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  1. No Dregion, or forts on weekends

    Exactly this. I wouldn't go to another region - be it EU, KR, Russia or Japan- and start asking for events in EST. They'd either either point me to NA or tell me to adapt. The only people I do have sympathy for is the Australians- since you did lose your server (Nezeken) which was in your time zone- but even for NA, we lost our East coast and West coast servers, and don't even get support for the seasonal time changes- so the NA schedule is no where near as good as is used to be even for NA.
  2. Aion 6.2 New Siege Buffs for the losing factions

    Imagine being so sore over losing a fort once.
  3. Did NcSoft forget about GP in 6.2?

    Why should their efforts be wiped for you? Especially since they've invested not months but years to to get or maintain it, and did that several times already? and your saying that you get ganked by high ranks is just ironic, sine usually it's high ranks that get ganked. No one links a high rank in chat, everyone jumps on a high rank when they're questing. That makes no sense at all. It isn't a ranking like the arena. And what the hell is a "GP farmer"? what if they earned their GP by going to every siege ? does that make them a farmer? if they kept doing their KBs?, while other people didn't and did PVE instances, or slacked off and missed sieges? don't be silly. And a fresh start is available- on the new server.
  4. Really? and why do they want that rank? because what you are referring to to as "not hard work" is people doing what they are supposed to do with their transforms, and doing it consistently, and with dedication in order to maintain that rank. They shouldn't have to spend their life in Aion to maintain rank, and staying even in the top 100, let alone the top 30, took a lot of dedication. Most of the people who complain about "never being allowed to compete" never invested anywhere near the time that the high ranks did. In addition, a lot of them took breaks from the game. Well, some decisions have consequences- this means you don't get to climb this particular ladder. You still get to do anything else in the game but transform ranks require consistent dedication to the game. And you point about anyone showing up to strip people of their rank? It's not new to 6.2. That's an old problem due to the rate of GP decay- the're been many, many, many discussion about it prior to 6.2 and it's affected many people with rank. NC hasn't done a thing about it- even if they can't do a thing themselves- they've never mentioned bring it up with KR (that I'mm aware of). This would help having inactive ranks decay faster.
  5. Which regions have seasonal rankings that reset? EU for example does not. The new 6.5 GP season in KR does not affect transform ranks, it's a separate system where anyone, including the newest player, can get the top spot (in theory). The current ranks aren't frozen, but yes, you won't get someone's spot if they work just as hard as you to keep their spot. Otherwise you will get theirs. If there is a large gap I agree with you, it could take a while, but let's say you want to make up 10k points- if you made 100 GP a siege x4 per week= 400 a week, or 1600 a month- that's a few months. So what? I'm not upset. In reality, some players will quit and some players won't siege enough or at all. You could get a spot even faster. That was the case even before, it could take months to move up a spot particularity in the top 30, and even then at any time someone would troll the rankings by quitting then coming back just to take a spot.,
  6. Did NcSoft forget about GP in 6.2?

    The GP season is separate from the existing GP siege ranks- it has nothing to do with obtaining transform ranks. It's just a nice additional perk for active players, and your existing GP has no bearing on the season - so being Governor for example will be of no benefit when it starts. It's a seasonal system with its own set of rewards, in KR players use their Quna system, a bit like cashing in arena or even prestige currency.
  7. You completely don't understand why this is being done or how the system works. Doesn't matter right now if you're the hardest working transform and show up at every single siege if your faction loses every siege- which is the case on DN-Elyos- it is mathematically impossible to hold your rank. With this change, it won't matter, if you afk in a winning siege, you don't get maximum credit- there's no incentive to be afk. I would also point out there the number on non-ranked afking that I see far, far out outweighs the number of officers. This change is good because the faction won't lose its transforms AND it won't be necessary for upper ranks to stress over making every single siege without fail just too hold rank - that's crazy.
  8. Is this a social game?

    Casual/social typically means almost never on OR bad OR not really interested in progression I understand you're trying to encourage people, however in reality the game from the point of view of a DPS is can be very different from a healing class sometimes or even a tank, and on a faction basis. Incidentally, that's not even unique to Aion.
  9. Is this a social game?

    It's not a joke. Maybe it's better on the asmo side, but if you don't have a static, then aside from COE groups, it can be extremely difficult to find a group that does not want to take a chance on anyone without experience for any instance after that for PVE. So yes, a lot of people end up playing the game solo aside from siege, even if they're in a legion.
  10. NC. Danaria Elyos need your help.

    Only if your reading comprehension sucks. No, it does not wall off content. Yes it does contribute to imbalance if it is always held by one faction and does not flip within a reasonable time.
  11. NC. Danaria Elyos need your help.

    Well, that's a damn nice "only", especially over several weeks.
  12. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    There's no reason at all why getting ancient gear to +15 shouldn't be easy. There's no downside. No one will be OP with that gear, and they're a looooooooooong way from being at end game. It just gives them a bit of hope to keep going, and not feeling that they have wasted their time, especially if they are on a dominated faction where they keep losing at sieges and/or they get ganked and/or griefed repeatedly in OW. Otherwise, they just move on. No one should fool themselves into thinking that the whales can keep the game up by themselves.
  13. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    you know it makes no sense at all that getting to +15 ancient should be hard. It should be practically guaranteed- 100% no fail. It should then be incrementally harder to get legendary, etc. Aion really should be encouraging people to to stay in the game and get even more enjoyment , you don't do that by making them feel they can't even get a basic starter set. And no- campaign gear is not a starter set in PVP, it's basically like wearing underwear. Even wearing Ancient comp or crystal gear is not really going to do much better. I agree that getting gear is more of a marathon- but hiding that under more and more and more and more RNG really doesn't appeal to a lot of the Western audience. Personally, if I'm out grinding, PVP etc I'm not at all happy that I may spend hours and significant kinah for nothing while someone next to me spends a few minutes and gets lucky. T here's no skill, NOTHING that can make a difference. just some stupid roll of the dice.
  14. NC. Danaria Elyos need your help.

    what will be funny is to see (1) how much fighting over fort ownership starts when (and if) the Elyos ever get the fort- because sadly I'm sure that will start very soon after and (2) will the asmos still show up if they start losing? or will they suddenly disappear? I hope not
  15. Gear Disparity current patch

    I have some compensation gear and am not have a very enjoyable experience- and this coming from someone who had a full +15 set of the best PVP gear, who never stopped playing my only gear over +20 was a weapon and one piece of armor. A number of people have talked about how the old BM gear was better, and I agree. That being said, I don't see that giving players some compensation giving that their old gear is worthless was unfair. It was your choice to stop playing - why should you expect to be on the same level as people who kept improving their gear? What could have been adjusted was the level of compensation. In any case- that email was a mistake- why anyone would trust marketing is beyond me- the old Aion is gone. This isn't the old Aion and it isn't coming back.If anything it should say welcome to the new Aion, period.