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  1. Stigma Save spot +12

    I understand, it's a complex subject, here's a better explanation for you https://www.yourdictionary.com/internet-forum#computer
  2. Stigma Save spot +12

    Sounds like you don't understand the concept of a public forum. If you're a very sensitive person however I don't blame you for not understanding that people may comment on your posts, and could disagree with you. In this case no one has said anything that's even remotely argumentative.
  3. Chaotic Vale is not balanced

    LMAO. Give it up already. @Arhangelos-KT gave a good summary of the current situation for sorcs, as usual Jake you're still using outdated and frankly bad rotations that few sorcs used years ago. Doesn't apply anymore. Seen these arguments in other games. Class "x" is great, just needs more skill/perfect rotations/best knowledge/makes no mistakes - then sure you can beat anyone. Guess what? no one PVPed on that class any more, or only a few players. Saying there are "no skilled players" of that class completely ignores the reality- the class was not given the proper tools to compete with other players. Playing sorc right now feel like wearing tissue paper armed with a water pistol, going up against people in body armor armed with automatic rifles. it isn't easy. You are arguing points that only someone with a poor memory and outdated knowledge with respect to sorcs would add. Please stop misleading people..
  4. Did you like 7.5 patch?

  5. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    Honestly for most of the above- what does this have to do with the topic? If you read his post again Treos encountered problems even in a group. Again, everyone would agree that it can be painful to do, is best done in a group and isn’t 10 minutes (per week) for the 20 ultimate BMs for a lot of people- which can be really annoying since we get to repeat this fun EVERY SINGLE WEEK if we want to siege. Kind of defeats the purpose of a game.
  6. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    Since you may not know him - Treos is far from being a new player nor is he at reluctant to die. Nor is he by any means new to PVP or PVE. So if he is expressing some frustration at flipping camps then likely others are too - and it’s probably going to get worse as some people get runes, stigmas and of Odians enchanted to high levels and others don’t. If you had been playing in the early days of aion ( which I seriously doubt) you would have probably told people than anyone coming through a rift was likely in PVE gear and that twinks were a myth.
  7. Celestial Weapons?

    I have to admit...I kind of like Loki....
  8. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    This has nothing to do with confidence in DPS (thanks for the laugh, I could always use one on a Monday). Your "it takes 10 minutes to flip 4 camps" is not the reality for a lot of players. You can bury your head in the sand trying to think that your experience is the same as every other player - but it isn't. Your assumptions for Korea may or not be valid- not relevant for us. Essentially for our region there is no need to limit siege attendance, we do not have the numbers even if every single person on every server was at the siege - which would never happen (time difference for some players, no interest, etc). Finally it is completely stupid to think that someone cannot participate in the siege, where they would have organized support because they get zerged while trying to solo or maybe duo in Katalam. Because we know that every class is equal 1v1 . Right?
  9. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    1 - why is this mechanic even necessary? 2 - not everyone is in one of the 2 largest legions ( or even wants to be) - so no it is far from being 10 minutes of play time. There’s more but I won’t belabour it, basically there’s no reason to block anyone from participating as long as they meet level requirements.
  10. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    Waited a few days but in the end voted no. Basically: - locking off the sieges that I was most interested in behind a stupid title system is almost enough make a few people I know quit by itself. - your experience on the instance servers may vary greatly due to gear and class, of course if you are a whale and select one of the fotm classes you’ll fit right in otherwise get ready to spend a lot of time in Ing or Gelk - as previously mentioned stigma rates
  11. [Aion 7.5] GemStone Skills

    Snip OK- look at the SM who now have 3 useful skills, the Vandal shield, the cleric remove para/sleep/fear . not that every class has amazing skills but I don't see a single class that requires someone to be immobilized (second such skill for sorcs) . So, they basically repeated an existing vision stigma that is semi-useful as it is very situational (repulsion field) and an existing stigma (winter binding) which is again semi-useful (adding- the non-removable effect) and which I rarely socket, and added a not very impressive damage skill. Looks like they phoned this in. Not at all impressed.
  12. [Aion 7.5] GemStone Skills

    as usual sorc skills are worthless in comparison to the other classes. Really, the developers should allow anyone playing sorc to have a free one-time ticket to re-roll the class of their choosing with all of of their titles, gear and items mapped to the selected class. Then they can delete the class. They really don't have a clue .
  13. The lag is getting worse

    Well I play regularly with people located in the the USA and with people located in Canada. All of us have been able to continue playing. Most have reported that it is "laggier" than usual. I'm located in Canada and have notice a slight general increase in lag and very rare noticeable spikes but otherwise nothing that really affects me, and I play all maps and attend sieges.
  14. What's happening with the game?

    Are you familiar with the expression about what assume stands for? Check it out? Because no, I’m not - and those would have been producer announcements if they came from Gideon I doubt that he’s been officially moved out of QA if anything he’s doing both QA and helping Hime in CM work until ( IF) they find a replacement for Cyan.
  15. The great NC P2W divide

    Just wanted to point out that our population won’t ever cover any significant percentage of ANY of the costs that you mention It’s more realistic to think about NA operational costs such as support , Loki, our share of Hime, Gideon, server team. Having too large of a discrepancy between the heavy P2W and the F2P means that eventually the F2P leave - if any of you recall some of the early patches this might sound familiar.