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  1. YOUR ATTENTION/ACTION IS REQUIRED! Please, let us know what you learned so far and what is being done about this Paragon +15 stuff.... @Loki@Kibbelz
  2. Not even enough mats to p2w on the server for this attempt to +10, imagine +15. 100% exploit or GM helping a friend, once again. @Loki@Kibbelz
  3. 25 extractors will last 2 days max.... plus I'm doing garden in multiple characters, so ya!? need to increase the amount of extracts in the survey and add it to all toons of the account too!
  4. make sure you are using Ashburn or something near virginia. ping reducers are still working on the route to this server, so it should improve as we go.
  5. 50ms or 150ms to bot farm udas doesnt change much bro. you good
  6. well, i need collections and we never know when it will happen so ya, just did it.
  7. my friends in Latin America are getting lower ping with Virginia Server, so ya, unlucky for you.
  8. Bro, I just combined 20+ legendary transforms in the past 2 weeks, please, don't tell me you guys are going to implement this just considering the events to come, cuz that is going to hurt.
  9. I'm full cubic but yes, this needs your attention very much @Kibbelz If the auto hunt is working, it is Ok, but without it, it is impossible to farm cubics
  10. If you are geared and ready to fight, please, queue up for AOD Hi Guys! @everyone I'm posting AOD's of this season! I hope you enjoy it and give it a like or leave a comment if you can! Arena's have been fun and I really wish more geared players will Queue up next season! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7rXZ4Cv9OlrFV2Myf09RJA/videos?view_as=subscriber More will be posted later this weekend - as there are a few that I need to cut scenes/edit. https://gyazo.com/657d541549b8338b1c3110d3b14a5f87 https://gyazo.com/69ea378b249231bc7a26a46421208f03
  11. I agree with you and i wish there would be more ways to get this weapons other than camping bosses for hours and then being lucky with roll. So ya, either way it works for me! @Falcy and Steefy - Agree with you guys too, but since it exists I wish to get my stuff too you know... @Kibbelz - Counting on you
  12. Please, can you guys consider to add this weapons to the next event. (Extend weapons, paralize weapons, Dmg increase weapons) I would appreciate it and pretty sure there are many willing to invest to get these weapons! Thanks in advance! Mlsk
  13. @Kibbelz Is this a joke? It would be so simple if Ncwest assume their mistake and gave the 1 box for free ...
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