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  1. 3 hours ago, Vantheria-DN said:

    I'd recommend only trying 3 times. If you fail that 3rd time, have support restore your 4 minions, but hold onto them until token reset (Jan 1st and July 1st) so you don't have to farm 4 minions all over again.

    Well this also means that you have to wait 6 months to get the second set of 3x Tokens. Unless of course the person is close to the month that tokens reset in which case I absolutely agree.

    If you are still far from that token restoration reset month, I would suggest try 4 times, if you still fail you now have 1 a-rank minion level 4 and you have months ahead of you to collect 3 more to retry with token restorations available.


  2. 3 minutes ago, TheSecretCowLeve-KT said:

    Online Diablo 2 is full of bots and duped items!

    I am talking about the single player, I never played it online. The only time I played with someone else it was in home lan.

    What I meant from my post is that Diablo single player a faux-3D game had better story and game play than Aion the last 2 years. It is the same instances over and over.

    It would be better instead of recycling and deleting to re-implement later to simply upgrade all instances and maps and keep them running. At this point I'd rather run Frozen monolith again, at least that was faster than pf.

  3. The s-rank minion is not that hard to make, it is hard to get one that you need. Getting the a-rank minions might be the hard part but getting miniums is "easy" from minium vault, at 40 luna per reset for the 3 first resets, it is doable.

    always combine 4x a-rank minions, if they fail open a ticket and you can try this 4 times with the same 4x minions. If you still don't get one, then that is very bard luck.

  4. Just now, konKers said:

    Exactly. That's why I don't do any instances, ever. Tired of running them 200+ times and not get what you need. The addition of the hard mode NPC is something that might make me do them, but that depends on cost of items... which will be absurdly high I'm sure!

    The hard mode was the nail, they made them so impossible to make that required you to have insane gear before you could get it. or very specific classes, early 7.0 for example people would do instances with 2x vandals because they were on steroids, every other class was useless.

    what is the point of doing an instance that is not meant for your class, have to run it 500 times and still not be able to get your items, or even if you got them, next mini patch you have to start all over IN THE EXACT SAME INSTANCES over another 500 times.

    How many times do I have to run primeth forge in this game seriously? I'd rather replay Diablo I and Diablo II from scratch and relive the good old memories, heck I'd rather run it 100 times in a row than run another pf instance in my life.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

    There will be another extendables in 7.8 according to videos I watched, but it seems they brought some old ones in that event. Probably that's why people are not happy. 

    cmon stop being pessimistic and go farm pfhm 1st ^^

    I last did a pve instance in 6.7, after doing about 300 pf runs and never getting the wings, I called it, then 7.0 came and all of the frostpacks I gathered were 2nd grade useless gear (even pandora was better).

    I haven't done Stella lab, never did B.Estate, never did any instance in hard mode and I refuse to recycle the same sh!t over and over again for 500 runs only to get that gear useless in the next mini patch.

  6. 4 minutes ago, Vantheria-DN said:

    I'm kind of confused by y'all's rage about the 7.0 extendable weapons since you guys have been asking for them to be added to events... Granted, it took NCsoft 4 months to add them to an event (no surprise there), but yeah.


    People confuse them for 6.0 extendables, not the 7.0 ones. Not sure since I am a mage and never bothered with them, but others stated this, maybe it is the name that confused them but they are updated versions. Who knows.

  7. 2 minutes ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

    I just want 7.8 to come out faster so I can buy my luminance set with starlights n.n

    I have no hopes for any new patches, so far 7.x patch is the worst times in Aion.

    There are some new implementations in future, like playing and doing weekly stuff and getting an ultimate transform every 6 motnsh or so. A little too late I say but finally they are changing the dead RNG game

  8. 3 hours ago, llZiYII said:

    I would like a character transfer system between accounts to be added, this would make the game more practical because sometimes we end up getting better transformations than we have in our main accounts, giving a certain value to the secondary account, but it weighs a lot having to start a new one journey just for transformation, so a system of transferring characters between accounts would help a lot.

    That wouldn't work because this way people could sell transforms to other accounts claiming it  is their alt account. Just because having alt accounts is not against the rules, that doesn't mean that the company acknowledge them as one entity because they all belong to you.

    This is caused by the RNG, if you could invest in your main account and safely get what you need, it would simply not be the case. But anyways they are adding a new feature in next patches where you can get an ultimate every 6 months or so by doing weekly and daily things.

    It is finally implemented for those that never got it, but it is too late, now most people that wasted a ton of money and got nothing in return have already quit the game. And once again they implement a feature that gives it to everyone free of charge.

  9. 2 hours ago, Wrathchild-KT said:

    This is what pisses me off the most... i’m in full +15 bitterhorn, pop the 1000pvp damage reducition + 20k shield, comes a CLERIC and kill me under 1 second..... and if I try to deal damage, it’s HP doesn’t even move before i’m dead!

    The whole 7.x patch relies on these broken gear mechanics. 6.x believe it or not, was actually the best (6.5/6.7) because everyone would reach end game gear, there were no tricky items, no special items, nothing weird.

    Now it is practically impossible to reach end game, there are things you can't even have to reach it, and getting bitterthorn+15 is defo not even halfway there. Even +15 daevanions/stigmas etc are not enough.

  10. There is already a mega-thread about this and a petition included. But if they implement an aion classic in NA, they would probably have to close the retail, like only some p2w whales that invested thousands of $$ in retail would stick to it.

  11. 1 minute ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

    there are plenty of bots all over inggison map, no news here, soon it will be legal with auto-hunt implemented

    And with the "kill 50 mobs" to get the luna pouch it will now actually be legal to auto hunt for kinah boxes.

  12. 20 hours ago, HavocChordz-KT said:

    The bigger problem here is that the applicant pool is so smol that they're even able to do this.

    We had to ask some people from elyos once to apply with alts to pop a game, needles to say we entered and we were against their alts. "Dis game be deaded"

    11 hours ago, dammitKaren-DN said:

    This isn't any worse than a certain SM que'ing against alts to get number 1 in discipline, and then spending the entire window, every window after that constantly que'ing and not going in to keep other people from actually being able to get a fight to do their disciplines.

    The game is already dead, but these rubbish people just make it even worse.

    Didn't they change this, if you enter the arena and your opponent doesn't enter you get your entry back? Because I knew people did this in the beginning of the season of the ranks when your mains and alts would team between themselves and they made people lose points by not having an opponent.

    We have given them a ton of suggestions that when someone applies to the game and hit enter, they should only be thrown into the game if the other one hits enter too. And also if someone leaves th match it should take all the points the guy would lose if he died enough for the opponent to win.

  13. 16 hours ago, LeDoosh-DN said:

    Everything should be tradeable from the BCM and it always should have been that way. Things being non-tradeable when paid with real money is the most blatant example of why NCWest has never tried to make Aion NA viable. I mean, why try to make money off an IP?

    Of course, I wrote this many times in the past, buying from BCM is already a p2w tactic so selling it in-game doesn't hurt the game, even better it might save it for three reasons:

    1. The company makes more money because more people will get the final itemsand it doesn't matter if someone got it ingame with kinah or as a gift, the existence of the item means someone purchased it with real money to begin with
    2. Many people who would never spend real money in the game both contribute to the company's revenue indirectly but also have the ability to get a items that otherwise were impossible in-game
    3. People who buy from BCM are able to help themselves in-game with selling those things by earning kinah for other things they need

    It is a win win situation literally for everyone. As long as a legal shop exists then p2w is legal and reselling a p2w item in-game shouldn't cause a problem, even better it makes the game better.

    Untradeable BCM items are doing the exact opposite, they create a p2w exclusive environment where if you spen dmoney you have access to exclusive content and if you are f2p you will never be able to get that in any possible way.

  14. 1 hour ago, Vasilios-KT said:

    Who doesn't love people that just shove their money into everyone's faces and waste it on a game thats dead anyways. Wasn't he also the one that said if aion put enchant stones on the bcm he would quit and never come back?

    I think he said that yes, he was also the biggest advocate and advertiser of Aion 6.0 and he said "this will revive aion, it is the best version ever" and he was playing it in the test server already so he knew what the game looked like. Everything he ever said in his videos ended up the exact opposite in the actual game.

    I want him to tell me 64 numbers out of 1~69 and 25 numbers out of 1~26... I'll use the ones he didn't say to play Powerball and win me a billion in US lottery.

  15. 8 hours ago, Ferk-DN said:

    The items which can be purchased with Event Coins from the Baroness need some changes.

    She is still selling Blood Marks and Ultimate Blood Marks, both of which are obsolete.

    I would like to see her sell some "Heart of Protection" so we can craft Xeross and Clearsky gear.


    Yes we need this change. It would be great if they kept some basic materials there for good and constantly rotate other rewards and also let us know beforehand the duration of an item so we can prepare.

    That perma event currency sounded pretty promising when firstly implemented, but they didn't bother with it and it already smells stale.

  16. 6 hours ago, PoliceOfficer-DN said:

    I heard the rank 1 title will help you break the speed cap. Also, how often the rank reset and how do you keep your rank? 

    Is the rank 1 for both kt and dn servers? Where do i find the list of rankings? Thank you

    As far as I know the ranks last 1 month, it shows in the ranking list the duration of the rank.

    You get it here:




  17. 1 hour ago, Ferk-DN said:

    Aion RNG is hated by almost 100% of the player base

    Noby like RNG except that idiot Sywo who made a video explaining how he likes RNG because it feels like gambling and he was showing his wallet and smiling as if it is an achievement to have to pay to progress.

  18. 4 minutes ago, Flatten-KT said:

    Yup. Also getting hit for 70k+ when you're in +15 PvP gear is a bit of a turn off. 

    I didn't get 70k dmg myself but I sure got enough to have like 1/3 of my HP bar go down in 1 hit while I was perma-disabled and 2~3 more hits later I was dead... and it wasn't from another "dps class" it usually is an ex-tank or hybrid. Whoever thought that having templars hitting like they are vandals on steroids, is a good mechanic is an idiot.

    I used to be told I am a "cc" class, yeah tel that to all those paralyzing classes, or pulling classes, or perma-stun classes and knockdown classes, now that is what I call a true CC.

  19. The final nail has been long time ago with class imbalance, everything else is just small talk. Tanks hit harder than ex-dps classes and they have the survivability of a world boss. And I say ex-dps because you are no longer a dps class when your enemy takes no damage from you but you take 10.000~20.000 dmg per skill they do to you.

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