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  1. Any update about new skins being added to Quna shop :D? Pleease @Kibbelz
  2. see the difference is maximus gives ap to everyone, while doing a worldboss you are lucky if you get anything, plus asmos take Zapiel now anyway, come to elly side and i like to see you try to get a worldboss
  3. So the mob you are talking about is lvl 55, HP 7.8mil basically a boss while yours a simple general merchant that simple 4 man can kill
  4. @Kibbelz So while the ellys of SL have to sit here and get even more far behind, the asmos have an alliance sitting outside of Jep Village every day, killing the General Goods Merchant, Maximus, every time he spawns for ap. Some say its for 4k each player, some say its for 2k. I don't know im not asmo, but seeing asmos ranks go higher each day i can only assume its a lot, and yet no one has said anything about it. I'm just curious what people think about. Do you think its an exploit? Do you think its fair?
  5. @Kibbelz i think u guys forgot our skin update pleeeaaseeeee
  6. Thank you for responding ❤️
  7. @Kibbelz nice job with ban waves! totally off topic, but does Aion Classic not get a anniversary event too like retail?
  8. @Kibbelz you just gave ap traders a much easier way to AP Trade??? What is going on here?
  9. the ONLY ppl that would be okay with it are people who, in fact, ap trade
  10. I haven't seen any serious action being taken for Ap trading recently. I've heard few people saying some people got 1 week ban, but that's about it. No ap wiping, no taking their items they bought with the ap, just a simple one week ban and then once its over they can go back to farming. When the Evergale bug came in retail, people were banned for 1 week and everyone else was compensated. There are more videos everyday of people ap trading, and people jumping from 2 star to 4 star to rank General now ( looking at you Onaho-SL). If the consequences of ap trading is just a silly 1 week ban, wha
  11. Not only is IS imbalanced, SIel is now becoming the new IS because everyone from IS came over to this server. People cannot level, they cant do siege, hell its getting to the point where people cant do pve like DC because of alliances blocking the entrances and making people lose their runs. People are getting banned for going in SR, and we haven't seen one event after us playing for 3 months. Granted this is a pvp/pve game, but people shouldn't have to worry about losing their DC, shouldn't be worried about the enemy faction raiding into towns every hour. Both of the servers are so bad
  12. so people who paid and pre ordered arent allowed in because we have to wait for 8000 people to log in???? why didnt u just give us more servers?
  13. Ok for the first time in literally forever im excited about the rewards, we get the new motion and the new candies yess!!
  14. I've been playing this game since the beginning of time, it has lost players. Some good, some bad (not pointing fingers but...^^^^) but there is population still. there are still players who play and enjoy the game, like myself. I don't need you to feel sorry for me cause I don't give a shit what you think or feel. If you really disliked the game you wouldn't go on the forums and cry all over your keyboard. Don't play the game, don't post on the forums thinking someone will agree with your stupidity. *mic drop*
  15. Yeah they really should. It was in bcm a way long time ago, and since they are destroying levi in 6.0 i don't see why not
  16. It is hard, you got to flip bases, farm for hours for a relic you may or may not get, use the relic to spawn a boss, kill it and get a crux that u may or may not need -o-.......
  17. I flipped 3 bases with the same color, the blue ones the green ones and the red ones didn't try the yellow. Me and my friend grinded and still nothing, I look on aiondatabase and it shows that only 2 mobs drop the relic the tomul shaman and the tomul aquamancer.
  18. Just to see, I went to Levi and flipped bases and farmed for about 2 hours with a friend. All we got in those 2 hours was manastones boxes and ancient coins (even had a 50% drop rate boost on) but no relics appeared. Trying to get relics then hunting for cruxs before 6.0 takes away my Denku seems impossible. I was told Denku and sandwash were on bcm once (very long time ago) but their skins don't seem to be floating around anymore.
  19. I have the designs. But materials are almost impossible to get. The drop rate is so low
  20. So I heard in the upcoming updates, 6.0, levinshor will be no more. Unfortunately it holds the skins like Forest Denku. To this day after a couple years of it being out, seems impossible to obtain unless you are lucky enough to find it on broker. Can these skins be put in bcm or events since they will no longer be around in the game??
  21. I missed when we had the Comfy Overalls and the Springbloom Uniform skins in bcm and gosh i really want them but no one seems to have the skins. Please bring them back in bcm or put them in a event
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