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  1. Resolution: katalam bugs

    But then we do not know what causes the bug, do we know it is the amount of time it is online that plays a role (so resetting it before it bugs, kinda fixes this)? If yes this can be a solution. How do we know that we won't get a 2nd maintenance on purpose before a bug appears and then get a bug a few hours later? There was a week we had 3 bugs and 3 resets. The key thing here is that the servers were totally unsupervised for at least half a day. If call centers can have 1 person working overnight NCWest can sure afford to have one person working from home, being alerted when something happens. It is not the bug itself, or the free resets to DN, but half a day of bugged server, private servers run their game better than the official servers at this point.
  2. Resolution: katalam bugs

    If KT server was bugged for 1 hour max and both servers got a reset, nobody would have an issue, add one zero to that 1 hour and make it 10 hours of bug... that is almost half a day. Within this time frame the DN server could play normally, could kill named monster alone, worlds bosses, maybe do sieges if the bug occurs at that time or whatever (generally speaking). And then half a day later we both get a reset. DN server interacts with KT in the shared map and the pvp instances, so while we are bugged they benefit already from us not being able to play. They kept complaining that we get resets and they don't. And that was reasonable too because if KT server was bugged for 1 hour only and we got resets, we practically lost nothing but we gained a whole week's worth of resets so that left DN missing a ton of benefits just because they didn't bug for 1 hour like we did. Now in those 10 whole hours there are people who can only play during that time frame, people that didn't finish their daily things early and then they got caught by the bug and could never finish those things (like lugbug which requires to travel to shared map). Our prestige keeps counting down. If someone got an amulet or another buff right before the bug, he has to logout and watch for when servers go up to use the said buffs or they are depleted while he is waiting for that restart.. This is not about KT vs DN anymore, it is about KT being unplayable for HALF a day. ~~ Resolution: A resolution would be to have someone keep an eye on the server 24 hours, if you have the server open 24 hours a day then someone must be there to make sure it works, if players can be on at that time, someone with a "switch" power should be on to switch the server off and restart it. And if for any reason we get THAT long unplayability, we need our paid stuff to be refunded to us. TEN hours!
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 5, 2020

    Yikes! Well it seems instance mobs and elite mobs have a better chance, I killed a few elites in gelkmaros and they did drop ice creams, I killed like 70 mobs and got me 5 ice creams. Still pretty low chance when you need all your skill bar twice to kill those elites.
  4. Katalam bugged again

    But our game has shared maps and we collide with their server on multiple occasions. If for 10 hours Katalam was unable to participate, that gave Danaria players a ton of exclusive content, were there any world bosses spawned during that time? Were there any other important things taking place? Was there anyone that could only play at that time frame and simply couldn't play at all that day? If our server was bugged for MAX 1 hour and we both got a reset, nobody would have an issue, but that is 10 hours of unplayability, that is almost half the day katalam server was unplayable. Those 10 hours our prestige still counts down, a buff or an amulet you got and now you can't use still wears off.
  5. Server Bug Extend EXP EVENT

    So how are people going t benefit from the XP buff if the XP from mobs is nerfed even more?
  6. Re: the token reset policy (loki/kibbelz)

    Everything ticket-reastorable has RNG to it, but is also allowed to be on the list of ticket-restorable. Enchanted items that failed, are eligible, another RNG thing. The reason they have the transforms excluded in general, is because people would have had 3x the chances of obtaining a better outcome with the tickets, twice a year. So if someone has 6 legendary transforms and combines and fails, he could ticket, get those back and retry, and one more time if needed. Reasonable or not reasonable, it is the policy they have. Transformations are simply out of this ticket restoration policy.
  7. Prestige needs a total revamp since 6.0 everything is outdated. Some renown affiliated things with prestige wouldn't hurt also, like a passive buff for FXP boost (similar to the nabaru fruit active buff) and some prestige pink quests for renown for all regions. Vending machine needs a total update and a ton more items to choose. The prices could go down a bit seriously. And why not, prestige exclusive instances for XP/AP/FXP or whatever. Like a perma event for prestige users. Add a 7 days prestige for those that cannot play a lot or travel, if someone can play a little more for that week he could use a 7 day prestige instead of a monthly one. Maybe people need prestige only when there is an event present and that event lasts 2 weeks or something.
  8. Katalam bugged again

    So KT server is bugged and DN gets to play 10 hours without us and then they get their resets. No prestige for me until you guys fix this.
  9. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    Things I dislike in 7.5+ is that there is a ton of exclusive content for big legions or statics groups and not for everyone. Getting top items (for pvp too) via PVE means is a big fat no. Having special items exclusively via world bosses like Dazzling Gemstones or those special weapons and gear, there has to be a way for people to combine lower tier gemstones and runes for higher tier ones, and those weapons should be available in another way as well. The way it is now is not solo friendly or small legion friendly, you are forcing the people who are not professionals to stop engaging in the game at all since the majority of things revolve around highly geared static groups or legions that try to get that exclusive content for themselves. You should be able to reach absolute end game gear/content without the need to be part of a zerg.
  10. You already had legendary transforms on BCM for 100$ each, limited time, and you got a ton of money. I find limited sales to be worse than events lost, if you lose an event time, ti is your fault for not playing, but what is the purpose of limited time sales? Why don't you put those back, permanently? And to make it not so breaking, allow people to get 1x per week or something, or don't limit it at all like who cares, it is expensive and there are people willing to pay for it. Let people buy 100 of them if this is what they want, more money to you, healthier finances for your business and more dedicated personnel can be for Aion. Make it brokerable so f2p people can also buy it and that means more cash for you. If you are going to put an ultimate potion do not limit it by any other means other than a price. If it is a BCM only item, it has to be brokerable, if it is ingame purchased via kinah simply make it (lets say) 200k per potion or something, to justify those that have the actual transform to know they are paying less to use it or whateverz. It is 2 years since the game has transformations and those playing religiously should have been able to get one out of pure dedication and not out of pure RNG ~~And that comes from a person that got it free of charge with no hustle at all first than any other one~~
  11. Skill changes for the upcoming update - 7.5 part 2 vs. 7.5 part 1

    Of course they need it, everyone needs attack speed, but sorc has the longest casting skills in game than any other class, while SM could sacrifice some of his c.speed for an additional attack speed in the legendary transform, we can't. We need c.speed far more than SM needs it so for us to sacrifice c.speed to get some attack speed is like suicide, our ulties would need a ton of time to be cast and we die much faster than SM dies since we have the least amount of survivability in the game. In the end we agree, attack speed shouldn't be necessary to all classes, attack speed should be for physical users and casting speed should be for magic users. Skill animation should be affected by the stat that corresponds to the type of skill (magic or physical as well).
  12. Reduce the cost of retuning items

    Some of my Dark Talons required about 200m each to get the 4 stats I needed.
  13. Restoration/Changes for transformation by Memories Shard

    ...imagine being hit with awful RNG twice and get the same useless transformation. He got 1 with the free breaths of transformation and one with the purchased breaths of transformation with 2 chars doing lugbug weekly religiously for 2 months (or something I am not sure how long he is currently playing). It is a 1/10 chance to get any 10 type legendary, and it is 1/100 to get the same type twice in a row!
  14. Skill changes for the upcoming update - 7.5 part 2 vs. 7.5 part 1

    We are the onyl class that rely terribly both on c.speed and attack speed. It would help if there were still SB/Orbs with c.speed and attack speed like before 6.+ Our casting and skill animations are totally pre-6, we are way too slow, only with kaisinel our class becomes playable. Other classes can reach max attack speed even with ancient transforms and they do not even need c.speed to begin with. And if they ever make a change to SB/Orbs, SM will benefit more, since they are more instant skill than us.
  15. Restoration/Changes for transformation by Memories Shard

    I agree with this, but even better, it should give you a selectable one. Working for 2 months only to get an RNG transformation sucks. I know someone who is a caster and doesn't play too long, he got 2x legendary as of now, and they are both the same attack speed(our of ten possible transforms, he got 2x the same one which is with attack speed, talk about bad luck)