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  1. .t 28 year old troll Just run away and don't look back! No, seriously though. If you enjoyed Aion as it was in 4.7? Hell, if you enjoyed Aion as it was in any of the 5.x patches? Walk away now. The game as it is now is more or less dead and not at all for the people who enjoyed Aion of the past. Classic MIGHT be coming to the West but don't trust NCSoft to ever make good decisions.
  2. I was on Lumiel and then Israphel so we never met. There isn't much of a "game" left compared to the old days.
  3. And like that, you can instantly kill any and all respect anyone else has or had for you. Do you watch TV? Watch Movies? If so you'd better stop soon. Video games are no different than these except you control what's happening on screen. Is it also immature to play board games or other table tops? Is it bad to read choose your own adventure books at an age past 30? How about building models? Just what is an acceptable, non-embarrassing hobby for someone a little bit older to partake in? I've seen some narrow minded posts on these forums but holy nyerk this one takes the cake.
  4. The sad thing is that article neither expressed any sort of vision for the future of Aion nor did it reflect on past decisions. It spent three paragraphs talking about something completely unrelated and then concluded. A corporate cop out if I've ever seen one.
  5. Arturam Sky Fortress (If I got the spelling right.) I liked the skins you could loot there and piloting the Tachysphere was always my favorite part.
  6. Look man, although I agree with you completely? You're the problem here, and people like you. You just dumped thousands of dollars into the game to try to prove a point? The only point you proved (that matters to NCSOFT) is that they can make money hand over fist from whales with this business model. All you've done is help exacerbate the problem in the long run. They don't care about your words, they care about whether or not you're spending money and you just spent more than the average player will on this game in years.
  7. And my math was a bit off but you get the idea.
  8. Are there even enough furniture items still in the game to warrant one of those tickets anymore? Maybe if you had a lot of stuff before half of them were axed along with the merchants and relevant crafting profession I suppose.
  9. Once again, in the vein of NCSoft selling kinah items for real money. I may as well link those charts I made back in the day. They've always used scummy business tactics. These items were renamed to trick people into paying hard cash for them and they were priced to force you to buy more NCCoin than you actually needed. Notice how if you wanted two outfits for whatever reason, you'd have to buy the $20 coin pack and then an extra $5 400 coin pack. Rather than pricing the items at an even 900 coins to allow you to buy two with the $20 pack, they are priced just out of reach for an extra 120 coi
  10. Kibbelz is still baffling to me. Posts like this shows how incredibly easy it is to just communicate with community in a clear way and on a regular basis, yet it took this long for someone in the position to really do it. Keep doing what you're doing you're doing Kibbelz. You've really been a breath of fresh air after all these years. Somewhat related to the topic at hand, the BCM and costs go hand in hand. When the BCM launched and mounts were added, NCSoft was asking for $50-60 for a single permanent mount which was ridiculous. Even if more cosmetics come to the game, price is going to be
  11. Gonna use this opportunity to nyerk yet again about a lie we were told way back in the 5.X-6.X days concerning BCM. When the BCM was totally changed and its content gutted, we were promised that everything that was on the old BCM would be coming back along with new stuff. We were told, and I quote "it just has to be ported over." Here we are years later and not only has this never happened, it's turned out to be a bold faced lie. Maybe someone else can vouch for it but I seem to remember it eventually being said on our old forums that they couldn't just transfer everything over (even though th
  12. Content Removal refers to how 6.0 cut literally more than half of the content from the game including maps, skills, skins, crafting professions, quests, titles, features, etc. Some other were removed before this, some have been removed after. The idea was to eventually begin re-adding some of this stuff back in if at all possible. I know on my main character I have a lot of items and titles that simply cannot be obtained anymore. Some of them cannot even be worn or used anymore because of 6.0 further restricting what certain classes can use.
  13. Been playing since around launch in 2009. I loved the game all the way up to 4.7 even if there were some things I also disliked or even hated about it. 4.8 was terrible to me but I persevered. 5.X was even worse but I forced myself to stomach even that. 6.X pushed me out completely. 7.X made me wonder why I even thought I should give it a chance. Make no mistake, I do at least attempt to give the game a shake with each new patch, but each time I end up finding more that I hate than I like. The majority of my friends jumped ship between 4.8-5.0 At this point only a classic server will really
  14. Still holding out hope that we'll get something, anything between 2.7 - 4.7. Yes we don't have the population for it as things are now, and maybe it might not survive very long, but players left in droves between 4.8 and on wards to where we are now. Maybe, just maybe, it might breathe some life into the game as it was once beloved. Worst case scenario it fails and they just shut it down again. Those private servers just feel like a pale imitation.
  15. Yeah, that letter was a joke. I wish it actually said anything about the game's direction going forward. It's just four paragraphs about how they aren't using the legal botting system, one paragraph about two already ongoing events, and a short bit vaguely mentioning that we gave feedback without actually addressing it. Despite the title of the post, not only does the letter say nothing about their "vision" for the future of the game especially based on our feedback a couple months ago, but it doesn't "reflect on previous decisions" either. It's just another cop out from Gideon just like every
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