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  1. 7.2 PvP Tier by class

    The biggest troll times I've ever had was while everybody was still new to the game and quite new to 2.0.... Wintry Armor + Barrier of Severance into a whole ally during siege. Tune playing in the background "Let the bodies hit the floor".
  2. 80bc coin for luna bonus entry but 140 for scroll?

    I'm telling you, give it a try and see you can do more than the base number of entries + prestige extra entry + 10 luna resets. No one tries it because it is that much luna. But I've tried it.
  3. 80bc coin for luna bonus entry but 140 for scroll?

    You can reset more than 10 times. I've done it. I don't remember all the instances I've done it on, but I know 100% I've done AD reset 10+ times in 7.0, and that solo instance 10+ time when I came back to the game a month or so before 7.0 released.
  4. Snowball Event Rewards Gacha Probabilties

    Round 5 - 90 brilliant frags https://www.twitch.tv/videos/526860100
  5. Snowball Event Rewards Gacha Probabilties

    Round 4 - 95 brilliant prisms opened https://www.twitch.tv/videos/525399036
  6. Snowball Event Rewards Gacha Probabilties

    Round 3 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/524554000
  7. Post your Snow Bawlz rewards.

    That was the point. I bought the snowballs to get 1000 wintry coins and as many Icy shards the first time around. Here is another 250$ with a few more snowballs I bought to get to 1000 wintry coins to get the legendary xform, and opening 70 prisms. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/520519774
  8. Post your Snow Bawlz rewards.

    This is what 250$ buys you. Scroll towards the end for the final rewards of 755 snowballs. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/520068915
  9. What keeps you going?

    Yeah I agree with you. I never understood in detail computer tech stuff, but it seems you described it just right. From my side of things, all I remember was people complaining about their computers not being able to withstand the game itself and thus quitting.
  10. What keeps you going?

    Aion's biggest downfall on release in Sept 2009 was its advanced graphics. The idea was to present this new MMORPG with the most advanced graphics in the industry compared to any other games out there at that point. In theory, the idea was great. But in practicality it back fired. The graphics were so advanced that it literally cut the population in half within the first month. Most graphic cards and internet connections could not handle it. This created a down spiral for NCsoft and only naturally the game quickly plummeted in popularity. With that said, this game is probably the best overall (PvE/PvP) game there is, and it's sad that it didn't have the best start as planned or else, I truly believe that with a better company and the graphics being a bit lower end at the start, this game would have been bigger than WoW.
  11. inb4bans

    In before half the Aion population gets banned again and NCsoft blames it on us again. I'll be the first tribute to run more instances than I should have this week. I'll take one for the team.
  12. How familiar are you guys with the term slavery and the historical content that goes behind it? Stay logged in 6 hours a day, for potentially 20 days to get 1 legendary contract? I don't want to compare it anywhere close to slavery as that would be ignorant and insensitive on my part, but damn NCsoft, you guys are really pushing your limits.
  13. Official EC-ban thread. Post your thoughts

    Right, because in that post of mine it somehow indicates just that. Just like I can randomly point out of thin air, yes you seem very unhappy by what you posted even though it doesn't indicate in the sentence anywhere that you are. Logic. You have plenty of it my friend. If you want to talk about happiness, I got a job saving lives, make 6 figures, own a condo, have a beautiful girlfriend, parents are still alive and close to me, and I travel the world every 2-3 months. Only thing that I can say that I'm unhappy about in my life is living in a country that has winters 9 months of the year (thus the often travel to tropical places), other than that, fairly a happy person. Just one with a low tolerance for stupidity, and I run across people with that trait a lot in the healthcare field, just as I see it on here. Hbu?
  14. Official EC-ban thread. Post your thoughts

    You bought a prestige pass? Congratz! So did I. Difference is I don't expect anything from NCsoft knowing that they're not a good company and take the benefits as they are currently. This North American society feels so entitled to everything that it is the one of the many reasons why are Americans some of the most shittiest human beings you'll ever meet in a life time... prime example of entitlement is you feeling entitled to have EC runs compensated for the 3 months down time. If you're going to whine about buying a prestige pack and not getting EC runs out of it, which no where does it say that a prestige pack guarantees you that... then here is a solution... DON'T BUY IT. Or better yet, leave the game. Stop asking for shit that NCsoft is not whatsoever responsible to give you. Out of all games that I've played, this gaming community and that mainly refers to the regulars that are on these forums are most pathetic individuals I've ever met in my life. Some individuals on here all they do is nyerk and whine, day in day out "NCsoft this, NCsoft that". Do us and yourself a favor. Since you guys sound like a you have a miserable life already, uninstall this game and never show up on these forums again... I hope that can at least help you enrich your life a little.
  15. Official EC-ban thread. Post your thoughts

    I agree that everybody plays at their own pace. But you have to remember this game such as any other MMO rewards players that put in the time into it, and more recently in the past few years, money to make up for the lost time. So if you're not putting time or money towards the game, your level of progression will take a hit. With that said I know everybody has lives, trust me, I'm a person that works 60-80 hours in the hospital per week, have a girlfriend and a social life, so I also at times find it hard to play as much as I did 5-10 years ago, but somehow, and yes with help of p2w, I manage to stay up in terms of progression. My point is, people have busy lives, but if you're not going to put in the time and effort in this game (aka being a casual gamer), which is completely ok in my eyes, then don't be asking to be compensated for something you wouldn't have even ended up earning yourself. In my eyes what's worse than seeing people exploit a bug? People that are begging. Reminds me of the beggars that used to be in sanctum and would ask for 1 million kinah. Which is pretty pathetic.
  16. Official EC-ban thread. Post your thoughts

    Even better, casuals have ways away time to get it. Maybe for once they'll catch up.
  17. Official EC-ban thread. Post your thoughts

    It's actually pretty funny reading the same people comment over and over again. To correct myself, it's rather sad. What's sad is the amount of casuals that are desperate to get some sort of compensation because they've never been able to earn it on their own to taste a little bit of what it feels like to be at the top of the food chain. Realistically, I am actually in favor of all the casuals getting their T2 sets given out by NCsoft only to prove my point that in a few months when the next patch comes out, they'll be the exact same people whining "Oh upgrading is too hard... oh items don't drop enough... oh we need more stones". It's rather pathetic honestly. No wonder you guys are so far behind in progression. You blame it on people abusing this bug. But the way I see it, you're behind because you PvP more on the forums than you do in game. And then you wonder why you're behind...
  18. Official EC-ban thread. Post your thoughts

    The one that deserves a ban here is NCsoft. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems at least half the population abused this bug, no? This is a complete speculation, and one that most people I've talked to in the past day have agreed on. So as a company that finds it easier to just ban or suspend half the population, here are my questions that you should have taken into consideration before making such an irrational decision. 1) You bring millions of dollars in revenue each year, yet you can't afford one active person to be always online to intervene in such times? (such as shutting down the servers for maintenance and escalating to the developing team to come in and fix the issue). I've played other much smaller MMOs that intervened much faster with such issues where as you guys had a whole tropical vacation before something got done. Mistake #1 2) Knowing the fact that more than half the population exploited the bug, you decided to suspend or ban those people 3 months later rather than taking care of the problem then and there. Not only should you have had an almost immediate response and action to prevent further exploitation like I mentioned in the first point, but you waited for quite some time until you decided to do something about it, and that was to take EC out completely. The question then stands, knowing the fact that it wasn't an exploitation on a minor scale which involved only a few individuals but rather more than half this game's population, don't you think a rollback would have been more appropriate rather than ban or suspend half the population? Mistake #2 3) Instead of owning up to your mistakes of taking care of the problem, you did the finger pointing to your gaming community. Along with the finger pointing came banning and suspending of half the population. I couldn't care less about your financial stance as a company even though to be completely blunt it must be a highly uneducated person running your financial department to allow half the server to get suspended/banned and to take that big of a hit with the loss of earnings. No. What's more important to me is this game's health status as I am an active player in it. Have you stopped to think about what banning and suspending half the population would do to an already dying game one that has had dozens of servers upon release and has finally reached 2 half empty ones? Sure most of the suspended players will come back, but I can guarantee you most will also lose momentum and it would thus further promote inactivity and the game's further decline. Keep in mind, the only reason this game is still alive is because of the major patch releases and players coming back with that high momentum at the start. You've managed to kill that too. You are the root of your own demise NCsoft. Mistake #3 Here is a food for thought. If a student fails a class, who's to be blamed for the student's failure? If 90% of the people passed, then it's the student's fault (ie. not studying, bad method of learning/memorizing, etc). If 50% of the people failed, then it's the professor's fault (ie. not a good teacher in terms of relaying the information to the students, or perhaps his teaching is not to the same level as his testing, etc). Now use that analogy to this situation. If only a few individuals exploited this then sure, they are to be blamed for exploiting that bug and actions should be taken such as suspensions and bans. But since more than half the population exploited the bug, then NCsoft is the one that needs to take the blame. I'm not a judge, but with all that said, NCsoft and their staff are the ones that deserve a ban, or if anything a 14 day suspension at least.
  19. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 6, 2019

    Are you freaking kidding me? There is a fail safe on a +9 stigma but there is no enchanted rate on the lower levels? What is this, America? The rich get richer but the poor can't even freaking get a +9 stigma? Whoever made this event has the brilliant logic. Get it together.
  20. I didn't mean to be rude, especially if you're a new player, so I apologize for that. This isn't a big deal to begin with as it was one ID, and it was already forgotten about 2 minutes after, but I guess I'll clarify some things. 1) It wasn't my group. I joined the group last in LFG. I was simply given lead inside to mark and call out targets. 2) The LFG recruit title said geared. So just some friendly advice for new players or returning players with almost no gear. If you're going to apply to PvP instances with Lakrum gear (PvE gear) do it on your own terms. What that means def don't apply to a group that says geared as you will get 1 shotted against a premade. This gives you still the option to join an instance, either by entering the quick queue, or either putting up an LFG link that indicates that you're not looking for geared people. Happy gaming!
  21. Tomorrow Last chance for the game.

    If you haven't made it your New Years' resolution to not hopelessly wait around for this game to get more active or any better, then I'd say you're in for a big disappointment this year. If you need to post angry messages such as this, do yourself a favor and move on already. Game is dead. The sooner you realize that the easier you'll let go.
  22. Aion Legacy server please.

    No they wouldn't. This was their one good chance to take the game for a little turn to make it alive again and they did what they usually do best, destroy any chance of that. I like many of you still waste my time playing it because of the nostalgia, but with every login I realize how much of my life I'm wasting holding onto something that isn't there anymore, and that is a game that I could truly say was the best game I've ever played. Now there is much better games out there sadly. This game has come to pass.
  23. In Memory of Instagib

    I have never played with him personally along his side, but we have been on the opposite sides of the spectrum for many years. From hearing about him as who he is a person, it's sad to see something such as this happen to such an individual. Even though I never personally knew him and only played against him, I had the sudden urge to respond on here to wish you my condolences. May he rest in peace :(.
  24. The Elephant in the EK Room

    Who are these people that you keep talking about that come to you on a daily basis? I personally think you're just delusional as hell seeing as not one of your peeps that has allegedly complained to you in game has come to support your cause in this thread. Once again, you're pulling shiat out of your arse, throwing out all these accusations and ideas that you speak on behalf of your faction, yet your faction is coming on here telling us basically "We apologize for the one retard we have that doesn't know what he's talking about". If you're having trouble passing PF after more than a month on this server, then I must say, that's pretty sad. Once again, don't try dodging the bullet. I don't need your SM to do the run. For all I care, grab the best PvE peeps on your side and let them carry you... all I care about is your parse with you on sorc.
  25. The Elephant in the EK Room

    I like to give people benefit of the doubt. So I'm hoping he's working on that dps meter parse as we speak. But yeah, I suspect the same... that parse will never come our way... all that will is his words that we have a hard time believing as it is with all the out of the arse accusations that he's pulled in the first post.