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  1. Compensation for the returning players

    Look,. I really sympathize when you try to get friends back to a game. That in itself isn't easy- the this happens. Unfortunately, I really think this was fair. I mean, they announced compensation - I'm happy with what I got. I went out and sieged even though I got nothing. at the time- if I hadn't gone, really I don't think compensation would have been justified given the announcement - and really, no way for NCSoft to tell who didn't go because of the bug,and who didn't go because they have no interest anyway in sieges.
  2. Compensation for the returning players

    Hold on- you gave your friends advice, when you had no idea about what NCSoft would do, and now you're angry at people here when they're pointing out that maybe your friends should have listened to NCSoft instead? Agreed, sometimes a bug affects everyone, in this case it didn't affect everyone equally. I understand that the timing would really not impress for people who return, but it really affected those who had officer rank. - if you didn't have that rank the impact was minimal, and it some cases it could be argued it was beneficial. Your friends were impacted less than a lot of people during that time, and compensation was announced.
  3. Compensation

    To address OP, those 2 weeks were not ruined for me. Was I affected? Yes- and I received fair compensation- although I don’t understand why we received AP in the form of so many crowns, rather than just running a database script - seems like more of a punishment in a way. For those people who avoided instances- how is NC supposed to read your minds and know that you did that because of the bug OR because you never run them? So really why should you get anything but minimal compensation to say “we’re sorry for any inconvenience “. Finally, thanks for delivering as promised now @Cyan please respond to the GP compensation AS OTHER REGIONS did for their users when GP was originally reset and update the gold sand shop.
  4. [Shugo Event] Please let physical classes to be templars

    You post some really helpful things usually but this time I will disagree with your solution. I would propose that the instance be class agnostic so that no one is at in unfair advantage or disadvantage. This way anyone could play any of the transforms with an equal chance- such as in IB.
  5. The event was planned like this?

    damn, so it did lmao, linked the wrong event. Sorry about that. They had several. Well- here's one that the did give out which was not an event however was from their gold sand shop - no, don't recall the duration- legendary CONTRACTS were selling from 1500 ingots. For anyone who thinks that's unachievable- it isn't for anyone who had high rank before the GP reset, and had also purchased some ingots. If you didn't have high rank , of course that's 500 days or > 1 year unless you have prestige - by NA conversion.. Not sure how EU rewards ingots in terms of daily rewards
  6. The event was planned like this?

    Not hard to find..this is just one example below . - and there's nothing wrong if everyone has a ( ONE) legendary transform that is suitable for their class. The only people I can possibly think that would be mad would be those that paid a fortune for it -well if they did, they've had a leg up on the rest of us during this time. https://en.aion.gameforge.com/website/news/events/BaseStrike_Event/ Guess that NC NA is going to do what every other region has done is worthless- they may- they may not. Who knows. We also don't know how long it will take- look at how long it took for the eye color bug for example. There's no way to predict when or what we'll get - and what we get in the Gold Sand Shop is specific for our region - not any other region.
  7. The event was planned like this?

    wow exaggerate much? six months of the patch and most people are using an ancient. Other regions have given out legendaries, especially after the GP reset. No one is crying for a Kaisenel transformation on the forums, in fact whenever it's been mentioned, most people have hoped that people don't get it.
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    add Tabula Rasa to the above and Wildstar, both of which I played, both published by NCSoft..RIP
  9. Directly to NCSOFT

    The person that you want to direct this to is Cyan who in turn I expect would direct it to Gideon. Admins (aka Support) don't know anything about the game future and don't decide anything about what gets fixed or when. Gideon should actually be able to tell us what's going to happen in a few months, but hasn't bothered to produce a communication recently. I doubt that he will (and he's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overdue), but you never know. If you want to pressure NCSoft, one suggestion- don't spend money. That gets their attention - and tell them why- in a reasonable way. Tell them why you would spend money as well.
  10. do not end with the spiritmaster's trademark!!!

    If I understand correctly, you're asking that you be able to use use this buff while you have the pet up? No. If anything, that buff should be adjusted so that it applies to a pet, or if it remains a pet - less skill, it should be nerfed decrease the duration or increase the CD. You're not sorcs.
  11. Entitled players?

    Really, no one is talking about completing collections- green and white contracts are garbage. Ancients are barely tolerable. No one is going waste the coins on enchantment stones on these ratess- are you kidding me? Not when an S run can give only 20 coins. We are 6 months into a patch, it really isn't too much to expect that legendaries are fairly common. Games can make money off of cosmetic items by the way - here's a few ideas- skins, mounts, housing items, scrolls. Hell, even items to socket manastones or improve re tuning chances, if I want to think of something new. Restricted to PVE if you want.
  12. Proxy users geting banned

    You're not quite correct here- it also affects North Americans- the target region- since many people in NA are no where near the servers and use ping reduction programs as well. That just gets me down to a playable 68 ping, without it I run easily around 200 or more.
  13. 8 Sieges and bug continue.

    Except that in a live system like Aion you don’t know how many databases or systems are affected- it isn’t necessarily one database. Users have transactions involving several currencies including prestige coins, kinah and luna. Real currency is involved. Drops have been earned. A rollback typically is only done as a last resort and even then it’s done as soon as possible after the error occurred. That’s why NC has likely requested a fix so as not to penalize people. Hopefully they will come up with fair compensation to those who were active and running instances and sieging during this time.
  14. Easy compensation for current issues

    Always good to see people coming up with ideas, but none of those buffs would really interest me. I have no issues at all gaining AP or XP and while of course I would welcome a 200% drop buff, that’s poor compensation by comparison to getting a survey with stones and fragments and contracts .
  15. GP

    Because the more complicated you make it, the more likely that they'll break it. It's SO easy to make AP now, removing resets it's probably the easiest solution for the dev team. If I remember correctly, it's the same solution that was applied in other regions, except it was applied to EC in those region(s) and worked without any problems.