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  1. You can not do that. There is only 1 gear set + weapon that can be swapped between chars by using account storage. https://aioncodex.com/us/itemset/6/
  2. Wonder how your marketing department going to react
  3. Why you guys dont understand that NCsoft just revived this game to make $$$ from a dead product? Anything they can get this Q is a big win, they dont care long term, they will care about it next Q. 30$ for daeva pass is just proving it. Take a look at Warzone, f2p and billions of income.
  4. Having 64gb of ram you could create ram drive and have aion there
  5. You boost your Daeva pass with Quna on different chars to get perks (ench stones, manastones, AP) entry p2w items. Wonder if those are untradeable by any chance.
  6. I like conspiracy theories and your one makes sense ... if aion classic could live at least 4 month
  7. Better ping for the failed game? I think AION is a passenger in this BNS ride.
  8. Guys, dont be so naive. Game is designed to grind, its not wow where you can play casually. Its KOR game... nothing that comes from there is casual. On top of that, after few years of not giving a shit about this game, you would think NCWest will do something just because they got new CM? Personally, I wish this game would become the game the community wants and that could be driven by the players, not the dude who has no clue...
  9. I was waiting to come back to play AION the moment there will be some good 'catch up' content. Now, Im installing the game to see what hacks can do Quck question, can hacks boost PVP attack/attack stats?
  10. Kinah collected and distributed between bot account for further sale on player auctions. Thanks.
  11. Because of this reason Im not coming back, I think many other players not returning for the same reason. I think even more quit this patch than started playing.
  12. To be honest, if the AION would be more friendly to progress, there will be much higher online. NCWest could generate some good revenue from selling prestige packs (possibly selling user data as well, based on their new ToS, who cares...). I wanted to play many times, but every time stop myself when thinking about the pain of enchanting, those transformations that require month of active game play and many other smaller reasons. Just on a side note, played Black Desert Mobile - perfect game, tons of content and nice graphics, but heavy on p2w. Few month after, only whales are
  13. Just move on over your addition. I did it and it feels great!
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