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  1. Let's talk about 7.0

    Anyone knows anything about the new minions? I know they have same stats as our current ones, so are they copyrighted to Korea or is there a chance we might actually get them?
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 7, 2019

    TSH didn't drop, at least for my level. So far just COE and Mirash
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 7, 2019

    Yes, I said it can give more, someone got 50 even. But even so you can still get just 5.
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 7, 2019

    How long will this event be for? 1200 coins seem nearly impossible with people getting 5 coins a box (yes it can give more), and it's not even 100% a drop. If it's only til the new patch. Unless we have to drop resets again
  5. Dorinerk's Wardrobe: How It Works

    You can click the little arrow to replace current skin/armor with another one, but you will not get the previous one back in your inventory, it's gone forever.
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 24, 2019

    Ruining the one good thing we had, ok.
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 10, 2019

    Please give us cheaper transparent scrolls, really all I ask. ; ;
  8. Thank you so much for this! (The transparent scrolls are still kinda expensive, but everything else is just great)
  9. Kaisinel transform

    Why is that sad? The fact that he wants to show how lucky he was and didn't have to spend a dime? To me that's a greater accomplishment. Anyways, congratulations!
  10. we need change the rule!pls

    You just described the event right there.
  11. Uau P2W Event..... Pls take point on our feedback

    Funny how so many people are complaining wanting legendaries, and few players are trying to defend a point where they got legendaries just by playing. Seems like you were the lucky one with RNG, but if it was this easy we'd all have legendaries just by doing instances like you're saying. What do you think people have been doing all this time? Afking in city and now suddenly want a new transform to afk harder? I've been doing all possible instances (excluding PVP) and from the few ancients I did get from contracts, they all failed into a legendary. Stop trying to pretend you didn't p2w your nyerk to get a legendary by pretending all you did was play like the rest of us. And even if you did get it through playing, you can clearly see how failed your math is when half the community is stuck with an ancient or not even that. I'm sorry you spent so much of your money to get one and now is upset players would like to get one as well.
  12. It was sarcasm, but maybe Aly can enlighten you lol
  13. Super reasonable when making kinah is so easy! Thank you for your input. At least SFT dropped scrolls for players.
  14. Proxy users geting banned

    I use it and got banned too, they already unbanned me but kinda scared to log back in with it.
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    Dude I can post wherever I want, cause this is an NC issue and they are banning people for no reason after this maintenance, especially now during an event where we can't miss a single day if we don't want to be screwed. But mind you, my issue is solved.