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  1. You are quickly becoming the most antagonistic person on these forums and that is not something easily done considering how these forums were on launch week.
  2. These passes should absolutely NOT include anything that gives a player advantages in gearing, raising stats, or performance in PvP. That's just my opinion anyway. All of these stones will can either be sold for much more than candies or be used to help those dumping money into the game gear up far more easily. I'm wondering how long it might be before we see these enchantment stone boxes and the like being sold directly for Quna in the shop.
  3. Back in the day (before free to play) my money maker was Adamantium ore something needed for mid tier armor crafts and some of its beloved skins. A stack of 200-300 regular adamantium ore could net me anywhere from 400k-600k sometimes a bit more and sometimes less depending on the market at the time. Either way it was great because I made kinah but I also sincerely enjoyed gathering / mining. When Classic launched I couldn't wait to relive that. I got to level 30 as quickly as I could and grinded up my gathering so I could mine that green gold and sell it to crafters while it was still relevan
  4. This pass is a copy paste of the Korean pass. The 3 crowns in it should be a giveaway of that. That said, this pass is absolutely NOT worth $30. How many Wyvern candies and Administrator Boons can one person possibly need? The only think remotely interesting in them are the true white dye and true red dye, though you think they could include at least 5-6 of them to dye a full set of armor rather than just a single piece. It leaves me wondering just how much power the western team has to change things for our market. If they can, do they just not care to? I'm assuming that's the case cons
  5. I thought there was something wrong with my screen or GPU at first, thanks.
  6. Is Gideon still in charge? We haven't heard from him since that half-baked announcement on the website a few months ago. Odds are he's entirely focused on the other two properties being managed and NCSoft Korea is micro-managing everything to our detriment. Doesn't excuse anything of course.
  7. It could be so much more and that's what's so sad.
  8. It's been over a month and still no cosmetics for sale or in the pass.
  9. Honestly? This. I don't care much for MMO PvP, I don't have the time to dedicate to that gear grind. I just wanted the things you've said. All I wanted were the old maps, old quests, old lore, old items / skins and old professions back. I don't care of the maps are dead or if it's not an efficient way to day things. Just give me the option and I'm content. Honestly, I was hoping classic would be all of these things BUT with some major QoL upgrades from more modern patches. The rose tinted goggles have fallen off very, very quickly.
  10. Assuming you went Polearm, wouldn't you also want to slot some accuracy?
  11. One more foot in the grave for retail. Just waiting for someone to start shoveling in the dirt at this point.
  12. I'm gonna nyerk in every single thread that allows for the topic because I agree. GIVE. US. COSMETICS. The new BCM has been ignored for years after promises that everything from the old BCM would be ported over. Now the Quna shop has launched with virtually nothing and has gotten no real attention in a month. Please do not bring out a skin or two on some sort of asinine weekly or monthly rotation. Do what the Russian Aion service does and just throw everything onto the market (at a reasonable price) and let players buy what they want when they want. NCSoft would make so much money that w
  13. This is really heartbreaking. So far the only skins added are a t-shirt, two headpieces, and another outfit that no one has ever asked for. None of the far more interesting costumes will ever see the light of day on Quna or BCM at this rate and posts asking about it are completely ignored over and over again. If by some miracle they do finally add skins, they'll just let the same ones sit there for months (if not years) on end.
  14. When will we start seeing additional skins in the Quna shop? Presently the Russian Aion service has every available cosmetic for sale at all times but both the Quna and BCM are totally barren of anything worth buying. I know we still have skins up to 4.0 in the game files because you see them at character creation on classic.
  15. Classic will never go up to that version, but gathering and crafting were a part of the game all the way up to 6.0
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