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  1. The auto hunt feature isn't supposed to be there.
  2. Hey @Kibbelz, I know y'all added more buff space on the UI, but I think something is wrong with it. Health bars and the buffs are like one buff row lower than what they are supposed to be. It's not a huge deal, but it kind of throws me off.
  3. They only provide the miscellaneous non-material items such as administrator's boon, enchantment stone, transformation contract, etc.
  4. @Kibbelz Old luna bundles from before maintenance should give luna materials still. This needs to be fixed. I don't open my bags as I get to make running through the luna runs as quick as possible. I batch opened when there was something I wanted to craft like luna for alts or enchantment stones on main. The maintenance basically makes my past 2-3 weeks work for naught. I'm sure I'm not the only one to be affected by this.
  5. @Kibbelz Can something be done about old luna bags that toons had before maintenance? I store my luna bags on all of my toons until I need luna materials for something. Now they give absolutely no materials which makes my past 2-3 weeks of luna dailies a waste of time.
  6. @KibbelzI must say that I am quite disappointed that the bundles toons had before the patch no longer give materials. I typically don't open bundles until I need luna. Now my past two or three weeks of luna has been a waste of time. This is not right.
  7. Hey I just wanted to start a thread full of positivity. Everyone, please list all the things you like about the events. Refrain from stating the things you didn't like, no matter how constructive and respective you put it. Lets focus on what has been done right I will start. I really enjoy having so much to do in the game. The rewards are amazing and the events and promotions mesh very well with each other. The collection of everything is so much better than the sum of the things that make it up. These events would not be as good given separately. You guys did a really good job with this
  8. Having so many events once is much better than having too few or none at all. It allows (or forces - if you're a completionist type I guess) players to focus on getting what they want. What one event offers may not desired by some while another can. We have different type of events: afk style, mob farming style, and instance grind style. I love all of the events going on right now and the rewards offered, and I am a huge fan of farming type of events. Try much harder in completing everything, pick events in which you want to "complete," or accept the fact that you can't get everythi
  9. Summary: A player fully equipped for endgame will have the following: all advanced stigmas (equipped ones at least), all advanced daevanion skills, S-rank minion, +15 ultimate armor, ultimate accessories and feather from instances, full remodel abilities, world boss weapon, all equipment with ultimate manastones, all feather with greater runestones, all accessories with dazzling gemstones, enchanted runestones and gemstones, all cubics filled, all transformations and transformation collection bonuses. Events that give these things or close to these things will make the game a lot more enjoyabl
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