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  1. New T2 Pandora Gear

    They are still worse than Frostpack gear (T1 pre 7.0 gear) so nothing changed.
  2. Mean little bug

    The two that were added lately yes, are ok.
  3. New T2 Pandora Gear

    Really? They are the same, damn I might have to make pandora gear for my char then because I have only crafted me the T2 pve weapon which took 2,5 billion and I have absolutely NO pve drop from any instance for my class so far.
  4. Aion black hole event

    Black hole event... Goatse approves
  5. Mean little bug

    Damn this needs to be fixed, people need to get their awful head skins from there and they should know the price. If you never showed this, I think nobody would have noticed, we literally have the ABSOLUTE worse skins on GST, like they must have cherry picked the ugliest and placed them there just because.
  6. Fighting Spirit Capsule

    If they went for 0 BCM it would have already been there I guess. But this is not like the transformation essences that require a ton of luna mats so they just hand them free of charge because int he end of the day they are not game changers. Fighting spirit fragments are THE game changers, a ton of people have AP and etiums but lack the spirit fragments. I guess they wouldn't hand those out free of charge so everyone with their alt can trade an insane amount of spirit fragments. We are going to have to wait and see the price, lets hope ti is "reasonable".
  7. Ultimate manastone on weekly lugbug mission

    This is exactly what happens to me, RNG to get them, RNG to craft them, RNG to socket them.
  8. Healboost and HP requirements

    PF normal can be done easily with the basic healing boost from the gear you can get. To do hard mode you need to be fully ultimate geared or something.
  9. Cool alts dude

    I think these are in the teleport statue so people cannot teleport to the siege or something. They are trying to block the ability to select the teleport statue directly.
  10. Ice Harpoon and Boon of QUickness useless ?

    Many of the sorc skills are getting so outdated, I use ice harpoon because I find myself running out of skills to use often so I throw it when possible. Ever since our flame bolt was exchanged for flame harpoon I feel that ice harpoon is like a mini stormstrike, itdoes a little more than 50% than stormstrike's dmg, while at every enchant, ice harpoon gets +1% base dmg. Mine is at +9 in stigma and +12 in skill due to combination of enchanted stigmas.
  11. AION 7.0 Spiritmaster

    What DevilNest said is kinda true for any class since p/m.cit and p/m.attack are practically the same theory. critical is getting diminishing rewards the more you upgrade it so going at about 5000 critical is about 29% m.crit, you could go as high as 5500 maybe but after that it becomes obsolete. Magic attack on the other hand is kinda more direct and it gives an advantage on every attack and even better on criticals. If I remember correctly about 5k crit is about 29% and 10k crit is about 50%
  12. MMOS as a genre is dying it seems

    The mmos die because of the updates and patches the developers do that ruin it. Every time the developers decide to implement a new class, a ton of people will have to quit because that class will be OP. then you have general class imbalances, deleted content and outdated engines and/or game mechanics. Aion for example has been asking to die for so long and the players keep it clinging to life. It might sound catchy but what happened to 6.0 was probably a suicide and it was advertised as the patch that would revive Aion. Let that sink in for a moment, the developers thought Aion 6.0 would revive Aion... by deleting 99% of the game... and making some classes so powerful while others were weak. The fact mmorpgs still exist means they are actually a good genre but it is the current games that always take bad decisions. ## But I agree people can get bored of an mmorpg easier than a shooter game, because shooter games start from 0 at every fight and you build yourself until you win that game, rinse and repeat. There is not much to upgrade in shooter games other than implement a new map or keep players active by making massive events where people can play and win prizes like it was happening in the past with counter strike and warcraft.
  13. What's the problem with the boss Anomos?

    Lakrum map in general favors elyos more than it favors asmodians. There are more dead ends in asmodians and narrower paths. For example the beach on elyos side is theoretically a "safe" spot unless asmodians decide to go there just because they know there are elyos to kill. It is not a path to anywhere, it is not like asmodians need to pass from that spot to go somewhere. Going from their pf camp (ex-FM) to their middle camp is done by foot, asmodians need to go through dead ends and use a stream to go upwards to go there. Their closest camp to their city is literally next to the middle camp in the middle line, you just jump down and glide to it. If you have the fortress, going towards the asmodian side is easier than the elyos side for the pf-camp (ex-FM) since togo to the elyos you need to pass very close from their camp but in asmodians you can practically avoid it, hence elyos can avoid unwanted attention and potential pvp. Of course people can argue this is not to the elyos favor or it favors asmodians. Back to anomos... I feel so glad I never had to go there. So much drama in the past about it.
  14. Asmos exploiting siege

    Goodness, how doesn't he get dizzy playing like this? It looks like he is watching the game from a fish bowl full of water.
  15. They tend to have one event like this per year, we had the legendary event in Spring this year so wait until then to have it again. they might bring it back.