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  1. That's so funny, you waited it out til everyone bought the Pixel off BCM to combine with the one that was a bug caused by you guys to finally take action? When doing a rollback was easier? So now people can't even refund the BCM purchase or they get banned. Nice move.
  2. Thank you for saving me time and also some of my money, this is beyond silly. You'd think NC would remove the Luna recipes so they could add stuff to BCM and milk money out of us, but no, they simply removed it YET did nothing to revamp housing when it comes to new furniture available or anything. Why is it so hard to just put stuff up for sale and let those who want to spend money just do whatever they want? At least offer us something to do other than events where we have to afk 24 hours in a game that kicks you out for not moving barely 20 minutes. Only thing that I also log aion for lately
  3. Yes, it is free. But logging 6 hours and only 1 char is insane. People will literally just AFK cause there will be nothing to do ingame at some point. Should at least be selectable.
  4. Honestly at this point it was just a stupid move. Not defending anything or anyone, couldn't care less in fact. But the moment NC decides to give a suspension of few days or weeks for some (which clearly abused it more than others) while giving permanent bans for others just show how much the cash spent in this game is what the company really cares about. It's just disrespectful.
  5. While we're at it, can we get minium for running IDD again?
  6. Was about to ask what event you were even talking about, but then I realized how old this is..
  7. Please, I neeeeeed this. It can't be so hard to add the things we request, it's just cosmetics. I'd buy this immediately.
  8. Well I ended up using all of mine scared that it would happen......
  9. Why isn't minium dropping off IDD anymore? It's literally a once a week instance, at least make it more worth it. (blabla scrolls and whatsoever, still can't get minium so it doesn't matter)
  10. What does crafting boost have to do with daevanion skills? Genuinely curious cause I don't see how they're related Also curious about what Vantheria asked.
  11. n-new minions?! I hope they don't need to be maxed to be able to get them..... if yes we need better ways to get A minium.
  12. Please, I'd pay anything for some new-non-shareable inventory pets.. I seriously have no space left, every run I do I need to toss something before I can even loot the boss, it's getting sad lol
  13. Me and my friends got a box yesterday in around 3-4 runs I think.. Only 1 though
  14. As much as I do appreciate a new event/buffs/etc, kinda sucks that we only get to know now, after I already burnt some of my entries and could have held them for tomorrow..
  15. Wasn't the costume rotation supposed to have changed since August 17? It's still showing previous items and not the new ones announced in the August Preview. Unless I'm being blind, but I couldn't find at all.
  16. Oooooh... I get it now, well now that really sucks.. I'm sorry ; ;
  17. They're only rolling back to before the patch was out (today), if you got this "way before" as you say, nothing will happen.
  18. Anyone knows anything about the new minions? I know they have same stats as our current ones, so are they copyrighted to Korea or is there a chance we might actually get them?
  19. TSH didn't drop, at least for my level. So far just COE and Mirash
  20. Yes, I said it can give more, someone got 50 even. But even so you can still get just 5.
  21. How long will this event be for? 1200 coins seem nearly impossible with people getting 5 coins a box (yes it can give more), and it's not even 100% a drop. If it's only til the new patch. Unless we have to drop resets again
  22. You can click the little arrow to replace current skin/armor with another one, but you will not get the previous one back in your inventory, it's gone forever.
  23. Ruining the one good thing we had, ok.
  24. Please give us cheaper transparent scrolls, really all I ask. ; ;
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