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  1. For the RICH KID EVENT only!

    Paint your soles red, it will work.
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    Making exclusive content is never good that is true. The fame system could have it permanently not losing fame points so normal players can catchup, or maybe make the loss far less in lower tiers, only levels 7~9 should get a deduction. I haven't been in silentera for like 3 years or something and I won't go at all to this patch, the map was so badly designed and implemented and it was always a zerg fest and I am loner so that is no from me.
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    Bruh... were you born like this or it took practice?
  4. For the RICH KID EVENT only!

    This is like Louboutin taking 10$ high heel pairs, painting the bottom red and sell it for 1000$ a pair! People still buy it!
  5. Transfer

    Are you sure you have all the requirements set? You are allowed to have a specific amount of kinah and other stuff on you as far as I know. I think you can have 1B kinah on you max. I am not saying it is the kinah that makes this, but there must be a collision that prevents this. And the forums are defo not he place to solve this. You cannot get an answer for this as it is a system issue. So you better open a ticket and when this gets resolved come here to tell us what was the problem so other people can avoid it.
  6. Siege Schedule Poll

    I had to move half an earth away so you will stop stealing my finances on child support, a child that isn't even mine!!! I still cant' siege because of the time. We are like 7 hours ahead of server time or something. It used to be 5 in the morning for me during winter and 6 during summer.
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    If the sieges are way too late for Americans (who are supposed to be the target group) and way too early for Europeans (like 5~6am in the morning) then who are these siege times meant for, the East Asians or something?
  8. Siege Schedule Poll

    Stopped doing sieges last year about June because of how early it is for my area (I am in Europe). I am only here to say thank you for making such a poll and giving people a voice. You are a breeze of fresh air to be part of this community.
  9. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    You should also make it a bannable offense to even click on Valedia, she goes out to do a quest and people kill that person, enough is enough~!!!! If anyone kills Valedia they should get their whole account deleted. AMEN!
  10. Opening server transfer was a Big Mistake to begin with.

    KT people are like "who are these people, neverheard of them". This whole post sounded like a Kardashian yahoo paid post. Like nobody knows what they do for living and nobody cares who they are but they need to maintain a D-list celebrity status to pay their next channel bags only to get featured again in paid posts. If anyone is THAT gullible and pays real life money to leaders just so they can hang out with them, then they deserve it. I have never in my life given a single F for anything that has to do with status. Whatever requires you to belong to a zerg was never in my radar. Anything I did, was done in pure solo lone-wolf mode. Saved me a ton of drama.
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    Amen to both of these, having like 10 minutes flight time and going down to 30 seconds was awful. And finally a bug that is now turned into benefit the players. If something doesn't work as intended, it need to be changed to at least favor the players.
  12. Rune Slots + Gem slots need a retuning option.

    I got rid of my Dark Talon accessories for Cruel Demaha ones and finally I managed to get 4 red gem slots and 2x are rainbow (so they can take any colour). The good thing with accessories is that they do not need enchanting anymore so it was an easy jump and since they do not give p.def/m.def in optional stats I didn't need to keep the DT, the optional stats in Cruel Demaha are those that I actually used in DT as well and dare I say the Cruel Demaha are actually better than DT because the optional stats are actually pretty high. AMEN... the solution is already there, please save us from this RNGeezus, @Loki do your thing please.
  13. We NEED to be able to re-seal the slot and re-open it hoping to get the one we need, or use a specific (BCM maybe) scroll that regambles it or at least it gives us the type we want. I am willing to spend some money on this as long as I can get rid of the pure RNG that engulfs this broken mechanic. I have made FIVE Dark Talon plumes so far hoping to get an attack slot... and all 5 of them are support which is utterly useless. 5 Dark Talong Plumes is like 100m AP wasted and a ton of enchants, manastone fasteners and materials. Some of my Cruel Demaha feather accessories have a +2 slot which means if you put a +5 rune, the slot will give another +2 making it a +7! And that is also totally random and there is no way to re-gamble the slot hoping to get a better one. I am shocked they made such a game breaking feature totally RNG related and impossible to alter the outcome once you got it. As if it is not bad enough that enchanting Runes and Gems is not cancerous enough, we now have to get 5 items of each type hoping to get the slot we need and fail!
  14. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    Yes this is just bad translation.
  15. Runestone Classes ?

    My bad, I thought it was a resistance to get silenced yourself, not to make it easier to silence the opponent. I have made 5 Dark Talon Plumes so far hoping to get an attack slot and I keep getting support. At this rate I am simply quitting any effort to make my plume pvp-able. and some of my cruel demaha feather accessories have a +2 on the slot too... it is insane how RNG the rune system is affected. Pure garbage. ~ Support this please, Loki takes notices on things like this https://forums.aiononline.com/topic/6933-rune-slots-gem-slots-need-a-retuning-option/