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  1. Post your Snow Bawlz rewards.

    How many wintry coins u got?
  2. Event Disappointment

    There will be more people leaving the game after getting useless transforms for their mains. Some might be re rolling class, but some will leave... Nice decision making on giving random contracts. Clap Clap.
  3. What keeps you going?

    Waiting for the time when sorc is good in pvp
  4. EC is fixed in later patches. NC wont be spending resources to fix it atm. They are focusing on 7.2 which has the fix. Makes sense?
  5. Ultimate Stones Rates After Enchant O Rama

    So there are some people on the forum that do research before posting bshit.
  6. Let us at least choose the transformation. I dont need random transformation.
  7. Curse Cloud Spell of Spirit Master Should Be Removed with Healing Pot
  8. Arena of Tenancy

    Is it possible to move the window when Arena of Tenancy is open for 1 hr later? This thing doesn't pop... @Cyan please review the request with your team.
  9. +12 stigma conclusion

    Nice stigma set and thanks for keeping servers alive, sad its not enough for administration to spend more time with community. Cyan now logs in just once to post mait details...
  10. Stigma Enchantment Data (+11 stigmas, 164 stones used)

    Stop this, NC want our money. You making them look bad.
  11. @Cyan Stigma Enchanting Rate

    NA has less people who can spend money. On a big scale, NA balances out income by setting high prices. Simple math, better 1 whale then 100 fishes.
  12. @Cyan Stigma Enchanting Rate

    @Cyan ADD safe spot when using stigma stones.
  13. 7.5 INFO HERE NOW !

    "New equipment that can be infinitely enhanced 'infinite gear' has been added." Didnt play 5.X coz of that, time to quit again...
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 6, 2019

    I want more enchantment stones!
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 6, 2019

    What is Enchant-O-Rama? Based on google search, it happened Jan 2017. I just spent 40 hard earned legendary stones.......
  16. Kaisinel Transformation Potion

    Hi @Cyan Please give a chance for players to taste the flavor of Kaisinel transformation. You could add Kaisinel transformation potion as a reward for some sort of weekly quest. In addition, its a good marketing move.
  17. Gameforge 7.2: Shadows Over Red Katalam

    @Cyan please forward community request. Also, there is post in the suggestion section of the forum. THANKS!
  18. Gameforge 7.2: Shadows Over Red Katalam

    What is the point? 7.2 brings +15 stigmas. SAfe +9 is much better than any event
  19. Gameforge 7.2: Shadows Over Red Katalam

    Gratz on 1st post.
  20. Enchantment rate

    I think enchantment rates impacted by how much time you spend in the game and how hard you are trying. Here are mine observations. More you spend in the game - less likely you succeed. w More stones you spend - less likely you succeed. When NC comes and says that enchantment rates are fine, they are probably not looking into all picture and most likely testing on the character that is offline for weeks - higher chance to succeed. Game is using dark patterns to increase its demand and get more of your time, its also known that China has anti addition features in place with 7.0 - maybe some sneaked into NA? But yeah, even 6.2 rates were better... Based on my experience to get a better chance to enchant, suggestion is to stay offline on account for at least 1.5 days and don't do more than 2 enchantment attempts after sign in. It would be great if more people try to follow this suggestion and confirm its working or not.
  21. Anyone still playing since Launch?

    Long story short, its not worth to come back.
  22. +9 Safe Spot Stigma Enchanting Event

    This one is really-really good feature to have. Wonder why its not a part of aion by default...
  23. Arena of Discipline leaderboard statistics

    Teach me how to get opponents every time I queue or at least, best time to queue.
  24. Error 2009 (help me!!)

    Re install windows.
  25. 1 more anniversary event week :D

    Cyan, is it possible to have custom titles like EU or RU has? When saying custom titles, its not the titles that give stats, its just labels above nicknames. There are some for PVE, PVP activities. I think it might bring new flavor to the game in NA.