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  1. Evasion Dodge skill RNG based which means you will dodge your opponent's skill if your evasion is higher than their accuracy Full manastone commitment to work Most expensive to make 2. Block Reduced damage intake just like physical defense RNG based so it depends on your block vs their accuracy Full manastone commitment to work Cheaper 3. Physical Defense Not Rng Based Always wears off some damage incoming Full manastone commitment to work Cheaper Chanter also has mantra that give evasion 450 point ,250
  2. @Kibbelz@Loki @Hime We need the autohunt feature to complete our cubics . Back on 6.0 people would make alliance and grind the lakrum mini bosses that used to have guarantee drop of 1 bag with cubible. The cubicle inside the bag was rng but it was guarantee drop that you get 1 bag from each boss. On this patch the only way to get cubics is if you spend , actually its if you waste hours of yourr life to no avail grinding mobs in open world inggison and gelmarkos that have a "chance" to drop cubicles . So what we have here is a chance for cubicle to drop and even lower chance for yo
  3. Thank you so very much Kibbelz .I was about to luna skin it but now I wont have to, many other friends were worried as well that it might be deleted . They will be delighted once they read this
  4. Are the solorius event skins really going to be deleted with tmrw's maintance? We had to grind over 1k gifts to get happil gifts. If so what happens if we luna skin them? @Kibbelz@Loki
  5. @Kibbelz @Loki Someone else has probably already referred to this but I'll say it just in case. Last maintenance you guys brought back the morphing recipes for crafting enchantment stones, but those recipes need the old materials, legendary guiding stones, ultimate guiding stones. On the aetherforge menu there is no option to convert the new materials - legendary magic crystal, ultimate magic crystal, ancient magic crystal into the old ones referred above. Please fix this soon, thank you
  6. Thank you I got confused because nc soft loves to erase our progress in a heartbeat, I also had no clue that experience marks are going to be used for everything and the other coins become obsolete Thank you all for your info
  7. Anyone knows what time around are we getting 7,7? I'm not asking for an actual date more like a month or season
  8. @KibbelzI hope u guys plan to compensate the people who missed the 0 coin pixel transformation bug since event npc disappeared out of nowhere. Many people from the server got the transform without grinding at all while the rest of us that weren't logged are the time have to await to see what doomsday has in store for us, typical.........
  9. anyone knows whats the name of this skin?
  10. @Kibbelz Very positive chances, keep up the good work!!! My only request is a retuning npc if possible in the upcoming events.
  11. @HimePlease bring one after you guys figure out what's wrong with the server lag, its nearly impossible to get 4/4 retunes on our gear because of the kinah nerf!
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