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  1. I’m in roughly the same boat. I log in at random times mainly just to beat up darus. Decided to last week and was like what the ffffffffffff lol. Slowly restarting
  2. I played vandal for like a month after hitting 80 when they first came out. They definitely slap, but yea not the same. and yeah every time I even go near Aion pvp it's a death fest featuring mostly just me no matter what class. note: im always solo and nothing's enchanted lolo
  3. lmfao I didn’t mean F U in a bad way at the time I didn’t know what else to put in the plate it was like 2016 or something I’m with you on Aion though. Still wish they’d market hard but no one likes anime even me, and yeah it’s a 10 year old title but it’s home
  4. Holy mother of Moses I can't believe you found that! Man I wonder what else is out there lol, i really really shouldve kept everything because so many hours and memes omg looooool let me know if you ever find out about the fanfic. wonder what that person is up to these days. i wonder what all the old posters are doing anymore
  5. Nice grats. I might give GW another try since better pc now. atm it’s pew pew boom zap in D2 oh holy fck I just remembered. Remember that time I made the license plate in GTAV that said “F U Cake”!? I put a pic of it on forums once(didn’t I??), I kid you not, it’s still there and I’ve moved the game, redownloaded and all. Guess that mod element got left behind or something idk. Hilarious though, every time I go back and mess around in GTA, I’m always reminded
  6. Oh yeah we’ll def start with masks. Watch for fully digital transparent masks in the near future if not already. id wear one
  7. Ohhh corona anxiety yeah I have a friend that refuses to leave her house but she’s also addicted to Starbucks. Sometimes life can just be unbearable maybe it’s time for humanity to advance and evolve into wearing futuristic suits that protect us from viruses, other airborne threats. Suits are coming and everyone knows it. Might just be another thousand years
  8. You mention being scared to go outside, can you DM me the deets? I already said something about 2A but yeah def 2A
  9. Yeah this coaster blows! this year is a true test of American resilience and adaptability im basically water
  10. Yep we had murder hornets. virus riots hornets east coast quakes beirut bombings fast and furious Chik-Fi-la changes name to They-Fi-la after backlash “Dudes back was shaped like a dorito” - The Story of George Washington heavy rains umbrella phalanxes lol DWOT ? ....and were only half way lol
  11. Oh wow yeah some articles suggest it was strongest since 1916. didn’t we make contact with aliens or something also this year? 2020 is WYLD
  12. Oh man that sounds unsatisfying af If your neighbors ever bring you lactose desserts you have to be honest with them good luck
  13. Sure you can, I googled vegan cheesecake and found 1.7 trillion recipes! Betting every one of them tastes like my deepest insecurities.
  14. You would HATE living in our house. It’s a corner house, meaning all the houses surrounding us pretty much face us directly. meaning every time, literally all times, I go and do literally anything outside and I can feel the staring. Sometimes they just sit there blatantly watching me. take a f*cking picture Dičk, it’ll last longer lol you poser wannabe me
  15. Oh snap, they know your name very well but they’re throwing subtle shade by calling you the wrong name. I know this bc I do this to a neighbor of mine. His real name is like Charles or something but to me, it’s nyerk. ?‍♂️ (Edit: it’s not nyerk, it’s DIČK) get ready for the covid swab! At least it’s not a covid catheter
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