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  1. Nono guys this is fair... I farmed 1500 experience marks to get the Arzaphel xform and now farming 1500 experience marks more for Ariel while someone else gets to take advantage of this event to get both for free... and two extra ones! 🥴🥴🥴 NCSOFT do you understand how hard it is to farm 3k experience marks???? Do you understand how much kinah that is?!?!
  2. So are you sure it only happens once a day?
  3. What do you mean... players that have been playing that got ultimate transformation and 100% movement speed either spent tons of money or worked very hard and a long time to get it. The jump system works exactly how its supposed to... it got you to come back and try it out. This isn't a game that you can be maxed out in a week. If you work hard and play a ton it can happen pretty fast but if you are casual it will take months.
  4. This is pretty crazy... Its odd to me that there was no event info for this so it makes me think its a bug or error on ncsofts part. That being said good on you for sharing this. Keep fighting the good fight.
  5. We have been getting some decent events lately and its good and all but we haven't had an event that drops event coins since January? Shouldn't there be event coins that drop for every single event? I know I would be much happier to run SL and PF 10x on multiple toons if the last boss drops a 10 coin bag at the end for each person in the group.... idk thats just me tho. 😃 Also maybe add some more items to the event coin vendor like paragon gear, sanctifying dust/ potions, maybe even HIGH GRADE renown pots and AOA accs for the last tab. If you guys want to have an active player bas
  6. yeah its not working its a bug idk if thats even supposed to be there
  7. Nice video man! Ty for helping the community! +1 sub ❤️
  8. yes @Kibbelzthis is a real problem please address this...
  9. It sucks that you tried ur luck with the box and got shit. You should of just asked around before you bought it. This event is good for players who were not prepared for the last ultimate transform event and got ready for it because it was eventually gonna come. Buying coins from the bcm is just purely for the p2w try hard players who are either new to the game or want more ultimate xforms than they already have.
  10. Thank you Kibbelz but do try to communicate with us in the forums more often.. we miss you ❤️ ALSO there should be more ways to farm blessed paragon stones They know they lost a ton of players and they need to show some strong figures for the first quarter of the 2021. I figure thats why those were added.
  11. There are a lot of new events coming tomorrow plus 7.8? So maybe they are making sure they announce everything correctly before posting in a hurry and we get upset because they missed something.
  12. This is really sad but look, click on Loki and Kibblez names on the forums. They literally log in Tuesday night to copy and paste a maintenance post and maybe read one or two comments and reply and log off till the following Tuesday. They spend a total of maybe 10 minutes a week on the forums... they aren't community managers they are part time employees of NCsoft. =( I was really working hard on making Aion youtube videos but whats the point if the community is dying and the CMs aren't even active to prevent more players from leaving. Why stay when the ppl running the show clearly d
  13. Idk whats going on when Kibblez first joined NCsoft he was very active answering everyone's questions and communicating every day. The past few weeks he logs in to give update on weekly maintenance and thats it. 😔 What happened did they demote you to part time? 😭 If they did let me know so we can riot!
  14. @Kibbelzwhen we got the last ultimate transform promotion about 6 months ago you said there would be more to come. Can we get an ETA for when its going to be? I already got mine last event but for everyone else who is waiting for it would be good to know! I'm sure lots of ppl would return for the next ultimate transform promotion event. Also add more ways to farm paragon gear pls. 😃 Maybe add paragon gear to the event merchant? =D
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