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  1. Not sure why people still can't believe they saying nothing. The NA community has been largely ignored for what 12 years? Sure get a few things here or there but for most part ignored. Not gonna change after 12 years, they posted on these exact forums saying they were going to communicate better and listen to community etc and yet here we are again. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. As for the Ncoin/BCoin witholding those threats been made for years and never work and why? People will play and enjoy the game as they
  2. Kibbelz is not a GM. He is a Cm (Community Manager). Gm's seldom if ever post on forums and all Kibbelz can do is forward the concerns up and then can reply here when has an answer. Either way sure an answer will be coming NCSoon. Till then just relax as screaming and ranting not going to do a thing to them as it hasn't in the 12 years or so the game has been out. Open tickets with support and keep hounding them with replies if they told you No, if enough of you do that maybe the support policy will go back.
  3. I mean it says right in the event notes you won't get back. Me personally just made a free event toon on all accounts so any class worked. Restrictions / Notices We want to caution all Daevas to proceed thoughtfully when Jumping a character! Only ONE character jump is provided per account. Additional character jumps will not be granted under any circumstances, so please research your desired class carefully. Players must own a character that is at least Level 10. Players must have at least one available character slot. Deleting the jumped character will NO
  4. Ultimate Transformation Promotion Please Also the Cat Ancient Contract event Thx
  5. I like the Auto Hunt feature and hope you update it everywhere. IMO very few people are able to play this game all day everyday. This feature allows people with Real Life commitments like Work, School etc. to set this then go do real life. Allowing them to remain competative. Also great for new players to be able to get caught up with cubics etc. Not everyone is going to like it and I get that but imo the pros far out weigh the cons. TBH open world bots I don't feel as much an issue anymore the broker bots and the luna scripters are.
  6. Hear me out on this @Kibbelz. Why not create a survey 1 per account and put in that survey everything that is only one person can buy? Allow the user to select just one of those. So they can only get one thing and one thing only Imbued Wep, Legendary Transform, APostle transform etc. That way people could actually get something they wanted. Can leave the npc's up but at least gives others a shot at getting one thing.
  7. Dude I have done it and my friends did it. None need to hack. It is so easy to do an idiot can do it seriously jump off and try to glide back up top
  8. It isn't a hack. When you get to the end if you jump off and then glide back you get rewarded points and never have to land. All you have to do is cross . You can then proceed to mess with the other team. Have to do it quick but 100% can do.
  9. As much as I have been against a classic server for years. Honestly I think I am for adding it now. I seldom post to forums anymore however my thoughts are the existing player base needs to realize there is not going to be a massive influx of new or returning players to existing retail. The game is bleeding people not adding and even if bugs fixed and game improves the returning numbers will not be huge, history has shown that. So I am for a classic server if the following occurs Only released in NA. I believe if released in both eu and na it will spread the player base out t
  10. Cyan All the best, I appreciate everything you tried to do and appreciate the communication from you. This community is not always easy, but you always tried. Good Luck in your future adventure, and all the best.
  11. I can confirm this recent Maint did indeed fix Lugbug on both my broken transfered toons. Thank You
  12. Yeh Doll figured out told me. So happened to few of us. We all opened tickets and they fixed.
  13. If you have a toon on Danaria holding the name you used check for rewards there. They gave my compensation to lvl 1 toon on Danaria so opened a ticket and they moved to proper kt toon
  14. tbh many of those 20 who transfered not even playing atm or play less. So imo DN A would of had same issue transfers or not. Heck I am going away soon and won't be playing for bit.
  15. I mean both factions are more active. Sure their are more Elyos to fight to but I see way more Asmos out pvping and doing things on KT then did DN. Also I don't think what the 20 people who transfered maybe 25 should of screwed over a faction because honestly looking at the people I see from DN here the Number of Asmos who left is close to that number. However Dn A was slowing down before we left so perhaps people just took a break or quit all together. The problem there was never DN E never had numbers cause they did in fact the number were even to in their favor though they
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