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  1. I am aware that infinite is not a number. I would say infinite would be so many to where it isn't feasible (think 100 runs of an instance next patch) to finish or more literally "without limit". Nevertheless, I was not being a "quote nazi" but rather making sure my point is clear and not misunderstood. If the number I mention is "infinite", it is still is only for those with alts which is the point I'm trying to make. The number I mention is also representative of the max amount that a person can run if they had full account with level 80, or maximum number of runs per account. I am trying to
  2. Well in many games, the purpose of having other characters is simply to play another class. For fun ya know.... I'm glad that you imply that the reason people make alts is to benefit main and not for fun. I am aware that this is how the game currently is. I am putting forth the idea change. Also, the question can go both ways. If I can do 12 runs over three toons, why not do all with main? No I specifically stated my two means of a solution. Infinite runs was not in either one. Yes, that's why I'm able to constructively criticize as well as come up with solutions withou
  3. Yes, but that is only because I can't run that many times. If they want to reward for spending time, let me spend the time on my main. I have limited access because of less toons. My second solution would allow people to run as many times as they want. Still same total runs.
  4. Yeah, they should totally compensate for this. I don't need but I know quite a few people who came within the past week, new and returning players. These tokens could go a long way for them. An easy survey of 21 tokens to everyone would help a lot and should be a quick and easy fix.
  5. Is it possible to change the restrictions of things that are useful for the entire account to be limited by account? I think that it is unfair for people to be able to progress more just because they have more toons created. A person who splits time between multiple toons should not be able to advance more than someone who is willing to put all time into one. If you want to reward based on time played, do just that. I have two possible solutions for this. Keep limits as is, but make them shared for account. For example, in events that give legendary contract, one per week per accou
  6. This event is worse than farming game during the winter holiday events. Only the rich get richer. The geared get more geared. People trying to come up are screwed.
  7. Lol nooooo don't say that man. Even though it is probably true, this will probably be my only chance at AoA accessories.
  8. The auto hunt feature isn't supposed to be there.
  9. Hey @Kibbelz, I know y'all added more buff space on the UI, but I think something is wrong with it. Health bars and the buffs are like one buff row lower than what they are supposed to be. It's not a huge deal, but it kind of throws me off.
  10. They only provide the miscellaneous non-material items such as administrator's boon, enchantment stone, transformation contract, etc.
  11. @Kibbelz Old luna bundles from before maintenance should give luna materials still. This needs to be fixed. I don't open my bags as I get to make running through the luna runs as quick as possible. I batch opened when there was something I wanted to craft like luna for alts or enchantment stones on main. The maintenance basically makes my past 2-3 weeks work for naught. I'm sure I'm not the only one to be affected by this.
  12. @Kibbelz Can something be done about old luna bags that toons had before maintenance? I store my luna bags on all of my toons until I need luna materials for something. Now they give absolutely no materials which makes my past 2-3 weeks of luna dailies a waste of time.
  13. @KibbelzI must say that I am quite disappointed that the bundles toons had before the patch no longer give materials. I typically don't open bundles until I need luna. Now my past two or three weeks of luna has been a waste of time. This is not right.
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