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  1. Before a lvl 76 - 77 mob would take a few hits, something like 5-6 from basic skills, while my storm strike would almost if not instant kill the mob, now it does half their health on a 76 and only 1/3rd of their life on a 77. They take ton of hits from basic skills now... Thanks!
  2. Wedding in the lore

    Financie (elyos daeva) in the Bastion of Souls was engaged to be married to Basmos (elyos human) but was abhorrently sacrificed to the Incarna... was a really sad and upsetting story.
  3. I reported a specific NPC but I am coming to see that it is more then just 1 NPC that won't go back to their spot after deaggro, the NPC just needs to walk back to their spot like they normally should or respawn depending on the situation.
  4. In Memory of Instagib

    I did not know them, though name seems familiar... I think an asmo assassin? But I wanted to give you and others who knew them my condolences.
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 12, 2018

    Are the shugoling's tree hideouts going to be burned down and be stripped of the ability to re-build them?
  6. I know it isn't a new thing but before I could go get the skins I needed again, now they are gone and luna doesn't work with used skins so even that can't help. I already thought about saving the skins until I got that ultimate piece of gear but then I found out that you purify that gear in 7.0 which ruined that plan. : /
  7. Yes I was wearing armor, combination of new and old, thanks! *and welcome back even though you been back for some time or as far I know seeing your name pop up!*
  8. For example the Balaur Priest in Tiamat Stronghold does little to me but as soon as it dots I am almost dead, the Drakan by the pond near Ancient Sanctum of Life hit for pidley damage but the dot almost kills me, thanks! :3
  9. I would really like to see this please since most skins you cannot get anymore (and I don't mean store skins, but in game skins) unless they literally put every skin deleted somewhere in the game or shop. For me the skins I am currently using and want to continue to use I have no option to save them, not even luna since there isn't enough room for 2 sets of full gear and you need the original skin to even register it. Also since we need to purify gear several times and I hear in 7.0 you also purify you 6.x gear, it would also be a big help not having to worry about the skins you want to use, thank you!
  10. Shugolings are taking to the trees!

    They are piling up in the trees too, there is 3 of them between together up in a pair of trees. It is like that secret tree hideout with the roll up ladder!
  11. In Idgel Dome, the *Danaur Icon*'s damage was not scaled with the change with gear allowing people to kill the enemy faction at their spawn point and leave alive, thank you!
  12. Shugolings are taking to the trees!

    One shugo did teach me the rock it spawned on was climbable but it was tricky to do so but I thought at the time that it had to be some how if he was on there, apparently that was not case when I ran across the one in the trees : P
  13. They are spawning in trees and cannot be killed : (
  14. The Christmas Decoration is so pretty...

    It is very beautiful and it made me really happy to see! :3
  15. I wanted to add to my above post that Peliato is the quest giver for that camp, thanks!