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  1. Account Trading Items

    Man, you might be right, NCWest simply wants to close AION. That would explain lots of stuff that is happening right now.
  2. Transformation Stats

    I see the intention, but why the heck they would do the game worse instead of making it better? No wonder why people curse Gideon and want his leave...
  3. Transformation Stats

    Did you even notice? No wonder why Sorcerer sucks against Ranger who can get max attack speed even with the nerfed attack speed on the transformation. I want my 8% cast speed back (nyerk the 1/2 stats, i can live without them). @Cyan, @Hime and your dudes, please stop breaking the game and introducing more imbalance than its currently has. Why the heck do you do that? Are you playing AION so you can judge? What a monkey decision... Time just shows that what you are trying is not working for us... Egoists...
  4. PVP Instance/Siege Times

    @Cyan @Hime Is there a good reason why NCWest doesn't respect Daylight Saving?
  5. wow more than 40ppl in the top 1 - Arena of harmony

    For all the season (40 harmony runs) I did encounter a real team just once - when I by mistake entered quick group instead of group entry. Nice NCWest, best matchmaking, best management, so much fun. BTW, guess NCWest revenue goes down since bonus Luna bundle appeared on BCM. Trying to catch up before reporting Q1?
  6. nyerking rangers, still complain in 6.2.
  7. 6.5 !?!

    @Cyan @Hime is it 6.5 with 6.75 balance patch?
  8. Chanter needs a nerf

    Off topic, I want Rangers to get nerfed. For me as sorc, its insta lose no matter how hard I press buttons.
  9. Siege times and PVP windows

    Change server time to Daylight Saving.
  10. Facton balance completely made game rubbish

    TYD man, you are DN now?
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 6, 2019

    Only thing that i want to see from management is the COMMUNICATION. is it possible to get ?
  12. Siege EK Lakrum

    Hours to design? Shit, i spent like 15 min and thought its already way much.
  13. Kase-KT

    Typical behavior of the Latino that plays AION. Nothing to wonder about.
  14. Daevanion skills

    Same shit they told me. They for sure have some copy/paste place