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  1. Utimate Aureate and Fierce Aureate?

    They added RNG to bloodmark items? I am shocked!
  2. Please Don’t Confuse Me

    You got the free Risiel and you deleted your Genesis gear? You could have opened a ticket and explain to them you did a mistake but that had to be done early on when this happened.
  3. Sharp Manastone Extraction Stone - what to do?

    These are materials to craft manastones. There are 3 categories of engraved manastones: Complex: Accuracy, Magic Accuracy, Block, Parry, Healing Boost Sharp: P.Attack, M.attack, Evasion, M.Defense (aka magic resist), HP Tough: P.Critical, M.Critical, P.def, M.def, MP Once you get any of the above engraved manastones you can use aetherforging to extract them into the basic materials. You can then use these materials with some additional materials the recipes need and craft new manastones hoping to get those you need. To get the recipes for the manastones you need to learn them first, you purchase them from altar withs stellium, I suggest you get the expensive version, they said they have better chances to give you a higher manastones, which I cannot confirm. If you extract a magic accuracy manastone (for example), it gives you Complex Manastone Extraction Stone because Magic Accuracy manastone belongs to that group, with the recipe you can craft another manastone that belongs to the Complex group and it is random what you get. When you craft manastones, you can get a level 80 ancient, legendary or ultimate engraved one... if they are not the ones you need, you can break them again and try to craft again, you also have a chance to get a non engraved manastone (ancient, legendary, ultimate) which is brokerable. The non engraved manastones that you get cannot be used in recipes again, you cannot extract them for Extraction Stones.
  4. i want to install on a Mac

    Apparently not, this is meant for windows.
  5. Abyssal Splinter Gone?

    Lol nice! That would be great to have it. I do 12 chars in my account s-rank every day (I took the time to gear them slightly in addition to the free risiel gear).
  6. Abyssal Splinter Gone?

    What exactly do they have as a reward? And are they class based or general? If class based it won't be bad, but if it is general then we can expect a few broken classes to dominate it and the rest to never make it in the higher ranks of the list. Just asking.
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 1, 2020

    Everyone relax, Cyan said it is a bug and it is investigated https://forums.aiononline.com/topic/6487-abyssal-splinter-gone/?do=findComment&comment=67673 If it was going to be removed we would have gotten a notice.
  8. As the person above stated you have to make it read only BUT you first need to make sure two values are 1 and not 0: ValidTableDump=1 NormalStop=1 if these are 0 (any of them), delete the zero, put the number 1 and then save it, then make it read only and voila! Even if you get a critical error and the client closes itself, you still do not need the loading time. You have to repeat the same process every wednesday, if there is an update, delete the two files in the "NCSOFT\Aion\Data\Dump" folder, make the update, open game, let it load to 100%, make the edits to the .ini file and then save and make it read only.
  9. Abyssal Splinter Gone?

    I have a ton of fragments in my inventory and also I spend about 10k luna the last 2 weeks resetting it to get more tokens to get a 2nd legendary transform. I am sure this must be a bug, because they should at least let the npcs out there for us to spend our tokens or at least tell us beforehand when the event was going to end. They said it was a "permanent event" that could be removed in future, it didn't even last 2 months or something. This has to be a bug, it would at least be in maintenance notes.
  10. Please take stupid Snake costume(s) off BCM

    Hahahaha man in our face, you don't only get the rainbow snake costumes but the whole event: https://www.aiononline.com/news/rainbow-snake-festival-2020
  11. Players deserve to read this (the nice form)

    Too long to read my friend, the first three paragraphs are saying in short "if it doesn't happen in korea it wont' happen here". I am not even sure what you were trying to say I couldn't finish this. Next time smaller posts with enough content. If this is for the events then yes, afk event and p2w events aren't helping, the fact people are locked in and havel ittle to nothing to do in Aion might even push them away from the game in search for more content in other games.
  12. BCM bugs and doesn't open

    It has nothing to do with what pc you use, it is bugged by Aion. It is not like the game doesn't load or anything, BCM used to be a site and then they tried to implement it both ingame and a site and have these connected. It still acts like that because you can still buy NC coin outside the aion client (hence a site) and when you try to do it ingame it opens an ingame browser so you put your paypal info and make the purchase. It is their bad coding, it only happened to me once or twice after I left my chars logged for many hours afk jumping.
  13. Jumping a toon?

    Jumping character button was useless because you missed all the stigmas and everything with leveling the toon. You can do the char form 1->80 in one day and you get stigmas and other things you need. Like you can't say you quit the game because you couldn't make one char to level 80.
  14. BCM bugs and doesn't open

    @Cyan a friendly advice, in the next events please skip the necessity to enter BCM to do any part of the event please. Or we could get the pet from there once, but the 3 daily tokens from BCM could have been in the lugbug daily free hourglass quest or something. I know you might have thought that if people are forced to open BCM every day they might get lured to buy something from there too, but not only it is rather empty and expensive, but it also bugs. When the below bug happens, nothing solves it, other than totally closing the client and reopening it. And I do not even know what causes this. I guess having the character logged online for many hours jumping afk in studio, bugs it. But a few times I saw this right after I logged a client.
  15. ????Questions marks instead fonts

    I have an old weapon and old items and non of them have question marks, that is defo a problem with your client.