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  1. Not just Siel this time Israphel never got it either @Kibbelz
  2. Like I said I applaud you for trying to do something. It is just after 12 + years of the same thing over and over it's like beating a dead horse. I just don't care enough anymore and my personal opinion is it is going to go nowhere aka fall on deaf ears like many other things in this game. Instead of keep beating a wall when I stop having fun, I will go silently into the night and just stop playing. My days of getting worked up over their support long since past. Again good luck in your initiative though
  3. I respect the passion trying to get them to change. Reason I won't sign it as it has been this way for 12 plus years, if you are expecting a different result then history has consistently proven well then I wish you luck.
  4. LMAO you are one special person. I obviously have made you upset. Both my Grandmothers are dead thanks for bring that up and them into it just shows the class of person you really are sarcasm or not. Back to the real issue. Maybe read this one since reading seems hard for you either cause you don't or some other reason One at no time ever have the IS Elyos been dpsing 2 forts again shows you have no idea about IS Two Only one fort a cycle has ever flipped and in fact still not enough high level elyos to take a inner they tried it failed Three I suggested that early si
  5. maybe, but they don't exist currently so even with Elyos owning the forts their not making more from those and not in game yet.
  6. Honestly I think sieges should work like they used to where if you show up either side you get a reward for contribution. Win or lose. I think 2 early in Classic to do incentives as it will promote more apathy ( reward people to do little as example why siege when I get free stuff). However they should maybe do incentives to get people to roll on certain factions(IS-A and/or SL- E). Maybe xp amulets that stack with the buff, starter gear etc. I also believe that when Fort instances come out that both sides get to access it so one faction doesn't get to dominate like in old time
  7. They are doing this so they can roll out the next patch with more content. You need more end game people so can get fort instances, Dark Poeta etc. However the negative side effect of this is the people on the currently losing factions now have an easy excuse to reroll to whatever faction or server they want.
  8. Again spewing crap you know nothing about. The Asmos did not even try to siege, The Asmo leader after having equal and more to league numbers first few sieges and losing has decided to protest sieges and stop doing them because wants to show disparity. Again you need to just stop posting about any and every thing on the forums you think you know, because you don't. So yes will their be a number problem in future where IS E will outnumber IS A I believe yes but the reason is not because it was that way. The reason is because of bad calls at every early siege when number wise according to
  9. Sorry I know I said last comment was the last but they also locked Asmo creation on ISraphel few times because their were more asmos getting created then Elyos
  10. I am not the one commenting on the server I am not even on, you are. I have no idea what is happening on Sl, other then Asmos are winning there why I don't know. I said they rush in arti room start to get kisked up and while doing it the Elyos come in and wipe them. Why? well they trying to kisk so many not ready. Anywhere here did you see the op talk about the many time Asmos wiped the Elyos on pushes? No, well that happened many times but because the end result is they don't get a fort and use same strategy it must be cause they were outnumbered. So the only one who needs to go a
  11. and you weren't even there so your comment is irrelevant. You have zero idea about classic sieges as last I looked you not even playing it. The asmos drib and drab into the arti room and proceed to get wiped. However based on league numbers they were the same. So I am taking your comment as whaty it is, which is irrelevant since I don't believe you were even there or playing. If I am wrong then I apoligize. Trust me as some one who has led many upon many sieges and was a siege leader for years then I believe I 100% can call it as I see it and point out something they could improve on
  12. As someone playing on Israphel the numbers we near even league wise. The Asmo leadership however likes to use the same strategy every siege. Bum rush arti room get kisked in there. Elyos wipe them in arti room and Asmos have to spend time getting back together. They have deployed this same strategy everytime with the same result. When one side continues to wipe people stop showing up. Yesterday they could of I dunno went right to sulfur to take that while Elyos were at Siel. Trust us Most Elyos would of let that fort go Blue. However the Asmos decided to use the same strategies again a
  13. lol Israphel isn't even that low. Now retail is low but Classic Israphel is not. Siel alot higher though
  14. Personally I love code red as well, but just at this time I feel is the wrong time is all. I mean who doesn't love having those scrolls stripped by an sm lol.
  15. I disagree whole heartedly. Now is not the time for code red. Many people worked on leveling crafting and gathering so can sell stuff to make kinah. This would completely kill that. Selling consumables is a way people not selling candies etc can make kinah and would be bad to take this away from them now.
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