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  1. I never did a duel in my life to be honest. And I was religiously doing all pvp instances during the 6.x era where they mattered to gear up for pvp items. You no longer gear up in pvp by doing pvp, you go to pve instances and a shared open map. PvP instances are empty and many people have been getting end game accessories by glide hacking.
  2. Of course, but whatever gives little to no incentive to do people will opt out. Imagine going to training arenas non stop just because it is free pvp without any loses and without any rewards.
  3. Yes because the 30x XP marks in the XP tab is the best reward and there is no way you will ever get that. On the other hand in the first tab one of the worst rewards is cubicles, so you pretty much get those constantly and you do not get 1x, sometimes it gives you up to 5x. You can do that with potions purchased from GST, but now that kinah is sinking down the drain I wouldn't bet on this.
  4. They simply need to tell us those things beforehand. It would take them less time to tell us about it than code it and delete those. They clearly took the time to delete those, they could have taken 1 minute to write about it. Aion is not life, it is not like they are trying us to see how ready we are for their next move. This is a game and i should be fun to deal with.
  5. He clearly asked best apostle for sorcs, the best apostle in general is the one that gives the most c.speed, the most c.speed you can get from those is 35%. So then we check if any of them gives attack speed... and two of them do. So there you have it a c.speed/attack speed apostle transform is the best for sorcs. Lumiel's Apostle and Vaizel's Apostle would do. The reason he is asking is because Stormwing Orb will give you a select-able apostle when you update it in the last level.
  6. You are not losing a % of the renown, you lost a specific amount which is 575.800, the percentage you are in is simply the amount you have interpreted into levels. If you were level 6 and 4% that means you were at 3,5m + 4% of the 2.829.600 which is about 113.184. So your total was about 3.613.184. You lost 575.800 from that so you went down to 3.037.384 points. That translates to 1.927.800 (level 5) + 1.109.584 (into level 5) Which means level 5lvl + 1.109.584/1.572.200 = 5lvl + 70% (approximately) ~~Forgive me if I did any wrong calculations, but renown is actually bein
  7. The problem is that the camp is useless for 2 hours. We need those for the weeklies, unless we own the camp, we cannot do the weekly for example. I entered to do the weeklies on an alt and 4 out of 5 camps were absent, you know what I did? I logged off because I didn't know how long ago they were killed and I wasn't going to wait 2 hours only for them to be useless again instantly when another enemy would decide to kill the captain.
  8. But the problem is that the pvp instances are non existent practically. Whatever cheaters took advantage of... NCSoft simply disabled it or rendered it useless, so far we are at 99% of disabling of the game, is this a game anymore?
  9. Yes, I forgot about that. So I'll get my first apostle.
  10. By the amount we get every day we won't be able to buy anything, so f2p people cannot really take advantage of it right? Unless I am missing something, that 1300 coins apostle requires a lot of payments to be done and thus is useless. You can get 3x normal transforms and use them to get the ultimate promotion. So I am still staying with 0 apostles @Vantheria-DN I did 7 combines, got all old ones, and there is no f2p way we can get the sure apostles with this event.
  11. You mean you want them to give pvp affiliated upgrading items in pvp instanes... like what they did the whole 6.x patch and it worked like a charm? Please these people are living in the opposite universe, anything that makes sense is out of question. They pay someone in the developer team to find whatever works and makes sense so they can implement the exact opposite! Your best pvp gear is acquired through pve means exclusively now, this is the new norm in Aion 7.x!
  12. Lumiel's Apostle and Vaizel's Apostle ones have +35% c.speed (most c.speed you can get in any apostle) + 20% attack speed. Speed is 60% which is good enough and the rest of the stats are identical as far as I saw. The other +35% c.speed apostles that do not give attack speed are only giving more speed and some stats. But your best bet is c.speed + a.speed maximizing.
  13. Seriously do something about this situation, I am losing my chill here, TWO HOURS... because an super op powerful awesome player felt like superman killing a fking camp captain! The new launcher sucks as usual, the game feels empty, pve is useless, pvp is obsolete... is there anyone listening to the other side?
  14. I took it on an alt account that I didn't care much about it, so here are the tiny previews in low settings.
  15. The orb is a flapping pigeon because I tested it, my current weapon looks flashier so I threw it away.
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