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  2. I see like 100 SR groups from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep what do you mean Edit: Granted, that is on Siel. Idk if you're on Israphel.
  3. Yeah I'll believe that. Right. You've always been a clown. Keep farming DC levelers when you claim you don't. Edit: I'll believe a handful of people are doing that. Regardless, there are not enough whales playing this game to inflate the market that much lmao. You are so dumb it's insane.
  4. Another clown. Do any of you actually realize how expensive it is to convert real cash into 500m via candies. No one is doing that. Jesus christ everyone on here is so dumb.
  5. Yeah that's the problem and you are part of it if you ignore it. Not even a majority of crafters should have 500m. Please stop being a clown. Get off the forums and go defend your bots.
  6. Yeah no, we're going to need XP amulets lol. Some of us were banning for the greater majority of an XP event. I'd say maybe 2x 50% maybe even 2x 100% amulets.
  7. Hi Kibblez. I wanted to ask you what the likeliness of getting an actual member of the support team to come on here and make a post clarifying what IS and what IS NOT bannable, because I am honestly concerned to run Steel Rake again lol.
  8. As the title states. Your community wants to hear from you. Stop hiding and locking threads and explain what the f.u.c.k. is going on.
  9. HOW ABOUT THIS EH? Never used a single nyerking third party program since 2009. I don't even use a nyerking VPN. Going to need proof of me using third party, thank you. I run SR a ton to try and get the hairpin quests done and get jumbled in with the kinah exploiters. Great job NCsoft.
  10. There is a PC sequel... "Information on PCs and console MMORPGs using 'Aion' IP, which was recruited as a new project last July, has not been released yet." There have been a few interviews with NCKorea stating there is an Aion Online 2 in the works, one in relation to Aion Online. Its going to be on Unreal Engine 4 and will be for both Console and PC
  11. There is a sequal, it just hasn't had any information released yet.
  12. Why is there an actual Aion 2 website and not an Aion Tempest website if this is the mobile game referring to Aion Tempest? https://aion2.plaync.com/
  13. ServeryMcServerFace (IS+KR+TM) I got nothing for SL + BR
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