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  1. This might not be exactly an "issue", but can we have the items description back to the BCM? By that I mean the "this item can be used once for appearance change" so we can actually know what's re-skinnable or not? Having to buy to find out isn't really nice. Before someone tells me to check database or anything, there are items which have different codes and might be skinnable once or not depending on it, so not a solution. @Cyan
  2. Aw, I see. I only use one type of legendary pot, but I understand your concern. Idk then
  3. I haven't been able to play for a while so I haven't seen that yet, but maybe only the box will be gone? Try picking out the contents from one of them and check if it still says the same. Maybe it just works like those temperings that you had 7 days to use, but the effect is still permanent. Just my random guess.
  4. The Christmas Decoration is so pretty...

    The real question is: why isn't Viola together with the other minions? ; ;
  5. Long Awaited Event

    Still think we'll have snowballs, just closer to the end of the month. Assuming it runs for 3 weeks like usual (for that event specifically) if it starts next week on the 11 there will still be enough weeks to complete 3 of them. Or at least I hope so. Plus there wouldn't be any issue in having it run together with the current one since we basically just talk to NPCs.
  6. Any news on the transparency scrolls or are we really supposed to be living off 10 scrolls for 3 gold bar a week? @Cyan
  7. Cloth Skill

    I assume you're under level 10? You receive the ability to wear a different type of gear after you level up, however if after level 10 you still can't it means your class is just not able to use cloth gear. The only classes that can use ATM are sorc, sm and songweaver. Other classes use different types of armor.
  8. Excessive loading time fix?

    The game is not supposed to load that bar everytime you open it unless you sendlog/have an update/restart computer. Go to your aion folder > dump > config.ini (or something like that). Right click it and go to properties, check if that file is set as read only, if it is uncheck it and try loading the game, the first time should do a big loading so try twice to see if it goes away.
  9. Daevanion Skill By Instance

    No worries, thank you for the answer! Now I can do COE a bit more hopeful
  10. Aion: Awakened Legacy - November 14 Patch Notes

    Greatly disappointed at the shards price and the ability to buy only 10 transparent scrolls a week.. Sigh
  11. Daevanion Skill By Instance

    Hey, did you get it on NA version? Cause I know someone who got it on EU, but would like confirmation if we really can get it here so I can actually do COE with a little bit of hope lol
  12. [Souvenir] Dragon Lord Tiamat Wall Decoration

    I don't know about that specific one, but the Stormwing souvenir did drop for me and a friend twice in a row despite the level range (we were both 80 and no gear aside from souvenir dropped), so if it does still exist I believe the level won't make it impossible, just harder to drop maybe. Good luck!
  13. Add These Item To Shop / Please Fix

    I agree with the shards part, they would indeed be useful.

    Oh come on, you can easily burn 20 scrolls if you're "actively playing" as you say. This patch is not alt friendly at all as everything is untradeable, why would I have to play my alts to be able to see my characters as they were made to be? It's not an excuse not to play at all, sure, but saying that I have to play 4+ characters daily just so I can have a decent amount of transparent scrolls is just silly. Not to mention you have to do that for 7 days straight.
  15. Manastones

    I also have yet to understand what's the point in making something untradeable directly, but still tradeable through broker, it messes up minion loot and we can't pass stuff to alts. We still can do it in the risky broker way, so if the point was to make things completely untradeable, the broker makes literally no sense..