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  1. 1 hour ago, Lun said:

    I see. In which update this was implemented? It would actually be cool to use the skins that I bought whenever I want 

    Yes unfortunately Classic most likely will never get Luna wardrobe system. And yes it was somewhere in 5.x patch.

    On another note your skins can be reskinned to another piece, of course every time you do it the skin item is being destroyed. Effectively you pass the skin as many times as you want from one item to the next. When Luna Wardrobe was implemented we started having skins as "one time remodel" which was limiting a lot.

  2. Many reasons, if people have awful gear people pick on them and make fun of them. I think the biggest reason is if you pvp with anyone and you end up losing and they check your gear and you have better gear than them, the roasting will be endless.

  3. It seems the file is located in ...\NCSOFT\AION_CLASSIC\l10n\ENU\Data\Strings\aionfilterline.dat

    They could give more info about this, most people have no clue where it was supposed to be.

    Anyway, you right click on it and you click edit, then it opens with notepad and you simply add a new word to be blocked in every line.

    One of the things it blocks for example is the "www" because it is used in linking a site. Kinah sellers might get past this by writing something like "w.w.w" but you can block that phrase too you can add it manually.

    Every time you see an lfg spam and the way they went around the filters, just go and add this word they use and it will be filtered out.

  4. 3 minutes ago, Lun said:

    How do you even use the skins tho? I thought I would be able to use it on my armor but if I do that the skin will be stuck with that armor. Are skins in aion something you should wear only to run around sanctum and pandemonium? Or just when you get your top armor in the end game? (That you will also change on the next updates)

    Yes you reskin a piece of armor you wear with a new look via the remodel. Later on we got luna with wardrobe so some skins could be put there and be able to use them infinitely with the use of Luna currency.

    This is Aion 1 so we still don't have this QoL (Quality of Life) in many aspects, like locking your inventory cubes, or hitting the "o" button and seeing how much time you are logged or how many items you got etc.

  5. We have been asking for skins in retail for years, I doubt they care about them in classic especially when they see their cash filling in with the candies. Candies and skins are irrelevant, but this is what they see: money... a long as something sells they are happy and that is it.

  6. You want to use a macro for skills for pvp? Pvp doesn't work like that, you cannot automate it because it requires a lot of thinking based on every situation.

    I doubt people also use any macro for pve, as you have to put a delay between skills there and that will make it less effective based on the current buffs you might have.

    Macros in Aion are good for putting something like a /select Name in order to keep trying to find a specific target, or to make them get food+drink in order to fill your daily quest or something.

  7. 12 minutes ago, 1s309EA8 said:

    Nice tactics for leaving the argument using the old "your stupid" argument .. 5years old's use that one a lot.

    Just of interest since im bored at work atm .. how many "actual whales" do you think is in Aion classic ? 

    Take Siel for example at prime around 5k players how many whales do you think or know is playing here ?

    And very interested in how do you define a whale ? how many candies or millions must one have for being a whale ?

    Not being a ass i really wanna know cause i apparently don't get it.

    If there is 1, that is more than enough. In this thread people who dislike the p2w model came to ask for a new server without it and only subscription. I knwo it wont' happen but why are candy-lovers even here arguing with us?

    6 minutes ago, Suniko said:

    Arhangelos-KT <- this guy is like "I have my point of view and its MOST IMPORTANT! Your arguments are just rubbish, me smartest, me messiah of economy and business model GIBE ME I WANT!" 

    Oh well at least he don't play anymore as he "quit" :D Dunno why he still making drama on forum tho. 

    There is another intellectual amoeba who didn't read anything. This thread is made for people who won't renew the game once our subscription ends because we do not have a subscription server without p2w.

    I do not need anyone to give me what I want. We asked for classic for years, we eventually got it, we are now asking them to make a server the way they promised.

    If you enjoy current classic why are you even here? You already enjoy it the way it is. We are not even asking for the 2 servers to change, the guy made a plea for a 3rd server, sub only with no candies which will most likely never happen.

  8. 3 minutes ago, Guest Wootage said:

     than you have a Stockholm syndrome bud coming back to the game that is wrong in every way possible , I honestly dont know how you enjoy anything with that kind of mentality QQing 24/7 about anything and everything 

    We wrote the reasons why we dislike the p2w model, you guys escalated it to a fight. Of course you are happy with candies, many people are, and we are unhappy with the candies for the reasons we wrote.

    This thread is about asking a new non p2w server and you guys came here to throw your fecal matter to anyone who dislikes the candies. To us, it is a big issue, big enough for us not to renew the subscription.

  9. 2 minutes ago, Unbuff-DN said:

    Same. Only thing I did was gearing a few alts with sov gear. At this point they should just left the buff shugo there forever, so the few ppl left can run their stuff faster.

    Yesterday I even got surprised when I saw the buff shugo after I entered IDD. I don't run any instances in weeks lol even forgot we still had it. 

    Exactly. The Debit Card event could give them extra money if anyone ever thinks it worth it so why removing it?

    And the dungeon delve would make some people do another pve instance easier which could make them log into retail giving the false impression the servers are still alive.

  10. 1 minute ago, 1s309EA8 said:

    "That guy told us to not quit the game because once the whales are done gearing you will gear with whatever is left when ti si your turn."

    You do realize that more manastones drop once the whales have bought what they need ..  

    "You called me a communist because of George Orwell (seriously)"

    No i called you a communist cause you said "So it seems George Orwell was right, some people have accepted the lower caste they are."
    This is a mental state you find most communist think that there are cast system and everyone needs to be equal.

    "You replied with " go to your uni with lesbians, zhe,zher" etc implying I am still a leftist""

    Well you kinda said it yourself  "It is the communists who expect people to accept that they are just proletarians and will have to eat dirt for the rest of their life, while the ruling government is an indisputable god."

    Well let me enlight you abit "Communism, political and economic doctrine that aims to replace private property and a profit-based economy with public ownership and communal control" so if im for Capitalism aka making the whales play their game and you are against it .. what does that make you ?


    Thanks for the Victory 

    WOW... you are still going on thinking you made a point. Why are you even trying, I politely handed you the victory. You do not need to prove yourself anymore.

    I can buy candies myself too, I am a capitalist myself. BUT (read slowly) we merely wanted to play the game in subscription void of any p2w, but we have 2 options:

    • Pay for progress and enjoyment of the full game with buying everything ready from broker with candy money
    • Be the pleb that farms 10 hours to make enough materials that the whales will buy in a jiffy so they can continue enjoying the game while you are a real person bot for them.

    The people that can afford to buy your 10 hour progress in one second via broker are enjoying the game. If you enjoy being a proletariat you proved yourself loving being a commie.

    You can leave another reply, it will be the same nonsense. You already won inside your one-cell brain and I already awarded you a prize. You do not need to prove to us that in your level you always win no matter how retarded your comments are.

  11. 6 minutes ago, 1s309EA8 said:

    thanks for proving my point.

    Ahahaahah, man you literally proved yourself the quote.

    • That guy told us to not quit the game because once the whales are done gearing you will gear with whatever is left when it is your turn.
    • I quoted George Orwell because it was funny
    • You called me a communist because of George Orwell (seriously)
    • I told you George Orwell was anti communist and so am I.
    • You replied with " go to your uni with lesbians, zhe,zher" etc implying I am still a leftist
    • I repeated myself I am not one and I explained why kinah is destroying the game and how being a comunist is what the guy suggested
    • You came back attacking me again as a leftist.
    • I told you another quote about stupidity...
    • And you came back with the same mentality as if you proved a point.

    You won... you beat me... you can have this victory... your stupidity is insane... you are unbeatable in your level.

    And you did it anonymously you can't even claim your victory and this is a new low.


    I have said it in the past, I am envious of stupid people, they always win every argument, they are never embarrassed and they are always happy.

  12. 13 minutes ago, 1s309EA8 said:

    First of all those breadcrumbs are only 1 day old .. 

    Secondly you act like a spoiled brat thinking dropping a quote from George orwell  makes you something to be respected.

    And i do understand you think people subjugate to a cast system cause they dont care if whales übergear in a video game sounds to me  like you are fighting windmills ..( see i read books too ).

    Maybe go to your Uni professor in lesbian dance theory and ask him/zim/ze/xer about another equity you need to battle, cause you really died on this hill. 

    If you think someone with or without the means to buy endless amount of gold in a game also has the skill to wield said gear baffles me and tells me you have no clue how to play this game.

    Why dont you follow your own advice and leave like u stated many posts ago you were doing.

    ...you still think I am a liberal leftist intergalactic genderfuild unicorn? You need to read better. My quote on George Orwell was because that comment was give to us like a piece of cake. I do not claim his work or to be intellectually better because I do not know any of you in person.

    People with insane amount of kinah will be able to afford all the goodies in broker that you will have to farm to sell to them, while your 2~3 millions will mean nothing they will have 3 sets for every occasion with the best manastones and far better experience in game. They will learn their classes far better than you because they can afford to try things you will never be able to reach. Just because you spend 3 hours farming that doesn't make you a better gamer than a player who purchased everything ready and these 3 hours has been pvping.

    I pre-paid for 1 month so I'll play it here and there, I know it is my mistake for buying something before knowing what it was even though they promised a no p2w tactic. But I didn't know there was a 1 week trial. I'll most likely egg-nog myself in and out for the month I pre paid and then zip off like most of the players will.

    A game with a subscription mandatory to enjoy the game AND p2w is a death wish. In retail the plebs still liked to log and enjoy whatever is left for them because it was 100% free, in classic you need to pay to get into the norm of the game and see that the wallet is what runs the game.

  13. 1. The first suggestion is what we call QoL (quality of Life) and we will get whatever the version has sadly. We already have 2,7 client but we don't get all the benefits of it.

    2. That is a no, we already got an XP boost and you can get amulets I think (didn't check the whole store to be honest). Classic is all about the good old times and XP grinding was part of it.

    3. You already auto learn the higher levels of the skils you already have learned, but the new skills have to be learned via a book that you purchase from the NPC or just a few books that drop from monsters.

  14. On 6/25/2021 at 5:12 PM, Guest tony said:

    There is no dilemma. Currently, you are capped at making 1mil gold per day, and these people are highly upset that you can hit that cap in the first few days of playing by selling candies. Realistically, once you make it to the high 30s to low 40s in levels, hitting that daily kinah cap by simply playing the game is very easy due to the drops you can sell, so the candy vendoring is really only useful for the first few days to maybe a week or playing. Also, that 1 mil a day is not "economy breaking" as these people seem to want to believe. Most of that daily gold income is going to be heading into skill books, potions, and inventory expansions to make your leveling life easier.

    The bottom line is these people that are so vehemently denouncing the candy sales are the same people that were going to quit ANYWAYS because they would have found some other stupid thing to latch on to and say "this is bad, you ruined the game, i quit". 

    People can use alt accounts to get +1m per day for their mains, you cherry picked everything.

  15. 3 hours ago, Arkanus-DN said:

    they aren't.

    But they can provide a better support since they give way more significant p.attack (and magic boost) to the group compared to retail

    So I guess I was right, they do not need defensive or supportive stats.

  16. 1 hour ago, 1s309EA8 said:

    Just dont get the mentality of quitting, do you apply the same standard in life aswell ?
    Not being a nyerk just interested cant wrap my head around it.

    This analogy is the most retarded thing I read so far in the forums.

    I don't quit life, but I do quit games I don't enjoy, games are meant to be enjoyable and if they are not there is no reason to play them because game are not life.

  17. On 6/26/2021 at 2:46 PM, Guest lol said:

    Dude you never tried to craft Miragent or Fenris, Upgrade your Gear to +15 and socket only the best Manastones didnt you? You can either pay and get all this in a day, or grind weeks to months for it.

    Once he is level 50 with green gear and he gets a good critical manastone as a drop, he won't even socket it, he will sell it for some millions for a whale to socket it instead. He will come here to tell us how many millions he made, when his millions won't even be able to afford him to socket a 2nd manastone for fear of losing the first one too.

    The only benefit of having inflated economy is in retail because pretty much everything is purchased with kinah from NPCs so having one additional "0" in your kinah is making it easier to retune, or buy potions, scrolls, XP extractors etc.

    In Classic your kinah are as good as the inflation on broker. Even if he has all professions in multiple chars, many materials are world drops, so he either has to manually farm them or buy them from broker which he won't be able to afford.


    He is happy some people are so rich-stupid that can buy his whole inventory and thinks that somehow this is going to give him an advantage o fair end game treatment.

  18. Unfortunately whatever restriction they make now on candies will only reinforce those that already got a ton of money by them. I am pretty sure there are people walking with billions already since I saw private shops selling hundreds of candies and plenty are on broker.

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