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  1. Taking advantage of players in a hard time??

    I can't imagine despising someone just because I disagree with them.. Imagine a community where everyone is like that..would be pretty toxic...if you aren't enjoying a game - why play it- find something that is worth your time. FYI- if anyone gets banned for using a ping reducer - which I'm aware has happened - they had their account restored. As I said, no NCSoft isn't perfect but by and large- if someone is banned- there's a valid reason - no matter what they claim. Particularly if they start throwing around claims like "half the server did it and got banned " @Shavera-DN - no - half the server was not banned. If you want to see forum ban hammers- check Aion EU- I don't like to see posts deleted but NA is a LOT more lenient than EU and is moderated a lot less than it used to be.The "truth" is fine but a lot of forum posters can't separate civil discussions from personal attacks.
  2. Taking advantage of players in a hard time??

    Well the games you play are your choice. Personally - I wouldn't waste my time, resources or energy playing a game I no longer like . Nor is it healthy sign to hate people who disagree with you. If you're no longer active in the game- I wouldn't see why you would persist in criticisms- nor would that give you much credibility with NCSOft . Why not move on with your life.
  3. Taking advantage of players in a hard time??

    if you quit, why are you even posting here? whey are you still here complaining? (not to mention - getting advice from someone who was banned ..not in my recommended list - NOT to say that NC is perfect - but - your credibility is not the best..hmm)
  4. Players deserve to read this (the nice form)

    Soooo- the sky is not falling. No one is forced to spend the money. I personally spent a small amount of money on the event. As am lucky enough to be able to work from home and let my character AFK- while I look over once in a while- what do I see but some of the BGs as well as the and biggest posters on LFG that scream "save your transforms for PVP" and "we don't P2W" spamming transform contracts as soon as this event started. I can just imagine the money they're spending. So what - am I surprised that people started instantly throwing their wallets at this, or that their are hypocrites in the big "elite" legions? Of course not. It doesn't bother me, it was much more aggravating when I had an ancient transform and legendary gear, and people had a Kaisenel or legendary plus ultimate gear. gear. Now that virtually everyone has a legendary transform and some degree of ultimate gear things are much improved (though class balance is still abysmal).
  5. If you don't care- why don't you just keep quiet yourself and play the game, and ignore the posts from those of us who are posting. ? Clearly those of us saving fragments do care
  6. Abyssal Splinter / Joker Card Price

    1- Completely agree regarding splinter- even if it was an intentional removal, as it was not communicated anywhere the minimum that should be done ASAP it the restoration of the exchange NPCs ASAP - they have done this before so they can do this 2- Sorry, you aren't in NA- irrespective of NC giving you a convenient BCM button on the main page to get your money - and before you get mad at me, even in NA we don't all have the same currency and that really hurts a lot people- I feel your pain.
  7. This quest line is so easy to do , especially for a sorc. Even more for a DN asmo. One of the few things that NC has done well recently--- although I would imagine that getting the Elyos locations put into the asmo quest line would be aggravating/confusing.
  8. Worth Coming Back?

    No, you won't catch up- and it's hard to judge an "average" player anyway - class balance is much worse than it used to be and what is even worse is the gear gap - so a fully geared out +15 ultimate player vs someone in mostly legendary? not at all an even fight. On the bright side -you should at least come out with a legendary transform which would have been a major disadvantage for you previously - and you'll come out with a nice assortment of other items IF you are online consistently during this event.
  9. Hey, need a serious response

    you can't do it easily without spending cash. This event is helpful, but a new patch is going to hit fairly soon and the P2W is going to skyrocket again with the addition of new items that will will be even more RNG/P2W. and just lol @Youmu-EK I would definitely go back to early Aion when it was subscription based, in some ways was much easier to get geared than now. How we forget. I would just say try it out , you have nothing to lose- but playing completely free- you will always be at a disadvantage.
  10. legendary memory shards removed?

    It's not a "panic". Actually- why are you justifying such incredibly poor , in fact shoddy game management? Let's get things straight- there are many players who either don't have a legendary yet or have one that isn't suited for there class. This is yet another item that was available for a very brief time- not even enough for many people to get one transform- and gone without even ONE transform that MIGHT have been that right one. Don't mistake panic for another instance of anger at rubbish customer service. @Cyan can we please get this back . I doubt the money you make on this new event is worth the money you lose due to yanking this, especially with all the players already not happy due to the past events and the exp nerf, bad drops, etc.
  11. At the risk of repeating myself: 1- remove the experience nerf 2- take a good hard look at the various rates in the system - do they make sense for NA given the various local changes that you have put in place? for example- if it takes a week to morph one ultimate stone , and the enchantment rate is terrible- AND we need a thousand stones- how many people will put up with that for long? 3- class balance. Your business model might now be "milk a new class ..small improvements to other classes" - again this might work for KR based upon the assumption that everyone is running with AT LEAST a legendary transform, +15 skills, +15 gear. WE DON'T HAVE THAT HERE. Some classes are severely gimped at endgame without this. Do you think they'll want to spend in the BCM, since even that doesn't guarantee results?
  12. 7.3 top Korean pvp class rank list

    If you would put sorcs on the same PVP level as ATs in this patch I don't think you would get anyone to agree with you. I disagree as to the top class, but I don't disagree at at all with the bottom, and there is no sign that the bottom class is going to see much attention either.
  13. The game is broken for new players

    Exactly this. If you are a real "*new* player forget getting the very best top-tier PVP gear. You're too far behind. You can get very good gear though. Now...you'll still have enough of a challenge getting stigmas, davea skills and manastones..but that's another story. You can get stones completely free in -game but I complete agree- @Cyanthe EXP nerf is beyond stupid. We can hardly morph stones. This is even worse for people who aren't in large legions and don't have access to the special altar NPCs.
  14. @Cyan, About Vandal skill changes.

    or just chainfear them if you'd rather take a few seconds longer pot..meet kettle
  15. It hasn't been long but I do have some positive and negative feedback: The bad: 1- The lack of the safe spot for stigma enchanting. We need a permanent +9 and + 12 safe spot. 2- Poor access to daevanion skillbooks and the inability to select the skiilbooks when we craft or open a box. 3- Weekly/daily quests completion should be more realistic. 4- Not too keen on having 3 sieges at once with our population. 5- Still waiting on EC and EC compensation (for that matter- still waiting on decent rank compensation in the Gold Sand shop- never got that either - just useless iingots) 6- Why oh why do we seem to get new things but never an increased quest limit or inventory space? The good 1- Was way overdue to bring vandals back down closer to other classes. 2- Nice to have new quests 3-- Looking forwards to the new maps and instances