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  1. Dream World

    TOP COMMENT GOD! I have a video on youtube of me trying with 700+ coins and a 2nd video I am unsure if I will post that had me attempt over 1k coins... awful no ultimate and worse there was no middle grade rewards. Imagine if it was something so simple as deava essence, devionion skills maybe ancinet transforms??? ... NOPE pure rubbish
  2. lmaoooooo literally why they are doing this...
  3. @Kibbelz @Loki HELP!!! =(
  4. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    This has been the funniest Aion thread and its not even close. This is clearly the right decision and it should of been made a week ago but my favorite part of this was that you came up with a terrible idea to remove 300 players transform (and every combination after that).... the amount of work that would go into that is just insane. Well its hard to admit u were wrong but kudos to u guys for finally admitting it!
  5. KT bugged (breaking news)

    [#Aion] All game servers will be down for an emergency maintenance on 9/22 at 2:30 PM CT to correct the issue affecting the NPCs. Thank you for your patience! ETA ~40 minutes 3:17 PM · Sep 22, 2020·Hootsuite Inc. Thats from Aion Twitter...
  6. KT bugged (breaking news)

    The best part is everyone said that they feared it would happen today and it still did lol good job ghuys!
  7. Anyone know what this is for? They don't normally do this unless people are exploiting events and such... so what is it?
  8. Its more event coins I believe so its the same rewards that the nightmare coin trader npc.
  9. I like the idea of the new event map that we can meet players of the other faction! This looks interesting and the rewards look pretty cool I don't like shugo sweep thats a clear P2W event but eh the rewards aren't anything too crazy so I'm excited to experience this event! =)
  10. Feedback: Event Thread

    Lol I don't have Ultimate transform (not yet) ;) but I think somethings shouldn't be available directly.
  11. Feedback: Event Thread

    I should of been clear.. This idea for this event is more of an Anniversary event idea. I think we do need more legendary transformation events because so far we have had only like 4 or 5 the past 3 years. But legendary transforms would not be a good idea for an instance like Smoldering fire temple because how often it drops and how you can do it on all characters.
  12. Feedback: Event Thread

    lmaooooo idk whats more laughable the fact that u are so mad about me giving an opinion or the fact you think NCSOFT will create a new event to satisfy ur crying
  13. Feedback: Event Thread

    We don't need ultimate transformation events we just need more events for legendary transformations tbh but I've been thinking and the best event would be to bring back Smoldering Fire Temple with updated rewards. Common Chest could contain random chance of 1 or a few of these Gemstone shard Shining gemstone shard Runestone shard Transparent transformations Transformation 62 types Event coin Legendary Bloodmark x3 Ultimate Bloodmark x1 Smoldering Fire temple reset scroll Abyssal Fragment x5 PVP Enchantment stones PVE Enchantment stones Greater Chest could contain random chance of 1 or a few of these Cube expansion Dazzling Gemstone Shard Greater Transformation x3 Ancient Transformation Selectable 100% enchantment stone Paragon enchantment stone Ultimate manastone selection bundle Ultimate demaha weapon selection box I'm sure I'm missing lots of possible rewards here but tbh I feel like an event like this would please current active players and make returning players more likely stay or even return to the game. What do u guys think?
  14. Tbh I'm extremely disappointed. Last year we had the anniversary coin event which was absolutely AMAZING that event was great for returning players and active players alike. Even this being a teaser event to incoming events this month is a slap to the face to the community. Give us rewarding events with great rewards to switch up the grind a bit! Smoldering fire temple, Shugo Deava Dash, Kumuki Cave these old school events can be so draining but with the right rewards can be so worth it! Only when those events were active was the LFG list full.
  15. Outrageous

    Well instead of complaining about it you can start to farm legendary transforms now and get ready for the next transformation event because they said they would do this for every transformation event. I know its NOT easy to farm legendary transforms but its not impossible... This event right now is a great and easy way to get 1 legendary transform and tons of ancients to combine to get legendary. AS is always an option to farm leg contracts. Lugbug weekly Luna transformation bundle crafts future events I think u can pretty easily farm 4 legendary transforms in 2 months as a casual player. The hardcore can probably do 8-10... That means just save them for the next transform event and boom u will have consumed enough legendary transforms to get ur free ultimate.