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  1. Wrong Season End Date

    Coz they broke it?
  2. 90 gp on a non siege day?

    I can speak of myself. I didnt turn on my 50 gp quest for Reshanta untill today. I knew that eventually P2W will go away, thats what I was waiting for. Just to add, killing siege guard gives 30+ gp. So 50 GP is nothing on a long run.
  3. NCoins Gone

    Coins are not gone, check your account on the website. Also, it just shows as 0, but the right amount is there. I think its some caching issue.
  4. Wrong Season End Date

    @Cyan Should i just create support ticket or you will fix it for all players?
  5. Kaisinel transform

    Comon man, gladiator is talking. He knows better.
  6. What a Shame

    Sin is talking about the sorc gameplay in the new patch
  7. Bidding System

    Only cheaters use it. This is something that they can use to transfer Kinah without using broker and paying extra fee.
  8. What a Shame

    I kind of refused to believe that sorc is so shitty starting from 6.2, but recently already accepted the fact and want to say 'Thanks' to NCSoft. In addition, big 'thanks' to NCWest for nerfing cast speed on transformations to make it even more and the most shittier class to play. Clap-clap.
  9. Kaisinel transform

    Gratz with the transform. What a waste to use it on sorc, but you can sell your account and make some good money.
  10. So from the main image, lower right is the new pvp arena where you can enter for free and practice duels! Finally... Red Catalam is the CROSS SERVER location that can fit up to 2k players (1k each faction). No obelisks. No limits on who can enter. Catalm bases now will have up to 5 stages of conquering and some of them are divided into groups. At last stage there will be raid bosses that drop good loot. The new weapon, is the weapon that randomly spawns at multiple locations of Katalam and anyone can loot it. This weapon is the best weapon of new patch and has big impact on the siege. Weapon disappears after leaving Katalam. New Katalam drop, by killing mobs in Katalam you can loot special chest that contains PvP gear (pre enchanted, ultimate/legendary/ancient grade). Its required to have a special key (drops from bosses) to open the chest. P.S. Pretty sure will be nerfed in NA. New PVE set that will match stats of the PvP set added in 7.0. Weapons can be dropped in new instance as well as being crafted with the mats dropped in new instance.
  11. Suggestion for GP / Arena Dropped

    GP at arena will do only worse, people will match against alts/friends to compete for GP ranks like they did in pre 6.2 patches. The only fix to arena dodging that I can see is to automatically teleport person into arena when opponent is found, without promoting to enter or pass. In addition, it would be cool to have only few days when you can do arenas, instead of all 7 days and maybe, shorter window time when its open so more chance you will indeed meet somebody and if that person dodges, higher chance to find new opponent. I love arenas despite how weak my class is, wish there would be unlimited entries to have more fun - similarly like WoW has.
  12. Wrong Season End Date

    Potato engineers at NCSoft do not know that Harmony and AoD resets on Mondays.
  13. Enchantment rate back to 6.2?

    Rates were never boosted for Ultimate Gear. Dont burn all stones the same day, 3-5 the most - more you spend, more you fail.
  14. Got 3 mil AP per run with buff, prestige and full Abysal Star buff. It should.