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  1. Search by class, which is what Kybele appears to have done
  2. Same account? No. Different accounts? Yes. After launching the first client and the game begins loading (you see the splash art), you need to close the launcher and sign in with the other account for the other client. You cannot play Retail and Classic on the same account, as it registers as a double-login and will force log.
  3. I've essentially dropped back to only looking at Sunday sieges due to nothing really happening between the servers and Saturday back-to-back sieges take up too much of my time for me to reasonably designate. However, due to a Balaur fort on Siel for Miren expect the next update this Friday. The world class count for Siel didn't take, and I have left that area blank. Bracketed number is past placeholder.
  4. If by any chance you are referring to my siege statistics, I am counting levels 35 - 50 for Israphel. The standalone level 50 bracket is there for comparison only, but all classes—and the totals— are lv35-50. Siel is being counted lv40-50. The reason for the 5level personalized count is so I do not paint a bleak picture of the server.
  5. I saw it mentioned briefly on Reddit, was what the majority of people talked about in the Aion Classic discord (open a couple weeks before launch), and the general consensus leaned towards Siel due to the lingering stigma of the server name “Israphel”. It’s been debated that NC should’ve chosen different names.
  6. Do these things to make sure: 1. Log into NCSoft website and delete the payment method from your account (easiest way is to do this in-game when you go to buy Quna). - when you hover over your payment method "xyz@email.com", a little trashcan appears on the right of the box you can click to delete it 2. Go to your account details page on the website > "My Account" > Transaction History > Subscriptions > Aion Classic Tab > Check that Siel's Aura has "Subscription: None" next to it and below it reads "You do not have an active subscription." 3. Log into Paypal and remo
  7. Congratulations IS-Asmo for the successful Krotan siege : ) Remember to buy your Morph recipes!
  8. Israphel's count adjusted for lv35~50's. Siel remains 40~50. Numbers did not show at MyAion.
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