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  1. well when I spoke of using first 25 legendary stones is when my legendary helm was at level 10 an I got to level 13 only after using 25 legendary stones,,, I appreciate the input you have given but yet you have a flaw in your end solution, when I used the first 25 legendary stones an went from level 10 to level 13, I took a break for like 3 days an came back to it. The main reason for the break is because of the frustration of using 25 legendary and only going from level 10 to level13, So after a few days I came back thinking that some time away from enchanting might help bette
  2. I am writing out of total frustration about this so called RNG system, Ive had my share of enchanting things that took some time like for instance; 270 ancient pvp stones to go from level 10 to level 15 on a ancient weapon. I wrote NC an got the same old response, The RNG is working fine..Now here is the worst of all. I had used over 25 legendary pvp stones to get to level 13 on a legendary dark talon helm, being it took so many legendary stones I figured I would use some ultimate pvp stones that I morphed, I tried the first one an it failed then the 2nd failed, on the level 13
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