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  1. Evergale Canyon Real Update

    Entering an instance with an alt and afking (like most people do with alts on EC) is a form of harassment at least for me. Teaming with your own alts is not correct, but in the process you even let other people enjoy a free run so you don't even harm anyone. Pay to win is also affecting everyone else...! -- We have continuously made posts about how to fix those things and there is a solution to most problems but they do not want to deal with those things Examples: When you apply for arena, you should get instantly popped in when an enemy is found, if you leave the arena you should be losing points that you would if the enemy killed you enough times to win this... there I just provided a fix for the two arena problems. OR All arenas should pop at the same time, i.e. every 5 minutes, so when everyone gets an entry, you can't be sure it is your alts, because the timer will be the same to everyone. Same when you apply for a pvp instance, you get teleported in when the enemies are found. AFKers in any instance should get 0 rewards, there is an easy way to AI who is afk and who is not. ...these are fixes the developers should make, you can't rely on good will on people. Democracy has failed since its birth, especially when Socrates, one of the fathers of democracy, drunk the Conium in the set-up trial against him by his haters and he agreed on drinking it because he was blind about the power of the majority and was sure this was the right thing.
  2. Skill Gears + skin INFO !!!

    A skill that is imbued on an item is not lost unless you put another skill on that item or if that item is upgraded (like legendary to ultimate). This has been the case since 6.+ was still out. A skill of an item via remodeling is only affected by putting a new skill on it via remodeling or by upgrading the item (hence removing the skill).
  3. Why do so many of you people complain about gear?

    It is so nice you had to log your alt account to write about this. And it is funny how you said yourself you have the best gear so you don't know what others are talking about. Losing is because someone doesn't know how to play the game? Really? Try getting ancient gear and killing someone with ultimate, or try having ultimate +0 and kill someone with ultimate +15. It seems you either don't play this game or you get carried so much that you don't even know how this game works. I have T1 ultimate +15 by the way, but I understand how important gear is in this game.
  4. Guys, isn't it way too hard to even hit the craft button on T2 aetherforging items? The biggest problem is not only that most mobs drop nothing so there is a scarcity with mats, but to get titania ores you need stellium and that thing is hard to get. The problem is really not the amount of work you will put, but the fact you will need to craft 100 ancient items, hoping 20 of them to be masterwork ancient, so you upgrade craft those hoping like 5 of them to be legendary masterwork and end up with 0 masterwork ultimates and in this case the game simply failed miserably because pve gear is useless when not masterwork. ...a friend of mine does a trick, but there is no way am I going to get SO MUCH dedication just for aetherfailing. He is taking alts to do the easy stellium quests, he then uses those stelliums to get extractors, aethertap titania ore and then trade them to main or sell them for a good penny. But that itself required a ton of effort to have extra characters with high essencetaping and a ton of time doing stellium quests on them. And all that because aetherforging became super stupid now.
  5. old version 4.6

    I think ti is not allowed to even talk or even worse advertise a private server here.
  6. @Cyan Alter Siege feedback

    Well they could make it so if a legion owns an altar they cannot have another one at the same time. So the legion with the second best dps on that altar would get it. It is only a suggestion that would never get implemented of course but I personally do not even care, I haven't been in Demaha map for like the last 2 weeks. I do not attend altar sieges because the rewards are few stelliums and the time is not good for my time zone, I do not do any quests there because the rewards are again very little stelliums per quest. And in general there is literally nothing for me there. I also promised myself I won't do much pve instances because wasting so much time and effort in the whole 6.+ only to have to do the same in 7.0 is not my cup of coffee. So I never did Stella laboratory and probably never will unless I change my mind and want to try it just to see what ti is. For me in Aion 7.0, Lakrum city is still the end game map with just fewer people and no drops from mobs.
  7. Aly's Adventures and the Classic Server/flat Earth believers

    Yes this is the real party killer meme, Aly has mastered that in the forum.
  8. Prestige Pass on broker

    Amen, they would be making more money and everyone would be happy. EU has their gold pack brokerable so even 100% free to play users can buy their prestige in game by another player while the company makes money from those purchases.
  9. Evergale Canyon Real Update

    ...then I guess having an alt, afking him in luna, crafting kinah boxes and then broker the money to your main is: not bannable, not in ToS, but should be treated as a cheat according to the same logic. If developers wanted you to have 10, or 20, or 100 luna daily entries and craft like 200 kinah boxes per week so one character can benefit from all that they would have given that character 100 entries to begin with. ANY benefit anyone might have had using an alt when the outcome was from a limited entry is cheating as well. Entering an instance with an alt, looking for daevanion shugo and if one spawns then get your main in to claim it, or sell loot rights to someone else, is benefiting from a free entry with an alt that otherwise you would have to pay for Events with alts and tradeable rewards are another "cheat"... if we get one free key per day then someone with 50 alts will get 50 and will surely be able to trade those tradeable rewards to his main. If GMs wanted 50 keys for one person they would have given those to him. People that are naked, getting carried and given items that never worked for, or loot-right items they didn't even fight for is another cheat. I have done more than 300 pfs in the 6.2~6.7 era many of those paid for by luna entry and still never got wings, other people didn't have to work for them because of a trick that the items were tradeable in loot after 10~12 minutes, is it a feature or a bug? Tricks like this are not bannable because the system allows for them without the need for a bug to exist or use 3rd party cheating to do so. It is not a "bug" that the loot in the boss is open ffa to anyone nearby after 10 minutes because this happens to every dead mob, this is not bannable and developers could easily fix that. They could also easily fix teaming against your own alts, but they never bothered. What the original poster said is that there was a real bug that was abused and in the end GMs had to disable the instance because of that bug and most likely people will get punishment. I already said I do not condone the practice of teaming with your alts, so you could tone it a little down. You are having a fight alone here.
  10. Evergale Canyon Real Update

    Here is what, cheating in gaming is usually referring to someone using a bug, or glitch or direct hack to "cheat", aka abusing the game, teaming against your own alts is not even ban-able because you simply take advantage of the situation of having multiple clients open, or looking at the enemy EC queue and make sure you grab the pugs into your premade. This shouldn't even be a thing if they bothered to make teaming algorithm a little more elaborate to make sure nobody would be able to time enter with alts in arenas, or any pvp instance. Of course I am not defending this technique, because indirectly it is what ruins every part of the game, like arena ranking, pvp instances and what not. I blame the developers for leaving all these open like that instead of simply making the teaming algorithm better. It is like throwing money from a helicopter and expect people on the ground not to take any money because it is not theirs. ~~ EC on itself has been the biggest bleeding thing in Aion ever since it was implemented. Premade groups are making sure they get in with quick queued people of the opposite side, that is also a trick, but not bannable. AFK Alts ruining the entry of real players which is also not bannable to be afk and get rewards, which made kicking a necessity, but it didn't last long before nobody would kick anyone, or that assh*les would kick those that they hated like "AFKTolerance" and her alts which she abused for the whole 5.+ patch and even bragged about it. Kicking ability got abused by all sorts of people with all sorts of reasons and now it was abused by this bug. ...someone is going to jump and say "make a premade to avoid this".
  11. @Aly-DN sorry but I had to recycle here.
  12. I'll make a new thread of memes for this matter with you in the fan creation section. you are doing the devil's job with all these posts about classic server.
  13. @Aly-DN here is a thread about a classic Aion server. Do your job.
  14. Aion 7.0 Gearing/Starting Guide?

    You can go there to do quests but you do not really do much progress for your gear by being in demaha, you need genesis crystals and enchants. If you are going to do pvp do it in Lakrum for the urgent order quests