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  1. Evergale Canyon

    to the jacka s s e s who think they are *helping* by kicking people who even explicitly ask NOT to be kick-ed WAKE UP geniuses- sometimes the game glitches- the CD can end up being lost (i.e. it bugs) or people can DC, etc. Let alone the fact that some people actually want to run EC i.e PARTICIPATE and PLAY. @Cyan Until we get a usual vote kick function (and that ain't going to happen) we need the kick disabled ASAP
  2. What a Shame

    Can you provide a simple, direct answer to the class and/or classes that you believe that a sorc can easily kill in 7.0 1v1 , and to clarify, without requiring Kaisenel transform. That's my simple question. I'm not inferring anything. You stated, I disagree- I simply want to to know which ones. I happen to believe you'll have a hard time coming up with it.
  3. What a Shame

    Thank you for posting the video, I always find your information very helpful. I have to admit I didn't go through the whole thing- but I did want to say that if that sorc has Kaisenel, that's really doesn't apply to any sorc that I personally know of as yet (the closest is an SM so far that I could compare to) I'm sure that it would help a lot.
  4. What a Shame

    Point is, what does maining a sorc 5 years ago or a screenshot do with playing one now? That's right- very little. You still haven't answered my question - what classes would a sorc easily be about to "100-o" now. in 7.0. Not years ago. If you read any of this as being "angry"- kindly stop dodging.
  5. What a Shame

    Doesn't main a sorc, and would recommend playing one but states' "that's it's very good-. Not a very convincing argument. Please name which classes a sorc can "very much" 100-0. An SM? a ranger? a glad? a vandal? a cleric...running out of "most" by now.. Incidentally, you happen to be incorrect about sorcs regarding the number of sets that they had to have a well prior to the introduction of magic suppression especially prior to the cap on MR. It wasn't quite as easy as "click on my one stigma" and I'm set.
  6. EC rewards bugged?

    Funny, because that's exactly what I what say you should do.- i.e. make your own alliances and stop quick queuing and trying to justify that you are owed an easy or guaranteed win through a quick queue. No one is- that's the way the system works, and it doesn't bother me at all. It isn't perfect, I'm aware that there are ways around it as well.
  7. EC rewards bugged?

    at least 50 % of the time, if more that "sure loss" could be a win if people weren't so lazy and just gave up instead they just screw over someone else by asking to be kicked without even trying. I would be ashamed.
  8. What a Shame

    It is actually not that simple. You could also keep repeating that the earth is flat enough times and convince yourself that it's true., which is your right. But I would also say that it wouldn't prove that it's true. Balance has changed that dramatically in the past 10 years- THAT is the simple truth. No one say's that's it's impossible for a sorc to win in PVP - but the skill cap compared to other classes does not make it easy , forgiving or simple, in this release especially in OW The "game knowledge" that experienced sorcs have leads many to conclude that the work it takes is often not worth the rewards in comparison to other classes for the same or better rewards (or even actual fun in PVP) and it is a indeed partially a question of the toolbox now. That's not only in this region incidentally.
  9. What a Shame

    These last rotations point out out just how condescending, and just how out of touch some theory-crafters that don't main a sorc in the current release really are.
  10. Fixing AD in 7.0

    Here's a solution for you: queue tenacity , , queue KB or queue another instance that is a similar "last man standing" concept. AD is not designed that way, and as others have pointed out serves many people as such. If you have reset over and over and are fully geared to the teeth it isn't the instance for you.
  11. Is my storm strike suppose be nerfed?

    Except that all classes are not the same. Which is why for example 7.2 makes some adjustments for sorcs upon CC. Case in point: SMs and sorcs - both had their CCs and silenced nerfed- however SMs have gotten more bursty and still have stronng skills in PVP whereas sorcs don't have such high burst in relation to other class as they used to, and their defenses haven't scaled well. Not to mention - PVE changes should not be in PVP, you're comparing 2 very different styles of play.
  12. quitting again

    That's fine if you want to accept changes that don't necessarily make any sense, as the saying goes "you do you". However a considerable amount of people in those other regions aren't so accepting of that. I mean, nothing will change by our comments in the forum. I'm just adding this for anyone who is curious about playing the class. Once you play sorc it really does make playing (almost) any other class much, much easier . However if I was a returnee or new player I would never pick it as a main - not post 5.x.
  13. Is my storm strike suppose be nerfed?

    PVP was fine for me. PVE requires more of an adjustment, the changes there don't make sense. I'm sure most people will likely see a reduction.
  14. Is my storm strike suppose be nerfed?

    It's true. The skill daage on several skills was cut but 50% (glacial and storm strike). PVP wise the PVP reduction % was removed - so meh. PVE - I don't really understand why. WTB original game developers. The patch notes are fairly poor, Aion powerbook is better.
  15. quitting again

    What really gives me a migraine is people who (almost always) don't main a particular class but tell someone that that their class is just fine and "really strong" as long as they "play well" or "git GUD" . Add in the "hey it's like that in other regions". Really? as if that makes bad balance any better? EU is also complaining about how badly balanced sorc is and how it's been neglected for quite a while. OP does have some things that he used to do that don't apply anymore - such as alts for events. He doesn't want to play other classes- well, there's good reasons for playing them, but that's his choice. He also has some confusion regarding regions, but that doesn't necessarily make him incorrect about how the class feels now.