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  1. Yes bro I'm good. 🙏 Thank you for asking. How are you doing?
  2. Yo first off its not cool to make fun of people with down syndrome thats not okay in any way. 2nd I NEVER SAID THEY WERE MY FRIEND. It was someone who watched my videos and felt bad and said he/she is selling on broker to me because they were quitting. 3rd IDK how people get +10 legit or not legit but it happens this was just the other night. LAST TIME I'M POSTING ON FOURMS This is me with my paragon armor and pargon wep +9 and the same skin before I reskinned it
  3. Because I've already show you my wep is +9 because everyone thought it was 15. Now everyone is saying my armor is 15 buts it's 9 lol I could literally give everyone access to my account and that wouldn't make you people happy. I might make a YouTube video later showing all my +9 gear but I don't like everyone knowing all my gear because then people say "oH yOu sHoUld bEaT eVeRyOnE 🥴" but I'm just not that good at this game. 🤣 It is odd that I skined my gear 2 days ago except for the fact that everyone said it was ugly so I had to replace it with something better. 🥺
  4. Guys this is too good... I been busy with RL so not able too keep up with every conversation. 🤣 I said I have a few pieces +9 paragon how many I actually have thats for you to wonder. 🙃 I don't owe any of you an explanation of my gear but I've been waiting to switch my under combined wep to yornforge once upgraded. I was hoping we would get another paragon event so I could try to +10. And as for my skin... yes I did skin my armor just a few days ago and it is my ONLY pieces of paragon gear. You guys think I have 2 sets of paragon +15 and +9??? Lmao 🤣
  5. Yeah I just changed the skin a few days ago its the Marchutan protector set. The previous skin is the reward from crafting skin its in my luna wardrobe.
  6. I paid for it with Kinah... thats the way it works on the broker. Idk how you buy your items on the broker with USD. 🤣 Imma just chill guys cuz you are just screenshoting everything even on discord that you can't prove it's me.... let's all wait and we will see how this all plays out. 😁
  7. Why would I stop replying? This is hilarious and when did I ever contradict myself?
  8. This is amazing 🤣 You even made up a back story of how I got my Paragon gear. Apparently I have GM friends and unlimited Paragon stones? Go watch my YouTube videos kid I struggled to just enchant one item to +7. I got my pieces from the broker and it was someone who said they were quitting. I don't have any GM friends I wish I did but I can show you countless tickets I've put into ncsoft and they won't help me. I don't even know of one GM in this game. 🤣
  9. These ss have literally nothing to do with Paragon gear. I already said I have +9 Paragon But you guys don't listen very well. I will provide screenshots when I get home not only that but any other information you may have about me feel free to send to ncsoft and let them handle it if there is some sketchy activity involved they will know. 🙃
  10. Mine is +9 and it doesn't have the glow tho lol I have a few pieces +9 paragon I can show you the SS when I get home. Just relax a bit and wait. 😁
  11. Lol there are bugs in this game where the graphics switch and I became a freaking tree does that mean I'm a tree? I'm not home but when I get there I will SS my gear and show you guys. @MechEagIe-DN I never said I enchanted the paragon +9 gear myself I bought it on broker. Please help yourself to my aion YouTube videos where you can see me trying epicly just to get to +7. I know how hard enchanting is.
  12. Dang this Devil fellow has some nice damage. My weapon and few pieces are +9... its silly I have to come on the forums to tell everyone... but here I am. If everyone is so comfortable sharing their gear details why does everyone keep view details blocked.
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