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  1. Hard mode gives 1.271.875 XP per mob, so that is more than the normal obviously. It is still too low. And as I said autohunt is kinda basic. EU got an upgraded version. I would never use it for anything.
  2. I had Bedin's Lucky star buff (Berdin's Favor) more than 50% charged always so that is +320%, and I also have a rune buff +8 so that is +36% more XP Every mob gave me like 4m XP and I got 16 Xp marks in total. Bomb mobs give me more with all that. I am putting a SM there to see how it goes, no buff there at all, he gets 809k XP per mob! So you need 216 mobs in there to get one XP mark. Yeah, the event is over for me and also about the auto hunt, it sucks, that is 5 skills only. Sorc/SM that I tested can do it, but not sure about other classes.
  3. if you take a lot of people to go there and report them for auto hunting they cannot do any transactions for quite some time
  4. Make a full repair of your client then, maybe a file is missing.
  5. ...which opens the way to people to use 3rd party programs without appearing to be very obvious. I know a macro or the ingame bot do not automatically move so someone could make a script to do it similarly and look like the ingame bot, but ten times more effective and thus better. I want to know what happens to the "report auto hunt button".
  6. I was talking about he auto hunt in general. Why would they bring this ingame bot now as an event? To test it (as they said). But according to the producer's letter they said they wouldn't implement it, so if they wanted to bring it now they would have to once again go against their own words and people would once again be mad at them for changing the game and not keeping their words. So in short, they want to enable it and pretend to bring an event for it and then they will supposedly take "feedback" from players to see where else they will implement it. ...in the next mini-pat
  7. And there are classes that simply resist anything you do to them. Passively, they don't even have to do much, they just resist. other classes open a shield, become immortal for quite some time and still hit like nukers.
  8. The paragon BCM sales are accidentally left on that event, they say until 27th of January which is today!
  9. This kinda sounds like the private vs public businesses, NCWest acts like a public service where they are not allowed to fail no matter the mistakes and will always be supported by government (or in this case the mother company: Korean NCSoft), while GF is acting like a private company where a mistake means less money to them and better customer service is directly linked to their pockets. At this point "NCWest" term is obsolete, it is NCSoft's second grade annex to the west. It is not profitable to them but they add its existence to the total expenses.
  10. This event is 1 hour per day per char apparently.
  11. Dungeons will be good since they are instanced, but open world will be awful, I am only saying what I was told by people that play in EU, doing the gelk/inggi weeklies for example is hard, imagine the amount of bots. We will live to see.
  12. I assume they will make auto hunt available here too at some point. You won't play Aion anymore, you will log your bots and put them to auto play and come back to see if they are still alive or killed by an enemy. Some features also have a different outcome for different regions based on the population. NCWest's Aion is on life support for so long and this might be a final blow who knows. This will be like mining cryptocurrency. Also this is kinda tricky, they want to implement it and pretend they are doing it on a player feedback. Like lets soft-implement it on an event and ask peop
  13. Meloons were an event that auto hunt was supposed to be present. We told the GMs about it and they made every mob drop a meloon when it wasn't supposed to. That is what we have to push here for, a change towards a real game not an auto played one since we do not have the legal bot. Of course a few people got the good stuff because they were "faster" at the shugo NPC buying things before they would appear, you were one of them weren't you? We have to get events that are changed so we do not need it. If they make the auto hunt in this event, then they are probably thinking of it and th
  14. It will make people participate in 80 level instances, and give them a never ending feeling that they are doing it for a purpose instead of aimlessly repeating it for the sake of burning entries. This system is amazing, there will be not a single person that will dislike it.
  15. You are very new player this is why you find kinah very hard to make. You can also make kinah in events, right now paragon weapons go for 500m on Asmodian KT, and that takes us about 3 hours to farm with the league. After the event prices will go higher. During snowballs people with alts could simply log, get their free snowballs and log the next char, then they opened those and if they got any +10s they could sell them for 100m each. Even the failing ones still gave wintry coins that could buy you brokerable goodies, like Giant Berdin Lucky stars (about 20m on broker) or Giant Abyss
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