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  1. Shards can be farmed, and you gotta use them wisely, i don't know how is IDD, but in the other instas i usually don't use shards until the final boss. In Mirash i use 298 shards, coe 960, FM and BoS around 3k. Other than that, in the infinite free time, i just farm stones and shards to replenish my stash.

  2. On 11/17/2018 at 0:14 PM, Astraea-EK said:

    So what does healing boost do to chanter skills ? does it work on recovery spell ?


    Yep, it increases the amount you heal with healing spells. Now, from what i've seen, it increases a lot for a small amount of HB. I have about.. 550 HB and my Stamina Recovering heals me about 12k, with no HB it was about 8k (50% increment). Considering that Word of Life now heals a lot more than in v5 and Stamina Rec. cd was lowered to half, that's almost a break-even point for autoheal surviving.

  3. 4 hours ago, Arxaggelos-KT said:

    It seems we got more good news, we are getting a transformation contract in every boss in every pve instance now.

    See guys, GMs are really listening, adding drops to a boss, or changing rates, or lowering npc/bcm prices is something they can do. That goes to all who gave an effort for these changes, but also to those that kept telling us to stop it because no change will be done.

    xD Bro, i don't really think any of those changes were made by any of the reasons the people here have posted. Devs are balancing the prices/drop for the new market equilibrium, not because people "didn't like it".

  4. "Low level quests (Basically no worthy rewards hence only few people like yourself will bother)"
    Doesn't matter if only 10% of the server enjoyed doing them, it's ~1000 quests that don't exist anymore..

    "Killing bosses for kinah (Don't we have that in lakrum now? Besides cygnea wasn't exactly a no PvP zone)"
    Nope, currently is almost impossible to produce kinah in any way (trading items in the broker does not generate kinah, only trades it, in fact, it reduces the total amount of it due to taxes). Cygnea wasn't a no pvp zone, but it wasn't a shared map either, it had (has) portals which yeah, put a couple asmos sometimes, but not ALL OF THEM all the time.

    "Campaign quests leveling (Haven't we all done that on at least one character. Wot? Unless you mean you repeat the whole process on alts knowing there are better ways to level?"
    I don't have alts, only my main (Chanter). And with the late 400% exp buff other ways were better, without it, quest was one of the best ways.

    "Lakrum and iluma looks like crap (Nani? Ok, if it looks like crap to u I guess it is since its a matter of perspective. But imo better map design than enshar/cygnea."
    I mean, compared to Verteron, Eitnen, Theobomos, etc (the low lvl maps).

    "Getting to 80 in a day (I'm sorry but what is the point of leveling slowly?)"
    Brother, that IS the point of an rpg game!!! It's like saying.. "Why would you want to shoot in a shooter game?" An rpg works in a reward-for-effort mechanic, currently, as the one before this post said, this game is not an rpg anymore, it has become a mobile game. Now you can't fail, now you can't do anything else but one path, which will take you to the end stage no matter what. You can't farm kinah, you can't trade anything, basically the only way of getting equipment is doing instas, which have a fixed number of entries per week and a fixed probability of the drops. Apply a bit of statistics and you will realize that every char has the same expected value of time for getting his full equipment.

    "You guys complain in other threads that you don't get enough kinah"

    Careful there, i've NEVER complained about the kinah i "get", i complained about the kinah that i can PRODUCE (see the other answer). Now there is NO way of producing kinah (all the kinah in the server comes from selling item to the npc, the broker/trades only moves it around, but every single cent comes from selling a dropped item).

    "You guys complain about xforms cause furry hater and run speed but aren't happy when the quest is just clicking. What in the world"
    I've never complained about that, in fact, if you look at my posts, you will see i've always said that is stupid to complain about an optional feature (transformations).

  5. 4 minutes ago, Shirayuki-DN said:

    Wiped content that were irrelevant to begin with. Besides danaria/katalam wipe in 4.8 I don't see how bad the current map wipe is because in norsvold/iluma there is literally zero point I tell you, to leave the center area of the map because that is where instance entrances are and quests around the map were literally not worth your time doing. (Not gonna mention low level maps because come on, how often do u enter them? Just for bulk essencetapping purpose and leave?) How often do you use the old crafts either in 5.8? Besides alchemy, the mats for armorsmithing/tailoring were hard af to get because no one farms those mats. Plus I would put a guess that you only used alchemy like every 3 months? To bulk craft.

    In my case, A LOT, i did a lot of low level quests, enjoyed getting titles, killing bosses. Actually, i spent a lot of time farming kinah from named bosses in Cygnea. I leveled through the campaign quests of all the maps and it was really nice going through the low level maps, which, in my opinion, look WAY better than the crap of Iluma and Lakrum.

    Now you can do all the quests in the game and get to lvl 80 in less than one day xD. and the quests are crap!! The starting quest basically progress by clicking ok in the dialog all the time xD It's like a game for millenials who don't wanna get tired moving the char around.

  6. Fully agree.

    Problem is that many people still don't understand (Yes Aly, i mean you) that this game is an RPG, not a shooting. It's not that this update was "hard" or nothing similar, is that this update was STUPID, what they did went 180 degrees of what should have been an update in an RPG game. This update didn't add content, it WIPED 90% of the game content, didn't add features, it WIPED 90% of the game features and switched the others into the most stupid mechanics ever (not RPG ones).

    It has become like a 1000-times worst version-of-WoW with not even 1/10 of its content. Basically now, instead of an rpg, is like a high rates smash brothers in 3D, you reach 80 in one day and that's it.

  7. 18 minutes ago, Aly-DN said:


    And I believe I know why the number of maps was reduced. The devs were seeing too many people walking around on empty maps that were supposed to be PvEvP maps. I remember trying to complete my PvP daily quests on some maps and not being able to find anyone there. Not a single enemy. That's like having an important quest with great rewards and yet the mob isn't placed on the map. You would be up in arms over that, right? Having -one- endgame map makes everyone happy and makes it possible to complete every quest. 

    Here is the thing. You chose to play a game that advertises itself as PvPvE. You can admit you weren't forced and you weren't fooled or tricked, right? When you saw the map of Lakrum, you noticed how the map was split? Two sides with a base for each race at the South and a clearly defined middle ground in between. I don't think it takes a genius to see that there are "safer" areas and areas where more likely than not you will see PvP, though the whole map is marked for PvP. You can reduce the chances that PvP will happen by staying in the safer areas, but you are never going to be able to reduce that chance to 0. Because that's the -game-.

    So yeah. Be in a PvP area at end-game or don't play. No one is forcing you. It's the game design. If the design doesn't work for you, then you chose the wrong game.

    Well sorry bro, but i totally disagree with your assessment, i think you are fully mistaken on what the concept of an rpg is. I've played quite a good share of mmorpgs (L2, RO, WoW, Flyff, etc.), i was even GM in a RO server for more than 5 years, and i have NEVER, NEVER seen, ANY game than in an update patch, reduced the amount of content, even less like this case where the content was ridiculously cut to less than 10% of the original xD. Even more, Aion behaved exactly like all the other games, in the logic path, from it's beginning till the v5, just NOW, one month ago, in the last patch, everything changed and it turned basically into a high-rates-pvp-only server. Maybe you haven't realized that EU and KO are loosing a LOT of people after this update, so, if you really believe that this is the focus of an rpg game, again, i think you should be playing something else.

    I recommend you to take an fps-killing tour in the Elyos city in Lakrum, you are gonna see +200 players ALL DAY LONG afk in the city.

  8. 3 minutes ago, Aly-DN said:

    Alright. So let's have a reasonable discussion.

    Aion is indeed an MMORPG. Here is a decent definition that I found of MMORPG: (abbreviation) massively multiplayer online role-playing game: any story-driven online video game in which a player,taking on the persona of a character in a virtual or fantasy world, interacts with a large number of otherplayers. There isn't anything in there (or any definition I found) about allowing people to do whatever they want, but that's pretty much implied with any game. You can play the game in any fashion you like within the scope and rules of the game. But Aion is not only an MMORPG but has always been advertised as a game that "combines PvP and PvE(a concept the developers call PvPvE) in a fantasy game environment." Combines. The game is designed to intertwine both gaming styles. To do this the devs places PvE quests and PvE dungeon entrances in open world while adding PvP kill quests in those same areas to encourage the style of game play that they advertised the game to be. By game design we are given reasons to be out and about in open world and your enemy is given reasons to go out there and kill you (or you them).

    It really isn't something personal that you were getting killed this morning and those that killed you weren't "mentally retarded" and they weren't bots. They were players completing a quest. In this case, you are their quest item. 

    You've heard "red=dead" right? That's the mindset that anything red on your map will be attacked. I am sure you have also seen "red" players run right by you without attacking. Both of those are perfectly legit play styles, though most people are probably a combination of the two.

    You aren't being forced to PvP. You chose to walk into a PvP area and another player killed you in order to complete their quest or because they thought you were going to attack them if they didn't or just because they could and it is allowed. You chose that and you knew it could happen. Your choices led to your character having his farming disturbed. 

    "You aren't being forced to PvP. You chose to walk into a PvP area"
    I would have accepted that argument in v5, with, about 10 maps, around ~1000 quests, ~100 instances, there you could effectively "do" things not in a pvp area.

    Now we have... 4 maps? Where 3 of them have NO quests and NO MOB gives drop. The ONLY quests and the ONLY mobs that drop items for a lvl 80 player (feature that you can't avoid since there is no way to stop the exp. gaining) are in a pvp area, so if i'm not in a pvp area, i literally the only thing i can do is just stand being afk. So, that "don't being forced" is basically the absurd of "Be in a pvp area or don't play, but nobody is forcing you".

  9. @Aly-DN

    If i'm standing on the map and another player can come and attack me, without me having any capacity of choosing if i wanna be attacked or not, that is 'being forced'. Currently, 99.99% of the pve game content is done in places or across places where i can be forced to pvp.

    I believe that you are not aware that the concept of an RPG is EXACTLY the opposite, it's a game where you can choose what to do and you are not forced to follow a path. If i'd have wanted to play a game where i can do one thing and one thing only, i would be playing fortnite, or counter-strike, or any other shooter.

    I never engage other people, i NEVER pvp, i don't even get involved when i see guys from my side fighting. This morning (well, it happens every day btw..), i was farming some stones and i've got killed by asmos around 7 times. The moment these nyerkers come into my screen, they go straight to attack me, i could be killing mob, chatting with another player, just sitting, or afk, and the ONLY thing they do is attack, i don't know if they are in some degree mentally retarded, or half the Asmo contingent are bots scripted to attack ANY Elyos in sight, but is really really annoying that if you don't wanna participate in pvp, you can't even complete your quests or farrm some cash in peace without having them pestering around ALL DAY. That is being forced, i don't wanna participate in pvp, but my quests, and the only mob that gives me any drop are in a place where i can be forced to pvp and to be killed.

  10. 8 hours ago, Kailor-DN said:


    15879024 is 88.2% of the actual price, add another 7% loss due to taxes because the broker does NOT add taxes to the price for another 1260000. 15879024 -1260000 - 424188 = 14194836. That's 78.8% of the asking price, virtually a 30% LOSS. If I sold that my net would only be 14194836. Now if net were 16200000 no problem, that's an honest 10% broker charge but it isn't, it's over 2 MILLION less than it should be, almost 20% more loss that it should be. If my broker charged like that, I'd fire his keister in a heartbeat, 10% is reasonable, beyond that is a rip off artist at work.

    I believe he thinks the tax is charged when you put the item on the broker AND when you collect the money; do me a favor plz dude:

    1. Check your total kinah. Write it down as 'Ki'
    2. Go to the broker and put one Legendary Guiding Stone for sale for 100 kinah
    3. Wait a couple seconds for the sniping bots to buy it and collect the money
    4. Check your total kinah. Write it down as 'Kf'

    The tax you paid is 100 - (Kf - Ki) [%]

    Problem is, this guy thinks that window shows the money that is taxed "in that moment" (when putting the item on the broker), so, when he collects the money, he thinks he is taxed again. @Kailor-DN, that window shows the TOTAL money you are paying IF your item is sold, if your item is not sold, you just paid the register fee.

  11. 31 minutes ago, Nanez-DN said:

    Since COE is a straight line, it's very hard to miss the Shulack. When it does spawn, a message will appeared on your screen saying "The Untrained Smuggler Shukiruk will Appear Shortly". If you run the whole instance and got to the last boss without the message appearing, then he will not spawn at all during that run. You must remake party and run again. When it does spawn, and you see the message, there is a few spots that can be overlooked. The main spot to miss is during the flight zone area. The Shulack can spawn on the ground near the entrance of the wind stream OR he can spawn on one of the 3 platforms. Just make sure you check those areas. The other areas, he can be seen easily since the pathways are narrow in that instance. Also a side note, the Shulack will appear on your radar as a red dot. When you check areas with lots of mobs, just scrolls your mouse over each red dots on the radar to see if the Shulack is there.

    I know that, when you said you made the assassins i thought you were doing the trick of entering with one sin, looking if shugo respawned, and if it spawned, giving group to your main, if not, repeat.

  12. 31 minutes ago, Nanez-DN said:

    The Clumsy Shulack in COE has a small chance of dropping a Legendary Skill Book. The probabilities are maybe around 5%, but it is still worth killing. As for the Daeva skill books, I have gotten 6/7 Daeva Skills and 3 extra Daeva skills books that are the same on my main by running my alts to BOS. I was able to make 5 Assassins to level 80 during the Coffin Buff event, then got it all geared with COE or Bloodsworn gears. Yes, that took me a while to create and geared all those Assassins, but it was so worth it. Currently, this is the only way to get the Daeva Skills book fast without having to spend any Gold Ingots. Let me know in game if you need help on the spawn points of the Shulack in BOS because the ones posted on aion powerbook is missing some locations.

    Yesterday i was planing to do exactly the same to check for Shugo before entering!!!!! Do u mind giving me a hand to find the one at CoE? I'm currently soloing the insta with no luck for the Shugo =/ Hope that now i'll find it.

  13. 4 minutes ago, Bryos-DN said:

    Daevanion skills do not enhance normal skills or one another. They are brand new individual skills, based on normal skills we already had. There are multiple variations for different playstyles.

    Once you unlock one, you can replace the skill you had with that one, but you wont be able to use the old one's effect (unless you change it back to the old one, in which case you wont be able to use the Daevanion skill you unlocked, until you change back). Same deal with your other skills, you can only use one at a time if they are of the same "skill line".

    Bro, that wasn't even remotely my question, "augmented" was just a way of naming them (that's why i put the " "), i'm asking if one book gives the first skill variation for ALL 4 or just for ONE?

  14. 2 hours ago, Mirei-KT said:

    BoS started dropping those Harvester Soulstones pretty fast after its introduction. That way you could still progress even if you didn't get a harvester drop per se, as you could just +15 an Apollon piece and then purify it. But such a means of (alternative) progression is absent for PvE in 6.2; it is is purely RNG based.

    @Cyan Similar to what was done with BoS, please add a token drop or something to the final bosses of FM/BoS & setup an NPC where said tokens can be exchanged for the Voidsoul gear pieces. In other words, a means of guaranteed progression. It is just silly to have people who finish Nergal in under 2 minutes, but can't move on to PF/IDD due to losing rolls or their gear pieces not dropping...and thus sit there twisting their thumbs for the rest of the week. There are many PvE-oriented folks who are already contemplating quitting because of the double-layered RNG factor, something needs to be done if you wish to retain these people for the game.

    I think the drop rate and the roll is ok, actually, i would even lower the drop rate. What i think that should be changed is:

    1. Make the items tradeable, it has absolutely no sense that 99% of the game items can't be traded (by normal trade, broker or whatever way).
    2. Change the entry system from 4/week to 1/day in all instances. It would increase a bit the amount of "things to do".

  15. Guys, a question... I don't fully understand how the daevanion skills work.

    I have 4 skills that can be "augmented" with the books, when i get the ancient book, that gives me the "first augmented level" of them all? Or just of one of them?

  16. @Cyan
    Permanent mount crafting is coming back to Luna someday? Or it's just a forever-lost feature? I wasn't aware that mounts were not gonna be crafteable after v6 update and didn't make one in v5 just waiting for a good one to come up, so, would like to ask to know if i should just spend my luna materials or if they are at some point coming back.

  17. Well, my point is... let's say we could broadly classify our roles into Dps - Tank - Support, giving from 0 to 1 in each category as 'proficiency' (Generic rpg online range).

    With an hybrid class you will never get 1 in one of the categories, so, if you only go for one you will get 0.8-0-0, 0-0.8-0 or 0-0-0.8, but, getting an hybrid build, you can get 0.7-0.7-0.7, which in the overall is way better than just one stat. It's just a thing of the cost-benefit curve, it's not linear, after some point, the benefit for marginally increasing one aspect gives zero-to-none benefit. Look, for example, HB, HB manastones give around 10 HB, which is NOTHING, but 59 Crit, which is a lot. Tuning in many pieces give 100 HB or more while sometimes barely 60 crit. per piece. Same as HP, some pieces tuning give barely 60 HP while other give more than 1k. So, if you go for a single target, a percent of your "tunings/socketing/etc" will be wasted because give poor stats on that "path" while they give way better ones in another.


    So, in my opinion, if you max out the hybrid path, you'll be worth 70% of a dps char, 70% of a support char and 70% of a tank char, at the same time, but going for only one path won't give you much more preficiency in that branch but the other ones will dramatically fall.


    That's the concept of the hybrid classes, if you want to purely support, don't make a Chanter, make a Cleric, same with pure dps and pure tank.

    Anyway, all of that comes from testing and discussion, so, i'm totally available for testing different builds, stigmas, stats, etc. in scope of improving and gain knowledge. Chanter for me is by far the best best best class in the game, and i love to improve my way around with it ;) !

  18. Also.. i don't fully agree with your post Vantheria, you not necessary need to max out HB in order to heal a good amount. The Chanter support function is not to match the Cleric's heal level, but to provide a steady-constant medium heal along with stat boost and buffs. Your role as support is to buff the party and to complement the Cleric, restating everything to HB won't make much difference with 50% HB 50% P.Atk.

    I'd say go wisely for each part, each slot, each tune, look which stat gives the best benefit out of each possible tune/manastone and go with that.

    Remember that the Chanter is an hybrid class, not a specialist one.

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