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  1. Speaking of which @Cyan when do we get this preview ? Not that I expect much. At least in the EU, they have a moderated forum where they bring various community concerns. For example , they are discussing NOT being allowed to pay for GP and thereby rank through extra EC runs before the patch is already deployed. RU disallowed it. I'm sure other people have their own questions or concerns and they'd like to know more before the 27th- certainly more than the little video @Himepasted on that promo web page.
  2. EK Server Situation

    1 -Login afk at what? And so what? You mean you’re not allowed to afk ? Or ranked people can’t AFK? Sounds pretty harsh to me 2 - a couple of months work isn’t much really 3. - actually putting in years of work should count for something 4 - so you’re upset because you had to pug . Well boohoo. Assuming that people with high rank never do. Guess what - some people with high rank have to and didn’t get into those “special “ EBS either. 5 insular legions- really ? Oh come on- so basically if you worked hard and showed that you had a clue about your class and got into a good legion. you should be penalized? Do you realize that MMOs are designed to reward this? 6- Open your eyes and realize that the people on KT and DN have already had their ranks reset in effect more than once due to mergers - they don’t need it once again due to a server that was a mistake and it largely filled with refills not new players and even worse contains few players.
  3. EK Server Situation

    Money of course. It’s a business and they saw an opportunity to make some quick and easy money. Mind you that doesn’t mean it was a good idea for the community- they put the minimal investment into the new server- no promotion, nothing. There is literally no good reason to merge EK with the existing servers- the fairest solution would be to offer a limited time free transfer then forcibly transfer and close the server down. For those of you asking for special deals for rank loss - makes no sense. You wanted a fresh start - you got it - it came with no guarantees- you lose a few months- big deal. You want other people who have gained and lost rank several times over YEARS to compensate you over your choice? And you even start calling them AFK? Get real - you took a gamble on a new server, it didn’t pay off.
  4. Server balance after transfers

    You can certainly state that having a level 4 buff REQUIRED at least in order to flip a fort is equal to another faction needing a level 3 or LESS. That doesn't make it true, but delude yourself all you like. Just as you think that forts always flip every time or "every other time" . They don't.
  5. Server balance after transfers

    Actually "bro" I happen to make every seige. Which is why I'm quite aware of how exactly how long it took us to lose the fort after defending it only once. Just as I'm aware that asmos never lose it after defending it once, nor do they require a level 5, nor even a level 4 buff in order to take the fort. As the topic is imbalance due to transfers, you just agreed with me- since the transfers it's gotten worse- elyos have a harder time defending than even before. Do you even read bro? Addendum- I do stand corrected with respect to Divine- we did get it once- but that was a rarity- if you go back over the last 8 weeks I doubt that we got it more than 1- MAYBE twice out of the 8- and I'm definitely not wrong if you were to look at the number of times Elyos have gotten Anomos in comparison to asmos.
  6. Server balance after transfers

    Which they do not. So let's do the math. DN - Asmos can easily take a fort with a level 3 buff OR LESS. DN- Elyos struggle to flip it with a level 4 buff and realistically need a level 5 buff. That means the Elyos wait several seiges in order to get a fort. They gained it after several attempts an lost it after a single defence. Haven't had Divine in weeks, a month or more? Have had the world boss how many times - a handful? Yup, sounds like balance to me. OK, you'd would believe that if you're blind, deaf and stupid.
  7. Server balance after transfers

    What if people afk. What if they don’t have PVP gear.. or healers.. or the correct stigmas? Add all the above to an imbalance issue just don’t claim that a Fort flips every week because of some magical buff. It doesn’t. If you think that the Elyos faction should feel grateful because we aren’t locked out for months at end we have no reason to be so. No one is discussing past challenges now. The topic is the current imbalance. It’s even funny bringing that up considering the number of DN-A that have Elyos or that were elyos.
  8. Server balance after transfers

    Stop right there YOU have a challenge as DN asmos? seige took maybe 15 minutes last night to flip to asmo, unless I’m wrong we hadn’t had the fort in several tries whereas you had successfully defended several times. now what about Divine? Not one single successful Elyos attack in weeks. Now what was your point again?
  9. 6.5 !?!

    Thanks for posting! nice to have date Maybe next week’s session will even have useful info from staff who actually play game... oops sorry got a little carried away with myself there. Well maybe one day.. like having patch notes in advance of the actual maintenance day.
  10. Thank you so much for that spreadsheet super helpful much appreciated!!
  11. Chanter needs a nerf

    And I’m very willing to bet a number of classes can’t unless they’re in full ultimate. The other day a chanter in our premade dredge decided to solo some surks for absolutely no good reason. We kept asking him to stop but he wouldn’t - language barrier wasn’t the problem. We managed to get the bridge and a log which he missed out on. By the way chanter has had a series of buffs over the years - it’s been competitive for years given the right gear. Now it’s overcompensated.
  12. PVP stone BCM pricing

    Unless of course you're on a faction that is having a issue getting upgrade materials due to being dominated. So you don't easily get better stones, because ancient stones are available to anyone and everyone. Basically putting legendary PVP stones on the BCM at a VERY reasonable price but at a limit per week, which they could easily do- would be reasonable.Lets' say 10 legendaries per week for $10 US per account, non- tradeable, non storeable in account warehouse etc....
  13. Siege EK Lakrum

    Actually it does make sense. I get the impression that you feel that as long as someone pays that should be able to do what they want. I do not. Tranfers from DN and KT are not being handled well now - there’s no cap to prevent further imbalance. I’ m glad that no one can transfer for the time being.In any case, even when they were able to transfer perhaps you weren’t aware but no one could just instantly hop servers- there was a waiting period between tranfers.
  14. Siege EK Lakrum

    First off I am not proposing that anyone quits. Secondly, l was referring to people from EK that could potentially quit. lf people from EK get transferred it should be Elyos to DN an Asmos to KT. If some of them don’t like it that is unfortunate however I don’t agree that the decision should be based upon how much money they spent. It should be on the health of the game. The needs of many outweigh those of the few - in this case that is EK.