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  1. That might have been caused by the meters then. I'll test it later today on the brand new client. Another thing that I could test already, on the fresh instalation, is that every single monster that I kill makes my screen freeze for 0.1s. It started a week ago, maybe two? I don't remember exactly. Since then I have already reisntaled Windows too. It happens either on 32 or 64 bits clients. Latest NVidia drivers, but I've tested down to 388.x drivers. Aion is the only game where this happens. Everytime I'm doing Luna dailies it lags a lot when monsters die in weaves lol. Omg this glit
  2. The thing is I have since then formatted my computer and I don't have the DPS meters installed anymore. Not sure if it enables chatlog in some Aion file or what gives. Either way I'm downloading the game again to see how that goes.
  3. Hmmmm. That might have been the issue here actually. I have installed DPS meter a while back. Not sure if it was back then that this has started. Since Aion has 30GB+ files to download, I always copy-paste it to my external hard drive. I'll try redonwloading it from scratch without opening shugo console and see how it goes. Other than that, I've tried pretty much everything! Reinstalled all MB, processor, network, audio and video drivers. Nothing seems to do the trick, other than Shugo Console with the option to disable chatlog.
  4. Aion does have chatlog. And the lag does away when I open it and disable chatlog, not the other way around. I could be wrong, but they said they do not support it, not that it is illegal.
  5. So I was having this huge - I mean it when I say huge - FPS lag on ANY mass PVP or PVE. I'm not sure exactly when it started to happen as I'm constantly formatting my PC and reinstalling stuff. The only thing that fixed my problems (mas PVP and PVE FPS lag) was to use Shugo Console and disable chatlog. What the actual heck does it do anyways? Why can't we disable that crap in game? I swear I tried removing all my chat windows and unchecked every option possible before trying Shugo Console. But it finally fixed my problem. No more 1-3 FPS sieges, thank God!
  6. Was it 3k? I was watching up to 1k. Honestly, you have got to be very much out of your mind to do that. As if it wasn't enought to P2W your way to Ultimate gear... And let's be honest, current events are garbage to spend money on if you want Kaisinel. I'm not sure what he was thinking. Maybe he believed in the chat trolls? Because people were trolling him to buy more and he kept buying!
  7. No, not his account. His IP might have been blacklisted. IDK. It seems like a internet related issue. Seems like an error I was getting a while back and it was related to the launcher only. Reinstalling the launcher as admin fixed it for me. Try removing the launcher and reinstalling it as admin. The instalation itself, run it as admin.
  8. Yeah... P2W is real. There is a Vandal on KT that was already in full T2 Ult and full stigmas +9 one week ago! I'm sitting on full legendary +4/6 and weapon and boots on ultimate on my Vandal and I'm yet to level my 6th stigma to +9 as it keeps failing at +8 back to +7... lol!
  9. Try reinstalling NCWest Launcher. I'll send you the link on PM. Edit: Nevermind, here is the official link: http://launcher.patcher.ncsoft.com/NC-Launcher/NC-LauncherSetup.exe Edit2: I see that you have already tried this. Well... contact support then and ask them if your IP is blocked or something!
  10. Which was exactly what happened on KT. Asmos got so annoying that the Elyos decided to make a deal about world bosses. I remember PvPing for Yonahas for 5+ hours, and I'm not making up numbers, it was legit 5+ hours. I wont lie that I miss the PVP for bosses, but man 5+ hours everyday wouldn't be fun. Elyos still dominate, though. They still have more players. Asmos take fortresses with buff only basicaly and in rare ocasions we take by strategy.
  11. So this has gone unanswered for quite a long time. @Cyan
  12. I have to say that that is the most tryhard level of tryhardness that I've ever seen. Ever. My dear shugos, man! I don't even... Wow.
  13. They will nerf it eventually and it will be more balanced. They do it with all classes.
  14. Every class has it's strong points. But yes, Vandal is a bit extreme right now. It get's a little better, but it is still strong af in KR.
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