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  1. I guess people don't care about giving ideas to improve, it is more important to attack one another behind the screen... So, people who stole legions and scam others to get advantage or trick the support to get advantage or the ball sucker to get an item or the one's running 10+ Aion accounts saying it was sandbox or people buying shit on black market or people using auto click, buying/selling shit for USD, flying up in instances to get the hard boss down, etc... Many ways to get ahead and I think everyone knows how the game works behind the scenes... even Ncsoft knows and ye it is part o
  2. Damm all that hate started just because we are requesting open view detail? haha, funny! Start proving what you are saying about me and I will believe! you guys are worthless, the worst rat specie I've ever seen... I'm considering paying treatment for you guys instead of p2wining next event... seriously. Back to the point, I'm here to support actions from Ncsoft that can actually help the game, anything is welcome at moment to ensure the game is playable and that I can continue to enjoy it with my friends. If the kids continue with the hate I will just ignore the topic... @Kibb
  3. hm, so this would benefit me by seeing who I will fight in arena!? I guess you never heard of MyAion dps meter? https://myaion.eu/InstanceScores/300360000 Go check it out! I have no intentions to take advantage for myself but more like for everyone in the game, making it transparent after an exploit of items. It is funny to see people so afraid to open view detail, haha!
  4. Agree! Community speak it all out!
  5. why you assume only trolls would sit around to check gear? your point still don't support "why" a simple view detail open is so bad lol.
  6. Ok. waiting for a better solution @HavocChordz-KT - seems like you are around just to criticize others, haha!
  7. Holy, you seem afraid but no point arguing with you
  8. @Kibbelz Thanks for the update! Only 2 notes: 1- It is important to consider other items being exploited too. Some things that made less noise and by that can go unseen, like runestones / dazzlings / extend weapon/ etc... Pretty sure if people were exploiting something as broken as paragon 15, they could easily exploit other items in the game too. So, reviewing it and taking action for this items would be important too! 2- Is it possible to open view detail for all? you already saw that the community will help and report whatever is weird, so having "view detail" function open
  9. That is perfect, at least you are communicating and that is what will help us get there... I don't think full transparency is required, however, there need to be something more than just "work in progress" or "issue solved". Like, What Ncwest did to guarantee that the players that abused the system was punished and that no one else is left behind with the item? Can the community support the work? (sample: just unlock the in game view detail and I'm pretty sure people will raise concern when they see something is weird/off). I can assure you people are less likely to invest
  10. ye, looks like Golden was the one behind this Simpok's acc. Not sure if the intention was to be funny or just scam people. More important than that, is @Hime@Loki@Kibbelz responding to the paragon exploit that is going on...!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  11. https://gyazo.com/3ba9e10a82c60d976a488cce8197823e
  12. @Hime @Loki @Kibbelz ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  13. @Hime @Loki @Kibbelz ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  14. YOUR ATTENTION/ACTION IS REQUIRED! Please, let us know what you learned so far and what is being done about this Paragon +15 stuff.... @Loki@Kibbelz
  15. Not even enough mats to p2w on the server for this attempt to +10, imagine +15. 100% exploit or GM helping a friend, once again. @Loki@Kibbelz
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