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  1. @Naduah-KTseems to have ridden this rodeo before Indeed, e-mail Support@NCsoft.com for help with this issue.
  2. Hi everyone, We are having a brief maintenance to temporarily disable the auto-hunting feature. Attempting the use the feature will result in disconnection. Servers are expected to be back up within the hour. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  3. Wow, hardly sounds ideal. Let me check to see if there's something we're missing, or if indeed an alternate approach is needed. I'll get back to us tomorrow.
  4. ❤️ I will forward the gratitude along to the team ❤️ I know it's been a little tough lately round here. This as well as Hungry Hatchlings were entirely feedback-driven, so thanks for helping continue to guide us.
  5. Hello everyone. Tomorrow we will be conducting maintenance beginning at 6am Server Time (4am PT / 7am ET / 11am UTC). We expect downtime to last approximately 3 hours 45 minutes. The maintenance will allow us to implement the following: Patch 7.7 will be deployed (Visit the Patch Notes) Transformation Coin promotion will begin Hungry Hatchlings will begin (link to article) The Boosted Instance Drops, Manastone Mayhem and Stolen Hearts will conclude. We hope you enjoy the new events and features coming with this patch. While we're monitoring your feedback on ou
  6. This Maintenance Notes will be up shortly. Thank you!
  7. Please note you can reach out directly via our support forum as well! https://support.aiononline.com/hc/en-us Thanks for sharing the help everyone
  8. Hi everyone. We will be conducting a brief maintenance this morning to allow us to adjust the Season End dates so that they end in advance of Wednesday's maintenance. The maintenance will be brief in nature and services should be back online shortly. Thank you!
  9. Hello Daevas! Due to extreme weather circumstances causing rolling power outages in areas of extreme importance to server performance, we will not be performing maintenance this coming Wednesday. We hope you are all staying safe, and look forward to returning to our normal weekly maintenance come next week! Thanks, The Aion Team
  10. Hello everyone! Tomorrow, we will be having server maintenance beginning at 6am Server Time (4am PT / 7am ET / 11am UTC). We expect downtime to last approximately 2 hours 30 minutes, and it will be bringing along the following changes / updates: Events Garden of Growth will end and the auto-hunting UI will be removed. Stolen Hearts will begin. Manastone Mayhem will begin. Bonus instance drops will be added to some end-game instances. Text/Localization Fixed some typos and incorrect terms in item names. Now get ready, and g
  11. @Devil-KT In fact we do have some events coming! You can now find them live on the News Section of the website. Due to some delays on the publishing side, it's coming later than usual this week. Apologies for the inconvenience, and you will find it posted shortly.
  12. Hello everyone. Tomorrow we will be conducting routine maintenance beginning at 6am Server Time (4am PT / 7am ET / 11am UTC). We expect downtime to last approximately 2 hours 15 minutes and it will include the following changes: Removed Luna Materials from Contaminated Underpath, and added a Luna Material Bundle to a daily Lugbug Mission for each race to hunt monsters in Inggison (Elyos) or Gelkmaros (Asmodian). For more information on this change visit our post on the topic. After reviewing player feedback, we've added Event Coins to monster drops within Garden of Growt
  13. Hello everyone! We're happy to share that we will soon be bringing back Contaminated Underpath this coming Wednesday February 3. After our investigation, we have determined that it would be best to remove and reallocate the Luna materials which dropped in the instance. To account for this, a bundle will be added to the daily Lugbug Mission which will provide you with Luna materials at the same rates as the top-tier bundle from Contaminated Underpath. In exchange, all you'll need to do is take care of some Monsters in the surrounding areas! We hope this change turns out to be a p
  14. Hello Daevas! NCSOFT has changed payment providers for purchases of Black Cloud Coin and Prestige Pack subscriptions. If you have a recurring subscription or your payment details saved on your account, it has been safely transferred to our new provider, Braintree. No action is needed from you but if you have any questions regarding the change, please refer to our knowledge base article here. Thank you!
  15. Hi everyone, Some users have reported that Auto-Hunt is not properly displaying on the UI for some players. When you log in, you should immediately be able to see the Auto-Hunt Icon just above the minimap, appearing as a large 'Play' button. If you cannot, there are two Auto-Hunting related options. One as mentioned to show the auto-hunting UI under Game Options > Interface > "Show Auto Hunting Control UI" and another option to start and stop using it under Key Mapping > Functions > "Auto Hunting Start/End". If you cannot locate the button, we encourage you to try the
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