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  1. Mr/Ms OP, there are a lotta opinions here as you can see, I would recommend you to try the game out yourself to form the opinion instead because there is a lotta misunderstandings/confusions/miscommunications amongst these players.  Each one to their own perspective, some saltier than others due to their experiences in the game, to which I can't blame.

    If the game gives a good feeling, stay to see how 6.0 is, which will get released sometime this year.  If you feel unhappy with 6.0, then you can either stay or you can move on to something you wish.  

  2. 1 minute ago, Aly-DN said:

    Forgotten showed me the "Golden Charm of the Key". It's an amulet that increases drop rate. Not sure why you would ask Support if you can exchange one for an omega, but whatever. You apparently misunderstood what it does.

    I can't get to the post where you say Hime called Levinshore "Gerha" though I am not saying you are wrong that she did. Just wonder at the context since it wasn't called that in our version of the game.

    I do honestly doubt that you are giving us the complete truth. As I said, some of what you said sounds like Support and some of it isn't. 

    Yea at the time I misunderstood what they said, I was quite new to the game overall.

    Try to click it again, sometimes the old forum link can be buggy so it needs to be refreshed.  Hime basically stated that what others called Gerha would be called Levinshor.

    Like I said, believe what you want. I am not a fan of lying. 

  3. 37 minutes ago, Aly-DN said:

    We never had an area called "Gehra". We never had an item called "Golden Charm of the Key". Not to mention that the typos and syntax of the answers you quote from Support are totally wrong. Some of what you posted is similar to what our Support would say and other parts are not. Not sure what's going on here, but I seriously doubt the validity of anything you are saying.

    1.  "We *never* had an area called Gerha":


    Gerha is now called Levinshor, as stated by Hime him/herself who is from NA presumably while using the NA forum (old version). 

    2.  "We *never* had an item called "Golden Charm of the Key", 

    why don't you go to Cygnea, get inside the building where the Alabaster officers are, and speak with Seoron:


    Explain why you say the typos and syntax of the answers I quote from support are totally wrong? Those are exactly what they said.  However anyhow, believe what you want, I speak the truth regardless. 

  4. 1 minute ago, Aly-DN said:

    Not to mention, our Support would -never- tell you where to farm things. Ever. Maybe they don't know, which is likely. But also they are notoriously tight lipped regarding game systems. I honestly thing that @Sabreze-DN is quoting EU's support and not ours.


    I went here, and then asked at support o:

    12 hours ago, Bryos-KT said:

    Gerha = Levinshor

    Back then, before 4.9, Omegas dropped in open world. But, its odd they called it Gerha. Are you sure it was our support and not Gameforge's?

    this is where I asked at http://na.aiononline.com/en/, I went to support, then I submitted a ticket.  

    So no I am talking about NA dude o/


  5. I forgot to update my previous post on this exact question. I asked Cyan about this personally, here are the responses if you are interested:


    In summary, it is alright to use the fast start up. I use it often, sure it was stated by Cyan it could make the client unstable but ideally speaking the client already feels unstable regardless whether your Aion client is on Fast-Start mode or not, so might as well activate and reload with this method.  IMO.

  6. 17 minutes ago, Nostale-DN said:

    Thank you guys for your help :)
    It became tradeable once I removed the phantom skin.
    I also wrote an email to the support team asking them if it could be made tradeable or transferred somehow(it was before I realized that the skin was making it untradeable). And this is what I got as reply : 
    GM Girin (Aion)

    Nov 15, 01:42 PST


    Thank you for contacting the Aion Support Team. Unfortunately, we cannot move the requested item to another character. We are not allowed to circumvent the "Untradeable" status on items.

    "Untradeable" items that are meant to be transferred can be done so using the appropriate Wrapping Scrolls and/or Courier Passes. However, I'm afraid there's nothing we can do about this situation.

    If you have any different issues, please feel free to contact us.


    GM Girin
    NCSOFT Support Team "

    Instead of telling how the gears become untradeable in certain cases or suggesting anything they just accepted that its a bug which makes it untradeable and politely suggested something like "Your bug, your burden. "

    Looks like the players really are more helpful than the ones who are supposed to solve/help us :)

    No offense to support but that is actually quite true....a few months back before 5.0 began, I asked them where else I can farm omega stones, and they said the following:


    Thank you for getting back to us.

    We are not aware of any changes regarding the Omega Enchantment Stone if they have been removed in the game. You can try hunting Crazed Karnif at the Stonegrave Ruins for those stones. For your last question, the omega enchantment stone can't be traded for a Golden Charm of the Key but you can use that key to increase the drop rate from monsters. I hope this clarifies things for you.

    If we can help you with anything else, please do contact us again.


    GM Andrew
    NCSOFT Support Team"

    Idk where stonegrave ruins was....I asked them where it might be..they said it was located at Gerha....:

    "Hello there,

    The Stonegrave ruins can be found be going to Gerha. As for the percentages of the drops dungeons and mobs, unfortunately, we at Support will be unable to disclose this kind of information. For this, we suggest posting your inquiries to the forums so that other players can provide their experience regarding the Omega Enchantment Stones.


    If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know so we can assist you.


    GM Certexelle
    NCSOFT Support Team"

    So...I did some digging after their responses and found that Gerha existed only when Katalam existed (I was kinda new to the game so I wasn't aware of katalam's existence). Not only that I found that the Crazed Karnifs existed in Kaldor....and i killed hundreds of them and there was not a single omega...no one ever farmed these crazed karnifs in kaldor either (I did hear however people farmed them when katalam existed) either it was just me there so I found that odd too...after that I felt like I was talking to people (support) that are not even up to date with this game properly, like as though they aren't communicating with other GMS and not being up to date properly or they are jus fiddling with me -_- I was very annoyed with that support....after that I jus did not like to rely much on support with regards to game related queries because they are just not reliable there...and so I rely on them when necessary with just technical difficulties like maybe a bug with launching the game, etc.

  7. On 11/6/2017 at 6:13 PM, Raefu-DN said:

    Could we please get the wardrobe doubled in size? It's nice as it is for costumes that take up 1 slot for all but if you have multi piece sets like Delegates and Charming Kitter, it totally blows.

    It's unfortunate they didn't think things through with this and various other stuff

  8. Ikr, I wish the aetherforge mounts had like a 14 speed or something, cuz it doesn't make sense why it is having a mythical aura around it yet its speed stats are not even on par with regular luna mounts.  In other news, what is the speed/sprint of the Panda Power Wheels? what does it look like even? cuz I can't find it anywhere

  9. I believe only lv 1-64 instances should be soloable since group instances should THEN be available for lv65 onwards since lv65 instances such as DD or IS are really nice instances, would be a shame to see such instances to turn soloable or duoable. 

    The gear rewards for lv1-64 is already there (hence fledgling sets, which is more than enough).  

    Kahrun gears are very popular amongst the daevas, it would be incredible to see archdaeva versions of them one day in future.  Perhaps even surpassing purified harvester sets in future, which could be a further upgrade from harvester or a completely different set from the next game-end instance.  


  10. @CyanIt is about time they update this though, like for example, there should be a treasure chest at the end of the month that gives 5 omegas or 5 tempering solutions or 100 chrono stones or 50 eternity stones. Having 4 options being possible when opening the chest would be pretty cool than to have meagre armour at the end of the month. Sounds like a lot but, it could keep the game in balance however. It is useless to get a random gear part that is pretty much outdated even if one dechants, it isn't worthy of being in a treasure chest at the end of the month.


  11. 2 hours ago, Rinkusan-KT said:

    So is crit strike not capped at 50% (600 crit) anymore?

    I don't think that the old MB formula works anymore. I recently experimented with the MB-damage scaling by having my songweaver alt attack one of my toons with all of his gear off, and then perform the same attack with more PvE armor pieces equipped to increase MB. The damage increase was almost consistently 2.5% per 100MB, but the damage increase was higher the lower my MB was, so apparently magic boost has a little bit of diminishing return the closer you get to the MB cap.

    Example: 2639 MB -> 2840 MB: my damage increased by 2.589% per 100 MB

    But at 2840 MB -> 3090 MB: my damage increased by 2.413% per 100 MB


    Oh wow this is interestingg, I should experiment on this too....I shall try this on various bosses/mobs

  12. 4 hours ago, mooMOOMooMoomoo-KT said:

    Crit Strike modifier is reduced by Strike Fortitude in pvp, at a rate of 100 SF = 0.09 crit strike modifier reduction. (Crit Strike modifier cannot be reduced below 1, in the case where unarmed base crit strike modifier is 1.0)

    So for example, when using a dagger against a target with 200 strike fortitude, the net crit strike modifier is:

    • 2.3x - 0.0009x * 200 = 2.3x - 0.18x = 2.12x net crit strike modifier

    Critical damage multiplier is applied after deduction from target's physical defense.

    And for Witch Modor / Grendal the Witch in Crucible Spire / Tower of Challenge, she has:

    • around 650 strike resist (around 1150 crit strike for maximum crit chance)
    • exactly 350 magic suppression (3550 magic boost for maximum magic damage)


    Your name makes me feel like i forgot my cereal today morning, but reading what you write is very nutritious as it is.

  13. 3 minutes ago, Heat-KT said:

    I tell you what mate.
    I done this 35 pumpkin quest on 16 characters. On 5 of them I even did +10 quest aswel. Yeah there were some DDOS attacks and whatnot, but if I can do it on 16 toons, a mere person should be able to do at least on 1.

    Stop crying.

    Wow nice stuff, idk how you managed to get the time for 16, but that's impressive

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