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  1. My feelings are pretty simple. Current state of retail is awful and should it continue this way, things are going shutdown long before they should were the game treated as it should. Mismanagement and badly implemented features and now a too-small and toxic community is going means that nothing is getting better. Will a classic server kill the regular retail? Probably, maybe, but here's the thing: We will get a couple weeks at the very least of some good memories and reliving the old days of how the game was supposed to be, and I'm absolutely down for it. I've talked to a lot of pe
  2. Even if it was the bottom third of most important, from a marketing standpoint skins are the easiest place ya'll could be making extra revenue. It's not like NA is making the product, the product already exists, all you need to do is import it into the BCM and boom, you have something that can be bought and purchased with extremely little upkeep. It is one of the easiest places ya'll can make revenue without making any negative impacts on the game unlike upgrades, enchants or resets; and there are whales who would be happy to buy skins to sell to ftp players, it's a win-win scenario, please
  3. Is it sad that it doesn't really look that great and yet in comparison to what we'll probably get it'll be good? But like, I'm really tired of getting events late and then some dragging on two weeks after it'd be fun. Like I mean, with Anniversary; we got it late, it drags into the middle October, and it's really lame and boring. I'm assuming we get Halloween late too, and about done cooking our Thanksgiving Turkeys before it ends?
  4. This event was definitely a massive ball drop. For 11 coins the machine should've always spit out something useful. Like the Ultimate Potions was not a BAD IDEA but it was executed in such a stingy fashion that it was absolutely insulting. It should've given 5-10 potions a pop, and at a more common drop. Minium was not even a bad drop; but just the amount it gave out was SO worthless. 100 Minium would've been a lot less insulting. Stigma enchants WERE nice but such a rare drop too. The experience extractors was just crappy; the machine should've dispensed experience marks instead, that
  5. The key box for the 50 songpyeon reward legendary contract was ONLY ever 1 key PER account; in short, and I repeat, you were only ever going to be able to farm 1(ONE) legendary contract for free. The fix with the survey did not change that, so there is no fix to be made to it, so I have no idea why people are so intent on being ignorant after the legendary got given out to everyone for free. This was not an event to farm upteen legendary contracts, it was to give out a pickable contract to catch up some people who have been gated by RNG on at least a legendary contract, and then a very r
  6. :sigh: This is just really, really sloppy work @Kibbelz, know you're not the one doing the coding but. . . The Producer's Letter was a slap in the face to say that ya'll don't want to kowtow to the 'vocal minority,' when it's more like everyone is sick of it, but they're tired of speaking up and being ignored. This is just the latest mess up. Additionally, the event Lugbug has items on it you can't do. Today asked for us to kill thirty mobs in Katalam. It's Wednesday. Demaha is up. So, we can't get the daily done; I suppose tomorrow Lugbug will want us to kill 30 mobs in Dema
  7. The Baron will likely be here until the end of the Anniversary event and the closing of the Vault. His NPC goes with that instance, we just got him early and the instance late. lol. But the event coins are permanent event currency; I expect as lazy as NCsoft is, we might get a change of NPC but the rewards will likely stay the same. Just look at shugo sweep and how they never update that.
  8. I don't know what good it would be to hand out players stigmas they can't advanced. I think a lot of needs to be reworked RNG wise from the bottom up. It's actually easier to +15 a stigma than it is +9 one. It's frustrating as hell; the low RNG rates were fine in 5.8 when +9 was the very top, but now it makes it awful for any new player. I can't get anything beyond +6 on my chanter and I've blown 40 stigma stones on the set that I've had for a chanter since 6.xish. That's absolutely ridiculous. At this point, plussing 1-9 should just be a guaranteed success. Just the accumulatio
  9. All the money to spend on a new computer to play Aion but none of the know how to just simply run Aion in compatibility mode. You said it yourself, it's an older game, most new computers will auto detect which mode of windows will probably run it best.
  10. I'm starting to believe our Anniversary event are the 3x server resets ( and thus instance resets ) we get every week when stuff collapses. But no, really, ya'll this is sad. Like everyone else is saying there's like 6x events running in Europe. Someone please fire who ever is in charge of your marketing because this is just another fumble on ya'lls part. People are staying home a lot more given the current climate and pandemic going on, several of ya'lls competition is going away and people want to play games. This would be an excellent opportunity to bolster your dwindling playe
  11. All your coins? I think you're speaking a lot of hyperbole right there. The different class thing is definitely BS but other than that, this event is pretty gracious compared to some of the misery in this game. You get a free bundle every day that is account warehouse storeable on each character. If you have returning user, you get double that. I'm getting about 500 coins a day on average minus the surveys, if you don't have returning 250ish a day isn't horrid, it's certainly less work than SAS. The legendary contract isn't even 12k coins, so you could buy the contract with just the
  12. To be fair, the 'new' launcher has a very circa 2016 vibe to it like a bad knock off of the Nexon launcher or the like; so knowing NCWest, they've been working on it for years now and they just finally got it half way done! That said; could we have gotten a better splash image on it than Tinyhead McDudeBro while high AF? That art came with 6.x and it's freaking terrible.
  13. Actually, Etiums are something they fixed pretty well. 1, you can now account warehouse them, meaning you can swap them between alts and your main. To actually get them, you want to talk to one of the NPCs that give out the free 80 armor. Windiel I want to say, and he has exchange quests for the experience thingers that lugbug wants you to make 1 of a day, and you can exchange these experience things 10 times a week each for Ultimate Etium, Legendary Etium and Fighting Spirit Fragments. Keep in mind that making one of those experience things ( not the bobo coins, the other one
  14. You lack reading comprehension. I keep up with a few friends of mine and I couldn't miss out on the tea that was going down on ya'll getting a P2W event during Corona. Half the server got banned from 24hrs to a couple weeks. Plenty of legit players actually got banned but won't admit to it because they're embarrassed. Anyone who would actually pull my logs would see that I didn't abuse squat. Anyone that pulled my logs would see that up to the big bug I was spending luna aplenty on Evergale resets to keep up, because I was a filthy casual trying to be decent, and decent in Aion stil
  15. Ya'll. . . Why are you still here? Please, as someone who used to be just as miserable while at the same time hopelessly ambivalent that NCwest would return this game to some semblance of decency, just please quit. Leave this hot steaming wreck of crap. Stop supporting these people who clearly care nothing about their jobs or player base most especially during this period of awfulness. If you really can't let this wreck die in pieces, go find yourselves a private server that doesn't have atrocious ping. There are better private servers than NA Aion. Getting banned for 24hr
  16. SOON, it's been almost a month as it is. I've seen geriatrics assemble a whole house in the time it takes ya'll to code one line.
  17. How is this post not constructive? People are listing a problem and saying that they are rightfully angry that they are paying for something they're not getting and support and ya'll aren't even giving us a decent excuse at lip service. I bet you'd toss a fit too, Cyan, if your burrito maker forgot to put the guac that costs extra on your burrito, right? Support gave me the same BS. Ask to talk to someone above and take post a picture of some Karen with the let me speak to your manager hairdo or something. But yeah, it's 100% constructive for us to say you're taking our
  18. I urge every prestige user to write support and ask for a refund for their prestige. It's literal theft; because that's how many promised resets we're not getting? Do it. If they say no the first time, follow up with a new angry letter, and ask for someone above them. Ask for a senior support member and clearly communicate how fed up you are with paying for things you're not getting. Additionally, complain that the rewards are out of date. Complain enough, and you'll get a refund. Did it with the AP bug. Took quite a bit of channeling my inner Karen, but it worked and maybe
  19. You can't punish people for NCsoft's incompetence, and you certainly can't take away stuff that's potentially been purchased with real money when the company has a bad track record of actually being able to keep track of what people are or aren't doing. It won't work. It's not feasible and it's not fair because it's so hard to prove except in a few certain instances like PhantomMentalDingus. Ncsoft always claims its glitches are working as intended when it forks its players over, but never when it's in the benefit of the players; and so much has been nerfed this patch, including the event,
  20. They're not purposely making it hard, they're just bad at their jobs and don't have instances giving out the right stuff. KBF gives blood marks; it's supposed to give out the same styled rewards as EC. HM is not giving out Ulti Etium, and nor is Siege. You have some 10ish ( 5x HM, 1x KBF, 3x Lakrum Siege, 1x Divine Siege ) opportunities to gain Ultimate Etium that we are not getting. Additionally, the drops on the mobs is such crap for any mats that crafting is ????????????????? right now. If not for this event, I think most people would be in trouble. I think after this event th
  21. Here's a novel idea: Make Etium an entirely irrelevant material. It eventually will be anyways. Send out a Survey with 500 Ulti and Legendary Etium to every player. Problem solved. Ridium, its previous iteration, fell from the sky like candy and was never the reason anyone couldn't purify. Make Etium the same way. Problem solved. The abusers feel silly, the good children feel vindicated and yeah. Here's the thing; right now there are instances and sieges that are SUPPOSED to be giving Ultimate Etium out, so people are frustrated and bottlenecked by a stupid mat that's supp
  22. @CyanI'm going to echo others on the xparent scrolls. Glad to see them, but they really should be the same price as the regular ones. The transparent scrolls do not change any function on the game besides visual, so please tell the devs to stop holding out on us. Maybe have Marketing talk to the Devs and tell them how much aesthetics are a key reason why so many play this game, and forcing people to spend extra money on what has always been a given in this game has really chased away a lot of money for this game. I'm fine to see a nerf of the luna exchange; we'd like to see NCsoft ma
  23. Uhmmmmmmm! People keep saying you don't need a lot of gear to participate in this one, and others keep crying they're left out and they have fresh new toons *so suddenly* and I'm like. . . It is easy. My ranger is 100% questionable and I'm getting 9-10 keys every go with her. No problem. If you don't have at least CoE gear, I honestly don't know what to tell you. I have three different toons that can solo CoE and I often shove 2 alts with each of them when I'm a glutton for punishment and I am *that* bored, so at this point, I have three different toons, one is full red, and
  24. I mean, unless you're using stigma atk skills to pad out the number of skills you have to use, and thus sacrificing other things, there is NO way you're not running out of skills with a sustained attack chain if you're not weaving. I see this thread is in PVP, so maybe then? But I still weave all the time, during pvp, pve, etc, and yeah, I'm a high dps, max atk speed sin and there are brief moments in IDD where I am getting down to the wire on what skills I have to use that are not rune bursts, so I'm calling BS if you're gonna tell me you only weave with devotion up during IDD, PF, etc.
  25. It's not about innovation, it's about companies not listening to their players. The market is currently saturated with 'active combat' system MMOs and I think most of us who play Aion hate those types of games. If you want tab target like we have with Aion and some semblance of what your character can do, your options are very limited. GW2 has a painfully simple combat system that I found highly restrictive even though the build sets up WERE interesting, but ultimately MEH. WoW there is only so many times you can re-packaged a ( badly ) aging MMO short of a 100% graphical overhaul which co
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