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  1. That was that funny part... You used items already in game for kinah as an example for how you would run the BCM. The punchline is : this is already how the BCM is run. lol TL;DR If you're interested in any of the above furniture skins, buy before NC removes the merchant and lists them on the BCM exclusively!
  2. You're asking for some things that are already in game to be put into the BCM for real money. It made me laugh because... ummm, it's already what NC is doing... if you can't see the humor in this... idk what to say, lol. If you only own a studio, you don't get access to the floral vine furniture items, that has always been the case. This isn't anything new.
  3. The Risiel gear set is no longer offered.
  4. You want an easy way to get the floral vine furniture? lol ok! Go and buy it from the Village Furniture Merchant in your home village square. This furniture pack has always been a perk to owning a house or better and is still in game and purchasable for kinah. Seems like a pretty easy way to get it... I had a good laugh when @Gallium-DNsaid they wanted nothing more than to run the BCM. Taking some of the unique skins that are still offered in game for kinah at this very moment and putting them on the BCM as a limited edition spring item pack seems VERY in line with NC's BCM market st
  5. @Kibbelz Thank you for the updated rewards list! I appreciate the speed at which this was handled. Even though we won't get the change until the 16th, we know it's coming and can plan accordingly. A+ job!!
  6. I can't tell if you're being intolerant, or ignorant. The sentences are grammatically correct. The word "they" used as a singular pronoun is the accurate way to convey the thought when the subject you are referring to is either a. gender unknown, or b. gender non important to the point being made. This isn't something new, it's been this way for hundreds of years.
  7. NC doesn't care if you attend the events they create copy and paste from Korea. They care that you spend your time and money on their game. If you're unhappy with the direction the game is taking, by all means, voice your frustration on the forums to elicit change. The more people that post to the conversation, the more likely NC will take notice and make some changes. However, if change for the better doesn't come, then you have only 2 options to try and force a change. 1. Stop spending money on the game. 2. Stop spending time on the game.
  8. @Lapis-DN The event runs for 42 days. You can earn at minimum 8 medals a day. 8 x 42 = 336 per char for the entire event if you run everyday
  9. I agree with the sentiment of this thread. NC, you really missed the mark on what giving thanks to your player base means. A black Friday sale promo is not giving thanks. It's a seasonal sales promotion / marketing tool that literally every business uses to get more sales, PERIOD. I mean seriously, who is giving the ok for these marketing decisions?
  10. @Kibbelz It's been over an hour, HELLO??? Can we get KT jumpstarted so the remaining population you have can play the game...
  11. Yeah, i wouldn't expect any type of respect in terms of leaving the other faction camps alone. It only takes one bad apple to start a chain reaction that ruins it for everyone... Devs need to step in and solve this because there is no reason to kill the camp NPCs other than to grief players.
  12. Not sure why you needed to quote my post when you're not saying anything in response to my post... I literally said 10 min or less and you're saying 5 minutes like it's a huge difference in ideas. Am I missing something? @Arhangelos-KT
  13. This issue needs to be addressed, and soon. Before 7.7, when camps gave a few titan coins, it wasn't that big of a deal. But as the game is currently, you NEED to be able to complete the camps to get enough renown to purchase armor. And now the opposite factions are killing camp bases just to grief other players. Give the renown camp base NPCs insane hit points, or reduce the respawn time to something like 10 minutes or less. At the moment Gelk KT has 2/5 base camps available. Pretty disheartening for players just trying to get enough renown to buy a set of pve gear.
  14. I'm confused. I never said I was quitting. I can see /3 is dead because I am online. Also, some people keep referring to the two KT server bugs like they are one in the same. They are not. There is the KT 4 day server bug. And there is the KT server randomly crashing bug. The 4 day bug takes hours for NC to respond to, and requires maintenance to fix. The server crash bug requires the server to be restarted without actual maintenance. But I get it, it's difficult to keep the KT server bugs straight when you play on a server that doesn't actually have to deal with any of these
  15. This is funny. If the DN player base that is here complaining about resets really wanted equality, they would help the KT community in putting pressure on NC to FIX KT. But you're not here voicing the frustration of playing on a broker server because DN isn't broken, and you don't care about KT, you just care about resets.
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