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  1. Mejor Server Asmo

    FYI - this region has no servers located in South America, all of the servers are located in North America. You'll probably find an equal number of Spanish speakers on either server. This is purely Google translate:: Lo siento, no puedo ayudarlo, pero solo quería informarle que esta región solo tiene servidores ubicados en América del Norte; no hay servidores en América del Sur.
  2. Possible Fix

    actually it does not "solve the problem"-. This analogy isn't pretty but it's all I can come up with - it's like putting a band-aid on someone who is bleeding out- you may feel better but really aren't improving the patient's outcome. Having events that improve the chance to get ultimate and permanent contracts is far more fair and balanced than wasting valuable marks on temporary potions, and which do not contribute at all to a player's progression.
  3. Possible Fix

    Also more reasons why idea is useless in practice.
  4. Transformation Update

    Is there any chance any of your alts is named "addicted"?
  5. Transformation Update

    I can't see that anyone who doesn't work for NCSoft can truly know the details of their business model, nor do we know exactly how many people pay, nor how many people pay absolutely nothing. I can say that not a single month has gone by in the last 11 years where I have NOT paid- so I have hardly failed to contribute to the ongoing game maintenance and support. Now, I would consider myself someone who actively supports the product however I am not all willing to sink 3 figures or more just on ONE item, and then in future continue to sink money because there WILL be more money sinks in order to remain competitive - and this is from someone who is fairly well geared- just imagine a new or returning player? and your statement about "catering" to F2P is fairly nonsensical because you answer yourself- without F2P the game WILL shut down as no one wants to just be cannon fodder for some spoiled whales. It's very similar to what happened to the perma-rifting twinks way back, people left in droves. The population is too low to sustain losses. There are alternatives to Aion. Contrast this with another game that I play where everyone pays a modest subscription $20 per month and the shop consists mostly of vanity items like skins and mounts. Those mounts are available, by the way to ALL characters on my account , are permanent, and are reasonably priced. The population in this game is waaaaaay larger and queues pop for multiple instances all the time - and yes, the game is stable and with regular patches and the content is incredible.
  6. Transformation Update

    NO, thank you. I am perfectly capable of calculating exactly how much that will cost me - yes- you have conveniently not put actual minimum currency - $- in there- nor have you any thought at all for those players , even in NA- who don't pay in US dollars. This isn't any kind promotion after 2 years, it's a response, most likely to those bleating large mammals who have sunk oceans of money even though the odds in each event were never published and there were never guarantees of rewards. The guaranteed reward should be available in-game to F2P after some collection, or "x" numbers of failed combinations. I don't know- but F2P need some motivation other than " exceedingly rare and difficult to obtain".
  7. Outrageous

    @fearemall-DNPersonally I would rather have the TV or the other items I can spend money on - given the things like prestige or BCM payments that will be necessary in future - than spend this much on a game that will close down and leave me but memories - and Aion will close down, all games do eventually. In addition, if the future of Aion is in the mobile version - well i have no interest in the mobile version.
  8. Transformation Update

    more like wrong
  9. Transformation Update

    11 of years of game play..stares at 4 legendary transforms.. looks at "quite rare and difficult to get" ...walks away
  10. Dont spent Money U$1500 Transformations for Nothing

    No hate to anyone who spent these thousands of dollars, because I do sincerely feel that games need to be supported and to get quality you need to pay for support, QA ,etc- but in these days I find it almost obscene that these quantities of money are being spent on pixels while some people are lining up for food banks or begging due to these hard times. If someone has so much extra money floating around it could do a lot more good than being spent on pixels that will disappear soon. I understand that for some people, it isn't much money, just find it a bit sad under the current circumstances especially since many people end up getting frustrated anyway.
  11. Game balance

    This answer does a good job of summarizing why a lot of players have quit. If you're a returning player thinking of returning or a new player, read this and think again. I too don't have any particular love for OP but am in agreement with their post. I would only add that SW isn't the class that suffers most under this system, if it makes them feel at all better.
  12. Dont spent Money U$1500 Transformations for Nothing

    A class action based upon what exactly? I don't disagree with you at all, this game design has too much gambling and some people are particularly easily addicted to gambling. In some countries, this type of game design is or may become illegal under certain circumstances, and that's likely for the best. However, in NA under its current form someone over the age of 18 who continues to throw money at an event event and doesn't get what they want likely has no case if the event isn't clearly broken. If it makes them feel better they can stamp their figurative little feet or use a chargeback but otherwise too bad for them as they explicitly agreed to play and pay under the rules of the game or event.
  13. I could live with applying the same buff to all classes, but applying them in a rotating schedule to a single class at a time is just annoying and has not been well thought out at all. Not a good idea.
  14. Noob question about picking a class

    Vandal is far more mobile than a sorc as they don't have to cast their skills.while at the same time having much better defenses (HP leeches and shields). Their skills are generally on far shorter CDs than a sorc as well. Gunners and rangers compare well in mobility with the vandal however DPS wise vandals are the best of these three in general in NA from what I have seen. I would say that few people regret selecting vandal and I doubt that NCSoft will nerf it hard in Aion's remaining days due to the number of people who play vandal. Not to say that gunners and rangers aren't good choices- they may require a bit more investment.
  15. If you add up the votes, then 66% of the votes (not accounting for "other") wanted siege times to start no later than 10 pm EST. Of that, approximately 20% wanted sieges to start BEFORE 10 pm. So there is a very clear majority that wants a much earlier start than midnight. It actually looks like 10 pm is a very fair choice. Incidentally, that's not even my preferred time - I would prefer 9 pm EST as I have a job and a family and works best for me. However, as a compromise I voted 10 pm since I think it works better for everyone and I can manage that.