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  1. Thank you Kibbelz but do try to communicate with us in the forums more often.. we miss you ❤️ ALSO there should be more ways to farm blessed paragon stones They know they lost a ton of players and they need to show some strong figures for the first quarter of the 2021. I figure thats why those were added.
  2. There are a lot of new events coming tomorrow plus 7.8? So maybe they are making sure they announce everything correctly before posting in a hurry and we get upset because they missed something.
  3. This is really sad but look, click on Loki and Kibblez names on the forums. They literally log in Tuesday night to copy and paste a maintenance post and maybe read one or two comments and reply and log off till the following Tuesday. They spend a total of maybe 10 minutes a week on the forums... they aren't community managers they are part time employees of NCsoft. =( I was really working hard on making Aion youtube videos but whats the point if the community is dying and the CMs aren't even active to prevent more players from leaving. Why stay when the ppl running the show clearly d
  4. Idk whats going on when Kibblez first joined NCsoft he was very active answering everyone's questions and communicating every day. The past few weeks he logs in to give update on weekly maintenance and thats it. 😔 What happened did they demote you to part time? 😭 If they did let me know so we can riot!
  5. @Kibbelzwhen we got the last ultimate transform promotion about 6 months ago you said there would be more to come. Can we get an ETA for when its going to be? I already got mine last event but for everyone else who is waiting for it would be good to know! I'm sure lots of ppl would return for the next ultimate transform promotion event. Also add more ways to farm paragon gear pls. 😃 Maybe add paragon gear to the event merchant? =D
  6. I'm hoping its because they have another event or update to announce but tbh they are probably just being lazy or forgot lol
  7. The GM probably saw you 5 star Xform to kill one person 🥰
  8. Okay this might sound rude and mean but its my honest opinion... I think NCsoft should let another company handle Aion NA. You guys don't even test new events or patches you just copy paste it and it clearly shows. EVERY SINGLE event or patch we get has countless bugs and 90% of the time NCsoft doesn't know what the bug is because they don't understand the game mechanics. I know that this is a very dead game but there are still the loyal players that buy prestige/ and spend lots of hard earned money in the BCM. It is wrong of NCsoft to spend so little time on a game that they have such a d
  9. @KibbelzTia eye is bugged cant even enter more than 2 seconds before getting kicked.
  10. Katalam is bugged don't remove the snowballs and npcs yet I didn't get the chance to collect the rewards on all my alts =(
  11. Go to Vegas and complain about losing ur money while gambling in a casino everyone there will laugh at you. You do the same here don't expect to get a different result.
  12. Thats odd I thought you guys have been off since last year. 🤣 Merry Xmas and happy holidays
  13. Seriously its been 3 days of this insane lag and I can't do anything. =( I can't be the only one who is dealing with this it makes the game completely unplayable. Someone help me!
  14. These rewards aren't anything to be overly excited about but I am excited that u heard us out and changed it! So thank you NCsoft 😃 I am still gonna run this casually for the legendary xform and ulti enchantments
  15. Glad someone is trying... thank u
  16. @Kibbelzthe rewards aren't just not good they are god awful. We have had events where the rewards were bad but this takes the cake. Its like the ncsoft team doesn't understand how easy it is to get each of those rewards during normal game play. We have had events where we can afk and get 10x the rewards in just one day. Its not hard to change something and Ncsoft has shown the ability to change something when they want to or when they deem necessary. Comon this is one of the more fun events and I hate to miss out on it because of crappy rewards. Log into the game and see nobody is recru
  17. I was so excited when I saw the Daeva Dash title and then I saw the rewards and LOL'd You get 6 event coins per run if you win.... thats it. You can't even put those event coins in account WH. The class masters event gave you 10-100 coins per character just for logging in that could be put in account wh 🥴🥴🥴 NCsoft is clown shoes 🤡
  18. Hello all I am wondering what happened to the old non pve and pvp accessories that we could buy last patch in lakrum and gelkmaros for genesis crystal and titan coins? Where can we buy them now? Thanks, also love the new forum look! #😈
  19. Thanks for this, sad that this is coming from a player and not an admin or someone who works for NCsoft tho... Anyways what exactly is Polymorph skills? Are there any new gemstones coming out in 7.7?
  20. When can we expect to get the rewards from the transformation promotion? Is it the same as the previous events where it was a week after the event is removed? @Kibbelz
  21. @Kibbelz @Loki any info on if the transformation rewards is per account or per character? Do I have to use 500 transform contracts on one character or can it be the total of all the transform contracts on my account?
  22. Why did servers go down? Anyone know what the bug was this time? =/
  23. TOP COMMENT GOD! I have a video on youtube of me trying with 700+ coins and a 2nd video I am unsure if I will post that had me attempt over 1k coins... awful no ultimate and worse there was no middle grade rewards. Imagine if it was something so simple as deava essence, devionion skills maybe ancinet transforms??? ... NOPE pure rubbish
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