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  1. Conqueror's Marks - Another way to get them

    What is Quna Market and where do I check it?
  2. Refering Manastones +9 And +10 Calculations

    I find using CP for basic stats useless, you can get the stats at a point where the dimisnishing rewards make them useless even with the manastones. The best way to use your CP is to enchant skills or get new ones. As for the diminishing results, there is a google doc for 5.5 basic stats but I haven't found something similar for 5.8. And I do not mean that application that shows the end result, I mean the one that showed at what point it no longer worths putting a +10 stone over a normal (or combined one).
  3. inappropriate name

    What names are appropriate? Does an intentional typographic error of an insult count too? I have seen someone that had the name NeeGrow (spell it ) Does AdolfHitler or JosephStalin insult the naming in Aion? There is a guy named Bolshevic for example. Just questions, no offense to the original post.
  4. Conqueror's Marks - Another way to get them

    I wanted to get the wings and put it in the wardrobe to be able to make the wing at will for my usage at any given time. But I won't bother, getting 4,5k of them for the basic wings is way too much.
  5. Evergale Canyon

    And we can kick afkers now, hell yeah, we had our firsts kicks recently. Doing ready checks and going back to town to see who is not using scrolls, buffs, who's mp is not falling etc. Of course we need to somehow be saved from being kicked by a assh@@le leader, probably open a ticket and give him a penalty. What does kicking do to us: 1) It discourages people to go afk, they will get kicked and will earn nothing. They might even get a bad reputation and at some point they might get kicked for no reason because the leader knows this specific char always afks. 2) It opens slots for another player that will go in quick queue. Many times, I entered Evergale in a game that the timer was already out and we were already winning/losing. ...I am going to pretend I didn't read this cancer. This is how you sound: "Premades are ruining Evergale because people have the right to go afk and we need both sides to have the same amount of afkers to make it fair" Seriously! The problem is the afkers, and now we can kick them.
  6. Question: It is worth to get lvl 80 pvp gear?

    Here is what, a 75lvl +7 accessory is better than a 80lvl +2 accessory in pvp bonus (you give one 75 lvl +7 to get a +2 lvl 80, this is why I mention it) but of course the other stats are better. Sure thing the accessories do not break but a failed tempering will take it back to +0. I am not sure at what tempering the 80 lvl ones get better (could be +4 or something) The 80lvl armor and weapon though does worth it because it only gets better and the enchants you lose can be remade with the 100% chance with greater supplements. Also as I read (and correct me if I am wrong) it gets a safe enchant pad every 5 enchants, meaning that once you take it to +15 with omega + greater supplements, it will not go below +15 at a failed enchant, at +15~+19 if it s fails it will go down to +15, if it hits +20 though, it is another safe enchant pad, meaning that from +20~+24 if it fails it will go back to +20 Of course that means diminishing rates at higher enchants but the fact you can safe enchant it without breaking and having an enchant pad every 5 enchants only gives end game people a reason to keep playing and upgrade their armor. Now does it worth it since we get the erase... well if our omegas get "erased" what is a better way to use it other than use it now to get the best of the gears we have now? Everything will be somehow compensated, whatever is deleted will count as something else in the new update. I am not sure about the ratios and what consumables will be exchangeable but they won't simply delete our inventories and make us start from the beginning. One of the things that will be as mentioned above, is that if you manage to get the 80 lvl armor to +30 it will be exchangeable with the new armor of 6.0, so you won't have to farm it. Then RNG comes to conversation and of course the amount of billions you can make in game.
  7. SM vs Sorc

    Why do people keep talking about tactics and gear? Isn't this just a mention of which class has the most r3t@rd3d skills? Sm is by far more of a pvp class than sorcerer. Fear is the most ridiculous debuff in game, they can bury their silence much easier with all the debuffs, they can removed your buffs, they can decrease your c.speed. Please if anything, SM is anti mage along with an anti-everything. Has a summon, he has more shields, his summon takes his dmg making him the class with the most HP in game (char + summon combined). Even if you get out of fear at some point, you are either silenced locked, and/or have all your scrolld removed and/or have a debuff for c.speed which renders 90% of your skills practically useless. This is skills of a class vs skills of another class. It is like asking if SW is better or worse than a Sorc, when a SW is a sorc with heals and debuffs. Bringing gear and tactics in questions like this is stupid.
  8. I see the tears of those afkers, whining about being kicked from Evergale from being afk. The guy below even was so st**pid that said that either if they are afk or not the outcome is the same. He doesn't understand that afkers take slots and an active player could have been in there. Now with this comedy being said, IF by any chance someone who is active is kicked from the alliance just because the leader is bad or against this specific person. Would opening a ticket work? Like can GMs (given the time of the instance) see that the player was in Evergale and that he did damage and moved etc so as to understand that this kicking was an abuse of power? Enjoy the little conversation we had with an afker
  9. more quick bars for screen

    The problem is we have a lot of skills that are similar to others only to have a bigger cool down. For example me as a sorc have flame bolt and flame harpoon, the same skill practically, one has no cool down but lower dmg and the other one slightly more dmg with 3 seconds cool down. I have like 4 different aoe skills, simpyl differently implemented, same effect, different cool downs etc. It is not that we have a huge variety of skills, we have the same skill in different versions. And yes, the ulti buffs, conditional buffs, potions, branding signs and minions etc are all taking way too many slots. Also if you move to another quickbar number it doesn't totally change the bars, it leaves two side bars instact and some bars simpyl shift. Thi sis probably the most r3t@rd3d way to make this.
  10. Fast-Track Server Idea.

    What we miss is an entirely pvp map, we do not need a pvp devoted server, our main servers are pvpve. Tiamaranta eye brought back memories of gangs, fighting for resources and running back and forth chasing enemies. The same thing happened with Idian Depths, both these were so successful for this specific reason, the mobs there were pve-worthy and loot-worthy and it was such a tight place with both functions squeezing to fit.
  11. Mount List.

    Good idea. It is not about the space they take as much as the fact we simply use one only and keep the rest in warehouse to avoid the space they take.
  12. Evergale Hours

    Guys, is there a chance you can make another Evergale at different hour? It is 3 hours of Evergale per day, what if it was 2 hours in time you already have it and 1 hour in a different time? Evergale for Europeans is prohibited if you work like a normal person. This is the schedule for me: Monday: 02:00 - 05:00 in the morning Tuesday - Friday: 03:00 - 06:00 in the morning Saturday: 24:00 - 03:00, midnight to 3 in the morning Sunday: 22:00 - 01:00 It is just you made it so hard to get the Commander Soulstones that going in Evergale is extremely important.
  13. Mass DC in Evergale...! Again.

    Why is this happening? We were winning and all of a sudden 90% of the people in my alliance got a DC. I was at the town at that moment and didn't get a dc.
  14. Conqueror's Marks - Another way to get them

    Oh I googled that and it seems there are bigger monsters that act like world bosses and drop many more of these items but might require a group to take down. http://aion.wikia.com/wiki/Conquest_Offering Now I have to find out where they spawn, I could bring a healer and try to do it with a transform if it is not THAT hard.
  15. I have made a whole map worth of spots that I saved, most spots are not accessible normally, but only via the portals those strigik mobs provide. I got like 50 of them in about 1 hour, but I was lucky, most of the times I was getting a strigik mob and I would get a portal, quite a few times I got a harder mob that gave me 3x marks. BUT is there any other way to get them? Buy them with prestige coins for example, buy them in BCM? Do any quest? I know going to the opposite function makes it more worthy since you can get the other marks as well and then you still have to gamble. I want to get those wings, but 14500 marks for them is way too much and those small pouches gave me only worthless potions or the normal scrolls.