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  1. Don't trust your shadow

    Here is a general advice in a game that is already going downhills, don't trust anyone. Story time: I was on Katalam doing some camps, I got me the Katalam weapon that gives you 250k HP and I was trolling a group of clarity (side note: do clarity people ever go anywhere solo or in a small group, or do they form a league to even do weeklies?), so I was there killing the camp commander of an elyos camp, and I get an invitation, I accepted him thinking there must be either a guy who needs to finish a quest killing the camp leader or someone who is ungeared and needs help with the weekly. I always accept blind invites near camps with weeklies aimlessly not even paying attention to the person inviting me because it is selfish to kill the mobs while more than one person can claim the kill to finish a quest. When I got the invitation the boss was already less than halfway down (it was a 2 star camp), I killed the boss and tried to loot it then realized the guy who invited me took the time to instantly change the loot to "Leader - normal" so only he could loot the camp commander. Now now... the loot is literally nothing important, it is almost junk material, who cares about it. But take a moment and realize someone was there, invites you, and instead of trying to help with the cause, and then share any potential loot, he takes the time to really change the loot seconds before the boss dies! The specific boos/loot is irrelevant, it is how deep invested some people are in Aion to the point they need to do things like this, call me naive but I learned this today, I never in my life ever thought about taking advantage of loot from someone else like this. There is someone who's brain is fast at thinking like this. Here my friend, enjoy the loot and the 5 minute fame. (I checked the loot rights, it was Leader-normal, I didn't screenshot it then because I found it funny at that moment that he had to do such a low key act, then I thought let me share this story with the rest)
  2. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    So PvE gear from instances now is a one-time retune and then whatever you got, you gotta play with MP and some shitty evasion or something?
  3. Spirit master needs to be level 50 for summon friend skill and also you cannot logout in an instanced server and log back in the same spot, you get ported back to obelisk. I know because I had summoners near every possible camp to port me there easily while doing weeklies etc.
  4. Sealing and Unsealing items: Don't do it

    Supposedly yes. But the way it is implemented it looks more like prison for your items. The fact you can only have 3 waiting to be unsealed with the fact that unsealing takes seven whole days... is what makes this ridiculous. If unsealing took 24 hours for example it wouldn't have been a bad feature, or at least allow more than 3 items to be unsealing.
  5. Sealing and Unsealing items: Don't do it

    Correction 30 items sealed = 10 weeks to unseal them all.
  6. Sealing and Unsealing items: Don't do it

    I know right, at least for me it is not like I can odian anything because odians drops from world bosses and I don't do them, and also I can't even play the game with the lag. I just opened a ticket letting them know how awful these tricky mechanics are. I am glad I was people's guinea pig for testing, you are all welcome.
  7. Sealing an item makes it totally safe and bound, you cannot discard it, or accidentally sell it, or alter it in any way, like retune it, extract it, remodel it, paint it, socket it etc. If an items is done 100% as you want it and has the good retunes, it might be regarded wise to seal it (I guess). BUT, you need to wait 7 days for an item to unseal (which is mentioned in the unsealing scroll that costs 2,5m)... what it doesn't say in the scroll (but says when you try to unseal) is that you can only have 3 items waiting to be unsealed at the same time... ...which means if you seal 9 items, you need to wait 3 weeks for all of them to unseal, 3 items per week max. If you sealed 30 items, you need 30 weeks to unseal them!!! ~~~ First the 7 days unsealing seems to be too much, unless it is intended to be used as a punishment for sealing them somehow. Also the 3-item limit concurrent is also inexplainable. So I made the mistake to seal everything since they seemed to be "set" but then I realized the accessories get odians and runes, so now I'll have to wait a few months before everything unseals lol! I am not mad of course, since it will take months before this lag is gone and the game becomes playable again.
  8. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    Oh that must be a hard mode feature, I never did IDD hard mode so I didn't know about it.
  9. HM got a -40% AP nerf, and they also kept it in the timed map of Lakrum. It also changes three locations in the 3 middle camps. I one time entered it, and by the time I finished it and went out, it already had changed location so I had to go to the new location to do the next run. It would have been better for everyone if it was in Gelkmaros as well obviously, but they did it like this for their own reasons (probably thinking that this will "enable" pvp, they use the word enable, not force for things like this) Anyway, 750m AP in solo mid with prestige only, seems good enough for whoever needs more AP. Do 10 runs for example and you are at +7,5m AP. It is Luna resettable but also the pouches that give instance resets have HM too so you can buy those.
  10. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    They are in the exit area, but aren't they in an area that you cannot reach? I tried and I couldn't hit them, they are in a higher level ground, unless there is a way to reach them and I didn't find it. (Also how do you open the secret rooms and the hidden library? I never managed to go to those areas) The ones that spawn next to the boss and you have to kill the extra mob in the stairs to remove you mean?
  11. Stigma stone enchantment

    ...with the current lag nobody can do anything decent. 7.5 is an ugly patch full of tricks to be able to play and this is coupled with NA's Lag-Online.
  12. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    But to be in Lakrum you need hourglass to begin with. In any case, whoever reached 80 needs to wait for the daily reset to get his hourglass first fill.
  13. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    It is the lag that will kill this region, everything else could have been a personal taste (I agree with everything you said, someone else might not). But the lag is making you only log in and that is it.
  14. Where is my Survey? Where is my Dragon Carpet Pack?

    I was never able to subscribe my account for this to begin with. It is stupid you have to go through the site to get a gift that has no impact on the game. They should send one to every account that still plays and tell them a big fat "thank you for still being around with us, we don't deserve you"
  15. Stigma stone enchantment

    Don't worry, NA will soon have the last server merge due to a lot of people leaving. I am clearing up my things and begone too. I can smell a dead carcass from miles and this one is getting closer every day.