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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 15, 2020

    @Amiteahx-KT thanks for the feedback, I will throw it into the notes! @Haon-KT Not yet, but I just had a conversation about it Thursday. We're still actively working on a solution, thanks for asking!
  2. Content Changes Added Blessed Ultimate Paragon Enchantment Stones, Purified Abyssal Fragments, and a related morphing recipe. For more information, visit our recent News Article on the topic. Prestige Pass users will now receive a 10% boost to Renown gained via quests or monster kills, in addition to their other benefits. Adjusted the portal spawn for Divine Fortress so it properly lines up with the new siege times. Changed the competitive season rewards for GP and the Arena of Discipline so they provide the rewards directly, instead of via a quest NPC. Players who received the medals and have not been able to turn them in yet will have them exchanged during the maintenance. Gameplay Bug Fixes Removed the Peeceerunerk merchant NPC. Removed the unusable entrance to Lower Udas Temple. Fixed an issue where the protective buff on the Guardian Deity of the Altar of Avarice would not be removed. Replaced some instance entry scroll bundle contents with a selectable scroll, to prevent selection of a scroll for deleted instances. Removed some unobtainable equipment from the Item Guide. Fixed an issue where the Esoterrace entrance had disappeared. Deleted old Lakrum GP quests that are no longer acquirable, but are still present in the quest list of some characters. Localization/Text Fixes Fixed some development text present in NPC and quest dialogs. Fixed some typos related to Celestial Armory quests. Removed an incorrect line from the description text of some AP treasure items. Removed PC Cafe mentions in some areas. Maintenance Images! Flying Turtles The Kitten of Oz Massively Massive Mushrooms
  3. Hi everyone, Due to a serious issue recently discovered, we've temporarily disabled the Shattered Abyssal Splinter instance and related merchant NPCs. We don't have an ETA for bringing them back just yet, but are hoping it will be as soon as possible.
  4. Dear Hime, Kibbelz

    Hi Aiyanna. Thanks for sharing this - your perspective is certainly a sensible one. I will share this w/ the team during today's meeting. However, I could see how some players may not find this desirable so we will examine the best possible options. Cheers~ Kibbelz
  5. So...about Divine

    Hi everyone, Just dropping in to share that we are aware of this issue and will be investigating and determining our response as soon as possible. It may take a few days since it is a national holiday weekend here in the U.S. - so we thank you for your patience and look forward to sharing more as soon as we can.
  6. Greetings Daevas! We recently received reports of a technical issue regarding character transfers. We have verified that the issue is affecting a large portion of players who attempt transfers, and we are therefore temporary suspending character transfers while we investigate the cause. Thank you for your patience while we look into the matter!
  7. There will be a scheduled maintenance Wednesday, July 1, 2020 from 6:00 a.m. CDT / 13:00 CEST. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 2 hours. Note: We are investigating an issue where players will be unable to obtain enough (Upgraded) Divine Protection Skill Book Secret Scrolls to create the resulting item. This issue is related to quests granted by event NPC 'Heavenly', and we look forward to sharing our plans to address this very soon. Content Changes The Celestial Armory event will begin. The various Advanced Stigma Promotion Scrolls from the Stigma Promotion event, as well as the box providing them and promotion methods that use them, will be removed. Fortress sieges will now take place at 10PM server time, instead of 9PM. Luna can now be used for additional entries to The Red Cellar. Removed some items from NPC sales lists that can no longer be used (for example, defunct teleport scrolls). Such items that are in player inventories will be exchanged for a usable one. Adjusted the Luna NPC Eli's spawn location. She will now appear in Inggison and Gelkmaros as well as the capital cities. Removed the season rank medal exchange NPCs. GP and Arena Seasons will be updated to provide the rewards directly in a future patch prior to the season’s end. Gameplay Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where Luna Consumption Rewards were incorrectly reverted. Fixed an issue where flight time resets when traveling to the Battlefield server. Pyre Soul in Lower Udas Temple will now only spawn once. Fixed an issue where the Crucible Spire Teleport Scroll (4th Floor) could be consumed multiple times. Fixed an issue where an incorrect mob would spawn in Altar of Ascension (Easy). Fixed a display issue with some accessory visual effects. Fixed an issue where quest target for the quests "A Knife in the Heart" (Elyos) and "The Advance" (Asmodian) would die too quickly to allied NPCs, preventing completion of the quest. Fixed an issue where the radar would not display properly in the Abyss Core. Fixed an issue where the Chaotic Vale instance could not be entered with a group. Temporarily removed the Renown point reduction until we have a permanent fix which will reduce the Renown point only once a week Localization Fixes Corrected some Korean text appearing in the chat window during the Mortasha fight in Altar of Ascension. Fixed an issue where the Songweaver's Daevanion skills Hurricane's Chant, Strengthened Hurricane's Chant, and (Advanced) Hurricane's Chant had incorrect names. Fixed an issue where the Vandal's Daevanion skill book for the skill Chroma Burst was incorrectly named for Chroma Blessing. Fixed an issue where Luminance accessories had inconsistent names. Fixed an issue where the BCM item Dapper Suit was named Luxury Suit in-game. Removed text related to Daeva Membership from Gold Ingot item on the Gold Sand Traders shop. Fixed an issue where developer text was visible in some quest dialogs. Fixed various minor typos in quests and items. Maintenance Images! https://imgur.com/a/o7PNE7e https://imgur.com/a/JOWlxEA https://imgur.com/a/BayrrVW
  8. Introducing Kibbelz

    Hello everyone A pleasure to be here! We're still getting me setup, but I'm looking forward to giving you an extra line of communication with the team, and being available to answer your questions/concerns. Thanks Hime!