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  1. Server Merge

    If you learned anything hard to see
  2. Server Merge

    Hey “expert” We don’t have a PTS server. Haven’t had one in NA for years. I used to like it. It doesn’t exist for a reason either.
  3. Server Merge

    First of all, what you’re asking for for would affect all players so why wouldn’t people comment. Secondly this is a public forum so if you want to avoid comments in future you should just send a private message to Hime or Cyan.
  4. Server Merge

    Just transfer EK players next month or so in a way that will balance KR and DN the best. Yes, that means that they get spread to both servers. You don't "deserve" a merger just because you decided to P2W to get some gear. If anything the players on the other servers deserve to get the best balance possible on their servers. By the way, those players who insist on spending lots of money is why NCSoft opens a new server and doesn't even bother managing it. They just want the short -term gains. They aren't managing it so as to keep it healthy.That's why opening it didn't even make sense from the point of view of the community.
  5. The boss has usually either popped too late, popped when I’m not on, our faction lost it or we were too late. But go ahead and insist that we don’t want to “work for it” as you run out of people to PVP against.
  6. Regarding Server Transfers

    You won’t get transfers from or to EK yet. It would probably be less painful to either play on another server or another game for a while until EK is shut down.
  7. Takes 6 years to get 5 star Officer now?

    So? You don’t see people afking in alliance all the time at siege? There has never been nor will there be a system that some people don’t abuse. So tired of people assuming that everyone with current rank didn’t earn it just as legitimately as anyone now. Many people didn’t afk to earn rank nor did they abuse P2w. In addition, setting the bar at 90 % participation is way too high, of anything kick up the decay rate a bit more. This from someone who almost never misses a siege - but I don’t want to feel like I MUST I already have a job. I really think the decay would be fairer and would help new people more
  8. Takes 6 years to get 5 star Officer now?

    Why should they wipe it? And by definition being in the siege is participating for the purposes of rank - you don’t need it other than for sieges - there’s enough ways to grief people as is
  9. EK Incentives / Catch up?

    Post is entitled “ EK incentives “ . First four paragraphs are about EK server issues. Perhaps you should read your post again
  10. EK Incentives / Catch up?

    Amen In addition thinking that everyone on the old servers got hundreds of stones is ludicrous, a lot of people are running around in ancient gear or crafted gear and not having a great time- IF they’re still playing. By the way, what makes you assume they’ll even pay the cost of a merge? They might just transfer you like GF recently did. No reason to penalize another server by merging you.
  11. Server Transfer?

    Well if the past repeats itslef, transfers should open for DN and KT which EK is left to stabilize itself for a good 6 months or so. Which isn't a problem if a new toon can't transfer, since you can level a new one so quickly now if you want to - not like in 5.8.
  12. Mobile? Seriously?

    The CMs aren't being paid to worry about which game gets development resources, it isn't their problem. They'll pass on your requests and it will get decided elsewhere. Maybe their voices have a little bit of weight. You can complain all you want, but it's your money that speaks louder forum posts. or petitions. A game needs to earn money to get support. If the mobile version makes money, it gets resources. If Aion doesn't make money, it either gets put into maintenance mode or more likely gets shut down.
  13. Best of luck - don’t you realize that this makes it even more likely than the PC version gets shut down in NA? There’s no reason to keep it running especially since they’ve likely milked EK for all that they’re likely to get. i doubt that they’re really willing to spend anything on keeping the PC version going let alone investing in it.
  14. When you are that bored

    you mean when you're so bored you actually post people's locations in a thread? Yeah, that's really bored.
  15. Server transfers

    No transfers on or off EK for around another 4 months- when 6.5 should arrive. By that time it should be ready to close it down, give everyone a free transfer, no faction conflicts, maybe even some slightly better balance.