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  1. Pumpkin King’s Haunt Event Fail

    Yes if you leave the pumpkin alive and in agro (by hitting him manually) you can return and finish it off with your main. That would work. But I kinda find it gets way too complicated, with the 400% buff it would be faster to level an alt account and do it with a second account or something.
  2. Coin Pouches chances

    @TheSecretCowLeve-KT the pouches that we got frmo lugbug daily and they were account wh storable. Here is me opening 184x of them on my main. I have a ton of them in the alt accounts but no time to put them in account wh one by one and then claim them with a main to draw statistics. Also form now on I think it is better to write the chance posts in this section because the general discussion is full of topics and these get lost easily.
  3. Survey Rewards: Post your data

    @TheSecretCowLeve-KT And the last entry as well. Two alts I managed to level within the time frame to get the survey rewards.
  4. Pumpkin King’s Haunt Event Fail

    Give 10x the first 5 minutes and 1x every hour you mean, otherwise people will be mad if they have to be online for 10 hours to get their 10 candies I assume after this problem they will give people more candies the next week or they will give people free candies in BCM like they did with pine needles.
  5. Pumpkin King’s Haunt Event Fail

    Agreed, it is a hustle, they should at least give a quest or reward candies in the end of instances. I mean if alts can do it for free then actual players shouldn't find it obsolete to play the game for candies. The last resort is to get a few players that can't do dual box and do not have alt accounts and tell them that they should help you with their main account alts, and you will help them with your main account alts. This is literally the last resort of doing everything two times to help each other. DN server's lack of players is shining in times like this. In KT-A nobody has this issue, I already used my alts for groups I was in exclusively. I told them not to use any of their candies and I had alts that had like 100~200 candies from previous years. I can't think of anything else really.
  6. Pumpkin King’s Haunt Event Fail

    You cannot get an alt of your account, use it and then log your main and go to pumpkin king and loot it, you need dual boxing and alt account (not just alt characters in the same account). Only the people present in the group of the killing of the pumpkin king can loot it. Every time I see someone about lack of alts I am about to provide help but you guys are all in DN server so I can't help at all. Of course this is irrelevant to the topic but my advice to you is: invest in a second account at some point, the benefits long term are insane. No need to gear anything, just risiel will do.
  7. Songpyeon Craft chances

    @TheSecretCowLeve-KT Last entry for that event, I waited to get them form many days before I would post to avoid spamming. ================================================================================== Now all of the small Honey songpyeon baskets I got so far, I opened them all and these are the rewards I got:
  8. I agree on this, we nevr know when they will re-implement a new ultimate combination promotion event, but better be ready for that for those that do not have it.
  9. Rest In Peace motion from Halloween

    This one is one of my favorites so far, finally an awesome and funny resting motion. But you have to admit sorcs will make this look cooler because of the vision stigma that puts flames around us. Someone asked my why my coffin has flames while his didn't and I forgot that my vision stigma makes sorcs so unique. I used to hate SM for having that self buff that gave them an aura. It is is our time to shine.
  10. Pumpkin King’s Haunt Event Fail

    I did 35 quests in the first day by using alts exclusively in the grouped instances (except VT that I went with a 18-man alliance for convenience), it doesn't have to be complicated, I also did some resets with scrolls I bought from broker in some cases. But this is because I wanted it the first day and I couldn't bother to waste my time with this event further in the week. It is not that complicated. How to you loose on others? With the existence of alts you can literally help your friends and everyone can be happy. It is not an excuse for the way ti is but thank goodness for alts. Yes relying on alts is lame, but since it works we can be happy. I wish it was alt friendly for the pine needles as well, the first week it was hell, then they allowed us to get 10x per day from BCM for free and it got fixed but the event was nothing but logging in and getting the free things. If it works for us we can be happy.
  11. Pumpkin King Spawn Spots

    I got these spots so far, I never did any Silentera entry dungeon so I can't know their locations.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 21, 2020

    The quests are infinitely repeatable, once I gave the 35 pumpkins to the npc I took the quest again. The 35x pumpkin quest gave me the exact same options all the time, even the transform is still acquirable more than 1 per account but you won't be able to open it without a key. So yes, the stigma +12 stigma box is still selectable, the box is not tradeable or brokerable but the stigma will be (there is no stigma that is not "tradeable and brokerable"). Someone asked if you can choose the class for it no matter what your character's class it is, and other people said it is possible, but I cannot confirm this because I got the transform and the motion.
  13. Rest In Peace motion from Halloween

    I love this resting motion
  14. Pumpkin King’s Haunt Event Fail

    Defo not worth camping for one then.
  15. Do not waste your money for hope to get Halloween trans

    Stay out of this Drugged, he is rich... he is mine!