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  1. What's happening with the game?

    Starting to die? This game has essentially been in hospice care for the last two years with its condition declining more and more with almost every update.
  2. Ia AION becoming a only PvP game?

    I've given up the PvP game, sometime around 5.0 I think? I got sick of grinding for weeks or months with my IRL schedule being what it was in order to get gear only for it to become obsolete and borderline useless with the next big update. Aion is definitely now more about end game PvP than ever before but I disagree with those saying it was ALWAYS about that. Aion used to definitely be more about a constant PvPvE experience from start to finish. You'd encounter players your level and with relatively the same experience and gear back in the day from start to finish. This helped you develop skills and give you a taste for the combat. You learned how and who to engage or how to avoid it if you desperately wanted to. I still remember being a baby gladiator in Eltnen who was slotting a crap load of parry stones for survivability. The only things I feared were rangers and clerics. Twinks ruined this system and the changes (some good some bad) kept rolling in from there until we ended up where we are today. In Aion today, you don't stand a snowballs chance in hell if you aren't climbing up the enchantment ladder and capping your stats. You'll be ripped apart without the best gear and transforms. Like Arhangelos said, Aion also used to have so much more to do, the majority of which was butchered in 6.0. Aion IS all about end game PvP now and it will never be about anything else again. We get what they get in the East, and this is apparently what a lot of them wanted.
  3. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    Thus far, no. Just like every major patch since 6.0 it seems to be yet another case of more content being removed than added and some things being changed that no one asked for (gear breaking on failed enchantment for example even if it's just one or two sets,) not in the West, anyway. The new gear looks kind of cool and I like the Inggison and Gelkmaros have been revitalized again but that's pretty much it.
  4. Sad

    I feel for the players but I'm not exactly surprised. It makes me wonder when our time will come.
  5. Regarding the Happy Wedding motion in the event

    While there is a color difference between the two, this isn't the first time NCSoft West has done something in this vein. On the old BCM market, they actually took skins readily available in game for less than 100k, renamed them, and put them on the BCM for NC Coin. I had made a few charts detailing that little scam a few years back on the original forums we had.
  6. Taking advantage of players in a hard time??

    If someone is getting personal with their insults or telling you your family should die horribly, just respond with the tried and true "Hde." It works every time.
  7. Taking advantage of players in a hard time??

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with despising P2W whales and people who think axing more than half the game (and removing content and maps with almost every major patch) is a positive change. These particular "focus groups" are a cancer to healthy, enjoyable games.
  8. Taking advantage of players in a hard time??

    I've all but quit the game at this point and I still stick around to nyerk because I'm nyerking furious this company took a game I loved and have supported since the the day is launched and ruin it more and more with almost every patch. I absolutely -hate- the people that still defend this game and its more extreme changes because those are now the people the company is attempting to cater to at the expense of everything and everyone else. I want them to hear and acknowledge criticism, I want them to fix the glaring issues not just with the game but with their business model. I want the NA / Western team to actually REPRESENT us rather than barely communicating at all. Aion is objectively a terrible game and objectively a terrible experience now but it doesn't have to be. That is the worst part. I gave 5.x a chance, I gave 6.x a chance. I've given 7.x a chance. Over and over and over for months at a time I try to give the game a chance and I only get disappointed every time. I think people like him and I reserve the right to criticize a game we used to love, one most of us used to pay monthly to even access. They've ruined it and they continue to ruin it.
  9. Taking advantage of players in a hard time??

    I've been here since launch and I have NEVER seen a game and company **** up repeatedly so many times. I have never seen them kill a game so swiftly all the while ignoring their consumers and community. Even SWG wasn't this bad.
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 1, 2020

    There has been a thread begging for some outfits other than rainbow snake on the BCM (in fact we've been begging for something new for the last 1-2 years,) and we get yet ANOTHER rainbow snake event when there is already a ton of these costumes in circulation already? I have never seen a company more out of touch with its community.
  11. Please take stupid Snake costume(s) off BCM

    This post gave me coronavirus. What the hell are they thinking? Nobody liked this event the last several times we've had it and those costumes are still the easiest and cheapest to get. Jesus.
  12. Please take stupid Snake costume(s) off BCM

    I think the reason is two-fold. 1. They expected the butchering / streamlining of the game to reel in a big wave of casual, fast paced MMO players. 2. Either as a result of point one, or just plain incompetence, NCSoft West saw no reason to do anything other than give us the same exact business model seen in Korea. I suppose they looked at games like Archeage with their costume rotations and thought it would be a good idea. Backfired miserably. I'm still angry to this day that Hime or Cyan lied to my face about the BCM only being a shell of it's former self because all the old stuff just had to be "ported over." It was implied we'd get everything back that was on it and then some only for them to pull a bait and switch and do absolutely nothing with it. It's been a year and still it's barely changed since the new one launched.
  13. Serious question

    I think there MIGHT be a couple on the Asmodian side, there used to be a tiny guild or two running but that was before NCSoft up an deleted half of the game. It became harder to get skins and some of them were removed altogether. Maps were removed or had entire areas blocked off. As far as I know RP is a dead and gone as the rest of the old game and I'm someone who started out on Lumiel, the original RP server.
  14. Is Aion Dead?

    Just your resident pessimist here to tell you the game we enjoyed since launch is dead, gone and not coming back. The Aion you are familiar with was completely killed when 6.0 arrived. There are still enough people around to play but if you ask me, there really isn't anything actually enjoyable or rewarding about the experience anymore. As much as this game needs more life injected into it, I absolutely cannot recommend coming back to it or investing your time, energy, and effort into it in any way. It's been all but abandoned by NCSoft west and NCSoft (the parent company) doesn't care about NA at all. The game is dying. Slowly.
  15. Other titles, including Aion, are still very successful in the east. This has little to do with the west and even the link says it's the Korean Stock Exchange.