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  1. I think you are the only want to wants to believe in it.
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 9, 2019

    @Cyan Hi, will the ridiculous luna price for stat re-tune be adjusted in future?
  3. Confirmed

    Dont want to be a troll, but we all need to buy more luna so they can build and advertise new mobile game
  4. what is really going on?

    ESO is also a good option.
  5. Ncsoft Mentality

    I expect fiasco. I will laugh so hard when AION revenue will be more than that mobile game.
  6. Golden Shugo in FM

    Its already confirmed that they nerfed appearance rate 2 weeks before crappy event with snowballs, so the actual rewards is not shitty as someone else.
  7. Tomorrow Last chance for the game.

    Relax boys, mobile game gets released.
  8. Petition?

    Big thanks for doing it. Please send me forum message if you need any assistance.
  9. GP reset date

    Wait for 6.5 where GP ranks will be season based and current GP wont matter anymore.
  10. Start Petition

    Guys, be aware that this forum is NCwest managed and this topic can be shut down any second, so far looks like Cyan having some vocation and luckily (its actually sad), no one else from NCWest reads it. Going back to main problem, we need to formulate issues we see as a community and as their customers. At the end, we are generating revenue so we cant be ignored. Like mentioned @Rohanna-KT, he is able to help with text but we need the list of complaints and suggestions.
  11. Enhance rates fixed when?

    You could try+14 + 15 with purple, but dont do it the same day. Always make sure to give some break before next enchantment, most of times it works for me.
  12. Start Petition

    Hi Community, Does anyone have the experience where players reach out to CEO directly or by creating sort of petition in order to get sh*t done?
  13. No Daeva Shugo Spawning after Today's Event?

    HE cant do anything, relax.
  14. New server already dead (rant)

    I think people who voted for new server already quit.
  15. Goodbye AION.

    Kind or not, this wont change the fact that game is dead. NCWest did minimal effort to save it here. Looks like they are bunch of people who dont have any power at all.