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  1. Cannot connect to server

    I think the servers are down now, I got dc inside weekly luna. I got some dc previously but thought it was my isp problem. they better reset the entries. https://checkthestatus.net/aion/
  2. Improve level Reduction stone rates

    Do as I did, make a whole new account with 8x lvl 10 chars, run them afk in luna every day, in the end of the week you will have 8 reduction stones out of nothing. You want more, keep putting them in afk luna daily, every week each toon will give you 1 reduction stone. The only thing is that the reduction stone is not tradeable so you need your item to be tradeable. I managed to reduce all my items this way. It is lame and stupid but I had to otehrwise I would be running with 80 lvl items on my toon.
  3. Why can not I sell my greater supplement?

    Yes but if you allow people who earn GP that week to be able to give more you are not hurting the pve queens. You are just rewarding active players that engage in game and need the extra cash to repay for augmentation losses, more potions etc.
  4. Dark Wings Skin

    I have 75 of them :> it will never happen. I must have gotten them from a very long time back, I haven't been in gelk for ages. But imagine putting that in wardrobe and start remodeling tradeable wings. I'd sell it for a nice price
  5. Snowball Event & Scams

    I would be more willing to change how fast we open snowballs and how do we give back the 10x snowflakes to take one snowball back. I had bought many snowballs on very nice prices. I opened 7000 of them, it takes about 25 minutes to open a 1000 bundle and you need to be there to click on the second. I am left with about 3000 snowflakes that I cannot even give back anymore because I had no time to click the npc, click the quest to take, hit OK, re click the npc, hit 2 more dialogs and OK in the end, and do that 300 times to get 300 snowballs. They need to reduce the amount of clicks you need for these repeatable quest by a lot!
  6. Vote to End the Coalition Mechanic

    Yes but in coalition you cannot choose who your leader is, previously these people wouldn't even get a single chance of leading an alliance, much more the whole siege. Coalition is garbage. I personally no longer go to sieges. I went there for the fun of it and it is no longer fun. Heck I prefered when I could go solo there.
  7. So how about fixing coalition for sieges

    AMEN, I just had the EXACT same flame on lfg, people called me selfish for not attending sieges anymore. How did the whole server go from kicking afkers, to telling us that we need to share our rewards with afkers? First, I am not going to go to a siege with an afk group that I didn't choose, nobody will heal me, nobody will rez me, they will sit there, away from the range of mobs, leeching my rewards. Secondly contribution and rewards work with dps, and this is shared in a group so a cleric or a low dps helping class will still get an equal share of the whole group's contribution. Unless they changed it. If a whole group stays afk, why am I even trying to contribute anything? I understand having a forced participation thing, so people cannot drop from their group to transform etc, BUT at least let us make pre-formed groups and apply in the coalition as a group not as a single player. Let me be blatant, I do not go to sieges anymore and I honestly do not care that we get no fortresses BECAUSE of that. I went to sieges for the siege rewards, I never went to any fortress instances EVER, so why bother go to a siege, get not rewards for burning my items, so some afkers can get rewards and others can get a pve instance? (which now Barracs are removed)
  8. Switching stigma builds on the fly...

    If they implement this they would make your stigmas be on cool down otherwise it would be too op. Imagine a sorcerer, getting inside the arena for example, use his Wintry Armor and switch to Glacial Shard stigma, so now he has an anti-melee shield on AND an ulti skill to do a ton of damage. This is what people say that it wouldn't be good to have it.
  9. Augment Cost really high

    This is why I had non augmented items. Like the Furious Ahserion items, they offer more pvp stats than a non augmented 75a2 but of course they are less than a 2 augmented 75a2. But I knew I would NEVER augment my items so why bother getting the augmented ones. Still they remove augmentation from 6.0 as said, pretty awesome.
  10. Lucky Arena and more team base games in arena

    I think this is a Brilliant idea and I also thought about this before. You have 5 arena entries right? You can use them in arena of chaos or discipline. Whenever you enter one of these, one entry is consumed. In this case you can use these entries for Lucky Arena. Those that are OP and dressed to kill can still enter the normal arena to get an advantage of they want. The options could be endless on how it works. Like all chars who enter become 75 lvl. They get 2 minutes to place their essence and enable their archdaeva skills etc at will (i.e. build their char for that instance). Your stigmas are from your char (lets keep it simple here) ... Items: We have items for arenas only already (scrolls & potions etc) that cannot be used outside the arenas. So how about an npc that gives you an [Arena] Armor Set and [Arena] Weapon and provide you with any [Arena] Manastones required meant for the arena-only-items. You premake this set as you please outside the arena, you can delete it and repurchase one if you want, remove manastones and put others at will. After all they are only useful in that specific lucky arena. Heck lets make them all +20 or something so even if your main armor is like that you still benefit from the arena-only items more so you kinda force people to get these specific items to be used so everyone is at the same stat level. The options are endless here and nothing will be better than other options, since EVERYONE in that arena will be same level and have the same set and weapon. This is not hard to implement but I doubt they will. At least not anytime soon. 6.0 is already out there.
  11. Dark Wings Skin

    I have some conqueror marks, what is the name of these wings and where do you buy them from? Also how did I get conqueror marks? I am not sure where I got these.
  12. Post your Aion character!

    I'll post my character when I get my new pc with the new graphics card for better rendering. Are you all women in real life, I saw only one male character so far.
  13. Essence Swapping - Added to the UI

    Yes give us limitations, the armor shortcuts have 1 second cool down, which is normal because we already could do macros (that didn't always work properly). I was kinda stunned to get this feature with set shortcuts before anyone even asked for it. I mean we are asking so simple things and they rarely get implemented. But I have to let everyone know that I made in the old forums a suggestion about broker, I was ridiculed for it and they ended up implementing it better than I suggested (I mean to not pay a fee up front and only when the item is sold, they did it. I wish I could find the !d!0t who made fun of my suggestion to shove it down his throat)
  14. Event Window... will you ever fix it?

    I honestly do not know, but when I go to character screen, or totally logout with closing the client and relog it still doesn't work now. What kind of stupid code does one need to implement so this doesn't work initially and you need to relog? Such an irritating problem and they already know this, because this window NEVER worked properly.
  15. "Friend" Chat Channel

    A better chatting system would be amazing. Friend chat is sure thing a needed thing.