others were recommending. I think its just another way for them to add an additional thing to the event without it being too strong or unfair. 

    The extends are used primarily in PvP as well as very end game content, so NCSoft still allowed those who could benefit from it to get them like through SL, BE, and VT. But this aspect of the event doesn't seem - in any way - to be meant for under/lower geared players.

  7. 3 hours ago, BlueMemory-KT said:

    there 3 version of new weapon:

    1. eхtandble 

    2.with skill

    3. 1k additional attack (best on to put under any weapon) 

    There are three versions of the new 7.8 extendable, but the benefits are a bit different. 

    Theres an extendable for melee classes, but each version varies with stats and the type of weapon. NCSoft is bringing back the old mechanics for weapons, like when orbs gave Matt and crit and books gave Matt and Macc.

    Only the third version (of ranged classes NOT melee, no melee weapons have this) gives the passive buff.

    When it comes to ranged classes, theres two levels to the buff, when they just proc on their own. But level 1 gives 500 pve att and level 2 gives 1000. Versions 2 and 3 are similar, but in the end version 2 is better. Only by a little bit though. For the orb version 2 has a little less then 100 more att and a little more then 100 crit. But with version 2 you're giving up the passive ability, so that ability by itself really over shines the small amount of stat difference.  Version 1 on the other hand has 1-2k less att, and seems to just be worse in general. 

    As for the melee weapons the only difference between the three versions are just stat changes. So melee classes just have to worry about smaller stat changes and just getting the weapon that provides the stats ideal to them. You lose and gain stats throughout the versions. The dagger for version 3 gives 617 crit, while the att is 5198. But for version 1 the att is 5390 but the criteria is 363. So you give some and you take some. 


    12 minutes ago, konKers said:


    How dare you! You can buy them from the shop! What else did you expect?

    Event merchant has some very nice stuff in it. Stigma Enchantment stones being one of them. You can enchant stigmas to sell in the broker if you dont need more stigmas. Or save the coins for when they eventually add some new stuff.

    As for the extendable weapons, they should drop from ALL difficulties, not only the hardest versions of the instances. That would be a much better event. @Kibbelz


    You're right, at this point I shouldn't expect anything more. The event coin merchant is good, but its rng  based. Theres a chance you farm up 100 candies and only get 100 event coins. So all that time was spent farming for one stigma enchant. Personally, the stigma enchants are what I am going for I don't care for much else.

    As for the extendable, its understandable why its only in hard mode instances. Extendables  have always been very late game and for the hard core players, they've always sort of been difficult to obtain and by having it drop in a instance that can be reset is quite a relief for all of those hard core players. If it was in PF, and SL ez then it may be too easy to obtain and the drop rate for it would have to be really lowered so its a more rare thing. But in the end.. at least you don't have to buy it (well... not directly that is).

  8. I don't know about anyone else, but can we start getting better events? I understand that the Tia eye event was exceptionally good, but these last few events have been so disappointing. The last event was only for exp, and then for a few short days also event coins. Now this event is for melee classes, or socketing. But when it comes to socketing there's not even mana stones that drop from it! How can there be a 100% socket candy thing without there even being a merchant or some type of reward for mana stone drops. 

    Now, with the extendable weapons its great they're being added and everything but thats only for melee classes. Its not better then sovereign, so for ranged classes it has no value except to d/e or use as a skin.

    And finally, with the event coin event its nice and all but there could have been better items added to the merchant that weren't skins. OR adding a larger variety of skins. ***ORRRR (this one is even better) you could have added motion cards for a limited time to the merchant, like new exclusive motions or bring back old ones like the dragon taunt, cutie dance, red riding hood, the phone one, white/pink parasol etc.*** I know personally I would DEFINITELY be going for those if they were added. I also know there's probably a lot of people that would love to have paragon up on the merchant, to piggy back off of tia eye or maybe even plat cubics,  or event keys for the contracts. Like sell the legendary contract key for 5k and the transform box for 4k (or whatever its priced at) and let players have another go at the transformation, minion etc.

    I appreciate that these events have SOME value to it, its not the most useless thing in the world. But, I feel there could have been additions made to it so that they are better. It seems after one good event there's a big period of time where the events are quite lacking. I personally was excited for the valentines day events because I thought it may be a larger type event, sort of like Tia eye. 

    In addition to that, is anything going to occur on valentines day itself? Like on Christmas how you gave out the weapon boxes to players logged in. Is something like that going to happen, either with the weapon boxes, manastones, event coins, etc.

  9. 1 hour ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    Noby like RNG except that idiot Sywo who made a video explaining how he likes RNG because it feels like gambling and he was showing his wallet and smiling as if it is an achievement to have to pay to progress.

    Who doesn't love people that just shove their money into everyone's faces and waste it on a game thats dead anyways. Wasn't he also the one that said if aion put enchant stones on the bcm he would quit and never come back?

  10. On 2/5/2021 at 2:13 PM, Vantheria-DN said:

    Watching everyone accept it*

    It used to be that those of us who spent money on the game continued to do so even though we knew the game was declining. Now a lot of us aren't spending money anymore or have drastically decreased the amount we will spend. 🙃 Maybe there were like 100 people spending money a year ago (big spenders, not $20 here or there). Now it's probably down to like 30 people.

    There seems to be A LOT big spenders now, even so. I know of like 30 people alone that would spend 1000$+ on the game just for a single event. 

    On 2/5/2021 at 5:28 PM, Ferk-DN said:

    People have been saying that for the past 10 years.

    yeah, well... now its a reality. Theres less then 5,000 players, if that it seems. 

  11. Just now, Ferk-DN said:

    I gather you didn't get my point. If you are spending all your time botting then you aren't getting into IDDHM 3rd Boss, PFHM 4th Boss, Besh Hard.. .you are botting.

    The issue is that the weapon was designed to afk for. When It comes to afk farming the only other thing that people will really afk for is for the exp marks for the renown merchants. You would think if its such a massive issue on KR or EU it wouldn't be offered here. In addition to that, in the long run we will face bigger problems if we don't implement this feature. EVERY farming-type feature from KR will have some sort of afk farming aspect in it, until its removed. And we all know NCWest isn't changing that. They will just copy and paste the code over to NA. They're not gonna take off the exp marks required for these weapons, it'll still be expected of us to farm for the marks 100x harder than its expected for the players on KR and EU. 

  12. 6 hours ago, Ferk-DN said:

    This is pretty funny and sad. People running an afk farming bot all day so they can get a better weapon for their afk farming bot. I can't think of a better example demonstrating near pointless materialism.

    Its more than that. This new weapon is an easy way to get into IDDHM 3rd Boss, PFHM 4th Boss, Besh Hard. I don't even know if anyone is able to fully complete Besh hard and get S rank with just like bitter horn or sov gear. 

    For melee classes this gives an extendable, which truly is extremely powerful and has been begged for a while now. 

    And for ranged classes, it gives a skill buff that can be used on your entire group which gives like 1500 pve att. Now imagine in PFHM 4th boss you have a vandal, cleric, sorc, chanter, temp, and a glad. Thats three people with that weapon, so pretty much its almost a permanent buff for your entire group.

    In my opinion, the ranged classes are getting a much bigger benefit than melee classes are. But its a fair trade off, if melee classes got extends and this buff.. I think everyone would be rerolling. 

  13. On 2/3/2021 at 2:19 AM, Valedia-DN said:

    i can probably steal kinah from my other toons and make up the 50mil, where is the weapon? is it pvp or pve weapon?

    I believe its PvE, but kinah isn't the problem. The only way Kinah is used for the weapon is to buy the exp extractors. The average player will probably need 200-500 exp marks, if that, to get the ultimate weapon.

    The issue is the amount of time it takes to farm that 200-500 exp marks. And even so, 200 seems a bit low.

    Theres only a 33% for it to proc to get the weapon set you want, so you may end up spending 100 exp marks on that step alone. As a ranger you want the 3rd weapon set, which gives the weapon skill. Every time you upgrade the weapon when going to step two it costs 23 exp marks, I think. That means every single time you upgrade to the second step, you have to hope to proc the third set if not then you have to d/e that weapon and restart from the start. 

    After spending exp marks and getting the weapon version you want, you then have to spend 56 exp marks to upgrade from Legendary to ultimate which is a 15% chance. So you have to keep procing  from legendary to ultimate using 56 exp marks every single time. 

    In the end, its A LOT of farming... it costs 500k per exp extractor so if it ends up taking 500 for the weapon then thats 250m, but thats not the problem the problem filling up your entire exp bar 250 times. 

    This entire weapon has been created around the afk farming tool, without it it'll take hours and hours of farming that a lot of players don't have time for. It may even take more then 500 exp marks, the chances of getting everything perfect the first go (especially for ranged classes) it extremely low. And, its Aion RNG... sooo its practically impossible. 

  14. 15 hours ago, Megazero-KT said:

    @Kibbelz Can something be done about old luna bags that toons had before maintenance? I store my luna bags on all of my toons until I need luna materials for something. Now they give absolutely no materials which makes my past 2-3 weeks of luna dailies a waste of time.

    I didn't know they did this! I have like 30 luna bundles on a lot of my toons that I never opened in the hopes of a legendary transform event thing to buy the common bundles...

  15. 25 minutes ago, Wrathchild-KT said:

    That’s why Koreans are not worried about the game. No mather what stupid rng mechanic they implement, the playerbase will still f*ck themselfes to try it, instead of having fun with something else.

    I was very lucky and got full bitterhorn with 15 boxes, there are people still not full after 100. 

    I’ll not try hard it, and keep doing my yolo ID/AD groups, despite not being rewarding and full of vanilla users with ultimate transforms, I think it’s the only fun thing left in the game.

    But this new gear is entirely different. You have to get 20+ exp marks and then on top of that you have to get the coin thingies that you get from d/e the same gear. The coins aren't the biggest problem because you can d/e your failed upgrades and also the original part, prior to upgrading. But those 20+ exp marks PER UPGRADE with only a 33% at first to proc the type of legendary weapon that you want and then in addition to that you have to proc a 13% just to get ultimate.

  16. 5 hours ago, Wrathchild-KT said:

    There’s a simple solution for this stupid yorgos gear, don’t do it. If nobody does it, you won’t need it. 

    Autohunt is an awesome feature to fix the cubic BS NCsoft did removing them from instances and that trade npc. The downside is, electricity is not cheap, that’s why I buy prestige instead of having 9 afk Luna every day.

    You can't simply just ignore the best weapon in the game in 7.8. The weapon buff alone is extremely powerful. Even if the stats on the weapon were rubbish, the buff on it would make it so amazing. its like a 1500 pve att increase for your entire group. 

    In addition to that, all of the melee classes need the extends, especially for pvp. This weapon is crucial for success, its not something to be simply ignored.

    KR and EU have the afk farming, which is most likely why this weapon was added to the game. Newest won't make any changes to the upgrading, or obtaining the ultimate weapon. So just like our previous events that were made specifically for this Afk farming system in KR, we're going to all be at a disadvantage as this is literally a game changing thing. 

  17. 10 hours ago, Valedia-DN said:

    This auto hunting is gonna be like eating a slice of cheese without a knife n fork, it might be doable but it wont feel very rewarding...

    Id rather eat it without a knife or fork, then to spend months and months and months just to find my knife and fork just so I can get to the cheese. 

  18. 48 minutes ago, Valedia-DN said:

    thats why i said add 2 more skill bars and allow us to use custom skill chain to fix that problem...if they did that and allow us to use our own skills all across the game within everything then auto hunting in luna/cubic will work...

    Everyone is saying that Auto Hunting is too strong because it takes the grind away from aion. By adding two more slots it does exactly that. Four is fine. And might I add, even if NCWest wanted to add two more they couldn't and wouldn't. NCsoft would have to make that change and I highly doubt they will. We either get Auto Hunting AS IT IS, in every map with four skills potions etc, or we get nothing. Its just that simple. 

    As for luna and cubic, I don't know if Auto Hunting works there. You have four skills, but I dont think you pick the specific mobs to target. 

  19. I don't think people are realizing this, but from what I've seen when it comes to the Auto Hunting Functionality there is no here or there. It's all or nothing. You can't simply have it in luna or cubics, or specific parts of maps. I mean seriously, NCWest can't even get it to work in a signal instance imaging them trying to have specific areas within Inggi and other maps to have the functionality. It'll cause more bad then it would good.

    As for the bots, its not that simple. The auto hunting only allows four skills, that means these bots have to be geared enough to kill these mobs using only four skills over and over again.

    As for other players, they have to determine what skills are beneficial enough to be used for auto hunting. A cleric has to pick between having three attack and one heal, or all four attack, maybe two heal two attack etc. Just cause the functionality is there it doesn't mean everyone is going to have the ability of it.

    Someone who's in full risiel  gear can't go into Silentera Corridor and start farming the elite mobs. Even in heart guard that might not be enough. Its four skills. Four. They still have cool downs, alongside limited potions.

  20. 7 hours ago, Valedia-DN said:

    I understand the frustration of those having to grind but seeing as im a grinder i can see it both ways and tbh i would always lean towards manual grinding over some A i doing it for me as  a true gamer...think back on the very first game we all played and you will see grinding in there somewhere and while again i understand that some has grown up over the years and fingers and what not arent what they use to be anymore and that would be cause for a auto system but not open world as that would be my gripe against the topic itself and not against anyones personal wants or needs as we all have them...lets see how we handle it as we always do cuz ncsoft will add it...

    Look at what @MechEagIe-DN said, thats literally the definition of what the Aion grind is going to be in 7.8. As a ranger you have proc a 33% chance to get a specific weapon group, and then on top on that you have to proc a 15% chance to get it to ultimate. And every single time you upgrade it, it costs 20+ Exp marks. Imaging spending hours farming up 100 exp marks, just got the weapon to not proc and wasted all that time. 

    It seems this Afk farming system has brought nothing but fighting and arguing between everyone. Why can't we look at the feedback received from it on KR and EU. They have the same systems, these players have been using it so why can't we just base judgment off them. 

  21. 16 minutes ago, Valedia-DN said:

    If people start forming more parties to do stuff together rather than wanting to solo everything aion would come alive as thats the heartbeat and life blood of any mmo but you guys lost sight of that with personal wants as we do now with this auto hunt topic...this auto hunt will make ppl more distant!

    Not to be rude, but thats not how it works. Aion is dead because of how the game is. Its super grindy, and very p2w. People do run instances, the issue is that DN is dead so you see none. On KT there's plenty of things to run.

    Nothing in Aion, outside of exp marks, is a soloing experience. Except for when NCWest makes it that way. Even though they say they want the game to be a community they constantly do things to divide the factions, and servers separating them, even further.

    To get end game gear, like Bitterhorn, sovereign, or Lumin accessories they all require PvE instances which Afk farming will have no impact on. As for pvp gear, thats already a solo thing to farm in TT. There aren't really any public groups for it, anyways.

    If anything, the afk farming makes the game more active. Some players can't stand, or handle, the amount of grind it takes to do things like getting exp marks, or Bobo coins but when you add in an afk farming system it completely gets rid of that whole  issue. Of course, getting gear Is still a pain but its one less thing. 

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