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  1. 21 minutes ago, Samurai-EK said:

    Do you have a monthly subscription? Because I do. Yes I'm demanding a name reset and server upgrade to benefit my gameplay. 


    That's a nice attempt to troll, my friend. As IF you deserve anything at all lol.

  2. 6 minutes ago, Aly-DN said:

    "Could imply". Alright. Fine. But you did note where they said that account sharing on it's own will not get you banned. Right? As in.. they aren't running around looking for those filthy account sharers! BUT.. if you account is suspended or banned for something else and you say, "Officer! It wasn't me! It was my.. umm.. brother! He has my account details and logged my account in and.. um.. it wasn't me! Please give me my account back!" Support is going to tell you to go pound sand and then show you that page.

    I've shared an account with my friend when I was out of town and she'd do some event runs for me back in 5.x. I returned the favor when she was away with her account. Since we're like BFFs, we trusted each other and nothing went missing (in fact, she upgraded my gears and stigmas lol). Of course the example you gave happens all the time, but some things seem to be too coincidental, if you know what I mean. 

  3. I know some ping reducers do change your IP to decrease the latency, but at this point I'm waiting to get banned for just any reason. Basically NCWest doesn't even want South American players to play.

    Seems NA Aion is heading towards that Bless Online direction, but at this point Bless will have more players lol.

  4. Sorry friend, NA is currently the saddest region here. Not like many want to move somewhere else after working their asses for years, y'know. For now just focus on one toon, you can focus on alts later. Do Mirash and CoE for some gears, it'll be easier for FM and BoS.

  5. Mirash sometimes can drop a stigma bundle. If you do Crucible Spire, you can use the coins to get stigma bundles, but it's just easier to buy it off broker.

    The main issue with this current region is the lack of kinah gain. Your best bet is to gather all, sell all. If you have crafting mats, sell it at broker. If you get gear you don't use from instances, sell it. So far it's the only way to gain kinah. Also you can craft kinah bundle from Luna but sometimes it requires too many mats, it usually gives between 5m and 25m kinah.

  6. 1 minute ago, Aly-DN said:

    Right. But we didn't get the temporary changes that EU got. That's why people are still posting their temp changes. We are just trying to remind Cyan that we are still waiting.

    True, but it proves that the publisher CAN change GST at will and therefore Korea has nothing to do with it. NCWest simply refuses to bother.

    3 minutes ago, Vantheria-DN said:

    That's okayyyyy! Journey comes out on PC tomorrow. :x That will entertain me for the next week lel.

    Visuals remind me of Ori and the Blind Forest. Might give it a try.

  7. 4 minutes ago, What-EK said:

    Nah I don’t mean something like tia eye event (the event was fine until cyan did the sneak nerf), I’m talking about making a Classic option on the server select screen. Even if it’s for a limited time. The game is super casual now compared to what it used to be like, the aion we have now is almost mostly single player while classic aion felt like a true mmo. Blah 

    1. Cyan has nothing to do with the nerfs. He's just a "link" between the players and his superiors that do these changes. Nerfs were announced by Hime, the Community Manager.

    2. I would vouch for a classic server, but people have mixed feelings which patch was best and would simply create more conflict within the community.

    3. Korea doesn't want to keep update NA to its good shape, and since their classic server failed, it'd fail here too.

  8. 6 minutes ago, What-EK said:

    something that gameforge and korea did for Tera was release the classic version for a limited time, much like an event for a few months. Then that progress got brought over to the live version of the game. although it's out of ncwest's hands to do this on their own (bringing classic back) without the approval of korea, an event of classic would be even just that bit nostalgic for the majority of us. just a thought? sounds kinda lame and poo but it is what it is

    We had something like that, it was called Tiamaranta's Eye event and it was a complete disaster.

  9. You had to be level 80 on EK server to be able to receive the rewards from the survey, and it only applied to EK server. If you changed servers or wasn't level 80 beforehand, you won't get the rewards.

  10. 3 minutes ago, Matsukamy-KT said:

    KR also has kinah straight form Quna. That's where it came from.

    We also "have it" in a sense that we can buy kinah bundles from luna.

    That's correct, but the ratio between our Luna and ncoins is inflated compared to Quna in Korea. They don't have to craft it and ours demand too many mats for it.