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  1. Can something be done about the atrocious rates on the event. So hard to get anything good, had to open 33 boxes to get stigma enchantment stone and ancient selection box as the remotely good items. Rest were garbage.
  2. Demaha Express event survey

    Are we getting it, everything else about the event is working fine.
  3. Skin Farming in 7.0

    I cannot seem to find the 'Starspark' gear all I ever see is 'Squall'?
  4. Skin Farming in 7.0

    The white equip drops 'Squall' from Fire Temple and Bakarma are Frostforged, same goes for the 'Tempest' from Taloc's Halow. The actual Maleficient gear is from the equipment chests which level 80's cannot access to.
  5. Skin Farming in 7.0

    Okay now I understand that Frostforge and Malefic are totally different. I was under the impression that with dye it changed the primary colour instead of the secondary. Your methods worked but turns out I was going for the wrong thing.
  6. Evergale compensation, anything done about banned characters taking up abyss rank e.g. RipperRoo of Asmodian-KT who has been offline for 12 days but still has xform. Please remoe people like that from the abyss rankings and anything about reverting Glory point season rewards back to luna?
  7. Skin Farming in 7.0

    Okay cause I did 7 Kromede's Trial and 3 Fire Temple and Kromede's trial has a way better drop rate and Fire Temple is not worth doing. And yeah I learned the hard way about the level 80 even if they are offline.
  8. 6 hours thats tough, could you maybe lower it to 2/3/4 instead of 2/4/6.
  9. Skin Farming in 7.0

    Yeah thats what I mean. What I want to know is why the character in account B has to be level 1? Say for Kromede's trial can't you have a level 80 in Account A waiting in group outside the entrance while a level 32 in Account B runs in the instance to get the skins?
  10. Skin Farming in 7.0

    Frostforge is the malefic set though and I have seen it.
  11. Skin Farming in 7.0

    Wow thank you, just the thing I was looking for. I need that Malefic Hauberk skin which I lost a while ago.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 13, 2019

    You don't afk to get 20 luna, you do luna instances on alts to get kinah bundles, pvp stones or materials for transformation essence for ancient contracts.
  13. Banned characters with xform

    NCsoft anything gonna be done about banned characters currently taking up the abyss ranks since you didn't reset it. Some of these people like RipperRoo from Asmodian Katalam who used to be Governor are taking up xforms that someone else can use.
  14. even Risiel gear

    It was only for 10th anniversary, unfortunately its much easier to just play the game and a different set then to try and ask for it.
  15. Give us option to skip Demeha Campaign cutscenes

    The main concern is doing it on alts, I don't to watch each time I do it on an alt.