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  1. Need a guide for aion 2019 / class recomendation

    And you have no data to back that up?
  2. Need a guide for aion 2019 / class recomendation

    1. They are in the same server. 2. NCwest ha snever changed the stats for skills or classes before and they didn't do it now. The only thing they changed on this patch was transformations as far as I can remember...
  3. Need a guide for aion 2019 / class recomendation

    And this falls on my statement that gladiators always think they are not OP.
  4. Need a guide for aion 2019 / class recomendation

    Yet they roflstomp people 90% of the time, open world or arenas. Equaly or very very close to their gear (I know it because they usually look people over on the website to check their gear). I don't even know how many hours of KR footage I've watched so far of Templar, Gladiator and Painter by now, but it was a lot. Templar is tanky af, but it's not even close of the potential burst of a Gladiator (this is Kaisinel +15 Ultimate 18k+ atk). Painter has the most insane burst I've ever seen, but it's retardedly squishy. After the 3s "ignore-all-atks" and the 8s 50% dmg reduction you have no more defense. It's kinda like Gunner on the burst with a few more defensive skills. The bottleneck is the 15m range. Feels like you have to always be on a 10m range to not get the "too faw away" message or so your oponents don't break the lasers cast, which will be very dangerous in 7.0+ because more world bosses drop extendable weapons and we are going to see a lot more people running around with those. I like the agressive gameplay, though. I don't see how the 3 classes that you listed can be better in all situations. I'm not talking about 1v1 only. Think of it on the overall gameplay. Sure Glads have a hard time against equaly geared Chains, but who doesn't? Even SM fear locking isn't enough sometimes. Anyways, you probably won't change your mind, I'll most likely not change mine. It's all good in the end.
  5. Well, constructive criticism (Thank Say)

    Well, it sure got his attention I guess? Yet he didn't say anything about the post itself. A simple "Ok, I heard you guys, we will see if it's possible, I'll get back to you on this". Anything really. I can't believe he has nothing to say about it already. Edit: Not specifically about the ideas of rewards that were in the post, but usefull rewards overall.
  6. Need a guide for aion 2019 / class recomendation

    This is not getting us anywhere. Gladiators will always think that there are better classes and that Gladiator is not OP, and easy to play might I add. The other day I said that in some Glad's stream, that Gladiator was one of the easiest classes to play, and he almost banned me from his channel. I didn't mean to offend him or anything, but he got so mad... the denial.
  7. Well, constructive criticism (Thank Say)

    Soon it's going to look like I'm harassing you, but it's not like that. I swear. You have got to stop being so naive, though. What just happened proves that they read stuff, but don't care to the point of not letting us know what they think about it or if it has been sent up to KR or not. I know that @Cyan once said that if not is being told is because there is no news about it, but for real???! At this freaking state of the game? I refuse to believe that. Just give management over to Gameforge and be done with this bs. They need to let us know wtf is going on. Why tf can't KR change craft mats to be account bound? Why can't we get a better gaming experience and progression? If they don't want to give us stuff in events, then increase rewards from instances and sieges, more fragments breaking PVP gear and drops in general. Give us enjoyment instead of frustration when trying to progress.
  8. Well, constructive criticism (Thank Say)

    They can put it all in the cash shop for all I care, if they monetize it right - which they probably wouldn't because of stupidity. AND MAKE EVERYTHING IN THE CASH SHOP BROKERABLE. All the way up to legendary transformation contracts (not selectable because that would be kinda meh). Legendary PVP Enchants, Minions, Fighting Spirits even.
  9. Need a guide for aion 2019 / class recomendation

    There are plenty of videos of them fighting other +15 Ultimate players on youtube. That's not the issue. Let's see. SM is focused 95% of the times, so, unless they have someone to back them up, they are nyerked. They are also squishy af because they have basically no defense except for the pet shield. AT is strong af and most of the times also forgotten because of its defense. We agree here. I'm not sure if they have the heal potential of a Gladiator, though. Do they? Gunner is squishy af. If they don't burst you in 2s, they are dead. Cleric has a shitton of survivability, but no offense whatsoever. It takes 30s for a Cleric to kill someone while other classes kill people in 5s. Again, I'm talking about the big picture here. Aion's overall gameplay, not only in one situation, but in all situations that the PVP in the game puts you on. Maybe I'm being delusional, who knows. That's what I see in the 4925521734324 KR videos I've watched so far. You walk free in group as a Gladiator. If in open world, you have the potential to full heal using one 10s CD skill, or a 1m one if you chose to use the Draining Sword stigma. Idk. Overall if I had to choose, it would be a Gladiator as top 1 in OPness.
  10. Wow NCSOFT Best event ever starting tomorrow

    IKR, so exciting. NOT.
  11. Well, constructive criticism (Thank Say)

    @Cyan are you for real? I mean it. You can't possibly be serious. We are telling you how to make the game experience better to, at very least, try to stop the bleeding, but it doesn't seem that you care at fking all. Do those complaints actually make it to @Gideon? If they do, then there is no hope whatsoever.
  12. Need a guide for aion 2019 / class recomendation

    That's kinda funny, because all I see are Gladiators pretty much destroying other people... Sure Sins, Gunners and ATs are also strong. So is Painter and SW and Cleric. I meant it overall, for Aion's type of combat. Low CDs, good defense (parry, hp leech, self-heal), OP offense (pull, jumps, ranged attacks, AOEs, sure strike) and due to the good defense, they are almost never focused. If I'm not mistaken Chovegeta also doesn't main a Templar, but a Gladiator instead. Do you know what's even funnier? All Gladiators that I have come across - except myself lol, but I'm not really geared and I'm putting my Gladiator to rest and I'll reroll Painter - say that Gladiator is not OP, but ask anyone else to see what the answer will be. I wonder why. I mean... the denial man. All in all, I don't mind Gladiators being OP. I could chose to keep playing and gearing mine too, but I think that Painter will be much more fun to play. What botters me is people that play the class always deny it's OP. I'll say again: Sure Gladiators can be countered as any other class they have their weaknesses, I meant it overall and considering Aion's fast paced combat, they are OP for a number of reasons, some of which I have pointed out.
  13. Wow NCSOFT Best event ever starting tomorrow

    Well, at least I'll have time to finish my cubics before the next event since I sure af won't be doing this one. =)
  14. Need a guide for aion 2019 / class recomendation

    Every class has it's deficiencies. Well, I can't say for sure, but he advertises #Templar and #Gladiator on his official channel on Afreeca. I assumed he owns both. I honestly think that if you consider the entire game, not only 1v1s, Gladiator's are on the best spot atm.
  15. Need a guide for aion 2019 / class recomendation

    Just to be sure, was this an opinion from Better? The KR streamer that is 95% of the time streaming GLADIATOR? The reason I asked this is because he said one time that he thinks Templar is better when I asked in his stream. Why the hell is he streaming Gladiator all the time instead? Lol! On top of that, he is fully fully fully geared. As I said before, a Templar with full CDs and maxed out might be a solid choice for 100-0 win, but this is not the case in Aion, almost never. Aion is only about 1v1s in Arena or pre-arranged fights, which don't represent not even 5% of the game.