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  1. 2 hours ago, MintyR-DN said:

    If that’s the problem why not just go back to pay to play model or even a buy to play model like games like BDO

    Perfect example of a true free to play game: Path of Exile

    BDO is buy to play and holds itself fairly well although it's just another grind game. Remember Bless online? That was b2p and now the game is shutting down in September after being out in the western market for a year.

    Another factor you have decided to completely ignore: greed.

    Korea has a big competition when it comes to games, thus money is far important than player satisfaction. Both of these things are connected and very few are able to execute that f2p model. 

    Aion was holding itself very well when it came out as f2p in the West, but it remained subscription based in Korea. Now that they went f2p in Korea as well, Aion is a different game. What gives?

  2. Korean MMOs have a different aesthetic compared to western games, Aion has a specific half-realism with touch of anime style and the character customization is fairly vast. Actually, most Asian games have this similar aesthetic. I tried WoW but never could bring myself to play it much either. I spent many years grinding my butt on Korean MMOs, and currently leaning in towards FFXIV (even bought the game already).

    MXM failed because it was overpowered by titans such as LoL and Dota2, let's remember that.

    NCSOFT has a bad habit of shutting down games if it brings them no profit, and the issue stems with the free to play model and greed. A model like that only brings a burst of players for a while but numbers eventually drop, forcing the company to come up with a crazy idea as fast as possible that could bring them benefit. In case of Aion, it's the transformation system. Aion was a fantasy MMORPG and should have stayed that way, but right now it lost its title of "fantasy", it's a furry's paradise.

  3. 27 minutes ago, Plezurenpain-DN said:

    There used to be a sub in Aion which is now called prestige.  Seeing how he's a returning player, he probably played back when there were subs available which gave extra perks if you had one like how prestige does now.

    I know Aion used to have a sub (I've known about the game since its release), however I was thinking he meant Gold Pack in EU which technically can be considered a sub.

  4. I would consider it strange to quit a game because of a legion that brought you bad experience. 

    You have to play the game yourself in order to see whether it's "worth it" because that is always very subjective. Had it not been for the awful management, NA would be holding itself fairly well. There's a new class coming out on 21st, so if you wanna wait til then and check out then be my guest, but if not, remember leveling is very fast compared to older days. (You can hit max level in 24 hours if you're dedicated enough).

    PvE is easy, you just do certain instances in order, you get gear, rinse and repeat. This is fairly dreadful because the drop rates for certain parts are bad, meaning some part of the gear just never drops. PvP wise, you buy gear with Genesis Crystals (though I'd suggest to now wait for the new patch), from there you need tons of mats and AP to upgrade, rinse and repeat til you have ultimate +15.

    The most dissatisfying part of the game is the transformation system. You'll see what I mean when you start playing.

  5. Did you check DN server for the SW? Could be there but not appearing.

    To start over is something you have to decide for yourself. A lot of things changed since 3.x, specially skills. You can try and familiarize yourself on the glad if you want, or try another class to get a feel of the game.

  6. On 8/9/2019 at 3:03 PM, ryzen-EK said:

    kuby that happened to me when ive try'ed to play there...after lvl 25 i wass "locked"of play'ing the game without gold pack..thing's has changed ,but still crapy if you lvl to 80 and can not use broker and lfg...gameforge shi..t!i never go back there again,prefer to wait here with 2,3 weeks delay then go back there!gameforge shit.y rules!

    Really? I have no problem playing EU. Once you buy your first GP you can just keep farming kinah and keep buying it off broker like normal. What you're saying there is from 5.x era or earlier, but in 6.x it became very different. Although I currently have like 100 days left, I'm leaning more towards playing Final Fantasy XIV instead.

  7. 2 hours ago, 2s105714-DN said:

    For me it seems easier in a way but there is no point soloing. You get 1 legendary drop in probably 5 runs. Rest of the things are boxes and stuff  that everyone can loot. I can solo it easily with not even full legendary but duo is just a lot faster. This way I can do it on all my undergeared alts for kinah. Here is the amount of kinah from 4 runs (you can do 5 with scroll from gold sand shop - 2 ingots), each run is 2 boxes so 8 random items you can vendor.


    Note here that on EU you can sell to npc for 3x the price of inventory sell. Do this on alts and it's easy kinah.

    Yeah, this one is great, but unfortunately, the sales on NA are 10% or less (inventory sales that is, even lesser at NPC) for both prestige and non-prestige users.

  8. 15 minutes ago, Euphoria-DN said:

    Nah Tia was a complete clusterf**k of epic proportions unlike almost any other. This pales to them snatching the reward npc out and making ppl wait over a week to find the new pricing expecting a 4-6 markup only to get boned with a 10 times mark up which really did well by all. Backlash was so bad they had to throw in a power up event for the weekend with no advanced notice claiming it was planned all along.

    Still I guess we should be grateful we got a little something in the end here today it is just a shame they couldn't examine the rewards and event BEFORE releasing it to us as they do pretty much all events.

    True to that, but damn, when did NCWest ever double check the rewards and think "maybe this ain't a good idea after all".

  9. 8 minutes ago, Suh-EK said:

    I'm not defending them, but i also dont expect anything from them with the track record they have. Everyone over here expecting fragments and pvp stones getting their hopes ups. Thats your own fault trying to speak it into existence. 

    There's nothing wrong in hoping for something better in a game that you love and spent so many years playing.