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  1. The game is broken for new players

    New players can get +10 ultimate Risiel armour and Weapon fully socketed, lasts 30 days with legendary transform that last 1 hour and for each class and has no limit and a 10 second cool down. Event. Level 80 character created just like that. Event. A survey that gives 70 battlefield rewards which will average 183 ancient PvP stones and 9 legendary PvP stones just by entering Evergale Canyon. Can even go in get the survey then leave the instance right after. Legendary PvP and PvE set. 1 Ultimate Dark Talon armour and 1 Ultimate Sovereign armour piece with some effort. Ultimate Aureate blood mark gear can be farmed where the boxes are account tradeable, so you can go on alts and farm legendary blood marks and pass the boxes to the character you want. 2 weekly quests give PvP stones, 1 gives 10 ancient PvP for flipping 1 Star opposing faction camp, another gives 3 legendary PvP stones for flipping 2 star camp, another weekly gives ultimate stellium ticket for flipping 3 star camp. Stellium elimination quests for Small, Medium, Large give more stellium. In light of this only being able to get 5 ancient PvP stone boxes per week ain’t that bad. Legendary transform breath of memory you can get in 1 at the start of each month, so technically 29 days. All the above a new player can do right now.
  2. Ncsoft Arena of Discipline

    Are the competition rankings gonna display the correct points and rankings?
  3. NCsoft can only mail you 1 slot of each item. 10k bloodmedals is the max capacity per slot, same goes for those Battlefield Support Boxes which is 100 per slot.
  4. And can the arena of discipline rankings actually update to display the correct point and rank and do so everyday?
  5. For the free level 80 character do you have to have prestige to get it. I currently have 11 but no longer have prestige am I able to make a 12 character?
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 5, 2020

    What about the Leibo soul and arena of discipline season, what’s going on with that?
  7. Also the luna quests where you have to win 50 arenas to only get 5 luna needs be fixed. The quest is [Instance Dungeon] Trial of Solitude. Please update the others quests as well.
  8. Discipline rankings are broken?

    Yeah wish NCsoft give us an update about this.
  9. The patch notes said crafted gear would have buffed stats but going on and doing testing the gear has the same stats as before. Also why the ninja change to Daevonian Essence box to be tradeable but not brokerable. Trying to sell it but people can't search it up.
  10. Can something be done about the atrocious rates on the event. So hard to get anything good, had to open 33 boxes to get stigma enchantment stone and ancient selection box as the remotely good items. Rest were garbage.
  11. Demaha Express event survey

    Are we getting it, everything else about the event is working fine.
  12. Skin Farming in 7.0

    I cannot seem to find the 'Starspark' gear all I ever see is 'Squall'?
  13. Skin Farming in 7.0

    The white equip drops 'Squall' from Fire Temple and Bakarma are Frostforged, same goes for the 'Tempest' from Taloc's Halow. The actual Maleficient gear is from the equipment chests which level 80's cannot access to.
  14. Skin Farming in 7.0

    Okay now I understand that Frostforge and Malefic are totally different. I was under the impression that with dye it changed the primary colour instead of the secondary. Your methods worked but turns out I was going for the wrong thing.
  15. Evergale compensation, anything done about banned characters taking up abyss rank e.g. RipperRoo of Asmodian-KT who has been offline for 12 days but still has xform. Please remoe people like that from the abyss rankings and anything about reverting Glory point season rewards back to luna?