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  1. [EU] Aion 7.0 deployment date pushed back by 2 weeks

    Notaion released 7.0. Seems like its that buggy version of aion that supposed to be for EU. New painter mechanics has waaay to many bugs. Old classes seems to work fine.
  2. Missing Discipline Rating Points

    We understand that you are frustrated that you did not receive the appropriate rankings for Arena of Discipline. As of now, we are still investigating this issue and would like to see if this will be fixed on the next patch.
  3. Server Down

    Wonder if my issue is related somehow
  4. This Friday I played 7 arena of disciplines, my total points are not accurate based on the points I was getting after each of the discipline matches. Here is some overview: Starting rating 2041. 1 match - Lost -7 2 match - won +6 3 match - won +6 4 match - won +6 5 match - won +5 6 match - empty +1 (this never worked, you can ignore it) 7 match - empty +1 (this never worked, you can ignore it) End rating 2045 - missing around 16 points. After noticing that points not accurate, I created support ticket same day - since each person can see personal progress and there is no need to way when all rating is updated. Support asked to wait next day for ranks to be updated. No points yet. I updated support and now they told me to wait for maintenance. I have doubts that mait will do anything unless they recalculate points for everyone. Did anyone else had this issue and how to approach support so they start looking into the issue?
  5. aion 7.0 release in N/A

    NA going to loose more players...
  6. Equip Calculator

    https://aiondb.ru/tools/equipment/?lid=na PS Its 7.0, but 6.7 is supported too.
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 19, 2019

    Now the real question - 7.0 in a month or 3 weeks from now? Prestige changes are fine, but wont keep players playing or renewing their prestige. I think, you guys got the worst renewals right now.
  8. Are Templars decent now in 6.5?

    In 7.0 they will be a single class to stop a wave of painters.
  9. sm

    Sorcs are weak, they are last on the list. But I still will be able to beat 95% of NA players.

    There should be another event where you can craft your PVP weapon, its could be extended weapon [item:100050112] or the weapon with the extra skill [item:100050158]. I think this will happen closer to 7.0 launch. Personally as a sorc in 6.7, I don't like idea of my enemies hitting from extra range, since the range only one thing that can keep me safe (excluding perma stun lock). Considering the fact that caster player base declined after 6.2 release (NCWest supported it by nerfing cast speed on transformations without knowing the caps versus attack speed), there might me another decline. P.S. All said applies to PVP only.
  11. @Cyan, harmony/disci season issue

    They did screw it, but don't want to accept the mistake.
  12. Whose ideas are these stupid GP base quests?

    They should nerf GP gained from killing special mobs during siege. Its not worth to do the siege if you know how to PVE guards.
  13. 7 months ago...

    I doubt he intentionally did it. Most likely he landed wrong page...
  14. Wrong Season End Date

    Coz they broke it?
  15. 90 gp on a non siege day?

    I can speak of myself. I didnt turn on my 50 gp quest for Reshanta untill today. I knew that eventually P2W will go away, thats what I was waiting for. Just to add, killing siege guard gives 30+ gp. So 50 GP is nothing on a long run.