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  1. So thee has escaped Asgard once again.
  2. Can you give us any more information on Classic? I'm dying to know.
  3. In case you haven't noticed, the current version is actually moving backwards. In other news, @Kibbelz seems busy, hasn't been on in a while.
  4. I hate Silentera Canyon as well. I hate being directed to a massive zerg in on spot of the map. I like it when everything is scattered, for the most part. I like flight PvP and I like the Abyss as well, so the Abyss is perfect for me. In these patches I can choose to go to a zerg for AP, which is perfect for progression. Wait for classic if it comes out or not.
  5. I must have not read you position, I just assumed it was for it. By the way, if I remember correctly you can make alts for lower abyss and have them kill one mob in the fort, switch characters, rinse and repeat, and all of them will get contribution for mail-in medals. The medals are also completely moveable. By the way again, I remember someone saying medals are a rate-limiter and since they are moveable they aren't, so if they were to sell AP it wouldn't be okay assuming the case of large scalable qualities and that's ignoring the fact selling AP also saves the buyer'
  6. Yea, that is fine I suppose. It kinda bends what the rules should be though. In the case you are stating, if there really is no significant benefit they might as well remove it since it serves no purpose really. It's just a potential exploit.
  7. Lets just say this, the amount of P2W gear someone has is roughly equal to how rubbish they are really in real life which is reflected in how they PvP. I went on a tangent, the point is don't underestimate how illogical these people are, they know no bounds.
  8. Your argument is a P2W argument that has been recycled over and over again. It doesn't matter how much something costs to a P2W player, if they can achieve greatness from spending millions of dollars on a game they will do it, or at least they will do it as much as they can and most of the time it give significant benefits from amount of items they buy. I know of someone who sold himself on the streets just so he could have a chance at getting something, but what he got wasn't what he really wanted and it wasn't his preference either. It's impressive how far these people will go, home run
  9. I know they are overpowered, but I just don't like how two important skills get disabled in flight. I think root was more powerful in flight mode because all flashes don't work in flight mode if I remember correctly.
  10. Anyone know if you can activate Siel's Energy when you want or does it start ticking whenever you are on? Slightly off topic, but, if I were to play Classic I would be a Sorcerer, and I looked through some videos and it looks like you can't use Blind Leap and Aether Hold while flying and I was concerned about that since those skills are incredibly important for a Sorcerer. Anyone have comments on how one might work around those issues? I'm sure I could come up with something, but I was wondering if anyone else already had ideas for that.
  11. If you aren't going to be subbed, you shouldn't play in the first place. It just a subscription model with free unlimited trial built into it basically. Paying $13 per month to play isn't paying to win.
  12. NC is to blame as well. Don't be one dimensional about it. Getting back on track, I'm leaning heavily towards trying Classic, but I'm actually neutral about this sort of thing atm.
  13. Another thing to consider is if you have to buy this pass to make enough money to have scrolls, potions, and food, the basics. You could stock up and buy the pass when you need to get those things...but it would still be reoccuring.
  14. Classic and Current are two different models in KR. They may make changes for NA. So none of us know what it really will be until they tell us. The state of the game can be blamed on players as well. Back in 4.5 people were enabling and glorifying the P2W players and it continued for quite a while, but at the same time were complaining about them. No one was caring about not buying things that came from the BCM through the broker, no one cared to ban them from groups, and no one cared to force them to get bored by not showing up when they did. People were posting things to discoura
  15. I mean I'm just being brutally honest. What?
  16. Wait, a story? You tried justifying your prices?
  17. I forgot to say that anything in the cash shop would also have to be non-tradeable, non-brokerable, and non-sellable.
  18. You provided reasons to shut Current down and used it to support keeping it up? Classic servers won't help Current servers, like at all.
  19. Well that's what it would have to be to be successful. Classic will probably fail though.
  20. @Kibbelz You cannot have both Aion Classic and Aion Current. It gives NCsoft the option to decide it was a short term thing and screw everyone over. What everyone wants is a long term solution until a serious Aion remake on PC. If they close down the Aion Current servers, they are forced to make a more serious attempt at Aion Classic and an Aion remake. You cannot trust NCsoft to focus on priorities without the closing of Aion Current, just look at what difficulties they are having in Korea with Aion Current and Aion Classic, everyone is mad because they are focusing on Aion Current inste
  21. In order to make the Classic Server a success, this is what they would have to do: They would have to close the Aion-Current servers and send rewards based on the tier of progress of your characters in the Aion-Current servers. The rewards would have to be housing items, skins, emotes, motions, pets, mounts, and titles as that doesn't affect strength of a character. * They would have to sell only housing items, skins, emotes, motions, pets, mounts, titles, name change tickets, and appearance change tickets in the cash shop. * They would have to sell a subscription to play mod
  22. It isn't coming, it hasn't start coming. If you were to quote me you would figure out this topic is a joke; The text is invisible.
  23. Yes that is me, saying that Aion Classic has not been revealed in their plans therefore it is not "coming".
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