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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 30, 2020

    @KibbelzI hope u guys plan to compensate the people who missed the 0 coin pixel transformation bug since event npc disappeared out of nowhere. Many people from the server got the transform without grinding at all while the rest of us that weren't logged are the time have to await to see what doomsday has in store for us, typical.........
  2. Splash Screen skin

    @Vantheria-DNThank you Vantheria
  3. Splash Screen skin

    anyone knows whats the name of this skin?
  4. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    @Kibbelz Very positive chances, keep up the good work!!! My only request is a retuning npc if possible in the upcoming events.
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 17, 2020

    @Loki @Hime Please bring a retuning npc
  6. Re-tuning npc

    @HimePlease bring one after you guys figure out what's wrong with the server lag, its nearly impossible to get 4/4 retunes on our gear because of the kinah nerf!
  7. Stone Nerf, Transparent Scrolls, Skins

    @Violeta-KT I don't have a eu account so I couldn't verify for my self they got removed, somebody told me. False information I guess, but simply because eu didn't remove the limit doesn't mean that we shouldn't give it a shot. There's many players struggling with the stone limit right now. Some of us might not have the time to run 4-5 ad's every time the instance is available, for me this is one of the very bad decisions korea has made recently alongside many others. As for abyssal splinder I need to save my tokens for daevanion essence, also we don't know if abyssal will get removed on the next patch, demaha has limited accesss to some days of the week, hopefully they will keep the instance there or move it to ignission .
  8. Stone Nerf, Transparent Scrolls, Skins

    True but it's still not enough compared to unlimited, I failed about 7 ultimate pvp stones on my bracelet to take it from 14+ to 15+
  9. Stone Nerf, Transparent Scrolls, Skins

    @Cyan 1. I know you guys have send a request to korea regarding the weekly limit from the stone boxes of genesis npcs but we still have no clue if it will get removed on na, eu has already reverted the changes back to unlimited. 2. I've lost hope about this but here we go, put transparent scrolls on the gold sand traders same price as the normal ones its been a while since we got 6.0 we know that the transformation system is here to stay by now, but if you want to make money out of people you can do it by putting the skins they like on bcm not out of transparent scrolls, we should be able to see our characters as they are for free.I know we have events that give them out but they aren't even account trad-able, pointless to have them on alternate characters we never play. 3. Theres' a bunch of skins we never got to see in na so far and they are already implemented in the game code, so I don't see why not. If we going to die in pvp because of the huge imbalance at least we should die pretty! There's also many many old skins that used to be available in luna crafting which you guys could put on gold sand traders. Musical Floral Guise [item:110905213] Sweet Sakura Outfit [item:110905226] Electronic Outfit [item:110905154] Rosy Bunny Girl [item:110905003]
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 15, 2020

    @Cyan Are we going to get another re-tuning npc any time soon?
  11. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    Please remove the genesis crystal ancient enchantment stone weekly limit, I think on the eu server they have already reverted the changes! @Cyan
  12. The quests for pve instances have been limited, for me it's very hard to get exp as i cannot play as much and my main way of gaining it rn is farming castle guards for hours and that is if lakrum fortress is conquered by asmos otherwise that option is gone too. I believe there's more people like me who never play their alts and focus on character thus have lots of bobonerk's gems stacked going to waste on alties from lunas.If Bobonerk Gems were tradable through account warehouse it would make our progress so much better.It takes ages for me to max 1 piece because im always out of exp gems. I dont have much faith this suggestion is gonna go anywhere other than this forum but thought i'd post it anways, if you guys feel the same post below
  13. Scheduled Game Update - January 29, 2020

    Thank you guys @Aly-DN @Archangelos-KT
  14. Scheduled Game Update - January 29, 2020

    Are those enchantment stones from bcm? @Aly-DN
  15. Scheduled Game Update - January 29, 2020

    10. Some materials, designs, crafted equipment, consumables, enchantment stones and contracts can now be stored in the warehouse. Aren't enchantment stones supposed to be account tradable now? @Cyan