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  1. 4.8 and 6.0 history repeating

    Dejavu, I am sure I read something like this in the old forums, in a similar format for the older updates. 6.0 will be welcomed better than 5.0 was since at 5.0 it was the first item they removed plenty of stuff, they ruined the appearance of the characters which was their biggest mistake and in general changed th game so drastically for the very first time. Now we are used to tradeable medals, tradeable items etc and they will remove all that but they also "fix" things and simplyfy the game BUT we are already used to getting the game a face lift and now we will expect it. Sure thing, deleting skins is a bad thing, they are a side thing to the game and it only offers the people the ability to be unique.
  2. Event Server Maintenance - May 24, 2018

    Not as rewarding but it was far easier to do, since it is the type of event that you click the npc, get the event quest items and you do quests in neardby npcs or something. Kumuki and SFT were better at rewards and the best so far was Daeva Dash, by far the most profitable event ever.
  3. Evergale feature you forgot to remove

    He even started with "doni't take this personally but"... meanwhile there are still people who wonder why the mass dc happening, most people still think it is a glitch the enemies are using, elyos accuse asmodians and asmodians accuse elyos, they says it is a "drop" as if we can drop things on the ground etc. I just managed to get the screenshot and I think it was good to have it here.
  4. Evergale feature you forgot to remove

    Only I didn't rez when this happened, the door was still closed and we didn't even start yet. If only you get a dc or error then it is something that has to do with your pc or your client or the memory etc, or just a random critical error. when you log back in and you see almost the whole alliance offline, then it is the weird feature they didn't remove from the Korean servers. ...I am still waiting for the other post about this issue with a screenshot, you seem to have vanished.
  5. 360 degrees screenshots into gif

    Thank you so much for this, WoW has an amazing application that allows you to grab the graphics of your char and see it in 3D. You can even use it in any pose you want. Anyway I do not have an NVidioa graphic card. Aion was never community friendly.
  6. Evergale

    Yes, don't get me wrong, I am the first one to point out the problems of this game, especially when it comes to end game things that are highly needed. But here in the forums a lot of people gang up against making aion a better place since they do not want a change, they are those who benefit from the afk, just search for it, there were people who blatantly told us that we should allow afk because it is not our business how they play their game, literally, they told us we have to carry them and that we should not complain. Just search for evergale and you will see how many posts I made myself and how the rotten part of the community of the forums are replying. I personally go to premades most of the time now since I am 75 with good items, but this is not solving the problem since the rest are those who still have to play with these. ~~~ I made some propositions: 1) To remove the penalty for leaving EC, since people already request to be kicked and they are being kicked. 2) To not put more people in an EC that started more than 5 minutes ago since it is not fair 3) To remove the ability to grab people on quick queue, by premade with auto accept since premades use this trick to throw the quick queue enemies into their own premade so they can win easily, thus plenty of people in quick queue end up the guinea pigs for the premades to take advantage of. 4) To find a better way to solve the afk problem, like have a quest you have to do in EC in order to get ANY rewards, or the more time you spend in the base, should give you a weird debuff that will render your rewards useless if it gets too high in time or something (I am day dreaming with this suggestion though) 5) To allow whole leagues to enter as a premade, no matter how much time it takes to form one, if people are willing to wait it should be there as an option 6) Maybe give tiers of EC, like people who are 66~70 should get into their own EC while people who are 71~75 should get to their own, and if it is a premade then it could give the ability to invite lower levels if the leader is going to accept them. ...but all the problems are coming from the fact the asmodian side is dead, so most of the solutions would still not solve the problem 100%. I also cannot understand the need to enter EC and afk with alts, all rewards are character bound and I don't get it.
  7. Evergale

    Google translate: Well, our side has a lot of afkers that ruin some entries, some premades that are static and make sure they enter vs a pug with the known tricks. Your only hope is to be teamed with a premade on our side and win. Our side is almost dead and most of the characters are the tenths of alts people log in to afk in events and instances. It is what it is, and we kinda learned how to live with it.
  8. 360 degrees screenshots into gif

    10000 hours later, I did it, it takes so much to do it correctly, trying to keep a pace of changing the camera, then I had to disable the up and down of my mouse so it won't lose the height of the camera, getting a pose that doesn't move is impossible, the only one that doesn't move the char a lot is the point finger one, then capturing it all, deleting all the double frames only to keep one of every angle... Then I realized I couldn't be 100% consistent so I had to use the windows build in program that would take keyboard input and would translate it into mouse output (if that makes sense) so I could only hit the left arrow <--- button and it would simply roll the camera around at a specific speed. So this made it easier, I captured it with fraps in a continuous speed and then cropped it and turned it into a gif... in a big fat file of 185 MB, yes because gifs are so badly implemented, the same 2~3 second file would be like 5 MB if it was a video file. So I had to resize it to make it smaller by about 1/9th the size. I wish there was some sort of external application to view the files of aion so you could get perfect screenshots in any pose you want with a single colour background to keep all details. Anyway, just let it load a little bit, it is 7~8 MB, it should go kinda spastic originally and then it should run in normal speed. And as I said this is still flawed, my char was 99% static, but he still moved as if he was breathing etc, there is no way to make the char stay 100% still in any specific pose and from all the poses that one is the most static. GIF is also not size friendly, I had to remove about 2/3 of the frames and resize this into about 1/3 of the original width and height
  9. Evergale tricks they do

    Same to you, good luck.
  10. Model Viewer for Aion?

    I was trying so much to find a place to take screenshots with a monochrome background, I couldn't find anything. Then by searching online someone said that wow model viewer could be used in aion, but it obviously can't since it needs to find the directory of WOW. So do you know any way to view models of Aion or at least a place on Asmodian side that has a totally monochrome background to take good screenshots?
  11. Evergale tricks they do

    We have the same trick done in our side some times. The thing is that they see the other side, if there is a tough premade elyos 24/24 they are waiting till that alliance gets a pug from our side, I have seen high ranks do a premade with auto accept, only top open a new instance, the guy doesn't even enter, he goes back to his normal premade. They time this this way and this is why you either get in side and dominate the enemies or you get inside and get dominated by them. ~~~ I say premade with auto accept shouldn't be grabbing people from their individual quick entry. It should be this... a premade that you have to apply to it and it will automatically accept you. You are a little special in your own way, the guy got called out by me and he tried to put my name in it to intimidate me. We had some weird conversation, not sure if his english was bad or if he tried to pretend he didn't understand. I have the feeling blocking them prevents you from entering their premade, I could be wrong on this.
  12. Evergale feature you forgot to remove

    You could get a forum ban for spamming, because the above post says nothing but your 5 cents on how you think people should be in the forums. Link those posts then, I found nothing about this specific message.
  13. Soulstones

    You just degraded the universities of USA and I am not there, in our universities you have to work extremely hard to be there. I also speak 2 foreign languages, traveled the world etc, I am not making a resume here for you, because you will only try to mock me even more. I just made some sarcasm on how 4chan is a better life trainer than schools and universities. You just decided to bash Texans, git gut. P.S.:
  14. Well I saw that message RIGHT before the mass disconnect in Evergale Canyon, but I wasn't fast enough to screenshot it since the client automatically closes or crashes, so I only had a fraction of a second to capture the thing. I was going to post this on the bug section, but this is not a bug, it is a feature meant for the korean servers that the developers forgot to remove in our version. Right before you get a disconnect, you get 1 buff icon, a debuff icon and then a message that says you are not playing from an internet cafe, thus you get kicked, because apparently there is an algorithm in korean version to allow internet users easier entry, or better entry, or more entries, who knows. This message is not always shown because most of the times the client simply closes or crashes instantly before any chat is shown. Also it is not a real report or a ban or anything, you log back in and you are where you are left, so yes this is a "feature" that needs to be removed. There are Evergales that turned tables because of this. Right after the below screenshot, our league got a mass dc, not everyone, but most of us.
  15. Evergale tricks they do

    Heck he even includes my name in the title now