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  1. Aion Classic Up to version 5.8 All Maps

    It worked in Korea though, didn't it? Aion is still very successful there. NCSoft just has the same problem as Nexon in that they think they can just copy-paste everything as it is there to the west with nothing but a language translation. Changing features between the two is like pulling teeth. I mean look at what they did with City of Heroes. It was still making 4 million in gross profit per year while free to play here in the west but it totally flopped in Korea, they simply enjoy a different sort of game and play-style than westerners do. Rather than allow it to continue existing, its failure in Korea (which is the only region NCSoft really cares about) was reason enough to close down the game and lay off an ENTIRE studio with one day's notice.
  2. Aion Classic Up to version 5.8 All Maps

    I know that pain and they all started jumping ship when the 4.8 - 5.x updates came along. Over half of my friends list is still a jumble of letters and numbers, people who never even came back to reclaim their names when we had the first big server merge.
  3. Old AP / Abyss Gear & Accessories

    Take solace in the fact that you now have unique looking gear that can never again be obtained (assuming its among the stuff that was "removed" from the game.) I'm still rocking the old level 30 green tier AP armor as a skin. The shiny white stuff that glows blue when you enter combat or brandish a weapon.
  4. Aion 7.2 arriving to mainland China service on 2019-09-19

    I hated just about everything in the 5.X series of patches, but I would take any of that including 5.8 over what we have now. - Not desperate enough to play on a Chinese server though!
  5. Aly's Adventures and the Classic Server/flat Earth believers

    Still there. I think in the original comic the girl wishes that the horse could talk.
  6. Question, Best Aion Patch For You?

    Borderline necro but since it's still on page 1... 4.6 or 4.7
  7. Aion Classic Up to version 5.8 All Maps

    Been a couple months since I chimed in on one of these threads I think. NCSoft will never launch a classic server here in the west as it failed in Korea. Now like Aly said, we don't have the population to do such a server however I do think we're looking at this kind of the wrong way. Korea clearly enjoys a vastly different type of game and play style than we do here in the west. I remember the grinds of old that most of us hated and it was still astronomically less than what Korean players endured. In any case, I think it is safe to say that the majority of players have left as a direct result of the way this game has been heading and changing in the west. The eastern model absolutely does not work here. Everyone had their line in the sand but I believe it really started to pick up steam in 4.8 when popular maps were removed and game mechanics began to change. Further updates such as 5.X and the Archdaeva system saw more players leave the game and the overhaul we saw in 6.0 and onward and further realized in 7.0 has also caused a hemorrhage of players in their own way. I personally believe that where a "classic" server of somewhere between 3.0 and 4.7 failed in Korea due to lack of interest, it could succeed here in the west as that was around the time was when our game was quite lively. It might actually bring players back to the western game, but the problem is they'd lose A TON of the monetization opportunities modern Aion affords them so I don't see it happening even if it does run the chance of bringing people back. I subjectively believe that Aion is getting worse and worse with every update and "addition" at this point and that it's western closure is approaching. I think there are ways that can avert that but it will never be due to an eastern mother company that either doesn't care about or doesn't understand its western market (probably both) and a totally absent community liason to both our development team, NA and eastern publisher. Personally though? I stopped seriously playing Aion around the time 5.X hit and I found myself getting two shot in PvP but with no time to grind out a set only for it to be invalidated come the next big update. I still enjoyed the story though and exploring with what few friends remain. I don't like it, but I've accepted what Aion is now. I just wish they'd allow us to return to the classic launch maps and allows cross-class armor usage / skinning again. Remove the restrictions on kinah usage and at least resurrect the trading of items and selling of them. At least it was fun to buy novelty hats and costumes. A man can dream.
  8. Star Wars Galaxies. Nuke over half the professions, a fair amount of quests, items, dozens of skills, stats, and mechanics. Call it the "New Game Enhancements" update and as a result see over half of the total player base cancel their subscriptions and that is not an exaggeration.
  9. I miss skins :(

    Half of my for nyerks and giggles skins I can't even use anymore due to losing the ability to wear different kinds of armor. On my gladiator main I had more kinah than I really knew what to do with, so I spent it all on different novelty hats and random armors to make different outfits. I had a complete clown costume for example but now I can't even equip it.
  10. A bit late with a reply, but I'm guessing this is your first or only MMO? Your understanding of U.S. Law is a little flawed. Basically what's going to happen is what happened with other MMOs that shut down here in the west such as SWG, City of Heroes (another NCSoft title,) Tabula Rasa (another NCSoft title,) Wildstar (Yet another NCSoft title I think?) etc. That is to say they just shut down and you are not compensated in any way. You have no legal recourse at all. They are not obligated to continue hosting servers and you paid to access the game while it was still running. It sucks but that is pretty much the end of the story, that's the way it has always been. Aion is absolutely no different when it finally comes time for it to shut down.
  11. aion is dying

    The sunset announcement proved that SOE Corporate and Lucas Arts were the ones really holding SWG back. All those years of being told atmospheric flight was impossible for example? For the final months the dev team is allowed to do whatever they wanted. Atmospheric flight is implemented and made stable in roughly a month. I don't know why but none of the emulators feel the same. I really think the community is what made the game. As for Aion regressing towards a more mobile style? It doesn't surprise me since Aion already got one mobile game launched and "Aion 2" is also a mobile game in development. They can make far more money off of casual mobile gamers who buy micro-transactions than they can off of MMOs. Unfortunate but that seems to be where we're heading.
  12. aion is dying

    Many of us have been screaming about what 6.0 was going to do to this game when we read the patch notes. People who played the Korean version warned us about it. Eastern design choices and marketing are not compatible with the west and the people who continued to play Aion after 5.0 and its own BS? 6.0 has just been more of what was already wrong with the game for many people and the game is already turning off new players. I still honestly believe the only solution is to either go back to (or open a server) on any version from 3.0 to 4.7 (I'd prefer the latter) and then just allow NCSoft West to independently balance the game and selectively add content. To me 6.0 and onward has felt a lot like Star Wars Galaxies' NGE update. A completely and total overhaul of how the game works and is played, that removes tons of content, overly streamlines and dumbs down the game, and totally backfires in the end.
  13. Things that were deleted unnecessarily

    Nothing new honestly. NCSoft has been attempting to sell easily acquirable and cheap in game items for hard cash for years. They've only just gotten smart enough to actually remove the cheap and easy route from within the game itself. They've been trying to scam their customers for years, even going as far as to slightly rename some items to make them appear different. Here are some pictures posted on the old forums a few years back:
  14. 'Member when...

    Unfortunately this is not something that can be mitigated. The problem is not with just some of the changes made but the entire update. The foundation of this update, the core of it is for a completely different audience than what exists here in the west. This is not something that can be salvaged. The only options are to revert back to a prior patch or completely re-engineer 6.0 and on wards for a western market. You'd end up with two drastically different versions of Aion but that is the only way. What exists in the east does not work for the west anymore.