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  1. Unlimited entry BoS?

    That also happens if the person you're checking entries for happens do be dced. Just a bug though.
  2. IDD was buffed A LOOOOOOT

    lol at people with full ultimate bragging about finishing the instance people do to actually get ultimates.... Bjorn has a point.
  3. Was the 1 gold bar consumables box intended to be removed?
  4. Account Trading Items

    I wish there was that possibility.. now that even skins are untradable I'm seriously running out of space since I can't use my alts to store them unless I want to lose kinah everytime I need to pass something for my main. Just sad.
  5. Saturday/Sunday IDD/PF report

    Any source? Or is Korea like that?
  6. Saturday/Sunday IDD/PF report

    The 2 IDDs I did also dropped no ultimates. PF was a little better with 2 out of 4, but only 1 item we actually needed.
  7. Feeling Real Guilty... (Just need ur POV)

    People in my groups have had extra funs back in the AOE days with the generator boss due to my constant crashes, I know how you feel, but at some point there was nothing I could do lol If they're your friends that's one less reason to worry about it, my friends knew whenever they ran with me they had chances of me either crashing or having my cat turn off the wifi so they just got used to it.
  8. I know it's not nice, but if NC were to put the scrolls for that pricing, you'd be paying for the scroll stats and not to hide your appearance only (since it's same price as a regular scroll atm). IMO it would be just perfect since we don't have old scrolls anymore, it's the only viable option.
  9. PF's Drop

    Completely stupid how you need luck to get a drop and then luck to get what you need (and hope you're the only one who needs it).
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 6, 2019

    This price and being unlimited would be such a blessing.
  11. Mighty Morphing Minium

    Yes, please. I've been hoping for that ever since they decided to split the minium grades. I even upgraded my B and C minions cause why not.. Never get good amounts of A.
  12. Daevanion skill books

    I feel you. Honestly for me, making them stackable would make the issue a lot better. I have skills in my inventory, pets, I barely have space for anything anymore.
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 27, 2019

    Like others I'm just here to say how much I hope you guys make transparent scrolls as available as the current "normal" ones. Transparent should be the default ones, not these. Honestly if I wanted to be a balaur from the start I'd certainly wouldn't be playing a game where I look like an human lol not to mention it ruins completely all the motions I worked hard for, cause they are now all male looking and my char is female. Skins are useless now. I always hoped Aion would one day allow us to use skins on a different gear slot instead of making it forever lost in one armor set, but now we can't even see our skins at all. It just got worse..
  14. Something needs to be done about PvE

    Yes, everyone loves to do 50 runs to be rewarded with nothing but minium. Sounds about right.
  15. Aion NA needs Kinah adquisition improvement.

    He's not saying the pack itself is bad, just that if you want extra entries the old Instance Pack used to cost less and provide double runs as well, which you can also use to get those extra contracts you talk about. It's about the price, not just the benefits.