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  1. Arena reward

    That sounds that you got what you wanted and now you want the rewards changed again so you get another thing you want. I remember people making a lot of posts about how they hate the luna rewards and want the enchants back... they got it and now they want the luna again? Luna was never useless and never will be, it is a currency that you can retune items and most importantly reset instances and everything that comes with them.
  2. The new Aion update 2/26/2020

    Well we can't do much here because this looks like a technical problem you have. It sounds like your ISP, or a connection issue between your ISP and the Aion server. Maybe open a ticket in support Also this:
  3. NC Soft at 3E 2020

    I am kinda shocked at the time and effort NCSoft gives to things nobody asked and nobody will ever bother with. What a total advertising gimmick they found this time.
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 26, 2020

    Then I must have totally missed it, if I saw that I wouldn't bother with it. Now I might try to finish every weekly lugbug quest for 4 weeks just to make use of them but after this I will be done. Doing every lugbug quest with religious attendance for 2 months... to get a random legendary transform. Ain't bonodi got tyme fau deiis.
  5. legendary memory shards removed?

    Yep, I wasted 100 gold ingots on the GST ones. I might try to finish the weekly lugbug 4 times now just so I can make use of them. But after that I am done with this thing. I am not wasting my time doing every lugbug quest for 2 months to get a random legendary transform.
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 26, 2020

    I have never done lugbug quests actively and never will. It requires to do sieges, altars, go to hard mode instances and I am done with all of these, the only reason why I got the memory shards with gold ingots is because I thought they would be there long enough to at least get 1 legendary. The only good thing is that I get s-rank in all my alts when there are potions in Abyssal Splinter, and that is 4 days per week, so 4 days I get 300 abyssal fragments per day and the other 3 days I only do my main so that is 25 per day. 4x300 + 3x25 = 1275 abyssal fragments per week, and in 6~7 weeks I can get the abyssal transformation contract. I only want them for the collections since I miss a lot of the legendary. Of course that one is brokerable, I wonder how much it will cost to sell, I might get tempted to sell it That sucks that you bought the 1800 Legendary Breath of Transformation too. I didn't buy the paid one, I only had the free one. So I only lost my 100 gold ingots.
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 26, 2020

    They also removed the 25 Gold Ingot Legendary Memory Shard box from Gold Sand Traders. That sucks big time, effectively I wasted so much gold ingots buying them since I only need to delete them now. It is impossible to finish the weekly lugbug just for those 5 memory shards. If I knew this was going to be limited I would have wasted 100 gold ingots on these. If an item is limited time then it needs to have it in the description. ~~ Make sure you do not have have any characters in DN server too, the number of characters allowed is for the whole account not one server.
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 19, 2020

    In Pandaimonium next to the mail box. If you are elyos he is in Sanctum, not sure exactly where.
  9. Focused shots vs Bow of Blessing at lvl 20

    I'd get either of them and then I would make another range to get the other stigma too. 20 level seem like 20~30 minutes worth of work.
  10. Well it seems they have a human form and a dragon form. I would like to be able to transform into a dragon though that would be dope and in this case I might not use transparent transformations. What I would LOVE to look like is Girad... that NPC looks like an awesome daemon. ~~ But generally NPCs look cooler than our transforms because they have their own skills, like now kaisinel idle motion invokes the ... butterflies in the players, but his butterfly skill int he NPC is fabulous.
  11. warehouse increase.

    But a game that limits new players to always be worse than the old ones (in any possible way) is bad mechanics. Everyone should be able to get every possible cabinet that was ever available in game and any inventory pet. It doesn't matter if we got it free of charge via a quest or a boss drop or even crafting in the old days (like I got mine), they should definitely put everything on BCM and have them brokerable so everyone can somehow get it all. In 6.0 they made useless all the old materials so we freed a ton of space. But since 6.0 we have two different pvp upgration items now, for crafting we also have different materials from 6.x to 7.x. Extra items for upgrades, miniums, potions, extra sets for pvp etc. Inventory is never enough. I have 162 slots in my inventory (6 bags in total 27 slots each). I am still full in 5 of them already and I don't even have a 2nd pvp set. My estate cabinets are all full of (useless) expired skins, that I will never use because if I do they will get destroyed and there is no way to get more of them.
  12. 480 stigma enchantment stones so far, RNG really broken

    Actually you upgrade the +15 and get a new stigma that you socket. And http://www.lfstrat.com/aion/en/enhanced-stigma/
  13. 480 stigma enchantment stones so far, RNG really broken

    Because theoretically you can enchant stigmas as far as much as +2147483647, at least when you put the enchant stone it allows you to put the number as high as this (I was putting 9s and eventually the number became this 2147483647) Obviously the chances are slim but +15 is not the max enchant. Most stigmas with 2~3m cool downs would be instant use if you took them to +30~40. Imagine that
  14. Jumped Character Missing things

    Whether you do a character level 1->80, or jump him at lvl 80 on start, you still get the Risiel set at level 80. Risiel sets are a feature of 7.2 and will be there permanently. Getting Risiel is not a cheat. while Jumping character sounds more like the cheat here.
  15. Transformations

    So is it "Em See" MC like Bomfunk MC, or is it "Mac" DJ MC-Donalds