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  1. Weekly PVP kills quest bugged?

    I am, even in just normal groups I am having this issue, thanks!
  2. I never had trouble doing this before the patch and didn't even try to focus on it, now I might have like 20 kills out of the 300 needed. I noticed I only get credit if I get the kill shot or do the most damage, even in groups it is the same issue. Is this a bug? Thanks! :3
  3. Is World Boss Stealing an Offense?

    This was the story we thought was true for a long time, Elyos wanted Peace and Asmos did not with the Balaur. The truth of of this whole meeting was finally shown in the Archives of Eternity with the pages that lie around. Putting them together made books you could read. What really happened was the meeting was about a plan Israphel had to lure the Balaur close to an artifact he was able to use to destroy them. The Elyos agreed with the plan while the Asmos did not. Israphel actually was planning to destroy both the Balaur and the Elyos and Asmos Lords to be the sole ruler. You *the 13th lord* had you heart corrupted by Beritra and decided to do you own plan which is what lead the other Lords hating you so much they erased you literally from history *this is actually said in one of the books*. Only the Book of Prophecy and The Forgotten Nameless Hero is what remained as a hint of you existence as books in the library of Sanctum and Pandemonium.Your plan was to attack them full force when Balaur came which failed, Israphel quickly try to carry out his own plan but Fregion was cunning enough to know Israphel was up to something already and stopped him. Both the Elyos and Asmos blamed each other for the plan failing.
  4. I wanted to add that there were also 1 time blue quests that were removed that gave 10 pvp or pve stones depending on where the quest was.. Camps/bases had pve stones and the arties had pvp stones. This really helped give peeps a start on both sets of ancient gear when they finally got some, thanks!
  5. Most of the story quests were removed from Lakrum, I really think this should be reverted. These were quests that you unlocked as your progress through the campaign, dark blue quests being 1 times only, and several light blue quests which while were repeat of a max of 3 times, still gave story. Some weekly/dailies quests that added to the story were also removed. The dark blue quests that remain, were not level capped but now are level capped at 79 some even only being available after doing a lvl 80 campaign. Thanks! :3
  6. Did Shuratna having anyone in his room either Balaur and/or prisoners and was he doing anything specific or just walked around/stood there? Did Golmir do some type of pull ability also? And with Opel, was the difference between the 3 difficulties? Thanks again so much!
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 28, 2019

    Please can the global announcement of people looting Ultimate Stones from the event chests be turned off? It has constantly been in the middle of my screen of someone looting a stone sometimes even up to 3 announcements at once : ( , thank you! :3
  8. We were getting new rewards but this week we are getting old rewards, thanks!
  9. It's constantly being put in the middle of my screen : ( , thanks!
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 28, 2019

    On Tuesday, the day before this maintenance, the item you need to collect for the quest * [Weekly/Gather] Toxicity Energy Lingering in Atreia * it was called originally (Toxicity Measurement Report) but now after maintenance its called the (Freezing Document Report) which is not the correct name, the original was correct. This is part of the Pandora Quest line so I am not sure why this was changed as it is pre 7.0 content, thank you! :3
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 28, 2019

    The content for people who enjoy the story and atmosphere really haven't had much time...
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 28, 2019

    Ya but the content is only a week old... : /
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 28, 2019

    Please can the event stuff be kept in Sanctum/Pandemonium? I would like to be able to enjoy the new story and atmosphere and I think there are others that would too, thanks! :3
  14. I had an Ilumiel Brawl where it was Elyos vs Elyos but only one Elyos team, no second team, but both sides npcs and towers were Elyos, we had to wait the time out as nothing but Kunax spawned, not even Elyos guards or the tank even when Kunax was killed, thanks!
  15. I see you can do it for crafting, but I don't see anything for pvp mats, thanks! :3