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  1. Need a guide for aion 2019 / class recomendation

    I always love the "every class has a chance to kill every class" statement. Sure- that works on paper. But there's a big difference between the "throw your keyboard down the stairs" OP class and the "make one mistake and you almost certainly lose" class and that's what we have in Aion.
  2. Need a guide for aion 2019 / class recomendation

    Glads crying... this thread is too funny. Talk to any class in Aion without your self heals and poor defenses then we'll talk about "deficiencies"
  3. This 1000 times over. Either you made a mistake because you honestly don't spend much time looking at Aion, or you refuse to listen to us. 1- We want KINAH. Not ingots. Yes, I recognize you tweaked that shop but you still need to work on it- until then- please give us KINAH. 2- Hate to be repetitive, but agree- half the rewards are rubbish. See @Exceedd-DN for a FAR superior list- only thing i would add is that Anomos weapon box should not be sellable but can be stored in the account WH.
  4. Event

    @mooMOOMooMoomoo-KT if you check OP’s post again he does refer to farming for mats in OW . The problem is that fragments are painfully slow to come by. In addition the broker availability and price varies widely, with the cost of some mats being another deterrent for some people. They really should be added as a limited sale gold sand shop item plus having an event with fragments is long overdue. By the way - adding mats to Pandora could help- right now I’d say DN Elyos wins Pandora PVP maybe 5% of the time- when people even bother to enter or when asmo alts don’t fill it- adding mats might bump up our win rate a point or 2
  5. NC Coin

    and you have no way at all in knowing what would or wouldn't work. Nor are you correct it stating that it isn't fair to ask a different price based upon your country - or maybe you have never paid for a prescription medication recently? In which case an example doesn't come so easily to mind. Given that the game was and I would argue still is targeted to the NA market- well NA in theory has three currencies. NA can decide to market the game however it wants in order to maximize its profits- if that means setting the game to different currencies then I would have no problem with that. Again it comes down to marketing, not social experiments. If NC wants to support only PayPal and credit cards I think that's quite fair.Just as setting the price to a user's local currency as described above is also fair. Doesn't bother me at all if a user from Mexico would pay less than someone from the US in that scenario. In the real world, marketing sets prices in order to get the best return on their investment. It has nothing to do with "communism", there's no need to get paranoid.
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 26, 2019

    Wow that was fast - summertime- looking forwards to it! Thanks
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 26, 2019

    "Summer environment settings will be applied".- could you please clarify what impact that has for the players?
  8. What a Shame

    This is arguably the best example of how not to balance the sorc class that I have ever seen.
  9. That's your opinion. Good for you. It isn't mine. So take out your Photoshop edit and don't edit it to misrepresent it as mine.
  10. What a Shame

    Well put. That's a BIG advantage. Sorcs need to kite and have excellent situational awareness and even then they may help their team more by distracting the other team and CCing, rather than by DPSing- because they are so focused on staying alive. Incidentally you left out 1 area sleep - there is 1 vision, 1 stigma and 1 DP. You also left out several areas CCs - snares - such as winterbinding, ice sheet, freeze, etc. Plus debuffs.
  11. The changes are... are an OK start. Thank you - some are useful- some- not so much. The positives- well thank you for the manastones and the mystery enchantment stone bundle! Adding transformation contract crafting also very good idea, thank you. Reductioin in price for daeva skill- finally- WAY WAY overdue. The not-so-great: 1- Don't really need ancient enchantment stones- I have at least 1500 ancient PVP- What about LEGENDARY grade at least? For PVE and PVP. 2- What about fighting spirit fragments? We've been BEGGING for them? fasteners are far, far less of an issue 3- Purely cosmetic stuff- personally- I don't care. Will never buy transparent scrolls - I shouldn't have to pay to look the way I want to look. Maybe some people are really happy - almost the last 2 rows is wasted space as far as I'm concerned here.
  12. so....what...now?

    In the meantime you can also run Pandora quests. They are fully soloable and will give you legendary and even ultimate PVE gear. You won't gear up instantly but you can make steady progress. If you do this as you try to meet people or join legions- it shows some initiative on your part- that's a very good sign.
  13. What a Shame

    I would agree with comment about sorcs really being punching bags unless they are quite geared - full legendary PVP will still result in a miserable experience. However - Pandoris wasn't even saying equal gear equal skill equal ping. You simply cannot even saying "oh well all clothies must fear or cc before they can do some damage". No - they don't. They're not even remotely on the same footing, when an SM (for example) can use physically slow anyone (without self-dispel) plus strip buffs plus silence plus bind... and almost all without cast speed. Being slowed, debuffed and having your cast/attack speed reduced is such a big impediment in itself, even if you don't throw dots- that fear is just an almost "I-win" - and of course- fear doesn't reduce your damage. Let's compare that to a sorc- yes that can slow- not as well, but no way to reduce cast/attack speed and only silence- no bind (yet). If they CC- extra bonus- damage is reduced. Plus very few instant or low-cast time skills. Basically all of this to say that one mistake as a sorc usually means that you lose , and even with no mistakes you may not win since your gear has to be so good . It is not at all forgiving.
  14. Whose ideas are these stupid GP base quests?

    lol, there's been no "push for PVE" . As soon as someone dares to raise their hand in these forums and mentions they're having any issues 2 things will happen: 1-some disparaging comment along the lines of "suck it up or GTFO", and/or some meme along those lines ---> most likely to occur- 2- someone will actually post some suggestions to help the person. We will always get someone on here who will ask for less PVP. So what? Like @Matsukamy-KT simply and quickly did, just try to give them some practical suggestions, without any judgment. Maybe they will even start to enjoy PVP a little bit.
  15. Whose ideas are these stupid GP base quests?

    Where did I ever say that you can't kill someone in OW- exaggerate much? that's right- I never stated that anywhere, nor did I ever state or even insinuate that I wanted OW PVP removed. If anyone is being unrealistic, it's those people who think that a company can somehow magically have a healthy game without the community also playing its part. It wouldn't matter what was coded into a game, in any healthy MMO, the players will create and respect certain rules. It's necessary for many reasons, even for the one you provide- by the time a gate to an instance is provide (IF) - players would be leaving with any issues easily for months. Some would quit if the problem was bad enough, which could easily happen on an unbalanced server. No clue what your post was trying to say at all. taking what personally? snipping out what I wrote out of context to make what point?