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  1. I can't wait to play as level 40 twink scouts and go and grief the other faction by rifting. Jokes aside how are they gonna address this? This is honestly a bad idea. Splitting the playerbase in the middle of a global pandemic. More needs to be done to get us playing with covid-19 being around.
  2. Gonna do something about arena of discipline insignia as well as that for Ashunatal Dredgion, the luna quests need to be updated for those to give meaningful amounts.
  3. This change is dumb we have to kill 600 mobs per day thats too much and also you punish legit players by nerfing prexisting bundles and removing the luna materials. However I'll be willing to turn a blind eye to all of this, if you gave each account 2 legendary transformation contracts. You will also need to do something to punish those who exploited this luna instance by botting on many accounts, ban those accounts and take away the kinah. This change is dumb we have to kill 600 mobs per day thats too much and also you punish legit players by nerfing prexisting bundles and removing
  4. Server bug, event npcs are gone! What the heck NCsoft how do we turn in our event rewards if server bugs on last day.
  5. About that, before the event ended the transformation contract which is equivalent to 3400 ncoin, 3 of 38 gave legendary and not even the halloween while the rest was ancient. How can this be allowed, advertising for half the price of the legendary when the rate isn't somewhat close to 40%.
  6. Anything on the PIN bug and what about this new Luna shop that Korea has but we don’t?
  7. Where is the minium vault compensation for Asmodians?
  8. This is real weak for anniversary event. How about giving us another set of legendary contract keys as was as minion key and more ways to get nightmare coins during anniversary. Or better refresh the stormwing event for us. As it stands you are doing enough to bring us back.
  9. Kibbelz wasn't even employed at NCsoft at that time.
  10. You gotta tend the event by at least a week, to update the event with only a few days left is not enough especially since ncoin in doesn’t come into the account immediately.
  11. Lol people spent over 2k usd in 6.2 to get a legendary contract just from combining lots and lots of ancient contracts. In 2020 people have spent that kind of money and haven’t gotten ultimates even with this event they still haven’t. Now with the event update and people can get it with certainty for 500 you still complain? You got it easy. There is even a thread about ‘ Don’t spend over $1500 USD for nothing’.
  12. Yeah make the event extended by one week and lower the legendary memory shard cost from 40 to 20 temporarily so that we can make it in time.
  13. So the community spends ncoin and we can't even get a response regarding minium vault compensation especially since we hear that Elyos can still run right side while Asmos get nothing. We need Hime to address issues in the game.
  14. What about arena compensation for February to May inclusive, is it gonna come tomorrow or in 7 days time cause you said it would be given end of the month.
  15. At least you people aren’t those who dumped over 2k usd to get legendary transform through ancient combine back in early 2019 from those transformation contract bundles. That said it would be great if we got a one time apostle discount contract, anything to make the current situation of combining more palatable or 2 free legendary breath of memory. About the combines even though we have the best rates, in NA we don’t downgrade ever it would be much appreciated if the base rate of 2.75% is raised to 3.75% while the rates for the combining to get the first 10 legendary transforms is re
  16. Songweavers benefit from Sheba, titles that give both attack and cast speed they have a attack speed and cast speed buff skill that was recently buffed which also gives 1000 PvE attack. Songweavers also benefit hard from the viola active buff. Songweavers benefit from which ever legendary transform, while attack speed classes if they only got something like Vielle, Tahabata, Bolvig, Viola really pulled the short straw. Songweavers can use that speed chorus stigma to run fast. Not sure why you are complaining that attack speed classes got it better.
  17. So not only did NCsoft cheat us 2900 abyssal fragments for Shattered Abyssal Splinter they go on and do this. No wonder community relations are bad. Where is the generosity the goodness, more people will invest in the game if NCsoft invested more to us. Giving us 2 free transforms and 2 A grade minions will encourage us to spend more for BCM.
  18. Will there be a survey to give the missing 2900 abyssal fragments that we would have got when SAS was down.
  19. How long is the maintenance and anything on the Arena of Discipline rewards for February to May, Kibbelz you said this was something you were gonna see if it was low hanging fruit. Also there is a game breaking bug where one of the DP skills for Aethertech, the blue one which costs a lot of DP it sometimes doesn’t work when you press it cause somehow you can resist the skill, and same would go for ranger, where they resist the immobilise.
  20. Change the survey rewards for abyssal splinter from 10 to 300 for everyday missed.
  21. You gotta modify the survey from 10 into 300 abyssal fragments for abyssal splinter. People will have lost out big time especially if they S rank on multiple characters.
  22. In the past NCsoft has given blanket wide surveys where in 6.7 they did it for enchantment stone where using 1 ultimate, 1 legendary, 1 ancient you could get compensated for 5 ultimates, 10 legendary, 25 ancient enchantment stones. Instead of 10 abyssal fragments you should modify the rewards to 300 abyssal fragments for each day missed which is equivalent to S rank on 12 characters. Just modify the number, no need for targeted compensation. As for arena of discipline Luna rewards {CC} Cyan said on May 15th that it was high priority for the development team to give compensation for
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