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  1. Aion 7.5 translation gave me headache

  2. Aion 7.5 translation gave me headache

    And most likely our 6.x and 7.0 pvp materials for upgrading will also get more obsolete. I guess they will have new gear and I can only hope my current T2 gear will be upgradeable to the new one, oteherwise this might seriously be the end for me. Can you imagine the regional nerfs NCWest will serve us for dinner?
  3. Aion 7.5 translation gave me headache

    Dayum... they really can't wait to cash up again, so now we will have to re-gear? This is getting out of hand.
  4. I know this below translation is kinda crude and it also mentions that somethings might not be accurate AND that the weapons that go past +15 are actually not going to be implemented, but everything else kinda gave me a headache. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vqG8gIAkepyV0tWwMu4AHtlkm0gcQeg78_Du1R8SML0/edit So in short Gelk/Inggi will be the new end game maps, world-boss style spawns and a 24-man arena with limited people... thank goodness we are in a dead server. Now I feel insulted by this. The most useless map ever, no teleports, huge labyrinth, most stupid way to get in... I forgot about Silentera's existence for a few years already and I just realized the map was never deleted and now wants and begs to be relevant again! Seriously they deleted so many maps that worked and served their purpose and they kept silentera whos ONE AND single role was to have the beshmudir temple entrance right in the freaking middle of it, furthest away from the starting points! So many bad memories of it, especially when the enemy race decided to camp it or when that random elite patrolling mob decided to agro-glitch on you from kilometers away and chase you while creating a mini train of elites behind you. So lakrum is a timed inter-server map designed for noobs? This timed map sounds like their next step in their fight against bots or something. Another feature that will most likely hurt the actual players more than the botters but we will have to wait and see what it is. First they implement Pandora in 6.x which was hard to even think of, then they make pandora streamlined and super easy and now they remove pandora and make T2 gear simply purchasable. This is another retardation of the game I will personally not miss Demaha since I rarely even go there, last time I went there to do something was like 2 months ago and I accidentally visited it 4 days ago when I miss-clicked in the general return scroll where I want to go (I wanted to go to lakrum and hit the last option... and then realized I noobed), such a badly implemented map and it is now timed! hahahaah they couldn't wait to bring katalam in 7.2 only to make it restricted entrance in 7.5 Jesus will they ever learn? If I understand correctly only 20 people can enter it every 2 hours? Is Pandarung a regional translation for Pandora? They re-implement something like panesterra, Gelkmaros/Inggison fortress will be the "new" end game sieges (again) and they delete Lakrum/Demaha sieges... so the NCRecycling continues, they literally go round robin on all the bad decisions they have been making, deleting stuff to bring it back later as the "new thing". I am more than sure their developer team consists of 1 guy that was left to rotate those changes pretending the game is still having plans for future. I really have nothing to say about this, we will have to see it, it is an addition so we have to welcome it before we know anything about it. OK this is the part they changed and kinda lost in translation, no over-enchanting items or something. This is the additional headache, more refinements in items, almost identical to what we had pre 6.0 that were deleted for the "streamlining" of the game, only re reintroduce those in a different name and items of interest. Refinements like godstones and idians removed and now we have refinements for accessories!!! All of their changes make 6.x look even more stupid, they simply wanted to delete 90% of the game and wanted to invent a reason and called it 6.2 only to bing it back later. I am more than sure RNG will be the absolute driving force behind this system. Another pve instance, almost identical to what we have no with an easy mode dropping nothing while normal mode will most likely be impossible to end like stellin is now. The positive thing is that the faster you end it, the better the rewards which is something, because once you get geared you do it fast and it becomes obsolete to keep doing it unless it rewards you better every time you do something. Deleting instances is bad but I won't miss BoS/FM, but I will miss Beshmudir because there was a time it was so important and we did it with pleasure. Normal Mode in PF is now becoming the new Hard Mode and I won't do another PF in my life or IDD. Esoterrace renewal... so they delete some instances and bring back all the outdated ones. Recycling! A 6v6 IB style instance, which is good to have new things. I only used 2 of them anyways and yeah, lvl 55 required you to have all the previous campaigns of that map done or something, and then they did a standalone single campaign to progress and now they remove it. I mean it is not even a big fat deal but I welcome this more than other things because putting such tiny useless and unreasonable restrictions never really made any sense. I am having an Alepo moment... what is Signia/Vengar? And why the hell do they remove that too? No more luna self rez or something? And thank goodness they are removing the global message for legendary items. ##################################################################### Am I turning into an old grumpy gamer that no longer enjoys anything or are the changed still a lame excuse for changes?
  5. Prestige Pass "brokerable" (?

    Next step is to make NC codes sell-able in BCM and make them brokerable. Make money NCWest, we know you want it. P.S. just because that person placed that 90 days pass for 2 billion that doesn't mean this is how much it should cost. People have been selling 30 day prestige passes for like 300~350m so a 90 day would cost close to a billion. And it has nothing to do with what it offers, but how much it costs with real money, same way some broker-able things are sold for said prices because of how much they cost.
  6. Raging inferno somehow got a wrong translation in 7.0, during 6.x it was correct but now it is wrong. When you do a critical hit you get a 30% increase in casting speed for 3 seconds, the effect is applied correct, the description is wrong since it says it reduces the cool down for skills during 6.x patch it said "reduces the casting time for magical skills" which is correct The effect description is also (kind of) correct And if we want to be a grammar nazi, this could have had a better translation. or
  7. EC Compensation Idea

    In your post you quoted me and I never asked for anything fro free. That person is asking for a +20 weapon lol. There are going to be trolls that ask for insane things, in another post someone said "we should burn the houses of the peopel that abused EC", take things with a grain of salt when you read them. I personally miss EC because it was the most fun pvp instance to do and they disabled it.
  8. EC Compensation Idea

    Well if you got suspended that means you took advantage of that and you are responsible for this situation so you really don't get to dictate anything here. 24 hour suspension, what did you lose, 1 AD or 1 IB or nothing if it was in a day of EC?... meanwhile you earned so much more from abusing EC while you could. You didn't lose anything, you most likely are still profited from the abuse you did more than the loss you had from getting off the game for 24 hours. This happened more than 2months ago and I was in full Frostpack +15 set (from pre 7.0) and 2 months later I am in full Dark Tallon +15. I did this without abusing EC, missing EC for 2+ months and having to play a game against people that were in full dark Tallon +15 while the abuse was on and eventually either got a ban or just a suspension. Did anyone ask for a +15 ultimate set? Is this what you heard? This is the conversation: Punish the abusers Fix and bring back EC Compensate the lost entries to the non abusive players ...it is pretty easy. Nobody asked for free stuff, we asked to be able to play the game as intended.
  9. Demaha mobs are too tough for me !!!

    Yes everythign matters, but if we go back to that poor soul the original poster, he has a problem killing mobs in Demaha, so my suggestion to go get his ultimate T2 pandora items is still the best solution
  10. Give us option to skip Demeha Campaign cutscenes

    I totally understand, I personally never even go to Demaha, I haven't finished all the campaigns either.
  11. Rewards

    Yes prestige has plenty of outdated rewards and the daily atreian sucks. I am only stating the drop rate passive, the XP passive and the AP passive and the extra entries predominantly. Those few prestige quests for ultimate enchant and spirit fragments are also a good addition. If someone is going to be active and play the game, prestige is good at the price offered. And there are plenty of side-rewards that are totally useless.
  12. AION 7.0 Spiritmaster

    Everything you wrote is 5.8 and before... after 6.0 whatever you write is outdated. Magic boost is now magic attack which is exactly what physical attack is, but for mages. Spellbook and Orbs no longer have a difference other than the weapon damage which is the direct attack with your weapon, for Sorcerers and SM this is practically useless. But if you want to attack directly in between magic attacks, a Spellbook is your bet because it is ranged while an orb is melee. There is absolutely no benefit in getting an orb anymore, everything is identical in the two weapons except weapon damage. M.attack is what m.boost used to be, the more you have the better so you socket that, it is countered by the m.defense of your enemy (previously magic suppression) M.crit is good but after a point is kinda becomes obsolete and you still need m.attack to be able to hit people. For example a full critical oriented socket would be more useless than a full m.attack socket, because the m.def of the enemy can get too high and you would be hitting 2-digit numbers so even if you did a critical it would be useless. There is no crit resistance anymore so whatever you put in critical is what you have as a chance. M.accuracy is at the moment kinda irrelevant too, after 7.0 it is possible for a full m.red set to get some resists but not to the point it was in pre 6.0 where clerics would run around and always resisted everything. And you also get a lot of m.acc from optional stats so you are good.
  13. EC Compensation Idea

    The right thing to do is to handle EC reset scrolls to anyone who wasn't suspended. It would have been easier. There are plenty rewards that are given selectively to players via a survey based on the things they did, everything from missed quest items or event items like being online and not getting the extra things you are supposed to, or rank season rewards etc. But yeah, I wouldn't hold my breath for them doing anything reasonable.
  14. ...bruh you broke the matrix, it is all about perception! In a world where size matter, forget the number, don't get caught by the Smiths. P.S. Relevant perception meme:
  15. Give us option to skip Demeha Campaign cutscenes

    Well campaigns are one-time only so once you are done you can forget about them. But yes, forced campaigns suck.