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  1. Account Trading Items

    You're complaining that an ultimate proc was purchased for 10m? Honestly, how did you even figure out how to obtain one? As others have stated, you could have easily increased the price to ensure a safe trade. You knew how it worked and risked it anyway. The terms and conditions are meant to protect them, not us. You two could be good friends
  2. Uau P2W Event..... Pls take point on our feedback

    Just pointing out how hilariously stupid this statement is
  3. Uau P2W Event..... Pls take point on our feedback

    Supporting a game because you enjoy it is just fine. Defending its predatory practices (terrible payment-locked content) because you spend the money anyway is not fine. It leads to a worse game in the end, which the dwindling population should signify. Spend the money if you want, but don't try to justify it by claiming you keep the game open (like the p2w people always claim). The company literally makes hundreds of millions in profit from its games. You're not doing anything for Aion but showing the developer that they can implement garbage content and still walk away with a profit - which is exactly how we got into the situation with the bugged abyss points.
  4. Uau P2W Event..... Pls take point on our feedback

    Paying for access to advantaged content is literally the definition of pay-to-win.
  5. Can't win for losing with Aion

    omg no, not a minuscule amount of virtually-useless points!
  6. Trade between players - this is an MMO, the entire point is interaction between players Aethertapping and essencetapping - good way to make kinah and stimulated the economy from material and crafting supply sales Crafting system restoration - creating our own consumables, gear, and housing items Broker mechanics - listing fee was removed from the sale price instead of paid at listing (they implemented this and removed it with the 6.0 launch) Fix housing items - most items were removed with no way of crafting or obtaining them again, guestblooms and shops are missed Gear - implement a system that provides a small edge for players with better gear, not complete domination (also miss being able to compete with alts) Enchanting and socketing - far too much kinah is required Events - Aion was flooded with players when we had interesting events with relevant rewards. Enough of the garbage rainbow snake-type events World mob farming - you get the same 5 items on repeat, not varied at all General Content - most of the game's intricacies were removed: special mob spawns, Heiron mini bosses, selling varied gear/item drops to the general store (it's all gray or white garbage now), interesting zone mechanics (tia's eye chests, keys, sunayaka) IMO, the game just feels empty in comparison to previous versions
  7. Seasonal Trees/Shugos

    Here are the timers for the shugos, based on in-game time. NOMAD SHUGOS - Elyos (Asmodian) [Feb 15-17] - Elroco Hill Village (Shepherd's Peak) [Mar 15-17] - Goldendell Village (Silver Tree Village) [May 15-17] - Vibrant Garden Village (Golden Sunset) [Jun 15-17] - Pearl Cove Village (Azure Inlet Village) [Aug 15-17] - Seapath Village (Speing Hill Village) [Sep 15-17] - Mill Ridge Village (Foothill Basin) [Nov 15-17] - Reedpond Village (Stonewall) [Dec 15-17] - Riverwell Village (Aironroost) The agrints spawn on the 1st of each in-game month in four different locations, depending on the season. Spring spwns in the NW, Summer in the SW, Autumn in the NE, and Winter in the SE. I'm not sure of the location names but that should be enough to find them.
  8. Transparent Transformation Scroll @Cyan

    They aren't going to remove an income stream, especially one they obtained by changing the buff system. The only reason this game still exists is money. That fact is present in every change they make.
  9. Server merge plz

    Eloquently stated
  10. Returning Player 1.7-5.1

    You're the worst kind of player.
  11. Most of your post is inaccurate, rambling, and useless. Given that you only skill spam, I don't think you know the mechanics, lol. Leave the forums and go practice weaving, slide-shot, buff management, trap management, and movement. Ranger is incredibly strong and doesn't need a damage buff to carry you.
  12. P2W and crying for buffs > learning how to properly rotate skills
  13. Lakrum Geysers

    Kaisinel help your soul