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  1. I have that! Mine is the metal version for the case. I also have Assault on Balaurea Box too! :3 Also have my Tutty stuffie!
  2. I had 14 from last time since I had nothing to really use them on and I still haven't gotten to the point to pick something I needed yet. Now they just poofed! Thanks! :3
  3. Both in being able to obtain them (I need the Shugo Butler's Cabinet And The Cute Fungus Cabinet) for more bagspace and to be able to access the ones that expire? Thanks!
  4. I just don't want stream of events that effect the environment and atmosphere such as special mobs being around the areas, decorations and such. I just cant enjoy the story and the areas when these things are going on and there has been a lot of events which such things. I do love these events but I just want plenty of downtime so I can continue to do the story and just enjoy the areas. Please and thanks!
  5. I would like a lot of these new items from the patch and events be put into our special cube. In the past most of these items were put there but now they aren't such as blood marks, coins etc. I would also like to see stuff for more bag space made available such as Shugo Butler's Cabinet and Cute Fungus Cabinet along other Cabinets please, thank you! :3
  6. I very much enjoy doing the story and being immersed in the environment but having events one after the other and being active for a lengthy time has really cause issues with this since there is decorations, npcs and mobs that take away from this. For example right now we have Winter Agrints in Demaha which is a desert. We had prior events that had love birds, frogs and snowman. I love doing these but I would like time to be able to do the story and enjoy the atmosphere. Stellusia which main base in Demaha would have a lot of event npcs and/or decorations. Perhaps as an example doubling t
  7. Before, medals, marks, coins etc. were going to the special cube but now everything is going to our normal cube. It would help a lot to have this stuff changed to go to the special cube, please! Thanks! :3
  8. I know they said they can't change the server time but I talking about changing the time altar/siege go live. I'd like to see altars an hour earlier and actually I like to see siege 2 hours earlier, stuff use to go live before at those times. Also, since during the weekdays since altars/siege are every other day I'd like to see them lined up when they go live. Or another option is how they had it before where weekends had different times then weekdays which lets people at least have more available times to choose from. Thanks! :3
  9. Sorry to see you go : ( . Thank you for everything you did for us and I wish you the best! :3
  10. Do you have the specifics on changes on stuff with this patch such as are any quests actually removed completely, campaign removal, changes to instances such as Stellin Labs (nerfs to stats, attacks that are removed from bosses etc.) or other instances that are Lakrum and ahead? I know BoS and FM are gone but besides those. Please and thanks! :3 (If you can please try to keep it non spoiler, for example when I asked someone about PF changes when they came, I was told, phase 2 is removed from the boss or the original COE certain attacks were completely removed from the final Boss)
  11. I am, even in just normal groups I am having this issue, thanks!
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