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  1. Aion 7.2 is coming?

    Pessimistic as it is, does it even really matter? 7.2 is just going to be more of the same, more of what things are like now. I do not think there is any saving Aion in NA at this point. They would have to undo so many of the changes they've made and go at it again from the ground up. We'd need completely new management too.
  2. Do you guys remember when...

    People might spend more and they'd make more money if NCsoft did what they said they'd do when 6.0 dropped. When the servers returned, we got to see a brand new and butchered black cloud market. Only a fraction of what was originally on it was still there. A lot of people were posting about it and the official response we got here on these very forums was that the thew BCM would be like this for a little while until they migrated everything over (like all the costumes, furniture, other cosmetics, etc.) This turned out to be a lie. NCSoft decided to try to create artificial scarcity (and thus demand /buying incentive) by using the same "rotation" strategy for their cosmetics that other more popular MMOs do. They only put a few items on it at a time and leave them there for months. The other problem is that they keep putting up things no one wanted before and still don't want now. They're also trying to sell things that used to be available in game for kinah or arena insignias. They have to be actively trying to kill this game. I absolutely cannot think of any other explanation for why NA Aion is being mismanaged so badly. Even ****ing Gameforge is doing better at this point and that's crazy to think about.
  3. 7.5 INFO HERE NOW !

    Nostalgic for that piece of older Aion music.
  4. If you wanna go nuclear, strip down out of all of your gear, drop all quests that you can easily retake or haven't progressed far into. Bank or store whatever you can bit by bit. It'll be time consuming but that'd be the way to test your theory. I've never seen this issue before, the the game does load EXTREMELY slowly for me the first time I launch it after every patch. This is why I'm inclined to believe it's some BS on NCSoft or the Game's end and out of your control.
  5. Does it happen no matter where you last logged out ? It may just be taking the client a long time to load into such a densely populated areas. Though you say it happens for instances as well in which case I'm not sure. I'd chalk it up to garbage servers and a garbage client. No idea why it only affects the one character.
  6. 7.5 INFO HERE NOW !

  7. Anyone still playing since Launch?

    That ring is the only thing that keeps our tears at bay.
  8. Anyone still playing since Launch?

    Been around since the game launched and still have my shiny jewel case. I don't remember if it was the basic edition or collector's edition or whatever, I'd need to look for it again. Tl;DR to begin with. If you enjoy MMOs of the old days, do not come back to Aion. I do not use the term casualize lightly but they have butchered this game, removed most of the content, and made it possible to hit max level in just a couple of days. It's all about end game PvP now (which you're going to have to grind your butt off for if you don't want to die in a single shot) and you also need to spend actual cash on transformations which are basically a requirement to live as well. Now to go down the bullet points in order. Biggest changes? More than half of the original areas are gone. I speak from an Elyos viewpoint because I don't play Asmodian, but Verteron, Eltnen, Theobomos, half of Sanctum are all gone. The abyss is pretty much gone. Virtually all of the original quests both regular and campaign quests are gone. The crafting professions are gone. A ton of armor and weapons were removed from the game along with the ability to ever get them again. Tons of skills are gone, flying is gone except for in just one or two areas. Basically the game has been gutted of any content that doesn't encourage you to beeline straight to the end game and then spend money on the P2W cash shop. Kinah can no longer be traded, has been massively devalued or inflated depending on what you want to use it on yet can still be worth more as it's so much harder to get now. You can no longer trade with other people or open up a private store. The community is just active enough to play the game but I'd argue that way over half of the original player base has left and we're still bleeding people. Very few people liked the 5.x updates. Almost everyone hated 6.2 and on wards (which is what completely overhauled the game and gutted most of the content) and 7.x is just more of the same. People are still leaving by the boat load and very few stick around once coming back. The game they remember is dead and gone. Pros, though? Improvements? We do have new classes, prettier graphics, mounts (that are stupid expensive) some new areas, and the game is much easier now and doesn't require insane amounts of grind to level up. That's genuinely all I can think of. Over half of the game was axed in favor of some shiny things to look at or spend money on, and a 2-3 days trip straight to max level rather than an actual journey. I TL;DR'd at the start of this post. Me personally? I cannot recommend Aion to anyone or encourage anyone to come back in it's current state. In fact I'd warn people to just stay away. But when it comes to veteran players, or those who left a very long time ago, I think it's worth it to come back and see just what they've turned the game you remembered into. Tourism as opposed to actually playing the game.
  9. motions and skins that should be back on the BCM

    My recommendation: [Everything] That NCSoft promised they'd re-add to the BCM when it was initially purged during 6.2 but they lied and told us everything just needed to be transferred to the new system. Everything they only don't add back so that they can create artificial scarcity of good and encourage people to spend even more cash on the game when what they want finally shows up on the market for a week or whatever. In case you couldn't tell I'm a salty mothernyerker about how this game is managed.
  10. Was 5.x really destroyed Aion ?

    While we've been a ways behind Korea, 4.8 was the beginning of a trend here in the west. It is the first update that began actively removing content from the game rather than just expanding upon it. Very popular regions and PvP zones were taken out and eventually replaced with some not quite as popular. This trend continued into the 5.x series of updates. Some regions getting removed or replaced. The Archedaeva system also came with 5.x and I've yet to meet a single person who genuinely thought that system was a good idea or at least a well executed one. 4.8 was where we crested over the hill and started heading down. 5.x is where we began steamrolling uncontrollably down said hill. 6.x is where we achieved terminal velocity and slammed into the ground after plummeting off a sheer cliff. 7.x is either us somehow barely surviving said fall or suddenly discovering the earth is hollow, penetrating the bedrock, and falling even deeper depending on who you talk to.
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 23, 2019

    Where is the part where they immediately begin just puppeteering the corpse? That's essentially what's happening these days.
  12. Sooo they want people to come back?

    Funny thing is you'd probably have a higher chance of success doing that than convincing NCSoft of anything unfortunately.
  13. Aion Classic Up to version 5.8 All Maps

    It worked in Korea though, didn't it? Aion is still very successful there. NCSoft just has the same problem as Nexon in that they think they can just copy-paste everything as it is there to the west with nothing but a language translation. Changing features between the two is like pulling teeth. I mean look at what they did with City of Heroes. It was still making 4 million in gross profit per year while free to play here in the west but it totally flopped in Korea, they simply enjoy a different sort of game and play-style than westerners do. Rather than allow it to continue existing, its failure in Korea (which is the only region NCSoft really cares about) was reason enough to close down the game and lay off an ENTIRE studio with one day's notice.
  14. Aion Classic Up to version 5.8 All Maps

    I know that pain and they all started jumping ship when the 4.8 - 5.x updates came along. Over half of my friends list is still a jumble of letters and numbers, people who never even came back to reclaim their names when we had the first big server merge.
  15. Old AP / Abyss Gear & Accessories

    Take solace in the fact that you now have unique looking gear that can never again be obtained (assuming its among the stuff that was "removed" from the game.) I'm still rocking the old level 30 green tier AP armor as a skin. The shiny white stuff that glows blue when you enter combat or brandish a weapon.