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  1. Katalam Server bugged again!

    Comon guys how can we farm exp during this event if we can't target anything.... Missing out on all my AS for the day.
  2. Katalam Server bugged again!

    Yeah server is bugged reset fast please. ITS SUNDAY FUNDAY!
  3. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    Just saw the post about bringing back SAS and exp boost. This is amazing that they are listening to the player base on the forums and I have to give credit when its due. =) Hope it all comes true!
  4. thank you for hearing out our exp farming issues are bringing back SAS. 💓
  5. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    When did u get compensation? I'm still waiting and if it is only 10... that is laughable and goes to show you that the people who run the game don't even know how it works.
  6. All I got from what Kibbelz said is we won't see AS for a very long time. =(
  7. So it's been 10 days since AS has been taken out of game and we don't even know why. Last time you mentioned AS you said we could hear about it soon or not.... lol what does that even mean? I want to know if we are going to be getting AS soon so I can decide if I want to renew my prestige and continue to play. If not thats fine I'll come back when it does but I think I speak for all of us when I say we would just like to know what is going on. AS might seem like just an instance to you guys but its one of the best parts of the game. @Kibbelz
  8. Farming EXP Mark

    I mean every way is slow way to farm legendary transforms. I do this and the weekly lugbug... what other way is there to do besides wait for an event?
  9. Farming EXP Mark

    Thats why I said I reset it 8 times a day. I know it costs luna but at least it was really fast exp and I was farming two things at once. EXP and legendary transform.
  10. Farming EXP Mark

    Okay so I can't be the only one who thinks this but isn't it extremely hard to gain experience and farm exp marks? The previous patch we gained a lot more exp from quests and we also got double exp events often and tons of events that gave tons of Berdin stars. This patch has been around for over two months and we haven't had a solid event yet. Its cool and all that we have renown boosts but why get higher renown when you can't afford the the rewards of higher renown? Every week we can buy 8 legendary apostle transformation shards with renown rewards. If you buy 4 that costs 60 EXPIERENCE MARKS... if you buy all 8 thats 120 marks per week!!! I talk to people who play all day and they make about 10 to 20 marks a week. I was farming in udas and they removed the mobs so I can't sit and farm all day. So then I started to farm SAS and I reset every day on my main about 8 times until it cost 100 luna per run to farm exp marks that way. Now that SAS is gone too there is nothing else I can farm to make a decent amount of experience. I understand the gms don't get the mechanics of the game and whats going on but really when its this hard to progress in this game it makes me less likely to play.
  11. What exactly is the problem with SAS?

    Just got back from my 7 day vacation that was not related at all to the ban wave from NCSOFT.... but SAS should come back immediately. Thats how people who weren't around for previous events farm stuff. Thats also how I farm exp I reset the instance every day 4 times just to get all the exp I can get. Now I really don't have decent ways of farming exp =(