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  1. I like conspiracy theories and your one makes sense ... if aion classic could live at least 4 month
  2. Better ping for the failed game? I think AION is a passenger in this BNS ride.
  3. Guys, dont be so naive. Game is designed to grind, its not wow where you can play casually. Its KOR game... nothing that comes from there is casual. On top of that, after few years of not giving a shit about this game, you would think NCWest will do something just because they got new CM? Personally, I wish this game would become the game the community wants and that could be driven by the players, not the dude who has no clue...
  4. I was waiting to come back to play AION the moment there will be some good 'catch up' content. Now, Im installing the game to see what hacks can do Quck question, can hacks boost PVP attack/attack stats?
  5. Kinah collected and distributed between bot account for further sale on player auctions. Thanks.
  6. Because of this reason Im not coming back, I think many other players not returning for the same reason. I think even more quit this patch than started playing.
  7. To be honest, if the AION would be more friendly to progress, there will be much higher online. NCWest could generate some good revenue from selling prestige packs (possibly selling user data as well, based on their new ToS, who cares...). I wanted to play many times, but every time stop myself when thinking about the pain of enchanting, those transformations that require month of active game play and many other smaller reasons. Just on a side note, played Black Desert Mobile - perfect game, tons of content and nice graphics, but heavy on p2w. Few month after, only whales are
  8. Just move on over your addition. I did it and it feels great!
  9. What is wrong with the storming egg, what is that? I didnt play but seems like I missed some good opportunity to come back.
  10. Maybe he is returning player and wants to catch up. But I would not return, just troll for sure
  11. Was thinking to come back... Guess that is what waiting me in the game with my T1.
  12. Can you make returning and new player rewards more attractive? Current reward list seems ...meh.
  13. Sad too the Cyan being laid off, now this project is doomed, considering the fact that no one will be replacing Cyan. Maybe Gideon or Hime will be stepping into (if they were not cut as well), which might have negative impact IMHO.
  14. Just find another game, preferably pay to play. Majority f2p games have same problems. Marketing wants to squeeze more $ from players. If you google, there are a lot of dark patterns how to collect more $ from whales and all players in general. Nothing to blame Cyan. He is just the middle man with minor impact on the project. He was put here to make impression that player opinion matters, but does it?.
  15. There will be more people leaving the game after getting useless transforms for their mains. Some might be re rolling class, but some will leave... Nice decision making on giving random contracts. Clap Clap.
  16. Waiting for the time when sorc is good in pvp
  17. EC is fixed in later patches. NC wont be spending resources to fix it atm. They are focusing on 7.2 which has the fix. Makes sense?
  18. So there are some people on the forum that do research before posting bshit.
  19. Let us at least choose the transformation. I dont need random transformation.
  20. Is it possible to move the window when Arena of Tenancy is open for 1 hr later? This thing doesn't pop... @Cyan please review the request with your team.
  21. Nice stigma set and thanks for keeping servers alive, sad its not enough for administration to spend more time with community. Cyan now logs in just once to post mait details...
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